Power Ruby
- Phantom Ranger's energy source
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First Appearance: 523-PhPh
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2


  • Porto had printed out information hidden in the Turbo Megazord's database and gave it to Havoc in a black "Top Secret" binder which contained information on the unintroduced Siren Blaster Rescuezord and Artillatron, but most importantly, the Phantom Ranger and his Power Ruby.
  • A visual of Phantom walking through a dark chamber of some sort showed the location of Phantom's Power Ruby, his life source, located in his chest; capture the ruby, and Havoc could control his power.


  • After Havoc had told Divatox that the Power Ruby was the source of the Phantom's incredible power but that it would be impossible to obtain, Divatox told Havoc that he was going to get it for her.
  • Havoc also called the Power Ruby the "Power Gem."
  • After Cassie had apparently been turned to stone, Phantom said his Power Ruby was the only thing that would bring Cassie back to life.
  • The ruby was larger than normal once removed from Phantom's chest, and it would remain that size.
  • Phantom held his ruby over the stone Cassie's face, and she returned to normal, but then revealed herself to be Havoc in disguise; Havoc grabbed Phantom and teleported away.
  • Alpha knew Havoc was after the Power Ruby rather than the Phantom Ranger, but actually, both Havoc and Divatox had also wanted revenge on the Phantom.
  • Dimitria said the ruby had magnificent powers and now that it was in Havoc's possession, the Rangers might be in for a terrible battle.
  • Without his Power Ruby, Phantom was quite weak; later clutching his chest in the tunnel beneath Angel Grove, Phantom said his life force was fading and that soon he would be gone forever.


  • Dimitria said that if they didn't recover the Power Ruby before Divatox figured out how to use it, Divatox could create the most destructive force the Earth had ever seen.
  • Divatox planned to combine the power of the Rangers (using the stolen Turbo Megazord) with the power of the Phantom (using the stolen Power Ruby) and change the course of history forever.
  • Dimitria said that without the ruby, there was nothing they could do to help Phantom, for without its power, he would soon cease to exist.
  • A Piranhatron installed the Power Ruby into a port in the circuits between two smaller batteries inside a panel on the top of a giant battery pack (full of giant batteries) which was then fitted onto the Turbo Megazord's waist; as soon as the batteries were fully-charged, Porto sent the Megazord to Earth, where it was piloted by Crosspatch and four Chromites.
  • Crosspatch said the Turbo Megazord was using the Power Ruby as a power booster.
  • Once the ruby and pack were removed, the Turbo Megazord's eyes turned back to yellow, and the Rangers cheered that the Megazord was theirs again.
  • In the Power Chamber, Cassie placed the Power Ruby (now its proper, smaller size) into position in Phantom Ranger's chest and locked it into place with a quarter-turn clockwise.
  • Eventually, the ruby glowed red, and Phantom sat up, his life restored.

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