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  • Finster reminded Rita how well Eye Guy had worked on Regda 2.
  • The apparent flashback of Regda 2 included an aerial shot of Angel Grove Park; also included as Finster recalled Eye Guy's main eye which captured the smartest children on the planet was a scene of a little Asian girl with a red and white striped shirt, pink overalls, a baseball bat, and a magnifying glass; she was captured by Eye Guy's main eye and later would be shown briefly behind Blue Ranger on Earth.


  • Rita and crew had great success with the Terror Toad type of monster on Sorcery 7.
  • Eons ago, Zordon had discovered the singing squash in the dimensional gap on Bromak 5; Rita had sent the Putties to stop him.


  • The villains, seemingly recently, had obtained the Genie's magic lamp from Canine 4 of the Wolf's Head Galaxy.


  • In her incantation to transform the Noble Lion Trophy from the Oddball Games into Goatan, Rita mentioned the moons of Cryon.


  • In Rita and Zedd's incantation to create the Hate Master, they recited, "From the moons of Manta," at which point green orbs, presumably images of the aforementioned moons, appeared in front of their hands, then continued, "to the seas of Demon-Tate!"


  • The planet Horath was a planet conquered by Prince Gasket before Gasket vowed to conquer Earth.
  • Trider, a lizardman alien from Horath, said that he was taken to compete in the Machine Arena and that Gasket took the best warriors from each planet he conquered and put their powers in his machine monsters.


  • Divatox and her army were on a planet that looked identical to Liaria, except that in the view of the planet from space, the planet was reddish-brown without a bright green glow.


  • After Porto had completed his wormhole-closing device, Amphibitor, the monster he assigned to place the device, entered from the subcraft's elevator; he complained, "Oh, it's about time! Oh, I'd been waiting on that stupid planet for you guys to call me forever!"


  • Among Divatox's ideas for the disposal of the Phantom Ranger was to feed him to the giant squid on "planet Vrenom" (spelling uncertain).


  • On countless occasions, an Earth-like planet would be shown behind the Megaship even when appearances of the Earth or even another planet weren't appropriate.
  • Upon first entering the Megaship's bridge, Alpha brought up a display of a planet that looked just like Jupiter, and when T.J. asked Alpha what planet it was so they could try to figure out where they were, Alpha replied (with his broken speech board), "O-yu Retipuje," which is the phonetic reversal of "Jupiter," but the shuttle should have taken them far beyond Jupiter on their voyage toward Eltar.
  • When Astronema's sphinx ship disabled its engines, the Megaship began to fall into the orangish purple atmosphere of a planet below, and the ship then crash-landed on its rocky surface, some distance away from what had appeared in passing to be a body of liquid.
  • In the orange sky of this planet were at least three Jupiter-like planets.
  • The atmosphere of this planet happened to have perfect temperature, pressure, and composition for humans to survive unprotected.


  • After escaping from the Megaship in the shuttle, the Rangers landed on a rocky planet with a white atmosphere and some desert vegetation; Astronema and Quantrons attacked as they ran from the shuttle, but the Ninja Turtles soon arrived and helped.
  • The atmosphere of this planet also happened to have perfect temperature, pressure, and composition.


  • The atmosphere of Kalderon happened to have pressure and composition for unprotected humans, and although the temperature was uncomfortably hot, it was not too hot for humans to survive without suits.


  • Later, after the Rangers' near discovery of Zordon on Hercuron, Andros's retrieval of the Delta Megazord, and the destruction of the Crocovile monsters on Earth, Astronema spoke with Dark Specter on a dry, desert planet with a red sky in which a massive yellow sun was setting.
  • Unless Astronema had some sort of magical protection from the elements, the atmosphere of this planet also had perfect temperature, pressure, and composition.


  • On a rocky planet with a blue sky, cliffs, some green water ponds, a significant gravitational field, some weeds and dry flora, and flying insects, morphed Ashley and Andros trudged along on a small island looking for Dark Specter with an AmScanner, feeling like they'd gained a hundred pounds, but they soon found the planet was completely deserted.


  • Brokaya was a blue-skied mountainous Earth-like planet with vegetation where the teens set up a secret interstellar scanner.
  • The atmosphere of Brokaya also happened to have perfect temperature, pressure, and composition for unprotected humans.
  • The image on the viewscreen as the Megaship orbited Brokaya looked just like Aquitar or KO-35.


  • The four teens left the Megaship without Andros to check out a planet in the Dagobah system for a few hours.


  • On a bright red planet with white wisps trailing away behind its rotation in space, a horde of Piranhatrons was forcing the chained-up space cars to drag heavy loads of something brown and metallic through the desert.
  • The planet's ground was so dry, it was cracked all over; the sky was purple, with a large moon near the horizon.


  • On a monitor on the Megaship bridge was a banded orange and brown planet, with the text "Scanning" and "P-497201."


  • On a desert planet called Kadix with a blue sky, purplish clouds, and a good amount of desert flora, the teens were collecting samples of certain pods, one of which would eventually hatch into the Lunatick monster.
  • The atmosphere of Kadix happened to have perfect temperature, pressure, and composition for unprotected humans.
  • Kadix was inhabited by brown-cloaked shapeshifting humanoid beings which would later ally with Lunatick against the Rangers.
  • When the Megaship fell back to Kadix as its engines failed, it fell through orange and purple clouds.


  • The Earth was shown before scenes of Darkonda's lab, but the lab was actually on the Earth-like planet Dekata 5.
  • As the teens scanned for the source of Darkonda's hologram that had appeared on Earth, the source vector data had been computed, but the distance was unknown.
  • Moments after Ashley directed the scan toward quadrant 989.2, DECA detected multiple lifeform energies, making the teens suspect they'd found Darkonda's lab; these coordinates apparently placed the planet within the Milky Way (see "Space").
  • DECA calculated the lab to be on the planet Dekata 5.
  • The five Rangers flew down to Dekata 5 on their Galaxy Gliders as the planet was now below the Megaship, but no travel time to the planet had been shown; adding further confusion was that Dekata 5 looked exactly like Earth.
  • The atmosphere of Dekata 5 happened to have perfect temperature, pressure, and composition for unprotected humans.


  • In the Kirak Galaxy, the jungle planet of Yotoba, where Dark Specter was holding Zordon, was a bright green planet surrounded by a transparent spherical forcefield of hexagons, with the forcefield being slightly less than twice the diameter of the planet.
  • When Dark Specter lowered the forcefield for Astronema to bring the Megaship in, the sphere dissolved a great deal, if not completely.
  • The atmosphere of Yotoba happened to have perfect temperature, pressure, and composition for unprotected humans.


  • DECA located the Dark Fortress in quadrant 446.7 behind the planet Vraden; in a monitor, the Dark Fortress descended near the jagged surface of a rocky gray world with a sharp, spikey surface, and menacing gray clouds overhead; its coordinates apparently placed it within the Milky Way (see "Space").


  • The Rangers found the stolen Mega Vehicles crash-landed on a planet in the M94 galaxy; its geography, sky, and lush plant life all looked like Earth.


  • The planet Tirna, a bright green planet with darker patches, was the jungle home of the alien Seymour.


  • The desert planet Forza was where Darkonda lured the Rangers by impersonating a stranded NASADA astronaut.
  • From space, Forza was an orange-tinted, heavily-cratered planet; on the desert planet, its skies were tinted slightly reddish.


  • Running the teens down one and two at a time, Tankenstein warped them away to a desert wasteland, perhaps on another planet, where the sky was tinted red and the communicators only picked up static; furthermore, the Megaship was unable to pick up the teens' signals while they were there.
  • Despite the lack of communication with the Megaship, Zhane eventually raced up in the Galactic Rover to help the Rangers against Tankenstein a short while after they'd morphed.
  • Near the red-skied desert, the Mega Voyager fought giant Tankenstein in and over a city which may have been alien in nature, if the desert were actually on another planet (see also: "Deserted Planet").


  • On a planet known as Gratha following Astronema's organization of Dark Specter's forces, the Aquitian Rangers were fighting Divatox's forces.
  • The Machine Empire's forces fought Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion in a mountainous desert on the Phantom's home planet; from space, the planet was purple.
  • On a quarry-like terrain on a planet in the Vica Galaxy, Rita and Zedd's forces overwhelmed Gold Ranger.
  • A short while later, Divatox had conquered Gratha.
  • Bewildered, Cassie saw that Rita and Zedd were attacking the Vica Galaxy; as the Vica had no defenses, they wouldn't know what had hit them, according to Carlos.


  • On a bright red planet which on the surface had forests and a blue sky, Stingwingers led by Brunt held the five (apparently recently captured) Galactabeasts in giant cages until the Galaxy Rangers came and freed them.
  • Birds could be heard in the forests of the red planet.
  • The red planet was quite far from Terra Venture.


  • 3,000 years ago, Magna Defender's planet had been ravaged by Scorpius's forces.
  • Magna Defender's planet (with explosions visible) A gray planet covered with a grainy surface had been in space with a red nebula behind it; explosions were erupting over its surface from space.
  • At night on the rocky surface, dome structures had exploded; elsewhere near a futuristic tower structure with spheres on it, the ground had split open.
  • Sticking out from some rubble, an armored black hand like Magna Defender's had wiggled its fingers weakly, then stopped, dead.
  • Monsters of Scorpius had looted treasure chests in the flaming rubble; weakly approaching the looters with his sword, Magna Defender had told them to drop the jewels, as they wouldn't need them where they were going.
  • The monsters had teasingly observed that the Magna Defender had survived.
  • Magna Defender had summoned Torozord but called it off when Scorpius revealed he had his armored son Zika.


  • When Magna Defender had given Zika his dagger over 3,000 years ago, they had been outside in a field under a purple sky containing a small green planet, a small orange planet, a larger green planet with rings, and a large yellow spiral galaxy.


  • Deviot's planet On an orange planet with white rings and a close, tiny, rocky moon, Deviot's relatively small spaceship towed the massive Zenith Carrierzord through a dark blue sky and released it, allowing the Zord to come to a landing on the hilly surface below; later, the Zord would be used against the Rangers on Terra Venture.
  • Deviot abducted Kai and Damon to an orange-skied planet, probably the same planet as before, with moist, gray, sandy terrain; nearby was a large control apparatus which Deviot used to remotely infuse his Zords with power.


  • After Leo had been captured on Terra Venture, the Scorpion Stinger soon lay in a mountainous desert below a purple alien sky, where Trakeena would later fight Leo in a forcefield dome that had been set up nearby.
  • The planet's desert contained a double-peaked mountain identical to one seen frequently near Angel Grove on Earth.


  • Somewhere between the Milky Way and the Eurolean Galaxy was a large, rapidly moving meteoroid field which impacted with a planet with yellow continents and white "oceans," blowing the planet up.
  • A GSA report gave the coordinates of the meteoroid field as, "[ten zero] eleven zero zero by zero two from galactic zero," in the constellation of Kasterborus; in Doctor Who, this was actually the location of the planet Gallifrey, the cradle of the oldest civilization in the galaxy, and the home planet of the Time Lords and the Doctor himself.
  • Nearby, the Scorpion Stinger experienced an explosion (perhaps from the exploding planet), then began to be bombarded by the meteoroid field, making Deviot fear they were under attack before Kegler presented a meteroid's remains; Trakeena's knowledge beforehand was uncertain.


  • On an orange planet with a blue sky from the surface (identical to Rashon, from the next episode), an alien trader had landed a craft, presenting Deviot with the data cards of the Psycho Rangers.
  • A hooded unmorphed Andros later arrived on the planet but found only the abandoned ship, a flaming cloak, and an abandoned sword and empty box, making him realize he was too late.


  • Kirassa The planet Kirassa, a beigeish-bronze planet with white rings and with a blue planet with a brown moon in the distance, had a blue sky, mountains, and desert vegetation; it was there that Deviot sent the Rangers for an ambush during their search for the pink Quasar Saber.
  • On the planet, the Rangers found an abandoned campsite with an explosive trigger disguised as a Quasar Saber handle, blowing up the area moments after the handle had been pulled.
  • Kirassa's desert contained yet another double-peaked mountain identical to the one near Angel Grove; it was from this mountain which Karone fell but was rescued by the spirit of Kendrix.


  • On a bluish-atmosphered planet, Trakeena and Villamax watched Magnetox demonstrate his powers.
  • Key warrior's planet Karone recalled that as Astronema, she'd once fought a powerful warrior; beside a cave in a jungle on a bright green rocky planet with white cloud wisps, Astronema had battled the warrior; see "key warrior" for further details.


  • Stanton said much about the planet they'd probed (Mirinoi) looked very familiar: oxygen atmosphere, water, and carbon-based plant life, the essentials for life as they knew it.

    Rita's planetoid
    - rogue planetoid; former resting place of Rita's space dumpster; apparent location of Desert of Despair
    Rita's planetoid
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    First Appearance: 101-DOTD
    Last Appearance: 401-AZB1
    Pictures: planetoid, space dumpster on surface
    See Also: Moon, Cimmerian planet


  • The planetoid was near both the Earth and moon.
  • Two astronauts from an unknown space program landed their shuttle on the planetoid.
  • In the desert surface of the planetoid was the space dumpster which contained Goldar, Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and Rita.


  • In the starfield visible through the southern west entrance of the moon palace's chamber of command was what appeared to be Rita's planetoid; it would continue to make frequent appearances outside this entrance during the rest of Rita and Zedd's stay in the palace, up to 401-AZB1.


  • When he saw the teens in the Desert of Despair, Zedd appeared to be looking straight at what is presumed to be Rita's planetoid; however, in 306-NjQ3, Zedd was facing the Earth when he told Rito that the Tengas had let the teens escape in the Desert of Despair.


  • When Vampirus threatened the Temple of Power from the Desert of Despair, the Command Center sensors led the teens to the conclusion that the disturbance that had tripped the alarm wasn't on Earth; Billy suggested scanning the solar system.


  • In Zyuranger, the planetoid was a rogue planet named Nemesis.

    Pilot Episode

  • A broadcast of Rita's accidental release was supposedly live from the moon; see below for additional moon entries.

    Lost Episode special

  • A recap of the Power Rangers story began: "10,000 years ago, Rita Repulsa was imprisoned in a space dumpster on the moon."

    MMPR fan club video

  • Rita's space dumpster had supposedly crashed recently into a small crater on the moon where it was then found by lunar explorers; other non-canon sources (see above) also refer to the moon rather than a planetoid as the location of Rita's dumpster, which would ignore the use of the planetoid's sentai footage in 101-DOTD, and it would give the moon a desert-like surface with a light-colored sky in that scene.

    - home of alien Bookala race
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  • When the teens were startled by the Bookala alien, Zordon told them that the alien was merely a traveler, returning to his home planet (of the same name) many light-years away.
  • It snowed on planet Bookala.
  • Billy made a comment about home being ten thousand light-years away, perhaps referring to the distance from Earth to planet Bookala.

    - home of trifold Triforians, including Trey
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets
    First Appearance: 450-Good
    Last Appearance: 450-Good
    See Also: Triforians


  • Zordon said there was only one possibility to reunite the Treys that he was aware of, but it could prove very dangerous: an interplanetary unification beam would be used to create a positive energy flow between the planets Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth; the beam had to be reflected off the planets at specific points in their orbits and returned to Earth with exact precision, and if the beam struck Earth without first hitting the Golden Power Staff at exactly the right time, Jason and the Treys could be destroyed.
  • Once the three planets were in alignment, Zordon had Alpha fire the beam, which was a green energy blast from the Power Chamber's main external cylinder; the blast bounced off a southern area on Aquitar, then bounced off a southern area on Triforia, and finally headed back to Earth, where it struck the Golden Power Staff, simultaneously reuniting the Treys and returning to Trey the completely restored Gold Ranger powers (see "Gold Ranger" page for details).
  • Triforia was a mostly beige planet, with considerable gray areas; it had one purple moon and two gold moons which were either smaller than the purple moon or merely further away.
  • To make the Rangers grow to confront giant Mondo, Gold Ranger had the Rangers hold his hand and focus their powers toward each other, and as he held up the Golden Power Staff, he summoned the power of Triforia, generating golden energy bolts which made the six Rangers grow to giant size.

    - jungle homeworld to intelligent Liarians
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets
    First Appearance: 500-TPRM
    Last Appearance: 500-TPRM, (possible sighting) 501-SIT1
    See Also: Liarians


  • Liaria was a planet with land which appeared brown, with what looked like rivers running through it; the atmosphere seemed to be filled with bright green clouds.
  • Liaria had a green sky with yellowish clouds, and beneath a body of green water, seeming to be a lake, was Divatox's subcraft.


  • Divatox and her army were on a planet that looked identical to Liaria, except that in the view of the planet from space, the planet was reddish-brown without a bright green glow.


  • After Porto had completed his wormhole-closing device, Amphibitor, the monster he assigned to place the device, entered from the subcraft's elevator; he complained, "Oh, it's about time! Oh, I'd been waiting on that stupid planet for you guys to call me forever!"

    - home to Dimitria, Visceron, and apparently Divatox
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  • Dimitria was from the planet Inquiris.
  • Unless otherwise stated, Dimitria would always speak in questions, even when speaking only to Alpha.


  • Visceron was from Inquiris, but he didn't speak in questions.
  • Inquiris was Dimitria's home planet.

    Cimmerian planet
    - initial gathering place of villains under Dark Specter (601-FON1)
    Cimmerian planet
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets
    First Appearance: 601-FON1
    Last Appearance: 601-FON1
    Pictures: Cimmerian planet (shown at right), gathering area
    See Also: Rita's planetoid


  • Probably only minutes after Divatox had destroyed the Power Chamber, a flaming face streaked in from the sky while her forces were scouring the rubble for the Rangers.
  • Divatox wasn't familiar with the flaming face, who said he was a messenger from the Cimmerian planet; he told Divatox that Zordon had been captured and that she (calling her "Queen of Evil") would leave at once for the Cimmerian planet.


  • The planet where Dark Specter's assembly of villains met, presumably the Cimmerian Planet mentioned in 545-CIS2, looked just like Rita's planetoid from 101-DOTD, with a cratered gray moon near it.
  • On the surface, the villains were all standing around in a courtyard with stone pillars but no roof, a starry black sky above, and rocky gray ground outside it.


  • Eltar was apparently much further from Earth than the Cimmerian Planet, as T.J. planned for the teens to set a new course for the Cimmerian Planet if the shuttle couldn't make it to Eltar.
  • Having just been there, Andros knew the Cimmerian Planet was already abandoned by now.


  • The spelling of "Cimmerian planet" is uncertain, but in actual history, the Cimmerians were an ancient people driven from their land in Russia, then ultimately defeated after their invasion of several kingdoms. (Source:
  • In Greek mythology, the Cimmerians were a tribe who lived in a land of darkness and mist at the end of the world. (Source: Encyclopedia Mythica)

    - volcanic planet; crash site of a NASADA satellite
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    First Appearance: 606-SatS
    Last Appearance: 606-SatS


  • Flying a Velocifighter, Elgar shot down a NASADA satellite he'd been looking for, making it crash onto the planet Kalderon; Astronema had him go after the satellite to make sure it was destroyed because of the information it had gathered.
  • Kalderon looked quite like Jupiter from space.
  • Kalderon was a hot planet with red rocks and atmosphere, with two moons overhead, at least one active volcano, and desert vegetation.
  • There were lava lakes on Kalderon, in which Elgar speculated that the satellite might have crashed.
  • Like numerous other planets, the atmosphere of Kalderon had perfect pressure and composition for unprotected humans, and although the temperature was uncomfortably hot, it was not too hot for humans to survive without suits.
  • Ashley found a piece of the satellite near the skeleton of what looked like a dinosaur, then the teens soon found the rest of the satellite.

    - jungle planet on which Phantom Ranger briefly found Zordon
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets
    First Appearance: 611-DDsc
    Last Appearance: 611-DDsc


  • In a jungle on the blue-skied planet Hercuron, Piranhatrons were watching Zordon under the supervision of Divatox and Rygog until Divatox had him taken away.
    +   Hercuron was in sector 446.78, apparently placing it within the Milky Way (see "Space").
  • Hercuron was a cratered, bright green planet with gray areas.
  • Like numerous other planets, the atmosphere of Hercuron had perfect temperature, pressure, and composition for unprotected humans.
  • At Hyper Rush 9, it took the Megaship only a few minutes to fly from Earth to Hercuron, presumably within the Milky Way.


  • DECA located the Dark Fortress in quadrant 446.7 behind the planet Vraden; this was remarkably close to Hercuron's coordinates of 446.78.

    Centaur B
    - dry, rocky planet; former hiding place of Rebels
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets
    First Appearance: 624-ZhnD
    Last Appearance: 624-ZhnD


  • Before being attacked by Darkonda, the Rebels from KO-35 were located on a brown desert planet with fierce sandstorms, known as Centaur B.
  • The teens had detected two energy readings, one of which was discovered to be a false reading, but the other apparently led Zhane and Andros to the Rebels' underground base.
  • There were no oceans on Centaur B, but there was some desert vegetation.
  • Kinwon wondered why a search party would come to Centaur B, saying the planet was nothing more than an ill-tempered rock.
  • The Megaship's scanners couldn't penetrate the dense atmosphere of Centaur B.

    - former home of Savage Sword, located somewhere between Milky Way and Eurolean Galaxy
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets
    First Appearance: 730-TenP
    Last Appearance: 731-PPnk


  • On a planet which looked identical to Rashon, Deviot met up with an alien trader to obtain the Psycho Rangers' data cards.


  • In the Galaxy Book, beside a drawing and information of the Savage Sword, was a solar system diagram, comprised of small, medium, and large-sized planets; in the inner orbit was a medium red planet; in the middle orbit was a medium yellow planet, lined up with the first, and sharing an orbit with a large red planet; in an outer orbit was a medium blue planet lined up with the other three in a straight line, sharing an orbit with a medium red planet and a small planet, perhaps blue.
  • Kendrix brought up a solar system display and found that the Savage Sword was on planet Rashon, practically next door to Terra Venture according to her.
  • The display showed a small yellow planet was in the inner orbit of its yellowish-white sun, a medium orange planet was in the middle orbit, and a large blue planet (Rashon, with indicator arrows) was in the outer orbit; a large red planet was on a tilted orbit probably a bit smaller than Rashon's.
  • Rashon was an orange planet which could easily have been the planet where Deviot had obtained the Psycho Rangers' data cards.
  • After Psycho Pink had impaled Cassie's Astro Morpher with the Savage Sword and unleashed a massive cyclone of pink energy, Rashon was deep red, and blood-red cloud rings were spiraling out from it, endangering nearby Terra Venture with the energy disturbance.
  • After Kendrix had sacrificed herself to destroy the Savage Sword, the energy storm dissipated, leaving white cloud remnants drifting away from the planet.

    - planet to which lost pink Quasar Saber flew (732-PQsS)
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets
    First Appearance: 732-PQsS
    Last Appearance: 732-PQsS


  • One day, the Pink Galaxy Ranger's Quasar Saber flew down to the planet Gwinnet, a brown planet with gray patches and a beige moon, and was found by a short humanoid named Runtus who'd been working in the field.
  • In a dream, Kendrix's ghost told Maya her saber had fallen into the wrong hands; why the saber had gone to Gwinnet is unknown.

    - homeworld of Trip
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  • Time Force Officer Trip, a teenaged humanoid from the year 3000, was from the planet Xybria.


  • Xybria was pronounced "ZY-bree-uh"; the spelling is unknown, but "Xybria" was frequently seen in closed captions.

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