Power Cannon
- cannon used by Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Power Cannon
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First Appearance: 230-MrOR
Last Appearance: 249-SbR2


  • The Power Blaster at first shot the usual energy stream, but then the blast was what would eventually be the Power Cannon's energy blast.
  • The Power Cannon's blast consisted of green, blue, pink, and yellow energy spheres spinning around the central red sphere; each sphere had a white nucleus; the spheres had flaming yellow trails, and they were connected with blue energy bolts; the five spheres then merged into a single, rolling, red fire sphere, with a white nucleus, trailed by red flames.


  • Alpha was looking forward to surprising the Rangers with the Power Cannon, which he was constructing in the Command Center.
  • Zordon said that the Power Cannon would be a valuable addition to the Rangers' arsenal, but the Rangers already had the Power Blaster.
  • The Power Cannon equipment was behind Alpha in one shot but then no longer there as Alpha walked through the Command Center following Skelerena's attack.
  • Zordon had Alpha send the Rangers the Power Cannon since they were about to fight Skelerena without Adam.
  • To prepare to receive the Power Cannon, Blue and Red Rangers stood in back, with Pink and Yellow in front of them and White and Black in front of the girls; the Rangers held up their arms, white energy flowed up through the Rangers' bodies, and the Power Cannon then materialized on their hands with multicolored light (Source: Corrected by "Josh G.")
  • The Power Cannon had a dragon head for its barrel.
  • Upon forming, the Power Cannon didn't have the extended handles which the Rangers would push in to arm it.
  • To prepare to fire the Power Cannon, the Pink, Yellow, White and Red Rangers would insert grapefruit-sized Ranger-colored spheres into a round port on one side of the cannon; Pink Ranger was then shown pushing in a side handle that looked like a sword being stabbed into the cannon, then Blue Ranger did the same, followed by Yellow and then Red; finally, the Red and Blue Rangers would shove in a flat, wide handle in the back of the cannon.
  • Kim remarked that the Power Cannon couldn't have come at a better time.
  • Yellow energy swirled into the Power Cannon's barrel from outside the cannon in preparation for firing; a yellow blast would then fire and turn into the aforementioned five Ranger-colored energy spheres.
  • Whenever the Power Cannon actually fired, its supposed recoil always had the Power Cannon aiming above the horizon at the moment of firing.
  • The Power Cannon destroyed Skelerena.


  • The Rangers were still able to use the Power Blaster following the introduction of the Power Cannon.


  • The Power Cannon destroyed the Rock of Time, undoing the rock's time reversal.


  • The Blue, Black, and Yellow Rangers were able to summon the Power Cannon by themselves, with Blue in front, Yellow in the middle, and Black in the rear.
  • The Power Cannon destroyed Turkeyjerk.

    - Phrases used to summon Power Cannon
    230-MrOR Tommy: "Power Rangers, prepare to receive Power Cannon!"
    - Rangers get in position and hold up arms
    Tommy/Adam: "Brace!"
    240-RBT2 Billy: "This is gonna require the Power Cannon!"
    Billy/Rocky (getting in position): "Stage one!"
    Kim/Aisha (getting in position): "Stage two!"
    Tommy/Rocky (getting in position): "Stage three!"
    249-SBR2 Billy/Aisha/Adam: "Power Cannon!"

    - Phrases used as Rangers lower Power Cannon to their shoulders
    230-MrOR Tommy: "Lock and load!"

    - Phrases used as some Rangers insert spheres
    230-MrOR Kim: "Pink charge!"
    Aisha: "Yellow charge!"
    Tommy: "White charge!"
    Rocky: "Red charge!"

    - Phrases used for handles to be pushed in
    230-MrOR Tommy: "Prepare to fire!"

    - Phrases used to fire Power Cannon
    230-MrOR Adam: "Fire!"
    240-RBT2 Tommy: "Power Cannon, battle ready! Rangers, lock on target! Fire!"

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