Power Boxes
- survival kits for Rangers
Power Boxes
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 500-TPRM


  • The teens, or at least Tommy and Kat, seemed to be familiar with the Power Boxes, though they hadn't been shown before.
  • When Zordon told Tommy and Kat to equip themselves with the Power Boxes, the eastern Power Chamber doors opened to reveal a closet-sized area containing the five Power Boxes on the wall, with green, pink, and red on the top row, and yellow and blue on the bottom row; these doors were not, however, supposed to lead into a closet, but rather a hallway.
  • Alpha said that the short-range locators (later called Turbo Navigators) in the Power Boxes would lead Tommy and Kat straight to Lerigot.
  • The Power Boxes were worn like backpacks.
  • In the jungle, Tommy offered Kat some water from his Power Box, and she pushed in a gray circle about the size of a silver dollar, in the upper right corner of the back of Tommy's Power Box; a tiny canteen, barely long enough for Kat to get all of her fingers around, popped out, and after Kat had drunk from it, she handed it to Tommy, who drank some as well; the mini-canteen, however, was much to small to contain any decent amount of water.
  • As he and Kat swam through rapids, Tommy pushed the left side of a small black rectangle to the left of the canteen circle on Kat's Power Box; a small orange neck floatation device popped up from the water, and he put it over her head.
  • The floatation device vanished from Kat's neck between shots as she and Tommy were getting out of the water.
  • After driving up to the Ghost Galleon's dock and getting out of their Turbozords, the four teens held lantern-like flashlights which may have been a part of the Power Boxes' accessories; at this point, it wasn't revealed that the teens had brought the Power Boxes with them.
  • After watching their approach of Muiranthias from the galleon's upper deck days later, the teens went back downstairs and came up strapping their Power Boxes on; apparently, they'd brought the Power Boxes, as well as at least one short-range locator, with them in the Turbozords.
  • The blue Power Box, not shown until now, was slightly smaller than the others.
  • Adam had been wearing his Power Box when he went downstairs to get into Desert Thunder, but when he got into the Zord, he wasn't wearing it.
  • As Adam got out of Desert Thunder after driving it up to a cliff on Muiranthias, he was strapping on his Power Box.
  • Although his hands had been empty while putting on his Power Box, Adam was suddenly holding a set of green digital binoculars.
  • The teens morphed while wearing their Power Boxes, but the packs weren't shown on the teens during the actual morph sequence.


  • T.J. used red digital binoculars, just like the ones Adam had used in 500-TPRM, to spy on Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons as they set up a rocket in the woods.


  • Years later, the five Power Boxes were mounted on the wall in the Transport Bay of the Lightspeed Aquabase, with the blue pack smaller just as it had been for Justin.
  • The Power Boxes now had Lightspeed sigils on them, or at least did by 806-WODe.

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