Power Morpher morphing
- process by which Power Morphers morph users into Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Power Morpher morphing
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  • Before every morph sequence through 333-RIRv unless otherwise noted was a stylized lightning bolt striking in front of a purple circle, behind which was a black background; crackling around the lightning bolt and circle were blue energy bolts (with some yellow and pink also present).
  • In the last two frames of the stylized lightning bolt's appearance, the edges of the "Mighty" and "Morphin'" portion of the show's logo (click here for image) could always be seen starting to emerge from behind the circle just before the scene cut to the teens' morphs.
  • After the stylized lightning bolt, the morph sequence which would apply through 228-PTr2 as long as the five teens were morphing together (if a teen was absent, his or her morph was simply omitted from the sequence) was as follows, with each teen holding out his open Morpher inside the image of a giant open Power Morpher, with the teen and surrounding Ranger-colored electricity shown within what would have been the Morpher's red inside area:
    Zack: "Mastodon!"
    Kim: "Pterodactyl!"
    Billy: "Triceratops!"
    Trini: "Sabertoothed Tiger!"
    Jason: "Tyrannosaurus!"
    After the morphing calls, the shot then zooms in on Jason's face, over which appears a fiery red grid; the grid splits vertically to reveal the Red Ranger helmet, then fades into white with a negative color effect.


  • The teens' images in the morphs would always remain the same, never changing to match a teen's altered hairstyle or other cosmetic or wardrobe alterations.
  • Zordon seemed to coin the phrase, "It's morphin' time."
  • The teens could apparently morph and teleport simultaneously.


  • Rather than the traditional order, the morph order of the three guys was their left-to-right order, as follows: Billy, Zack, Jason.
  • Whenever Jason wasn't present in a morph sequence (such as Kim and Trini's in this episode), no formation of the Red Ranger helmet was shown.


  • There were teleport sound effects and flashes of white between the three morphs (Zack, Kim, Jason).


  • Trini's and Jason's voices sounded different than usual as they morphed.


  • The teens somehow morphed while holding dishes of food; upon teleporting to the food packing plant, they didn't have the food, but they shortly pulled the food out from behind their backs.


  • There was no Red Ranger helmet grid after Jason's morph.


  • The end of each of the four morphs was blended into the beginning of the next; this morph blending also occurred in 114-DkWr, 117-GWE1, 131-CKim, and 133-TYOY.


  • In Trini's dream, Trini's and Billy's morph order was reversed.


  • When the four teens morphed to help Zack, there were white flashes between the morphs, and the morph voices were different.


  • There was no stylized lightning bolt before the teens' morph sequence. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • The teens morphed while inside the RADBUG; they were outside the car once morphed.


  • The green Power Coin appeared in Tommy's hand in the preparation chamber, and then after Rita had told Tommy to morph, a green smoke passed over him; once it had blown past, he was morphed.


  • When Tommy's morph into Green Ranger was with the other teens' morphs, his morph came first, as follows:
    Tommy: "Dragonzord!"
    Zack: "Mastodon!"
    Kim: "Pterodactyl!"
    Billy: "Triceratops!"
    Trini: "Sabertoothed Tiger!"
    Jason: "Tyrannosaurus!"


  • There was no stylized lightning bolt before Tommy's morph sequence. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • There were frames of empty Morpher backgrounds between Billy's, Trini's, and Jason's morphs; this would happen again in 128-IOI1, 129-IOI2 (only Trini's and Jason's).


  • The morphing order was "Mastodon," "Sabertoothed Tiger," "Triceratops," and "Pterodactyl"; this placed Trini's and Kim's morphs in the wrong order.
  • The order during the second morph sequence placed Jason's "Tyrannosaurus" before Tommy's "Dragonzord", thus taking away the helmet formation effect which usually followed the Red Ranger's morph. (Source: Updated by "Josh G.")


  • For an unknown reason, Jason didn't morph before going into the Dark Dimension or to fight Goldar once inside; Zack also didn't morph before going in to retrieve Jason.


  • In the flash of white light after Jason's morph was a single frame of a Zyuranger morph.
  • The morphing order was, "Mastodon," "Pterodactyl," "Sabertoothed Tiger," and "Triceratops;" this placed Trini's and Billy's morphs in the wrong order.


  • For Zordon to infuse Tommy with an enormous amount of Zordon's energy, a white bolt of energy came from Zordon's side cylinders and surrounded Zordon and then struck Tommy, morphing Tommy while he was holding the coin in his fist; this was the only time a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger would be shown fully during the physical process of morphing.


  • After morphing, Jason and Kim had their hands on their Morphers; this trend of hands on Morphers (or belt buckle, in the case of White Ranger) after morphing would be shown again occasionally.


  • The morphing order for Kim and Tommy was reversed, with "Dragonzord" coming after "Pterodactyl."


  • Although he was already suited up as the helmetless White Ranger, Tommy morphed with the others in his first morph as the White Ranger.
  • When Tommy's morph into White Ranger was with the other teens' morphs, his morph came first, as follows:
    Tommy: "Tigerzord!"
    Zack: "Mastodon!"
    Kim: "Pterodactyl!"
    Billy: "Triceratops!"
    Trini: "Sabertoothed Tiger!"
    Jason: "Tyrannosaurus!"
  • Tommy's White Ranger morph would show, in addition to Tommy's arms and head, his torso wearing a white tank top; his morph was the only morph to show a torso rather than merely disembodied arms and head, until after the power transfer in 228-PTr2.


  • Kim's and Tommy's morphs were in reverse order, placing "Pterodactyl" before "Tigerzord."


  • Without trying his communicator, Tommy attempted to morph to escape the haunted forest dimension; the tombstone monster, however, took his Morpher before he was able to do so.


  • Kim's and Billy's morphs were in reverse order, placing "Triceratops" before "Pterodactyl."


  • After the Sword of Light had suited them up in their Ranger suits, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha didn't morph before departing to battle Silverhorns.


  • The other five Rangers now had morphs which matched the White Ranger's morph of each teen wearing a Ranger-colored tank top.
  • The morph order remained the same, with the new three Rangers calling out the same dinosaur names, as follows:
    Tommy: "Tigerzord!"
    Adam: "Mastodon!"
    Kim: "Pterodactyl!"
    Billy: "Triceratops!"
    Aisha: "Sabertoothed Tiger!"
    Rocky: "Tyrannosaurus!"
  • At the end of Red Ranger's morph, there was no zoom-in on Rocky's face as the helmet grid split to reveal Red Ranger's helmet, as there had been with Jason's morph; this zoom-in wouldn't begin to be shown in the morph sequence until 233-LiCA.


  • When Billy, Aisha, and Rocky morphed, there was a frame of Kim's morph before Billy's. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • At the end of Rocky's morph sequence in this episode, there was neither a zoom-in nor a Red Ranger helmet; this again occurred in 236-TGBE.


  • Billy's and Adam's morphs were switched, placing "Triceratops" before "Mastodon."
  • When Billy, Adam, and Aisha morphed, a frame of Rocky's morph was shown after Aisha's.


  • Before the Rangers simultaneously morphed and teleported as was a standard practice, Tommy described it as "morphing on the way."


  • When both Tommy and his clone morphed into the White and Green Rangers, respectively, "Tigerzord" came before "Dragonzord."


  • Zordon explained that when the Wizard of Deception had cloned Tommy, he had drained some of Tommy's energy, affecting Tommy's senses; morphing again made Tommy feel better, but only temporarily.


  • Trapped in a storybook dimension with Rocky and Kim, Tommy turned down Rocky's suggestion of trying to morph after they'd learned the communicators wouldn't work, saying that morphing would do them no good, since they would still be stuck there.


  • In 1880 to prepare to morph, Kim and Alicia reached behind their backs while Rocko, Abraham, and William looked confused; all that was shown after the stylized lightning bolt for the morph was the Red Ranger's helmet forming, as usually followed morph sequences.


  • Just after evil Billy had tackled him, Billy used his Morpher to activate his morph, after which both Billy and evil Billy were in the form of Blue Rangers.
  • Immediately after evil Billy had been shown with his head face-down near Billy's side, two side-by-side Billy morph sequences were shown, each Billy with his own Morpher and Power Coin.
  • Both Blue Rangers had a Morpher and Power Coin on their belts and a Blade Blaster in their holsters.


  • There was no lightning bolt symbol before the Ninja Rangers' first morph into Power Rangers.
  • The process of morphing, both from teen and Ninja Ranger forms, was essentially unchanged, but now Ranger-colored light randomly streaked outward from the Morphers.
  • The teens' morphs into Power Rangers now had merely head and arms visible, with no tank top-wearing torsos visible; the Ninja Rangers' morphs into Power Rangers, however, retained the visible torsos. (Source: Corrected by "Josh G.")
  • The new morphing calls were as follows:
    Tommy: "White Ranger power!"
    Adam: "Black Ranger power!"
    Kimberly: "Pink Ranger power!"
    Billy: "Blue Ranger power!"
    Aisha: "Yellow Ranger power!"
    Rocky: "Red Ranger power!"
  • After each individual call, the view zoomed into the ninja's or teen's face as Ranger-colored light turned the ninja mask or teen face into the Ranger helmet, eyes last.


  • After Billy had set up the PortalCom to open a portal into the dimension in which Kim was being held, Tommy entered without first morphing, but he would soon morph once confronted by Zedd.


  • Whenever Kat morphed, her morph merely took the place of Kim's.


  • The Aquitian Rangers' morph sequence (when in separate full-screen morphs) was in the same order as the Earth Rangers' morphs.


  • When Adam used his charred Power Morpher and Mastodon Power Coin to morph, it was a never-before-seen morph sequence in which a short-haired Adam in a black t-shirt actively thrust his now undamaged Morpher out while shouting, "Mastodon!"

    Pilot Episode

  • The morph consisted of a four-way splitscreen of hands holding the opened and glowing Morphers; in the order Kim (upper left), Trini (lower right), Zack (upper right), and Billy (lower left), each teen appeared in front of the Morpher background, holding his or her Morpher out in his or her right hand, then when the teen called out his or her dinosaur name, his or her Morpher popped open; Jason's morph was the same fashion but full-screen; afterward, there was a brief shot of Jason holding out his Morpher in civilian clothes but wearing the Red Ranger helmet over his head.

    MMPR fan club video

  • Asked to describe the process of morphing, Zack said, "It's like a... electrical kinda thing...? It's like a zip, it's a zoooo, you know... (chuckles) A little zing. Zinnng! Whoa, you know, and then all of a sudden you're like, 'Hey, I'm morphed! All right!' Feelin', raaarrr..."

    MMPR: The Movie

  • After Tommy's morph announcement and before the actual morph sequences was a blue lightning bolt striking over a black background.
  • The morphing yells and order were as follows:
    Kimberly: "Pterodactyl!"
    Billy: "Triceratops!"
    Rocky: "Tyrannosaurus!"
    Adam: "Mastodon!"
    Aisha: "Sabertoothed Tiger!"
    Tommy: "White Tiger!"
  • To morph, each teen called out his animal name and then pulled out his Morpher with his right arm and held it out with both hands; the image of his Power Coin then came straight toward the camera, accompanied by the sound of his animal roaring, and once it had gone through the camera, the Ranger now posed, morphed, with the rock wall behind him lit faintly with Ranger-colored light.
  • As the teens morphed while facing straight ahead, the ooze beings left the scene, somehow without being seen leaving by the teens.

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