- presumed mutant; technician for Divatox
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First Appearance: 501-SIT1
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1


  • The subcraft's radar was broken; such a repair job probably would have been Porto's duty, had he been around at this time.


  • Porto attended Divatox's gathering of villains as she plotted her revenge on the Power Rangers.
  • Divatox made Porto her technical advisor, placing all things scientific under his responsibility.
  • After the subcraft had arrived on Earth, Elgar was holding a chain connected to a pulley in the ceiling, which then tied around Porto, nearby, as two Piranhatron shoved him upright; Divatox told Porto to get back to work.
  • Once on Earth, Porto designed a detonator, the first of many of its kind.
  • Porto's teleportation effect consisted of a watery blue blob which transported him through a hovering porthole portal.
  • At the energy center briefly, Porto gave Elgar instructions on placing the detonator, in the exact center to cause maximum damage, and gave him a changer laser device in case anyone gave him any trouble.


  • Elgar was later cleaning Porto's face portal but then sneezed on it and had to start over.
  • When Porto calculated that the destination of the wormhole in space was the planet Eltar, he wondered who would want to go there.


  • Discovering that Dimitria was heading through the wormhole toward Earth, Porto let Divatox look for herself, at which point she ordered him to close the wormhole.
  • When Porto completed his wormhole-closing device, he called in Amphibitor, who entered from the subcraft's elevator after having waited on Divatox's planet to be summoned.
  • Porto had modified the subcraft's torpedoes to enlarge monsters.
  • Elgar apparently wasn't familiar with Dimitria, but it seemed that Porto had been.


  • Porto completed work on the Chromite, and Elgar walked it in from the lift as it held his arm and a bouquet of roses, with a Piranhatron tossing up confetti and a spotlight following the couple.
  • Porto and Divatox had microphones, and Divatox held headphones as they introduced the Chromite; Divatox then cheerfully looked at the camera as though she were addressing an audience.
  • Porto said the Chromite had the special power Divatox had asked for.


  • Porto entered from the northern elevator, having intercepted a transmission from Visceron to Dimitria; he thought it would interest Divatox.
  • When Visceron awoke in the sea cave, he was smoking, and the right side of his face appeared to be smashed up; Elgar and Porto had been waiting to interrogate him.
  • Divatox had Porto send the Piranhatron to guard the detonator, but when they were defeated, she sent Porto with Visceron to guard it.
  • Dismayed with the stupidity of the mind-controlled Visceron, Porto noted he was glad this wasn't his idea; he then left Visceron there.


  • Divatox told Porto to make a detonator by the next day; when he explained that the detonators were very sophisticated devices and were quite complicated to manufacture, she was impatient with him, and both she and Elgar rudely told him they didn't want to hear the details of the detonator; after they'd left, Porto frustratedly said, "That is the last straw. I'm sick of wasting my superior intellect on this band of buffoons! I'm going AWOL!"
  • That night, Porto left while Rygog and Elgar were asleep on the bridge the other two were sleeping; he had a torpedo chained to his back, and he went from the south end of the bridge to the lift in the north end.
  • Porto usually slept in the south end of the bridge with Elgar and Rygog; when Divatox asked where Porto was, Elgar looked toward the southeast corner and, not seeing him there, concluded that Porto had jumped ship.
  • In Angel Grove, Porto thought he would get the respect he deserved once he destroyed the city.
  • Porto pushed the torpedo over, and it exploded, making him grow.
  • After the Rangers had driven up in their Turbo Carts, giant Porto opened his faceplate and blew a stream of air at them.
  • The Turbo Weapons and the Turbo RAM Cannon Mode were ineffective against giant Porto.
  • In the subcraft, Elgar locked onto giant Porto's coordinates and shrank him with red energy, then force-teleported him away with Porto's own teleport effect.
  • Divatox asked Rygog the penalty for going AWOL, and he consulted an old book with metal skull and crossbones on the cover, on a book stand to hold it open; based on the book's guidelines, Divatox planned to make Porto walk the plank, even though they were on a submarine.
  • Divatox, Elgar, and Rygog all laughed at Porto's impending punishment.


  • Porto presented his new super-duper, high-powered detonator, smaller than previous detonators.
  • When Elgar suggested somebody fast to deliver Porto's latest detonator, Porto recommended Demon Racer, a choice which Divatox heartily approved; as soon as Divatox had mentioned the monster's name, he frantically ran around the subcraft's bridge at superspeed.
  • After Demon Racer was destroyed, Porto revealed that he'd made a spare Demon Racer just in case.


  • After describing the plan with Big Burpa and the detonator in place of an odometer on Justin's new bike, Porto said she/it (either Big Burpa or the detonator, presumably Big Burpa) was his greatest creation yet.
  • While watching Justin's bike ride, Divatox opened Porto's faceplate and removed a bag of popcorn.
  • Watching Justin's party, Divatox wondered why birthdays were so important, and Porto replied that if she let them celebrate one, she'd understand.


  • Porto secretly went to the car wash the teens were volunteering at and dropped a detonator into a bucket.
  • Porto shot a blue beam from his stomach porthole, and Mouthpiece appeared.
  • After Mouthpiece had blasted Justin with his deception blaster, Porto teleported Mouthpiece away with his stomach ray, then teleported away himself.
  • Porto had added something special to Mouthpiece's deception blaster, causing a Piranhatron to appear every time a Ranger uttered a lie.
  • Porto and Divatox planned to keep the teens so busy with Piranhatrons that they wouldn't have time to deal with the detonator Porto had planted at the teens' car wash.


  • Elgar didn't know about Divatox's failed engagement to a creature from ancient Egypt known as Pharaoh, but Porto did.


  • Rygog, not Porto, gave Divatox the completed detonator-of-the-day.
  • With the detonator about to go off, Divatox said her moment of victory was finally upon them, and she had Elgar, Rygog, and Porto go to the city to prepare the way for the new queen of the planet.
  • Elgar and Porto floated in the air and teleported away soon after arriving; Rygog, after having blasted at the Rangers only briefly, then left as well.


  • After the villains had brought Blue Senturion back to the subcraft once his crash landing had interrupted their day at the beach, Porto switched Blue Senturion on by opening a panel in his back and touching a button inside.
  • According to Blue Senturion's estimated future from the year 2000, the universe's greatest evils would join forces to destroy the Earth and the entire universe; only one force stood in their way, a force which only Divatox, Elgar, and Porto saw. (See "Millennium message" for more information.)
  • Divatox told Porto to reprogram Blue Senturion to turn him evil, but Porto explained, "He's an Intergalactic Police Officer. It can't be turned evil," so Divatox had him make Blue Senturion think the Power Rangers were evil and had to be destroyed for the good of the universe.
  • Before sending Blue Senturion on his way, Porto placed a detonator inside the officer's back.
  • Divatox asked Porto if they had any spare monsters, and he replied that in fact they did have one, Terrortooth.


  • Divatox was frustrated over the Piranhatrons' failure in the attack on Carlos and Ashley, but Porto then presented Electrovolt, who entered from the lift.
  • As the villains excitedly watched the big soccer game on a big-screen TV in the south end of the subcraft's bridge the next day, Porto was holding what looked like cotton candy, saying this was so much fun.


  • Porto's image appeared in a bubble in an audition hall to give Elgar instructions on using the detonator he was planting there.
  • When Elgar asked Porto if he was expecting anyone when Griller rang the doorbell, Porto said his friends would never appear unannounced.


  • After Divatox had watched a fly's buzzing greatly bother Blue Senturion's receptors, she asked Porto if Shrinkasect was ready, at which point Porto promptly introduced Shrinkasect from the lift.


  • Divatox was at a cove at the beach with her henchmen and Piranhatrons as Porto introduced a device to transport any object from one place to another.
  • After Divatox had disappeared from the beach after an accident with the teleportation device, Porto, back on the subcraft, considered sending out an SOS throughout the galaxy.
  • In the middle of their search for the missing Divatox, the three henchmen were hungry, and Elgar suggested pizza; Porto lost a game of paper-rock-scissors and had to go pick up the pizza.
  • At the counter of Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor in a large dress and hat, Porto told Mike he'd called ahead for five pizzas cooked to a crisp with raw fish heads on it (of which the place was out); the address he'd given was in Angel Grove Lake.
  • Seeing the amnesic Divatox waitressing at Mad Mike's, Porto asked Divatox if she recognized him, and she said he could be any one of the guys with aquariums on their heads that she knew.
  • Porto ducked aside when Carlos, Justin, and a group of other kids came into the pizza parlor.
  • When Rygog told Porto to make a monster to distract the Rangers, Porto said he needed a special purpose for the monster, he needed to know what kind, he needed specifics and inspiration, but then he touched a pizza box, and a blue energy bolt from his finger created a monster from the Mad Mike drawing.
  • When the Rangers were trapped in a building with the evil space cars, Divatox told Porto to make her a colossal cooker, and the cars then knocked the Rangers into a giant pizza cooker; Mad Mike proceeded to make a Ranger pizza of them.


  • After Justin had unwittingly led Rygog to the Phantom's ship in the woods, Divatox had Porto send Rygog a detonator to make the Phantom return.


  • Porto had apparently invented the freeze key, as Divatox questioned him about its powers.


  • In the Space Base's holding bay, Metallasaurus's second form was being assembled, but its second form wouldn't be introduced until 528-FOPh.
  • Havoc had had Porto working around the clock to upgrade Metallasaurus's operating systems, and he said he'd borrowed and improved upon several ideas from the Turbo Megazord.
  • Porto had printed out information hidden in the Megazord's database and gave it to Havoc in a black "Top Secret" binder which contained information on the unintroduced Siren Blaster Rescuezord and Artillatron, but most importantly, the Phantom Ranger and his Power Ruby.
  • There was Japanese writing in the binder, and the binder opened backwards.
  • Porto said that as Havoc knew, they would first have to eliminate the Phantom Ranger in order to defeat the Rangers.
  • After Metallasaurus had been defeated by the Rescuezords, Porto and blue, pink, green, and gray Chromites (with the Chromites in lab coats) studied the Turbo Megazord in great detail to figure out how everything worked.


  • Porto and the Chromites were back in the Turbo Megazord cockpit, this time modifying it to work under the villains' control while its power was booster by the Phantom's Power Ruby; Porto said it should be completed within the hour.
  • When the Space Base was trapped in a beam from the Rangers' super-magnet on Earth after Porto had lowered the shields to send down the Turbo Megazord, Divatox told Porto to get her a monster to destroy the magnetic beam, and Porto introduced Metal Mangler, who was immediately pulled toward Earth and never seen again.
  • Porto then introduced Crosspatch, who had less metal.


  • Seeing that Bulk and Skull were filming Cassie and Ashley, Divatox had Porto bring her Flash Head, who walked in from the balcony after the subcraft's doors had been closed.
  • Porto later presented Voltmeister, who was introduced in the same manner as Flash Head.


  • Immediately after Wicked Wisher had been destroyed, Porto presented Wild Weeder from the subcraft's balcony doors to make the humans search for her missing wishing coin.


  • At the villains' monster training area near Angel Grove Forest, Porto didn't think the villains were motivating the monsters properly.
  • When Divatox wanted Lightning Cruiser, Porto explained that stealing equipment from the Rangers wasn't so difficult, but that Lightning Cruiser was different.
  • When he, Elgar, and Rygog appeared near a watchtower in the forest after failing to capture Lightning Cruiser, Porto asked why they had stopped there; when Elgar was disappointed about only getting booster fuel rather than Lightning Cruiser, Porto planned to make Divatox her own flying car instead.
  • Divatox was pleased with the flying car, but it soon ran out of booster fuel.
  • When Divatox later found out that Elgar had personally mixed Porto's new evil fuel formula, she had Elgar test the car; he promptly crashed, apparently ruining the car.
  • Porto said that next time he'd mix the fuel himself.


  • Porto didn't trust Maniac Mechanic, whom Elgar had chosen from an ad in a yellow pages.


  • When Divatox first saw that T.J., on the first day of a new jogging routine, was alone one morning, the new monster Lord Litter was already on the bridge, and Porto already knew about the plan to use the monster against T.J.


  • After seeing that Cassie was holding music auditions, Divatox took her red alien-looking electric guitar from Porto (which he'd apparently been holding even before her observation on Cassie) to write "the most memorable hit" the teens had ever heard.


  • In some sort of underground compound, Rygog commanded the Creeps to continue to fight after they'd retreated from the Rangers one day; Elgar and Porto were in the compound as well.
  • Porto presented the Creeps with a red cannon which Elgar called a Ranger Scrambler, powered by a red gem that appeared to be part of a necklace.


  • Porto told Divatox the Zord project was nearly finished, but there were just a few minor glitches.
  • Divatox had ordered Porto to build her an evil Zord.
  • Porto said the Zord needed a test run, so Divatox had Elgar test it.
  • Elgar flew off in Terrorzord before Porto could make a few adjustments, such as inserting the cotter pin.
  • When Porto told Divatox Elgar had left before he could finish the Terrorzord, Divatox told him he'd better hope the Zord stayed together.
  • After Terrorzord had caused the Rescue Megazord's artillery cannons to blast Robo Racer, Divatox was delighted they were winning, but Porto was nervous.


  • As Elgar was repairing Terrorzord, Porto presented Mr. Goorific, whom Porto had already described to Divatox.
  • Some time later, Porto was on the bridge to ask Divatox to calm down about the time the repairs on Terrorzord were taking, but he was then immediately in the Space Base's holding bay with Rygog and Elgar as Terrorzord's disembodied arm was being moved into position.
  • Rygog said that thanks to him, the arm wouldn't fall off this time, but Porto protested that he'd designed Terrorzord and that the Zord had been his idea.


  • When Divatox saw T.J. frustrated by being struck out, she called Porto in, and he entered from the balcony with Strikeout.


  • There were lunar bats flying around the Space Base's balcony; presumably, Porto's construction of Divatox's evil Zords on the moon (a project which Divatox had ordered in 537-Accd and which was shown completed in 541-LSMn) had introduced the creatures to the Space Base.
  • Porto was not shown on the Space Base until one final scene after Count Nocturn had been destroyed.


  • Porto, Elgar, and Piranhatrons worked on the near-completed evil Zords on the surface of the moon.
  • Porto had orange gloves rather than white while on the moon.
  • When Divatox was angry upon being told Elgar was putting the Divazord's control panel back together, he corrected himself by saying he'd meant his cousin Edgar.
  • Later, Divatox had everyone, even Porto, clean up the subcraft while she was waiting to try out the Divazord; her space taxi then arrived to drive her to and link up with the Divazord.


  • Porto was sure Divatox would have no problem with the Sharkzord, which would be finished soon.
  • Divatox assigned Porto to drive the Sharkzord, despite his reservations.
  • Another day, Porto piloted the Sharkzord in an oddly-designed convertible in the Zord's head.
  • As her Turbo Navigator screen centered on Porto's control car atop the Sharkzord, Cassie announced that the tractor beam was locked, and Justin fired the Turbo Megazord's chest ray at the car, ejecting Porto and causing the unpiloted Sharkzord to collapse.


  • On the moon, Porto and Rygog were using parts stolen by Piranhatron from the Super Duper Fast Deliveries company to complete a remote control for Rygog to control all three evil Zords at once.
  • As Rygog piloted the three evil Zords, Divatox wanted him to use full power; Porto suggested half power instead, but she replied she never did anything halfway.


  • In her flying car, Divatox drove up on the surface of the moon, where Porto, Elgar, and Piranhatron were, to look at Goldgoyle, who stood in giant form on the moon.
  • Despite Elgar and Rygog's bickering over who had discovered the Power Chamber, once the villains were setting up for their assult in the desert, Porto attributed the discovery to Elgar, not believing he'd done something right.


  • Attending Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet, Divatox had brought along Elgar, Rygog, Porto, Piranhatrons, and a Putrapod.


  • Porto was among Rita and Zedd's army on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.


  • Porto was presumably among the victims of Zordon's energy wave, though he wasn't shown when the wave hit.

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