- aquatic foot soldiers used by Divatox, as well as in Dark Specter's armies
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First Appearance: (Piranhatron-like warriors) 500-TPRM, (Piranhatrons) 501-SIT1
Last Appearance: (Piranhatron-like warriors) 500-TPRM, (Piranhatrons) 732-PQsS
Pictures: warriors (500-TPRM), warrior masters (500-TPRM), Piranhatron (shown at right)


  • There were two types of warriors used by Divatox, both of which wore Piranhatron-like suits, but neither of which would be seen again after 500-TPRM.
  • The first type of warriors, the superiors, carried crossbows and rode on dark horses with demon-like face masks and horns; both of the superiors which led the group hunting Lerigot in a Liarian jungle had long black hair, exposed mouths and noses (with white and black makeup on); human-like eyes were visible through their eyemasks, and also exposed were their necks (though blocked in back by raised neck guards) and the tops of their heads.
  • The legs of one of the superiors' horses would appear in the flashback in 501-SIT1, but the superiors themselves, as well as the faces and bodies of the horses, were not shown.
  • The superiors could speak; the standard class could at least grunt, chuckle, and yell.
  • The standard class of warriors was more like what would be the traditional Piranhatrons, but with the following differences: human-like eyes and mouths were visible through openings in their masks; their necks were uncovered, showing a bit of short black hair beneath their masks; and, like the superiors, each had a large diamond-shaped belt buckle with a seashell design on it.
  • There were two horse-riding superiors and four standard warriors pursuing Lerigot on Liaria.
  • The crossbow of one of the superiors shot an arrow which created a green cloud of gas where it struck.
  • The standard warriors held whips as they approached Lerigot.
  • Soon afterward, two superiors (with whips hanging on their belts) and two standard warriors were on the bridge of Divatox's subcraft when Divatox entered; she then slapped the two superiors around for their failure to capture Lerigot.
  • Both Elgar and Divatox referred to the warriors as "bolt brains."
  • Divatox blamed Elgar for the warriors' loss of Lerigot; Elgar claimed to have warned her that the warriors didn't have a clue, but she continued to blame him, since the warriors were his.
  • After Divatox had sliced off Elgar's hand in punishment for the failure of his warriors, Rygog remarked that one shouldn't send a moron to do a mutant's job; one of the warriors laughed heartily and goofily at the remark.
  • When Rygog cracked a joke about lending a hand as he returned Elgar's severed hand, one of the standard warriors nudged the other, and they both chuckled.
  • When Divatox was disapproving of Elgar's selection of sacrifices to Maligore (Bulk and Skull), one of the superior warriors stuck his thumb to his nose and waved his fingers in Divatox's and Elgar's direction, then chuckled to his fellow superior; when Elgar turned to face him, he straightened up and pretended he hadn't been doing anything.
  • Disapproving of his selection of Bulk and Skull as sacrifices, Divatox gave Elgar one last chance, and he smacked around the two superiors from his warrior team, telling them to find him more humans.
  • A bit later, Divatox saw in her periscope two humans "ripe for the picking," preparing to scuba dive nearby; they were actually former Rangers Jason and Kimberly; after Divatox had spotted the scuba divers, one of the standard warriors, swimming underwater, attacked them and brought them aboard, unconscious.
  • One standard warrior rode with Elgar in a motorized raft to get Lerigot, and accompanying them were what seemed to be at least eight other warriors riding Piranhatron-styled waverunners which emerged from the subcraft; these waverunner warriors were verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • As the warriors rode out from the subcraft on their waverunners, they were yelling amongst each other to go, proving that they too could speak.
  • As the subcraft surfaced near Muiranthias two days later, Jason, to be Maligore's sacrifice, was in a black cape and hood on the bridge, with two superior warriors on either side of him, one holding a chain attached to his wrists.
  • While Divatox and crew walked toward Maligore's temple, four standard warriors carried Lerigot in a bamboo cage while two superior warriors and two more standard warriors carried Yara and Bethel in another cage.
  • An indeterminate number of warriors fought the Rangers in Maligore's temple.
  • One of the standard warriors had long black hair hanging out the back of his helmet.
  • Kim and Jason fought a few standard warriors.


  • Divatox and her army were on a planet that looked identical to Liaria, except that in the view of the planet from space, the planet was reddish-brown without a bright green glow.
  • Divatox stood on a ledge at a beach, overlooking an army of Piranhatron, which had now taken on their traditional appearance: they now had fish-like faces on their masks, smaller shell-shaped belt buckles with no large diamonds, and no exposed hair or skin.
  • Divatox told the Piranhatron that she would call them as she needed them.
  • Both "Piranhatrons" and "Piranhatron" were acceptable for the plural of Piranhatron.


  • Unless otherwise noted, the Piranhatrons' teleportation effect was a golden water-like, rippling portal.
  • The teens would never morph solely to fight Piranhatron, unless otherwise noted.
  • Adam morphed when he was overwhelmed by the large number of Piranhatron facing him; he continued to be overwhelmed, however, even after morphing.
  • After the Rangers had obtained a Turbo Navigator to search the power plant for the detonator Elgar had planted, Divatox told Rygog to send some of his best Piranhatrons to stop the Rangers.


  • A group of Piranhatron was occasionally referred to as a "school" of Piranhatron.
  • As Porto sent the Piranhatron into battle, their teleportation effect was a bluish-white waterlike portal rather than golden.
  • After the Rangers had beaten the Piranhatron, they all dissolved into brown or copper-colored puddles which soon vanished; just before the melting process, morphed Justin was sitting on one defeated Piranhatron, and another was on his knees begging wordlessly for Justin not to beat him next, while all the others were lying on the ground.


  • Mouthpiece's deception blaster caused its victims to lie uncontrollably, and for every lie they said, a Piranhatron appeared.
  • Piranhatrons would by default melt into puddles after being defeated.
  • The Piranhatrons around the Rangers all melted once the lying spell had been broken from all of the Rangers.


  • After Divatox had told Rygog to send Piranhatron to the beach, Numbor threw a red "2" which exploded into two Piranhatron, but more Piranhatron were soon shown to be surrounding Adam and Justin.
  • After the fight, the Piranhatron teleported away rather than melting.


  • After witnessing the chaos caused by the fire alarm pulled by Reggie and Junior at Angel Grove High, Divatox had Rygog send Piranhatrons to Angel Grove for them to set off every alarm, bell, and buzzer in the city to distract the Rangers so they wouldn't find the detonator-of-the-day.
  • Defeated by unmorphed Kat and Justin, two Piranhatron melted; this was the last time defeated Piranhatron would melt.


  • Unmorphed Tommy was being beaten by a number of Piranhatron; when they tried to get him to follow them, he morphed before going after them.


  • As the villains excitedly watched the big soccer game on a big-screen TV in the south end of the subcraft's bridge, Piranhatron were waving giant foam hands and Angel Grove flags.


  • When Divatox needed Piranhatrons to pursue the shrunken Rangers through the subcraft, several appeared with golden splash effects from the floor of the bridge; Shrinkasect then shrank them, allowing them to chase after the Rangers.
  • The shrunken Piranhatron followed the Rangers to another room, where they fought them for a while until teleporting away with the gold floor splashes.


  • Divatox sent the Piranhatron to the shore to wait for her orders; they would shortly begin chasing after Tommy's pickup truck on copper-colored dirtbikes bearing fins and Divatox's caricatured face.
  • As Kat, T.J., and Cassie fought Piranhatron, more arrived with white ground splashes, their default splash color.


  • The Piranhatron teleported away with gold ground splashes rather than clear splashes in this episode.


  • A Piranhatron on a bike shot red pulses of energy from a small wrist-mounted cannon on its left arm.


  • When Elgar made a comment about Divatox's bad aim after she'd missed a Piranhatron that had moved nervously during her test shot of Porto's teleportation device, Divatox shot red eyebeams at Elgar but missed and turned a Piranhatron into a donkey.


  • Either Porto or Translucitor (presumably Translucitor) made the Piranhatron invisble on Divatox's request.
  • The invisible Piranhatron made footprints in the sand and were solid to fight the Rangers while invisible, unlike everything else Translucitor had turned invisible.
  • Some of the invisible Piranhatron had three toes in their footprints, while others' had no toes.
  • The Turbo Navigator was able to track the invisible Piranhatron.
  • The teens morphed to defend themselves from their invisible attackers.
  • Invisi-warped Phantom Ranger could see the otherwise invisible Piranhatron fighting the Rangers while he watched from nearby.
  • After they'd been beaten by the Phantom, the retreating invisible Piranhatron could be seen in the water of the lake.


  • In the woods, some Piranhatrons had apparently asked Rygog about lunch, thinking Elgar had mentioned it being time for lunch (while he'd actually mentioned the upcoming launch of their rocket).
  • Elgar warned the Piranhatrons not to touch the freeze key as they loaded it into a rocket, but one did, freezing the Piranhatron solid; Elgar shoved it over, causing it to shatter into chunks on the ground.


  • Once the subcraft had docked with the Space Base, Havoc told Divatox her Piranhatrons could run the Space Base as efficiently as his elite forces (Chromites).
  • Havoc told the Rangers the Chromites were a great deal tougher, presumably than the Piranhatron.


  • When the Piranhatron left the Cirrus Dimension after Cassie had apparently been turned to stone, some teleported out with clear ground splashes, others with faint gold splashes, and still others with greenish-blue splashes.


  • Flash Head turned a Piranhatron into a reel of film to demonstrate his power.
  • Flash Head turned a total of four more Piranhatron into reels accidentally.
  • Voltmeister had an electro-whip, which he said could short out any Ranger; when he used it on a Piranhatron, it flashed briefly and vanished with a ground splash effect.


  • Evil Blue Senturion summoned a school of Piranhatron to fight the Rangers.
  • When the Piranhatron appeared from ground splashes, they had very subtle fish tails which then turned into feet as the Piranhatron landed; they later had this effect a second time.


  • The appearance of the Piranhatrons' fish tails during their arrival via teleportation was now default; they would not, however, have tails while teleporting away in retreat or defeat.


  • During one arrival, the Piranhatron didn't have tails in their teleportation.


  • Carlos and Justin, taking microphones outside to help out after Crash and the Creeps' performance with Cassie, went outside and found Piranhatron loading the equipment into a white van with a "Creeps" license plate.
  • During the fight with the Piranhatron, Carlos sang "Confusion," making Justin and even the Piranhatron tap their feet, and some dance, along with it.


  • Terrorzord, an evil Zord built by Porto, had red symbols on its shoulders resembling the helmets of the Piranhatron-like warriors in 500-TPRM; these symbols would reappear on various items used by the villains after this point.
  • To make Carlos feel even worse about hurting Owen, Divatox sent down three Piranhatrons disguised as Owen and two fellow players; while in disguise, they were able to speak in the voices of the people they were impersonating.
  • The disguised Piranhatron warped into their true forms, with the Owen impersonator discarding his crutches, as soon as the other Rangers had arrived and warned Carlos of the fakes.


  • To demonstrate his power, Mr. Goorific squirted a Piranhatron with goo from his tube, turning it into a white rat.
  • At the lake, Goo accidentally turned a Piranhatron into a turtle while trying to goo Cassie.


  • Superstrong Justin attempted to morph when confronted by Piranhatron, but, unable to morph, he was forced to fight them with his super strength.


  • Piranhatrons repeatedly stole things out of packages being delivered by Bulk and Skull on their deliveries for the Super Duper Fast Deliveries company; they had somehow managed to leave the packages sealed and wrapped after stealing their contents.
  • The "Daytime Thief," as Bulk and Skull called the mysterious thief, actually Piranhatrons, cast a humanoid rather than Piranhatron shadow in the delivery warehouse.
  • Downtown, several Piranhatron stole a payphone.
  • On T.J. and Bulk and Skull's stakeout in a residential area, Piranhatrons arrived to loot Bulk's delivery truck while he was off delivering packages, but this time they left the packages torn open.


  • Learning that Rygog and Elgar had discovered the location of the Power Chamber, Divatox had her armies readied, and perhaps hundreds of Piranhatron soon appeared at the base of the Power Chamber's mountain, arriving with clear ground splashes without tails.
  • Some of the Piranhatrons in the army had red "Divatox" skull-and-crossbones flags, some rode bikes, and some held sledgehammers.


  • When the space cars arrived during the assault on the Power Chamber, a line of Piranhatrons blew seashells to call the others into action against the cars.
  • With nets, the Piranhatron surrounded the space cars and climbed in, waving their flags around victoriously, seeming to have won control over them.
  • After the Piranhatron army had seemed to retreat once the Rangers had sealed themselves inside the Power Chamber, Elgar and the Piranhatron attacked soon afterward with a battering ram; more Piranhatron scaled the structure with grappling hooks.
  • After Elgar had planted explosives inside the Power Chamber, Divatox pushed a control button which blew up the entire building with the Rangers and Piranhatron inside.
  • Afterward, Divatox's forces scoured the wreckage for the Rangers, and Piranhatron also carried injured Piranhatron out of the rubble.


  • Attending Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet, Divatox had brought along Elgar, Rygog, Porto, Piranhatrons, and a Putrapod.


  • Divatox's Piranhatrons which were watching Zordon on the planet Hercuron had white rather than copper-colored stripes on their heads; from this point on, all Piranhatrons would always have these new white stripes.
  • Having heard the invisi-warped Phantom Ranger running off nearby, a Piranhatron whispered something to Divatox.


  • On a street of the villains' Old West town on Onyx, three Quantrons drove up to the Onyx Tavern on Piranhatron bikes.
  • A Piranhatron would later stroll by the window of the Onyx Tavern.
  • Outside after Andros had fled from the saloon, some Piranhatrons and a bug monster were holding Quantrons' Q-Blades.
  • More Quantrons and Piranhatrons were elsewhere along the Old West streets on Onyx.


  • On a red desert planet, a horde of white-striped Piranhatrons carrying Divatox flags was forcing the chained-up space cars to drag heavy loads of something brown and metallic through the desert, with the cars struggling.
  • As the Piranhatrons whipped the cars, small energy shockwaves spread out over the impacted surface.
  • Some Piranhatronss rode on bikes, and others had hammers.
  • Lightning Cruiser struggled and stopped, so the Piranhatrons unchained it and took off the large metal bracket covering its cannon; it suddenly blasted a Piranhatron at pointblank range as it inspected the cannon, and the car sped off and turned around, then blasted Storm Blaster free from its large metal front and rear brackets.
  • While Piranhatrons recaptured Lightning Cruiser, Storm Blaster sped away.
  • Piranhatrons on bikes raced after Storm Blaster, shooting orange lasers from the fronts of the bikes, but Storm Blaster streaked away into the sky.
  • Later, Lightning Cruiser was again chained and whipped to haul the load, but the Space Rangers, along with morphed Justin in Storm Blaster, arrived and fought them off.
  • Piranhatrons climbed onto Storm Blaster, but Justin's driving threw them off.
  • After the Space Rangers had been fighting with their special weapons, Andros defeated a crowd of Piranhatrons around him with the Spiral Saber, making a final one run away into the distance.


  • When Dark Specter's forces had attacked KO-35 years ago, the bulk of his invasion force appeared to be white-striped Piranhatrons.


  • Exploring the jungle of Yotoba after crash-landing, the teens hid as a patrol of Piranhatrons went by, some holding sledgehammers and others with jagged daggers; all had white stripes.
  • Darkonda and a large number of Piranhatrons suddenly attacked the teens; many Piranhatrons had bikes, and numerous others wielded pikes.
  • After Darkonda had viciously defeated Ecliptor and stomped on his body nearby, the Piranhatrons arrived and looked at Ecliptor curiously before Darkonda had them continue searching for Astronema and Red Ranger.
  • After Ecliptor had destroyed Darkonda, the Piranhatrons continued attacking the Rangers and Astronema, but Ecliptor fought them off as the six escaped to the Megaship.


  • Numerous Piranhatrons were among Divatox's army on the planet Gratha.
  • Many Piranhatrons, some on bikes, were also used in Astronema's invasion force on Earth.


  • The Piranhatrons used in the invasion armies were turned into sand by Zordon's energy wave.


  • Several Piranhatrons (none of which had white stripes) were in the audience of an auction on Onyx which featured the lost pink Quasar Saber.
  • Two Piranhatrons escorted the lady holding the Quasar Saber, and as the bidding rapidly escalated in a frenzy, the two Piranhatrons looked at each other.

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