Professor Phenomenus
- eccentric (if not schizophrenic) brilliant scientist; on a quest to hunt down aliens; resident of Mirinoi (since 744-End2)
Professor Phenomenus
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First Appearance: 603-SOSh
Last Appearance: 745-End3
Pictures: Professor Phenomenus (shown at right), Bulk and Professor Phenomenus in Comet Cafe


  • The day after seeing the Dark Fortress in the night sky, Bulk read about Professor Phenomenus, an expert on aliens, in the newspaper.
  • Later, in the middle of nowhere, Bulk and Skull talked with Phenomenus through a customized mailbox with contraptions on it, reading "Phenomenus Ingenious Inc."
  • At the mention of aliens, the Professor screeched up to Bulk and Skull in his modified purple RV, which had an Angel Grove license plate of "E=mc2".
  • The Professor had brown eyes.
  • The Professor often wore a cranial device with a microphone extending from it; like almost all of his inventions, the device was covered with thick diagonal yellow and black lines.
  • The Professor excitedly recruited Bulk and Skull, giving them lab coats, after hearing their experience of nobody believing their UFO sighting and being called crazy.
  • On the side of the Professor's RV was, "Phenomenus Ingenious Inc." and the quote: "Universal dispersal of alien intruders."
  • Later, the Professor stopped the RV outside a NASADA guard booth, and Bulk and Skull assumed he'd brilliantly stopped there because of their top-secret alien spacecraft or their satellites and telescopes the size of cannons, but he had actually stopped because of a flat tire.
  • Suddenly, the Professor's alien detector inside the RV went off, and the three looked under the RV as the Professor called out, "There! Aliens!" while using the chirping striped wand device.
  • Skull told the Professor it was a NASADA sign, and the Professor replied with what would be his trademark reply, "Perhaps to the untrained eye!"
  • Bulk asked the Professor if he was sure he was a world-renowned scientist, asking for some I.D., but three Quantrons suddenly appeared in front of the sign, startling them but making the Professor laugh.


  • Driving down a road, the Professor told Bulk and Skull that there were aliens right here on Earth, a concept which intrigued them, yet why they would've found this unusual after five straight years of attacks from evil space aliens is unclear.
  • The Professor explained that the aliens came as seedling aliens, eggs which grew larger with "each breath of the horrible creatures' insides," then one day broke out and attacked.
  • The Professor stopped and had himself, Bulk, and Skull explore a watermelon patch, where he thought a watermelon was an alien pod; when Bulk pointed out that it was just a watermelon, the Professor laughed, "Perhaps to the untrained eye!"
  • After getting a watermelon, the Professor shook it and yelled for the evil alien to come out, then said they'd take it back to the lab for molecular analysis.
  • As Bulk held the watermelon, he thought it moved, and the Professor warned him to hold it away in case the alien popped out and latched onto his face.
  • The Professor used a stethoscope and said he heard a heartbeat and thought it was scratching to come out; in a panic, Bulk threw the watermelon into the air, making it splatter onto his head, and the Professor laughed triumphantly upon discovering it was seedless.


  • In a park near some very large power lines, the Professor set down a bowl of celery and carrots, then ran back to hide in a trash can beside which Bulk and Skull were in cans of their own on their stakeout in which the Professor thought a rabbit was an alien; Skull's skepticism was met with a laugh of, "Perhaps to the untrained eye!"
  • After sanitation workers had dumped old food into their three bins, the Professor declared, "This is the price you pay for science!"
  • Later, Skull was asleep when the rabbit approached the bowl of food, and the Professor began to creep up on the "furry little alien" but turned back to shh his assitants as Bulk was harassing Skull to wake him up; while the Professor's back was turned, Voltage Hog appeared near the rabbit, making it hop away.
  • Seeing the monster now having taken the place of the rabbit, Bulk and Skull were terrified, and as they fled, Bulk dragged a reluctant Professor away to the RV.
  • Some time later, Skull, impressed that the Professor had known the rabbit was an alien, said he'd never doubt him again.
  • In the RV, the Professor was examining a small vial when Bulk grabbed it and shook it teasingly; in a panic, the Professor shouted to be careful, as it would explode if spilled.


  • Downtown in front of a large glass skyscraper, standing with a microphone near his RV and some equipment, the Professor told a growing crowd of reporters and onlookers: "I have developed the most powerful plutonium fuel ever made!"
  • The Professor unveiled a rodlike canister with clear blue liquid inside its transparent rod.
  • The Professor said that with the fuel, he would send his two assistants up into the universe to find aliens.
  • Bulk and Skull emerged from behind the RV in silver spacesuits with white helmets, with their nicknames in large print; on one side of the suits was a striped rectangle.
  • When asked by a reporter whether it was true that the canister could destroy the entire city if it broke open, the Professor said yes, but that it would be safe in his laboratory at the top of the skyscraper behind them.
  • Gesturing, the Professor accidentally knocked the canister off its podium, making everyone scream in terror, but Bulk fumbled and eventually caught it.
  • A reporter asked how he would protect the fuel from those who would use it for evil purposes, and another asked again if the fuel was safe; the Professor, only answering the latter question, replied, "Completely."
  • Later, Elephantitan began headbutting the skyscraper to knock it over and destroy the city.
  • Seeking shelter from falling ceiling debris a while after everyone else in the restaurant also at the top of the building had fled, Cassie and her date Lenny went through a wooden door, on which were a bright yellow sign reading, "Caution: Radioactive Materials," and a normal door sign reading, "Plutonium Room."
  • In the room, which was probably part of the Professor's lab, was a large tank with digital controls, with a striped sign reading, "Radioactive Plutonium Reactor."
  • After the tank's alarm sounded, and a display flashed "Overheating," Lenny realized in a panic that the door had locked them in, and he started yelling for help, but no one was around.
  • Soon, the Professor's RV drove up beside the building, and the three got out and looked up, with the Professor distraught over his plutonium fuel as the Blue and Black Rangers were failing to stop Elephantitan from still trying to push the building over.
  • After a while, the reactor began sparking and leaking white gas, then later, as it continued sparking, it leaked glowing blue gas.
  • The plutonium area was a part of a larger warehouse-like area.
  • The Rangers' Megatank carefully removed the plutonium canister from its reactor and poured neutralizer over it which made its contents stop glowing.
  • Bulk, Skull, and the Professor, having hidden behind the RV as giant Elephantitan pushed the skyscraper over onto them, were somehow unhurt afterward, as was the RV, despite all of them being covered in rubble.
  • The Professor was less enthusiastic about surviving than Bulk and Skull, probably due to his being distressed over the destruction of his lab and his plutonium fuel.
  • Beside the rubble of the skyscraper, rubble from which Bulk, Skull, and the Professor were emerging, Cassie met up with the four Rangers; she stood in front of the Rangers and angrily shouted up at the monster, "All right, you've caused me a lot of trouble!" then summoned her Morpher and morphed to give him some trouble in return.


  • One night, the Professor had the RV parked by a fence downtown, and he told Bulk that with these inventions they could hear everything that was happening in all of Angel Grove, especially concerning aliens; the two of them wore striped headphone inventions with small dishes extending from either earpiece.
  • The Professor told Skull to turn it up, and when Skull did from the back of the RV, the feedback hurt the Professor's and Bulk's ears.
  • Afterward, the Professor looked into the sky, startled while Bulk didn't see whatever it was, and then used a viewing device to look into the sky and shouted, "Invasion!!" and rushed into the RV.
  • Bulk looked into the viewer and saw the thousands of parachuting Craterites descending into the city; the Professor then sped away, dragging Bulk by the headphones.
  • The next day, the RV was parked in a plaza downtown as the Professor worked on an invention to catch the aliens, saying once the invention was done there would be nowhere to hide.
  • Later, after the Rangers had destroyed the Craterites, Bulk and Skull rushed into the Surf Spot with the Professor's invention, connected to the RV outside with a long cable.
  • To the crowd, perhaps directed toward the teens, Bulk shouted that they knew who they really were, and Skull told the "sinister space aliens" to show themselves, or, Bulk said, they'd blast them with their space alien stripper and reveal their true identities.
  • As Bulk held out the device, large bubbles from the device dissolved his and Skull's clothes, leaving them only in underwear, and they ran out as everyone laughed.


  • In the woods, Sting King scolded Waspicable for picking flowers rather than being evil; meanwhile, elsewhere in the woods, the Professor observed a beehive and was sure it was an alien pod.
  • Bulk was awed, but Skull told the Professor with annoyance that it was a beehive, making the Professor laugh, "Perhaps to the untrained eye!"
  • Wearing gloves and a helmet, the Professor carefully took down the beehive and then shouted for the evil space alien inside to come out; he suddenly cried out that it lived but, realizing there were bees inside, threw it down and ran away with Bulk and Skull.
  • As they soon rested behind a tree, with Bulk a bit exasperated as the Professor laughed heartily that they'd outrun them, Skull shouted: "You said they were aliens! You wouldn't know aliens if they came up to you and said--"; just then, Waspicable said to them, "Hello, boys."
  • Terrified, the three ran, and Waspicable amusedly fired several eyeblasts at the ground behind them and delightedly chased after them, calling out for them to wait for him.
  • At the RV, the Professor fumbled with his keys to unlock the door as Waspicable approached and blasted near them, remarking if "they" wanted evil, he'd show them evil.
  • When Waspicable charged, they ran around to the other side of the van; when the monster looked under the van and then leapt out at them, just their stiff pants and shoes remained, and they were sneaking away pantsless, but they screamed once they were discovered.
  • Waspicable told them to go ahead and run some more, as this was great, at which point Pink Ranger leapt in and kicked the monster back.
  • Looking back to tell the three she'd take over from here, Pink Ranger quickly covered her visor and apologized, telling them she wasn't looking.
  • Bulk and Skull ran with Bulk carrying a reluctant Professor who was shouting that that was his alien.


  • Outside a fenced-in area was a Phenomenus Ingenious Inc. mailbox, flag up, with a keypad attached to it; on the fence were "Flammable," "Oxidizer," and "Radioactive Materials" warning signs.
  • Inside the fence was a table setup with various inventions on it; beyond that was a building, in front of which was the Professor's RV.
  • The Professor prepared to test an a small double-barreled invention which Astronema would call an Evilyzer; he told Bulk and Skull that with the device they could give anything an attitude.
  • The Professor had Skull place a three-wheeled robot toy on the table, and the Professor considered, "Good or evil?" with Bulk and Skull mischievously excited.
  • The dial was initially turned to "Good," but the Professor turned it to "Evil," saying, "Let's see how evil we can make it."
  • After the Professor had delivered a dose of green energy waves to the toy, nothing seemed to have happened, but then the robot face contorted into a grimace, and it spoke threateningly to them; frigthened, they fled into the RV, but the toy drove off the table and flew into the RV after them.
  • Outside, Ecliptor, probably unnoticed, took the Evilyzer and walked off with it.
  • Later, in a field of tall plants, perhaps corn, Bulk, Skull, and the Professor took a break from their running; they pretended not to be afraid, but the toy drove up to them and laughed at the idea that they'd thought they could get rid of him that easily, and the three ran screaming in the direction from which they'd come.


  • In section 4-C of a top secret laboratory somewhere, Quantrons stood in the control room as the scientists were all unconscious; Lizwizard sucked up information from both the scientists and the computers through his long tongue, which was plugged into an interface port using a printer cable-like plug at the end of his tongue.
  • After Lizwizard had uploaded all of the top secret data to the Dark Fortress's computer, Astronema was pleased that Lizwizard could now build the "grand weapon" and she could control the Earth, but he was missing a key piece of information which he then sought from Professor Phenomenus, whom he knew by name.
  • At a compound somewhere (with "poison" bins outside), the Professor, Bulk, and Skull emerged from the RV to set up something or perhaps work on the RV's trailer; they were suddenly chased by Lizwizard; during the chase, the monster shouted, "Come on, Professor. Just consider it a science experiment!"
  • Once the three had stopped and were cowering, Lizwizard fired two green warning blasts near them.
  • Lizwizard told them to relax, as they wouldn't feel anything.
  • Black Ranger leapt down, landing between the three and Lizwizard; he had them run and then proceeded to fight the monster, doing poorly against the monster's tongue attack and invisibility.


  • The Rangers fought giant Batarax in the Astro Megazord; the monster told them their defenses were useless and then emitted a steady sonic blast from the speakers in his ears, paralyzing and weakening the Megazord.
  • As the Megazord nearly collapsed, the monster's signal was suddenly neutralized; Batarax looked down toward the ground and planned to change frequencies, and the Megazord's display showed red sonic beams coming from giant Batarax and blue sonic beams hitting him from a device atop a van, quite probably Professor Phenomenus's RV.
  • As giant Batarax reached down toward the unseen van, the Megazord caught his arm with the Astro Megazord Saber in whip form, then blasted out the speakers in his ears with the Astro Megazord Blaster.


  • Bulk, Skull, and the Professor were at a campsite at night with the Professor looking at the stars with a telescope, hoping to spot a UFO; meanwhile, Bulk and Skull were roasting marshmallows.
  • The Professor spotted an enormous asteroid heading for Earth, thrilling Bulk and Skull, but the Professor explained that this asteroid would destroy everything, as its force would be equivalent to several hydrogen bombs, and the impact would make the Earth as they knew it cease to exist.
  • At this point, the Professor hurried his screaming assistants to the RV.
  • The next day, as General Norquist was being driven out of NASADA, the Professor watched with his viewer device and, as the car prepared to pass by, drove the RV out from its hiding place in the bushes, blocking the car's path.
  • The driver, in camouflage fatigues, and the two uniformed guards held the three back as the Professor shouted about having to see the commander, and as Bulk and Skull shouted about a national - no, world - emergency, Norquist curiously got out and asked about the emergency.
  • The Professor said there was an asteroid heading straight for Earth, but Norquist seemed skeptical.
  • Later, following General Norquist's announcement to the world that an asteroid capable of wiping out life on the planet was headed for Earth, a channel 6 reporter asked the Professor, incorrectly pronouncing his name "Phenonemus," what their viewers should be doing if the world was on the brink of destruction; his reply was to panic, and Bulk and Skull did so.
  • Soon, people were running everywhere in panic, and military personnel were trotting alongside the personnel truck at NASADA, with the Professor, Bulk, and Skull trotting behind them before the three stopped.
  • The Professor saw a sign pointing to a restricted area where an experimental spacecraft was located, and when a loudspeaker called all guards to report to area C, making two uniformed guards leave, the three went to the experimental spacecraft area.
  • The Professor soon beheld the large Saturn V-like rocket on a launchpad nearby and planned to blast off into space before the asteroid hit.
  • The Professor, Bulk, and Skull got into the rocket from its gantry, and the rocket quickly lifted off.


  • In the desert, the Professor, Bulk, and Skull had crashed their rocket but had survived the crash unharmed, thinking they were on an alien planet.
  • Bulk, Skull, and the Professor found a payphone with a shoe on the phone; they looked over a rock formation and were disappointed to find a town in the distance, realizing they were still on Earth.
  • Frightwing leapt in and confronted the three, telling them his name and that Astronema had sent him to destroy them once and for all; he then chased them, calling them Power Rangers.
  • The three soon came to a rock wall dead end; panicking, Bulk and Skull tried to have the monster take the Professor.
  • Suddenly, the six Rangers got in front of the three and told the monster to stay where he was after he'd been blasted.
  • Standing amongst the Rangers, the Professor boldly told the monster, "These, by the way, are the Power Rangers, and you are about to get your behind kicked!"; he then made crazy gestures and took an offensive stance, at which point the Rangers, Bulk, and Skull all posed with him simultaneously.
  • Bulk, Skull, and the Professor hid behind a rock while the Rangers fought Frightwing.
  • Yellow Ranger loudly called out Carlos's name when Black Ranger was knocked down.
  • After Red Ranger's Silver-boosted flying kick, the Satellasers enlarged Frightwing, and the Rangers summoned the Mega Voyager.
  • Once the Winged Mega Voyager had destroyed giant Frightwing in midair with the Mega V-3 missile mode, the Professor, Bulk, and Skull cheered and met up with the six Rangers to thank them.
  • When Blue Ranger asked what the three had been doing out in the desert, they laughed weakly, and the Professor told them he couldn't answer that.
  • Red Ranger offered the three a lift back to town; soon, the excited Professor sat on the red Galaxy Glider with Red Ranger behind him; the Professor laughed and gave Red a thumbs up.
  • Once Red Ranger had called out, "Galaxy Gliders," and Silver, "Hang ten!" the Professor laughed, and Bulk and Skull were nervous, as the gliders flew them away.


  • After the Vacsacker monster had appeared in the plaza downtown, causing people to flee, Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus confronted him, with Bulk telling him to hold it right there.
  • Bulk and Skull were dressed as punks, but the Professor was dressed in a brown zoot suit.
  • Bulk, telling the monster not to make him use this, was wielding a striped gun-shaped device with two thin barrels, but the Professor informed him that it was his new toaster rather than an alien blaster; it was a striped toaster attached to a blaster handle.
  • Vacsacker shot a red ray from his cannon arm, making the three vanish, and he then started beaming away crowds of fleeing people as well, sending them all to Astronema's Secret City.


  • In a control room, Astronema had Quantrons bring in the guinea pigs, and they brought in the Professor, Bulk, and Skull; the control room wasn't visible through an opaque viewing window from the testing room where the three were located.
  • Astronema fed in three data cards and activated the Data Laser, a beam apparatus which lowered and then dissolved them with a red ray which scanned them onto the data cards.
  • Later in the control room, Silver Ranger opened a file cabinet drawer which contained hundreds of data cards all lined up; quickly figuring out the computer, he proceeded to restore everyone with the blue ray after his first three test subjects, which turned out to be Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus.
  • The Professor reassured his assistants, saying they had been changed into data cards by aliens and almost transformed into mindless zombies, but they were okay now; Bulk and Skull appeared overwhelmed.


  • The night after Astronema had conquered the Earth and told the people of Angel Grove to bring her the hiding Rangers or she would destroy the planet the next morning, a small group of survivors, guarded by a Quantron standing somewhere in the general area, huddled around a fire and talked about having to do something about the situation; among them were Bulk, Skull, and the Professor.
  • Frustrated the next morning by the people not having brought forth the Rangers, Astronema planned to let the destruction of Earth begin, but Bulk cried out for her to wait.
  • Boldly emerging from the crowd, Bulk declared that he was the Blue Ranger; after Skull and the Professor had looked at each other, surprised, Skull mustered his courage and stepped forward, declaring that he was the Black Ranger, and the Professor joined in by declaring that he was the Red Ranger.
  • Now more and more people came forward, calling themselves Rangers as well; this frustrated Astronema to the point of having her forces attack.


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, Professor Phenomenus stood with Bulk at the front of one of numerous lines of people clamoring to get one of the last shuttle flights to Terra Venture before its departure.
  • The Professor told the agent looking at his open passport, "Of course it's real! I am one of the most acclaimed astronomers of all time!"; Bulk was not nervous, so it's unlikely Phenomenus was running a scam, or at least not one Bulk knew about.
  • Instead of paying attention to the ticketing process, Bulk was thinking that they'd forgotten something; meanwhile, Skull had slept through the ringing of his alarm clock.
  • Bulk and the Professor were elated as they took back their accepted passports.
  • After their flight, apparently the second to last flight from Angel Grove, Bulk was still sure they'd forgotten something, and the Professor searched his bag and found toothpaste, underwear (tie-dyed boxer shorts), and a green bottle of "anti-alien gel," at which point the two suddenly screamed as they realized they'd forgotten Skull.
  • The two remained where they were, sobbing, for a while.


  • Bulk and Professor Phenomenus worked behind the counter of the Comet Cafe, both wearing brown outfits which seemed African in design.
  • Mike had thought the two were in the Science Division, and the Professor replied that they had been, but they obviously hadn't been ready for intelligence of their caliber; Bulk, rolling his eyes, said they'd been canned.


  • As legions of Stingwingers terrorized people who were being evacuated to shuttles after the city dome's crash on Mirinoi's moon, Bulk and Professor Phenomenus were among the fleeing people, both in their brown Comet Cafe robes.
  • After they'd landed on Mirinoi, Bulk and Professor Phenomenus shrieked happily and hugged; Phenomenus exclaimed they'd made it, wherever they were.


  • As people ran screaming in the direction the city dome was traveling on its collision course, Professor Phenomenus pulled Bulk away to flee.
  • As people ran screaming through the camp, the Professor frantically pulled on Bulk as the city dome roared overhead.
  • When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Pink Ranger and Bulk immediately hugged.
  • Bulk and Professor Phenomenus were excited, and Bulk high-fived with Pink Ranger.

    Other Sources

  • The following bio (perhaps referring to the period between 702-QsQ2 and 717-StlB during which Bulk and Phenomenus worked in the Science Division) comes from the Fox Kids website:
    This scatterbrained professor has boundless energy and enthusiasm. He helps the Power Rangers by providing scientific insight to their intergalactic problems. He is often found conducting seemingly crazy experiments to find answers to the Rangers' latest dilemma.

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