Power Morphers
- devices used to tap Power Coins to morph teens into Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Power Morphers
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: Power Morpher (shown at right), back plate (from Zyuranger), Power Morpher without coin (Zyuranger text), Green Ranger's Morpher, White Ranger's Morpher, charred Power Morpher (625-AACh)
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  • When the Power Morphers initially formed around the teens' waists, each came with a black belt and buckle which held the Morphers; the buckle resembled those which held the Rangers' Morphers after morphing; the teens would continue to wear their Morphers on these belts for the rest of the episode, after which the belts would never be seen again.
  • The Morphers had "Power Rangers" written around the Power Coins.
  • The Morphers were the keys to the Rangers' powers.
  • When the teens were in danger, they were to raise their Morphers to the sky and call out the names of their dinosaurs.
  • As the teens were knocked down by Putties in the desert, their Morphers switched from coin-side-out to handle-side-out.
  • With his right hand, Jason pulled his Morpher off his belt, holding the Morpher by its back handle.
  • During the morphing process, each Morpher was opened up to reveal a horizontal red center layer which contained several flashing red LEDs around the Power Coin.
  • As he entered his cockpit, Zack's Morpher had "Zyuranger" and "Kyoryusentai" rather than "Power Rangers" written around the Power Coin.


  • To prepare to morph, Billy used his right hand to pull out his Morpher from behind his back, after some initial fumbling back there with both hands; Billy dropped it before getting a chance to make it open.
  • Each Morpher had what looked like a metallic rectangular plate on its backside.
  • To prepare to morph, the teens used their right hands to pull their Morphers out from behind their backs and then hold them straight out one-handedly; the Morphers weren't open until the actual morph sequence, a phenomenon which would occur in all future morphs through 333-RIRv unless otherwise noted.
  • When the teens were to pull out their Morphers, Trini began to pull hers out early but then put it back to start again.


  • To prepare to morph, Billy, Zack, and Jason used their right hands (as were used without exception whenever the teens reached for their Morphers) to reach for their Morphers from what appeared to be their back pockets (with Billy actually pulling his out).


  • Beneath the Power Coin, each Morpher had a translucent red disc with a central circle surrounded by eight circular bumps.


  • When the teens held out their Morphers, the Morphers were initially closed, but the teens quickly brought the Morphers back slightly and then thrust them back out, at which point they were open.


  • To prepare to morph, the teens merely touched their communicators.


  • The Green Ranger's Morpher was gold rather than silver; it had no red text ring around the coin area.


  • To attempt to morph in the Dark Dimension, Jason was seen actually reaching behind his back and touching the back of his belt with the back of his right hand for his Morpher, but it wasn't there; Goldar somehow had it.
  • Goldar said that Jason's Morpher might work in the Dark Dimension even though his communicator wouldn't.


  • When Jason, lying on his back on the floor of the Dark Dimension, felt his Morpher lying nearby, Green Ranger stepped on his wrist to prevent him from using it.


  • Although the teens did the double-thrust motion to hold out their Morphers, the Morphers remained closed throughout the morph attempt.
  • The Morphers backfired by shooting sparks when the teens tried to morph; apparently this and the dimming of the Command Center's lights were due to an interdimensional power surge caused by the beam which was trying to locate Zordon; it shut down all sources of energy in the Command Center and throughout the Morphing Grid, preventing the teens from morphing until after the surge had ended.
  • As Billy worked to restore power to the Command Center, Jason idly snapped his Morpher shut.


  • To prepare to morph, Tommy appeared to reach into a side or back pocket.


  • After the teens had been demorphed and teleported to the Island of Illusion, they found no Morphers upon reaching behind their backs.
  • Finding their Morphers absent, the teens noted only that their Power Coins were gone.


  • After all six teens had defeated their illusions and the communicators had returned, the teens pulled out their Power Coins rather than their Morphers from behind their backs; to prepare to morph, the teens held their Morphers out, even though they had not been shown reaching for the Morphers or inserting the coins.


  • The Power Morphers had what appeared to be metallic plates on their back sides, just like the plates on the backs of their Zyuranger counterparts, the Dino Bucklers.


  • Kim had somehow dropped her Morpher during the Putty fight.
  • In the Dark Dimension, a Putty handed Goldar Tommy's Morpher; how it had obtained the Morpher is unknown.


  • Green Ranger's Morpher had the same red disc behind the Power Coin as the other Morphers did.


  • Red Ranger's Morpher became gold when he invoked the Green Ranger's powers to summon the Dragon Shield.


  • Jason, Trini, and Zack reached for their Morphers while wearing wetsuits; they would do this again in 225-ZdWv, and Tommy, Kim, and Adam would do it in 228-ARFS.


  • In Zedd's forcefield in the Otherworld, the teens reached for their Morphers but were unable to summon the devices.
  • Zedd told the teens their Morphers were useless in the Otherworld.


  • Instead of allowing Goldar to kill them, Zedd sent the teens back to Angel Grove "without their powers" so they would have to stand helplessly by as Turbanshell destroyed the city.
  • After Tommy had destroyed the Green Crystal, the teens seemed surprised to find their Morphers in their hands.


  • The Morpher Tommy would use to morph into the White Ranger was gold, like the Green Ranger's Morpher.
  • During Tommy's "Tigerzord" morph, his Morpher would appear smaller than the other Morphers, but no size difference could be noticed outside of morph sequences.


  • In the haunted forest dimension, the tombstone monster grabbed Tommy's Morpher from his hands just before Tommy could morph.


  • After the power transfer which suited Rocky, Adam, and Aisha up as Rangers, Jason, Trini, and Zack were still wearing their Ranger suits, each still with his or her Power Coin, Morpher, and Blade Blaster, even though the three new Rangers had their own versions of the items on their duplicate suits.


  • Yellow energy from Goldar's sword tied Adam and Aisha to a tree; neither Adam nor Aisha could then reach their Morphers.


  • As the teens reached for their Morphers, Rocky touched his right hand to his left, communicator hand before reaching; beside him, Aisha reached with the left arm rather than the right. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • According to the generic morph sequence of Tommy's clone into Green Ranger, the clone used a gold Morpher with the green Power Coin in it; generic morph sequences, however, are rarely ever true depictions of actual morph processes due to, among other factors, discrepancies in hair and clothing.
  • Once the clone had morphed, his Green Ranger suit bore a Morpher with the green Power Coin in it.
  • The five teens reached for their Morphers in 1790's Angel Grove but found no Morphers behind their backs; Billy explained that they were now two hundred years before they'd met Zordon.


  • When Tommy, Rocky, and Kim did the double-thrust motion with their Morphers, the Morphers wouldn't open, but rather made a dying whir sound; the teens soon discovered that the devices were frozen from the icy conditions around them.
  • The traditional hand positions for holding the Power Morphers for morphing was as follows: the teen's right hand is a palm-up fist with the Morpher handle around his fist, facing forward; his right thumb is against the right side of the Morpher (from the teen's perspective), and his left hand is placed behind his right fist, the fingers extending over the top of the Morpher.


  • Kim was able to summon her Morpher and morph while in 1880; the reader will note that when the five teens had been unable to summon their Morphers in the 1790's 245-RGR2, they had been sent there by the Wizard of Deception's magic, yet Kim had arrived in 1880 via a time hole.
  • As Kim reached for her Morpher prior to the morphing of Kim and the wild west teens, Alicia reached with determination as well, while her fellow wild west teens merely looked confused as the girls reached.
  • Kim's and the wild west teens' morph sequence showed no Morpher use.
  • The Wild West Rangers had no Morphers on their belts.


  • When Billy was taken to the Dark Dimension, Squatt somehow ended up with his Morpher, and he gave it to the evil Billy.
  • Kim and at least one other teen (most likely all of the teens) had their Morphers in their bookbags when evil Billy stole them.
  • Evil Billy was shown in possession of only three Morphers, but he presumably stole them all.
  • Tommy reached for his Morpher but didn't find it behind his back, after which he realized evil Billy had stolen the Morphers.
  • Just after evil Billy had tackled him, Billy used his Morpher to activate his morph, after which both Billy and evil Billy were in the form of Blue Rangers.
  • Immediately after evil Billy had been shown with his head face-down near Billy's side, two side-by-side Billy morph sequences were shown, each Billy with his own Morpher and Power Coin.
  • Both Blue Rangers had a Morpher and Power Coin on their belts and a Blade Blaster in their holsters.


  • To morph, the six teens held their closed Morphers by their sides, then swirled the Morphers around and held them out, open.


  • Before using their Morphers to morph into Power Rangers, the six Ninja Rangers touched their left fists to right shoulders and then right fists to left shoulders during the group call of "it's morphin' time!"
  • For Rocky's morph from Ninja Ranger to Power Ranger (but not teen to Power Ranger), Rocky's Morpher would always remain closed, yet all the other Morphers in all other morphing sequences were open.


  • To morph into Power Rangers, the Ninja Rangers cupped their hands around their chest symbols, and then held out their hands out, creating glowing Ranger-colored light from their hands where the Morphers should have been; they did this again in 320-ChZ3 and 327-ABIW.


  • When he'd been told that Goldar and Tengas were attacking the park, Tommy had the teens go get their bookbags, in which their Power Coins (at least Kim's) happened to be kept, from the nearby picnic tables before heading to the park from the lake.


  • After the Orb of Doom had turned back time, the six kids reached for their Morphers but were unable to summon the devices.


  • Mannequins of the six Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (no Green) were on display in the Power Chamber's gallery after the teens had become Zeo Rangers; on the belts of the original five Rangers were Power Morphers and Power Coins (or at least identical replicas).


  • Talking with Alpha about the decisions Power Rangers had to make after a discouraged Carlos had run away from his intense training session, Adam thoughtfully remarked that he sometimes wished he were still a Power Ranger, and he reached into his black bag and pulled out a charred Power Morpher with the equally charred Mastodon Power Coin in it; a diagonal black crack appeared to run all the way through the front of the Morpher and coin.
  • Adam asked Alpha whether he thought the thing still worked, and Alpha gasped and held it, telling him he must never use it, as the Power Coins had been destroyed, which meant morphing could destroy him.
  • Adam smiled, took the Morpher back, and told him it had just been a thought; he was then contemplative as he put the Morpher back in his bag and sipped his water.
  • The back plate of Adam's Morpher was still shiny.
  • When Adam later watched Lizwizard attacking the powerless Carlos, he took his Morpher out of his bag.
  • The coin was now turned slightly within the Morpher so that the crack in the coin didn't line up with the crack in the Morpher; it would, however, be lined up when Adam did his preparatory gestures.
  • Adam's preparatory gestures with the Morpher were clearly shown in slow motion: with the Morpher around his right fist, Adam held the Morpher near his left shoulder with his right shoulder forward as he called, "It's morphin' time!"
  • Adam then brought the Morpher back near his right shoulder, which was now in back, then thrust the Morpher forward with left hand underneath it, fingers out, then flipped it over with left fingers on top.
  • During Adam's morph sequence, the Morpher and coin appeared completely undamaged.
  • Adam successfully used the Morpher to morph into the Black Ranger with a Blade Blaster in his holster and an undamaged Morpher and coin on his belt, but he would demorph involuntarily and painfully minutes later.

    Pilot Episode

  • Discovering his Morpher, Billy asked the purpose of the "extraterrestrial energy conductors."
  • Zoltar called the Morphers "Transmorphers"; he told the teens that when in danger, they were to insert their Power Coins, raise the Morphers to the sky, and call the name of their dinosaurs.
  • The name "Transmorphers" was the same as the Morphers used by the Galaxy Rangers, though their name was only given in the toy line.
  • Jason's Morpher had fallen off when the Putties had knocked him down with the other teens.
  • During the teens' morph, the teens held out their Morphers with only their right hands; each Morpher was initially closed but then popped open after each teen had called the name of his or her dinosaur.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • The Morphers had no "Power Rangers" written in the red circle around the Power Coins; the jagged black areas around the red ring were now Ranger-colored, and the usually black, now Ranger-colored holders usually shown only on the belts of the Rangers' suits were now part of the Morphers, with an indentation in the upper left for a finger to pry to metal Morpher out of its holder.
  • The Morphers did not open during the morphing process.
  • Once the Rangers had been suited back up in their armored suits by obtaining the Great Power (see "Monolith"), Billy remarked that their Morphers were back on-line.
  • After calling out the names of their Ninjazords on Earth, the Rangers stood in a circle facing each other, then removed their Morphers from their belts and held them toward the center of the circle; their glowing golden Power Coins flew forward and merged into a single coin bearing the group symbol of the ninja animals, and the group coin then flew straight up, after which the Ninjazords descended from the sky.

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