- ancient Egyptian-themed villain; former fiance of Divatox
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First Appearance: 510-GlHa
Last Appearance: 510-GlHa
Pictures: close-up (shown at right), long shot


  • Divatox was upset by being reminded of ancient Egypt when she spied on Adam's Egyptian stunt show.
  • Elgar wondered if Divatox had a phobia of pyramids, and Porto replied, "You could say that. Her first failed engagement was to a creature called Pharaoh. Like Maligore, he too left her at the altar."
  • Divatox had Porto call Pharaoh, since he still owed her one; she planned to use him to destroy the Rangers, then she'd throw him in a trash heap like he'd done to her a thousand years ago.
  • Pharaoh, a creature from ancient Egypt, had left Divatox at the altar a thousand years ago, but in real life, ancient Egypt only went up to the 300's BCE; in 1000 CE, Egypt was ruled by Arabian caliphs.
  • Pharaoh's staff looked identical to the one Adam had designed for the Egyptian stunt show from wood, papier mache, and glass.
  • Entering the subcraft's bridge from the lift, he said he'd been sitting down to a meal of scarab beetles and monkey brains when he was supposedly taken prisoner onto the subcraft, which he called a floating garbage can.
  • Divatox told Pharaoh that she'd wasted a century in therapy after he'd dumped her, and she thought he owed her one; he accepted.
  • When Divatox told Pharaoh to take the detonator to the Angel Grove stunt show and make sure the "Rangers" didn't find it, he asked, "You're talking about the Turbo Rangers?"; after Divatox's reply of, "Who else?" he told her she could never beat them.
  • Divatox told Pharaoh to do as she said, or she wouldn't send him back; he did what she asked, despite saying he had a staff and knew how to use it.
  • Pharaoh said backstage at the stunt show (essentially no more than a backstage outdoor area with dozens of props lying on tables) looked just like his home.
  • Pharaoh pretended to be a mannequin when Adam came backstage looking for his staff; Adam ended up taking the Pharaoh's staff, causing all the writing around Adam to turn into heiroglyphics wherever he went.
  • Without his staff, Pharaoh was powerless.
  • Pharaoh returned to the subcraft and begged for Divatox to send him home, but she ordered him to go back and guard the detonator until it went off.
  • Before giving Pharaoh his order, Divatox remarked that he always had been useless and that she supposed she should be glad she never married him.
  • Leaving to guard the detonator, Pharaoh said he never should have gotten out of the sarcophagus that morning.
  • Two kids followed Pharaoh around the stunt show stage; when Pharaoh told the kids to go home, one kid said he couldn't tell them what to do, then with martial arts foot swept Pharaoh off his feet, then told him his costume stank.
  • The Piranhatrons got Pharaoh's staff back for him.
  • Once the Piranhatrons had retrived his staff, Pharaoh planned to stop the Rangers personally, but he expected Divatox to send him home; Divatox, running her hands over his body, called him big and strong, telling him to wait for just the right moment to rid her of the Rangers forever.
  • Pharaoh left, content that Divatox was giving him the respect he said he deserved, at which point Divatox told Porto that even if the Rangers destroyed Pharaoh, they would never get back to the detonator in time.
  • Adam shot green energy from the Turbo Thunder Cannon at Pharaoh, but he reflected it back at the Rangers from his staff as a gold energy ring.
  • Having Rygog fire the torpedoes to enlarge Pharaoh, Divatox remarked, "Pharaoh, here's one for old time's sake."
  • After growing, Pharaoh told the Rangers he would rule their world.
  • Giant Pharaoh shot a blue beam of energy from his staff.
  • Giant Pharaoh blew a stream of fire from his mouth.
  • The sky turned to nighttime gradually as the Turbo Megazord fought giant Pharaoh, but not more than several minutes passed during the fight; there was daylight again after the fight.
  • Giant Pharaoh said he was unstoppable as long as he had his staff, and his success in the fight with the Turbo Megazord certainly backed up his claim.
  • Beating the Turbo Megazord, giant Pharaoh realized, "Divatox was on to something here. But why should I work for her? I'll destroy this planet myself!"; he then began trying to pull apart a suspension bridge until the Megazord stopped him.
  • One of the Turbo Megazord's punches knocked Pharaoh's staff to the ground, shattering its center.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Pharaoh.
  • Upon learning that Pharaoh had been destroyed (actually, that he had blown up), Divatox responded, "Finally, closure."
  • The hieroglyphics everywhere returned to their normal text soon after Pharaoh's destruction.

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