Power Coins
- magical coins used to power Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Power Coins (clockwise from upper right: Mastodon, Sabertoothed Tiger, Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl; center: Triceratops)
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First Appearance: (five Dino coins) 101-DOTD, (Green Power Coin) 117-GWE1, (Tigerzord Power Coin) 217-WhL1, (Ninja coins) 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: (Dragonzord Power Coin) 246-RGR3, (Mastodon Power Coin) 625-AACh, (Tyrannosaurus Power Coin) 1034-FRed, (other three Dino coins and Tigerzord Power Coin) 304-NjQ1, (Ninja coins) 336-CEvF
Pictures: five Dino Power Coins (shown at right), green Power Coin, Tigerzord Power Coin, charred Mastodon coin (625-AACh)


  • The Power Coins were normally located in the Power Morphers, when the Rangers were both morphed and unmorphed.


  • The Power Crystals seemed to have the Power Coins at their bases when Jason first removed them from the sack Alpha had put them in.
  • Although the red Power Crystal seemed to have Red Ranger's Power Coin at the base, there was also a Power Coin in Red Ranger's Morpher at the time. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • To form the Power Crystals, the Rangers would normally remove their Power Coins from their Morphers with their right hands and slide their right hands out from the coin to form the crystals from Ranger-colored energy.


  • The Rangers could combine their Power Coins to give any one Ranger the power of the group; they did so by removing their coins from their Morphers while calling out their dinosaur names, then holding the coins together while still morphed; when the Rangers all held their coins up afterward, morphed Billy turned into a blue energy sphere and teleported out of Madame Woe's dimension to the rock quarry.


  • Rita said that Tommy would soon be under her spell as she called forth the power of the sixth Power Coin.
  • The green Power Coin appeared in Tommy's hand in the preparation chamber, and then after Rita had told Tommy to morph, a green smoke passed over him; once it had blown past, he was morphed.
  • After Tommy had morphed, his Power Coin still hadn't gone into the Morpher on his belt, as he was still holding it in his hand in the Command Center.
  • Zordon said that only those with a Power Coin could enter the Command Center undetected.
  • Zordon realized upon seeing the Green Ranger with the green Power Coin that Rita had "finally chosen someone to give [the coin] to."
  • Trini said that no one had access to the Command Center without a Power Coin.


  • While holding his Power Coin in his hand, unmorphed Tommy, under Rita's spell, shot telekinetic green energy bolts from his eyes to propel Bulk and Skull into a dumpster.
  • Tommy teleported Jason from behind Jason's back with a green cloud beam from the green Power Coin; Jason teleported to the Dark Dimension with a combined green cloud effect and thin white streaks.
  • Goldar somehow had Jason's Morpher once Jason had appeared in the Dark Dimension.


  • When the Power Coins began glowing in the Rangers' Morphers, Jason knew that Zordon was back.
  • After their Power Coins had been glowing following Zordon's return, the Rangers seemed to teleport as Ranger-colored streaks of light down into the chasm where the Dinozords had sunk (as suggested by the teleportation sound effect and the teens' confused yelling), but they were then shown leaping up to the Zords after the five fighting machines had arisen from the lava pit.


  • Finding their Morphers absent once on the Island of Illusion, the teens noted only that their Power Coins were gone.


  • Quagmire said that his tip of remembering positive memories to resist the illusions might get them home, but they had to find the Power Coins on their own.
  • After all six teens had defeated their illusions and the communicators had returned, the teens pulled out their Power Coins rather than their Morphers from behind their backs.


  • By transferring his Power Coin to another Ranger, Tommy was able to prevent Rita from gaining his power once the Green Candle had burned out.
  • Green Ranger's Power Coin flashed from green to red with a small energy flame once placed in Red Ranger's hand.
  • After Red Ranger had the green coin in his hand, the Dragon Shield and armbands vanished from Green Ranger with green and white energy and appeared on Red Ranger with red and white energy, the Dragon Dagger appearing in Red Ranger's hand.
  • Once his Power Coin belonged to Red Ranger, Green Ranger grew weak and began to glow with green energy as his body morphed back to its original state; Tommy said he felt strange inside, and he soon demorphed with a green flash.
  • With the green coin under Red Ranger's ownership, the Green Ranger powers were safe.


  • The teens chose to give Goldar their Power Coins in an attempt to have their kidnapped parents spared, but the parents were not released.
  • Immediately after placing his or her Power Coin into Goldar's box (apparently created from the Dragon Dagger), each Ranger demorphed with Ranger-colored energy.
  • Back in the Command Center, Jason pulled out the green Power Coin and looked at it.


  • Kim wondered, "What good will Tommy's Power Coin do if he doesn't even have his powers anymore?"
  • Goldar said it would be impossible for the Rangers to bring Green Ranger back, and Rita then said Green Ranger had lost his powers.
  • Tommy asked how he could help without his powers, and Zordon believed the only way possible was for him to infuse Tommy with an enormous amount of his own energy.
  • A white bolt of energy came from Zordon's side cylinders and surrounded Zordon and then struck Tommy, morphing Tommy while he was holding the coin in his fist.
  • Alpha thought for the teens to use their Power Coins to bring back Zordon, who had vanished from weakness after powering up Green Ranger.
  • Billy took out his Power Coin from somewhere near his waist, possibly his front pocket; the others pulled out their coins from behind their backs, with Zack seeming to reach into a back pocket.
  • As each teen said the name of his or her dinosaur while the coins were held together, his or her coin lit up with its respective color, and when all five were lit, the Command Center took on a golden glow, and five Ranger-colored energy bolts flowed into Zordon's tube and brought Zordon back.


  • As four magic candles had almost completely drained the four Rangers' powers, morphed Jason put the four Power Coins on their respective candle stubs (blue, yellow, pink, and black), then held out his Power Coin; reddish-white energy bolts crackled from his coin to two orbs sticking up on poles from the candle rack seemingly for decoration, and from the Ranger-colored energy beams (blue and yellow from the left orb, and pink and black from the right orb) which restored the candles; the four candles then turned to Ranger-colored energy and flew into the four Rangers' Morphers as Jason said, "Power up!" to which the others replied, "Right!"; Jason then had their Power Coins in his hand and handed them out to the restored Rangers.
  • Red Ranger hadn't inserted his Power Coin back into his Morpher before leaving the Dimension of Doom, but when he appeared in the Command Center shortly after the others, it was in.


  • Inspired by Bulk's suspecting the intelligent World Teen Summit members of being Power Rangers, Zedd planned to use the summit members as power teens of his own; he said he only needed the Power Coins and that the rest should be easy.
  • After Tommy had come up with a plan, Zordon said it would require all six Power Coins but then simply had Jason, Trini, and Zack morph and meet the other three Rangers at the negotiation site where Goldar was waiting; this would not have given the Rangers any time to do any necessary Power Coin preparations.
  • Further problems with the execution of the plan were that the Rangers still had their real Power Coins in their Morphers on their belts while trying to trick Goldar with the foil-covered chocolate Power Coins (in a red box labeled "Power Rangers' Power Coins"), as well as the fact that decoy Power Coins were ultimately unnecessary, as morphed Billy merely took the box of coins out of Goldar's hand after Goldar had said he wouldn't release the hostages.
  • Outside of the Cave of Despair's entrance, Bulk and Skull discovered the box of decoy coins, which the Rangers had left lying on the ground; Skull unwrapped one and discovered that they were chocolate, and delicious chocolate at that.


  • After the power transfer which suited Rocky, Adam, and Aisha up as Rangers, Jason, Trini, and Zack were still wearing their Ranger suits, each still with his or her Power Coin, Morpher, and Blade Blaster, even though the three new Rangers had their own versions of the items on their duplicate suits.


  • According to the generic morph sequence of Tommy's clone into Green Ranger, the clone used a gold Morpher with the green Power Coin in it; generic morph sequences, however, are rarely ever true depictions of actual morph processes due to, among other factors, discrepancies in hair and clothing.
  • Once the clone had morphed, his Green Ranger suit bore a Morpher with the green Power Coin in it.
  • The Wizard of Deception summoned the green Power Coin from energy up his sleeve even though the clone had possibly used the coin to morph and had definitely been wearing it in the Morpher on his Green Ranger suit.


  • White Ranger's Power Coin clearly bore the abstract White Ranger symbol.


  • In 1880, Kim said she knew Rita had had the green Power Coin first, but when she asked about the other five, Alpha said they had them there: "red, blue, black, yellow, and pink."
  • 1880's Zordon told Kim that she already had the energy from her coin and that too much pink energy would be dangerous; this left four 1880's Power Coins still available for use.
  • Kim brought the four available Power Coins to the wild west teens in the desert in a small black box.
  • In the box, the coins sparkled with proper colors, but the dinosaur designs on the coins were backwards; in a later shot, the designs were correct, but the two left coins and two right coins swapped positions while the sparkle colors remained where they were, giving the black coin a blue sparkle, the blue coin a black (actually white) sparkle, the red coin a yellow sparkle, and the yellow coin a red sparkle.
  • In the present, Zordon told the teens that the wild west teens were the first Earthlings to use the Power Coins; either Kim's presence in the past actually altered the timestream (rather than merely creating a new, alternate present) or the wild west teens would have become Rangers without Kim's interaction with the past.


  • Just after evil Billy had tackled him, Billy used his Morpher to activate his morph, after which both Billy and evil Billy were in the form of Blue Rangers.
  • Immediately after evil Billy had been shown with his head face-down near Billy's side, two side-by-side Billy morph sequences were shown, each Billy with his own Morpher and Power Coin.


  • Immediately after Billy and Zordon had been talking about the Command Center's power core following the destruction of the Rangers' powers and Thunderzords, Adam asked where their Ranger powers had come from in the first place; Zordon told them of a legendary (perhaps merely mythical) lost temple hidden beneath the Desert of Despair, and that the keeper of the temple, Ninjor, was thought to have forged the original Power Coins to be used by those battling the evil forces of the universe.
  • Alpha (not Alpha Five?) and Zordon had found a map to the hidden temple when they'd originally found the Power Coins.


  • After telling the Ninja Rangers that the Ninjazords were far superior to their Zords of the past, Ninjor explained, "Where before your power came from the brute strength of the dinosaurs, now it comes from the swift, intelligent cunning of the Ninja. This is more than a restoration of your Ranger powers. Your new Power Coins have much more advanced powers."
  • The new Power Coins bore the symbols of the Ninjazords.


  • Rita seemed to refer to the Temple of Power as the source of the Rangers' new powers.


  • For his and Rita's plan to steal a Ninjazord to access the Shogunzords, Zedd said they needed a Power Coin to get into the Ninjazord.
  • As the Ninja Rangers fought Tengas nearby, Kat removed Kim's Power Coin from her bookbag, suddenly weakening ninja Kim during the fight.
  • Having obtained the pink Power Coin, Zedd said they could steal the Falconzord, which would render the Rangers defenseless.
  • When he'd been told that Goldar and Tengas were attacking the park, Tommy had the teens go get their bookbags, in which their Power Coins (at least Kim's) happened to be kept, from the nearby picnic tables before heading to the park from the lake.
  • The weakness she felt from her Power Coin having been stolen was a feeling Kim hadn't felt before; as part of the power drain, pink energy was running through Kim's hand.
  • When Tommy told Zordon that Kim's Power Coin was missing and that Kim was getting weaker, Zordon said the only explanation was that the coin must have fallen into evil hands (actually evil Kat's hands).
  • Zordon told the others to use their Power Coins to recharge Kim until she was strong enough to be teleported to the Command Center; while White Ranger went into battle, the four others presumably did as Zordon said, as Kim would later be in the Command Center with the others.
  • Kat teleported into the Falconzord cockpit behind White Ranger and sent a pink energy bolt from her index finger into morphed Tommy, knocking him out with pink energy claw marks running all over his body, then used the same pink energy bolt to teleport him out with a pink clawed teleport, sending him falling to the ground.
  • The weakened Ninjor, after being shrunk to normal size after being pummeled by giant Goldar, glowed blue, turned translucent, and then vanished, with Zedd planning to use him as the power source needed to operate the Shogunzords.
  • Zordon told the six teens that when Ninjor had recharged their Power Coins, he'd linked them with their natural human energy, and now that Kim's Power Coin was in evil hands, her body was being affected.
  • Billy theorized that Zedd's using the pink Power Coin to steal the Falconzord must have left Ninjor powerless and an easy target.
  • After Kim had fainted in the Command Center, Zordon told the others that Kim wouldn't survive unless they retrieved her Power Coin.


  • Lying on a table or bed in the Command Center, Kim was in a deep sleep, her body having been very weakened by the loss of her coin.
  • Billy said that with her coin missing, there was never going to be another Pink Ranger.
  • Zordon had Alpha search the computer for an alternate energy source to try to find something that could match the Power Coin.
  • Zordon wouldn't let the weakened Kim go to help Kat, saying that until they found an alternative energy source to replace her stolen Power Coin, any exertion could destroy her; Kim insisted that Kat was her friend and she had to help her, and Zordon eventually gave in, making sure she understood the risk.
  • After she'd collapsed in battle and had been kidnapped, the unconscious, demorphed Kim was in a cavern in another dimension, on a slowly rotating table as a device above her was slowly draining pink energy from her head, bit by bit.
  • Zedd was able to hear what was being said inside the Command Center, and to appear on the Viewing Globe and speak with the Rangers; this ability to access the Command Center, an ability it seems he didn't ordinarily have, may have been granted by his and Rita's possession of the pink Power Coin.


  • When Aisha asked what would happen to Kim's powers once they'd found Kim, Zordon said that Alpha was working on a way to detach her physical connection from her Power Coin, but as long as Rita and Zedd possessed the coin, they held the fate of the Pink Ranger.
  • When asked by Adam if there was any way to gain control of the Shogunzords once they were in the cockpits, Billy said he might be able to reprogram the Zords off their Power Coins, which would transfer control to the Rangers.
  • Adam told the others to give their Power Coins to Billy so he could try to transfer the Shogunzords' power to them, but immediately afterward, Rocky said, "Let's go," and the Rangers were shown leaping up to the Shogunzords.
  • In the Blue Shogunzord cockpit, Billy used a small silver rod to make adjustments to his Shogunzord's circuits; he was making adjustments to the quantum linear controller, apparently only in the Blue Shogunzord cockpit; once he was finished, the Shogunzords' chest symbols shimmered with white light, and the Zords posed individually.
  • Zedd said the Shogunzords had been released from his power source (Ninjor).
  • Some time later in the Command Center, Kim was awake and seeming to feel better, now that Alpha had removed the pink Power Coin's connection to her.
  • Until the pink Power Coin was retrieved, Kim was able to draw power from the other Rangers to be the Pink Ranger, but if she did so over a long period of time, all of their powers would be drained, according to Zordon.


  • The pink Power Coin was being held in a chest in the moon palace's dungeon, glowing with pink energy.
  • Kat, now good, opened up the box containing the pink Power Coin, and pink energy flowed up her arm.
  • Alpha suddenly got a reading on the pink Power Coin once it was in the hands of good (Kat's hands).
  • Billy realigned the teleportation system and teleported both Kat and the coin to the Command Center in pink sparkles; he then couldn't believe that it had worked.
  • To give her Power Coin to Kat after choosing her as the new Pink Ranger another day, Kim seemed to remove the coin from her communicator.
  • When Kim placed the coin in Kat's hand, pink electricity ran along Kat's body.


  • Zordon told the Rangers to use their Power Coins to activate the Zeo Crystal to free it from Master Vile's control, but that if they drained their powers too much, they wouldn't have enough energy to return home.
  • The Rangers used the energy of their Power Coins (by standing in a circle and holding up their hands palm-to-palm), combined with the Morphing Grid's energy that was being drawn by the Shogun Megazord's panels, to break Master Vile's connection with the Zeo Crystal; in the process, they also regained control and full power to the Zords.
  • The old Dino coins were shown in the Rangers' Morphers on their belts.


  • When Dischordia had morphed Tommy pull out his Power Coin, he removed it from behind his back.
  • White Ranger's Power Coin had a falcon design on it.


  • When the kids retained their memories from the present despite the Orb of Doom's time regression, Billy theorized that the Power Coins were responsible, although he had also (perhaps incorrectly) theorized that their communicators hadn't worked because their powers didn't exist in the past.


  • The Aquitian Rangers had coins of their own, which they threw into the air to make their Battle Borgs appear from the glowing gold coins with Ranger-colored energy.


  • Zedd figured that the only two things that stood in the way of their conquering Earth were the ex-Rangers' Power Coins and the "Alien Rangers"; he planned for them to destroy the Power Coins now so that the Power Rangers could never be restored, and the Aquitian Rangers would, as he said, simply dry up and blow away.
  • The way young Billy had configured the regenerator that would turn the kids back into teens, the kids would have to use their Power Coins to supply the required current.
  • Young Billy asked the other kids if they had brought their Power Coins, suggesting the kids didn't normally carry them around.
  • Young Billy inserted the coins into a slot in the regenerator's back.
  • After Billy had restored his own age, Goldar took the regenerator from the kids and Billy and removed the Power Coins.
  • Goldar held up some Power Coins in each hand, and with a white energy bolt from Zedd's staff and a red energy beam from Rita's wand, Rita and Zedd caused gold light to flash in Goldar's hands, reducing the Power Coins to golden dust, which Goldar scattered to the wind; the small swirl of dust which drifted away appeared to fly downward and off to one side.
  • Only five coins had been shown falling from the regenerator into Goldar's hand; immediately after the coins had been destroyed, however, Rito shook the regenerator (producing no sound) and threw it aside, breaking it open, after which the device was turned into Slotsky and eventually destroyed; therefore, the chances that a Power Coin survived are very low.
  • Billy and the kids appeared physically unaffected after the Power Coins had been destroyed.
  • The Command Center still had power after the Power Coins had been destroyed, but it would soon (starting in 338-Bulk) suffer from low power.
  • The same day that the Power Coins had been destroyed, the Aquitian Rangers used solely their Battle Borgs, without the help of the Shogunzords.


  • Before summoning the Shogun Megazord (the first time the Shogunzords were used after the destruction of the Power Coins), the Aquitian Rangers combined their energy and then had the Battle Borgs energize.


  • The Aquitian Rangers' coins appeared to bear the symbols of the Ninja animals, as the design of the frog appeared to be on the Black Aquitian Ranger's coin.


  • When the Aquitian Rangers needed help against giant Hydro Hog, Billy used the Falconzord remote to bring in the Falconzord and form the Shogun Megafalconzord; the Falconzord's power source is unknown, as it seemed that the Shogunzords had to be powered by the Aquitian Rangers in order to operate following the coins' destruction.
  • Once time was restored by the Zeo Crystal, the teens and Billy still suffered no ill effects from the Power Coins having been destroyed in 336-CEvF.
  • Back in the present, the teens (Tanya not included) and Billy were able to use their communicators to teleport with their old Ranger colors, even though the Power Coins had been destroyed in the past in 336-CEvF.


  • Zordon told the teens that the Power Coins were indeed gone forever.
  • Mannequins of the six Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (no Green) were on display in the Power Chamber's gallery after the teens had become Zeo Rangers; on the belts of the original five Rangers were Power Morphers (or at least identical replicas) and what must have been replicas of the Power Coins.


  • Talking with Alpha about the decisions Power Rangers had to make after a discouraged Carlos had run away from his intense training session, Adam thoughtfully remarked that he sometimes wished he were still a Power Ranger, and he reached into his black bag and pulled out a charred Power Morpher with the equally charred Mastodon Power Coin in it; a diagonal black crack appeared to run all the way through the front of the Morpher and coin.
  • Adam asked Alpha whether he thought the thing still worked, and Alpha gasped and held it, telling him he must never use it, as the Power Coins had been destroyed, which meant morphing could destroy him.
  • Adam smiled, took the Morpher back, and told him it had just been a thought; he was then contemplative as he put the Morpher back in his bag and sipped his water.
  • Adam successfully used the Morpher to morph into the Black Ranger with a Blade Blaster in his holster and an undamaged Morpher and coin on his belt, but he would demorph involuntarily and painfully minutes later.

    - Phrases used for Rangers to activate Power Coins to give Blue Ranger the power of the team
    109-PL&W Jason (each Ranger removing coin): "Tyrannosaurus!"
    Zack: "Mastodon!"
    Trini: "Sabertoothed Tiger!"
    Kim: "Pterodactyl!"
    Billy: "Triceratops!"
    - Rangers hold coins together
    Billy: "Morph to the power of one!"
    Rangers (holding up coins): "Power Rangers!"
    - Blue Ranger teleports out of the dimension

    MMPR: The Movie

  • In place of the abstract White Ranger symbol, the White Ranger's Power Coin bore the design of a tiger head, just like the other five coins' Dinozord symbols.
  • Whether the Great Power (see "Monolith") gave the Rangers new coins or simply recharged their old coins is unknown.
  • After calling out the names of their Ninjazords on Earth, the Rangers stood in a circle facing each other, then removed their Morphers from their belts and held them toward the center of the circle; their glowing golden Power Coins flew forward and merged into a single coin bearing the group symbol of the ninja animals, and the group coin then flew straight up, after which the Ninjazords descended from the sky.

    PRZ comic book

  • Upon destroying the Power Coins, Lord Zedd had secretly saved their energies, and he would have the powers stored within a keg-sized canister in his lab on Gamma-Vile as he experimented with them in a plot to destroy King Mondo after fleeing the moon.
  • In the canister, multicolored blobs of energy swirled inside its transparent walls.  Click for picture
  • Master Vile struck a deal with Klank, giving the canister to the Machine Empire, which would have allowed them to easily conquer the Earth, or destroy it, although this plot went unresolved.

    Power Coin box
    - box created from Dragon Dagger to hold Power Coins
    Power Coin box
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    First Appearance: 149-ROF1
    Last Appearance: 150-ROF2


  • Goldar morphed the Dragon Dagger into a black and gold box with two green gems on the outside and green felt inside so that the Rangers could place their Power Coins inside it.


  • While Goldar was using the Dragon Dagger to control the Dragonzord, the box holding the Power Coins was lying on a podium near a waterfall outside Angel Grove; this shows that the dagger and box were not actually the same object although Goldar had morphed the dagger into the form of the box.
  • Yellow energy from the Power Coin box blasted Tommy as he approached the podium it and the Dragon Dagger were on, but Tommy managed to grab the dagger anyway.
  • After Green Ranger had later grabbed the Power Coin box, absorbing yellow energy from it, and teleported to the Command Center, he passed out and involuntarily demorphed.
  • The box had five green jewels on its top surface.
  • Tommy's unconscious body eventually crackled with green energy and levitated off the black lawn chair he'd been lying on, then floated over to a standing position in the center of the Command Center; Alpha detected that Tommy's entire body was electrically charged, and Zordon attributed it to excess energy absorbed from the forcefield around the Power Coins.
  • Once Tommy had regained consciousness, Alpha told him that the energy from the forcefield around the Power Coins had restored Tommy's powers; this forcefield may have referred to the box itself, or a forcefield around the box.

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