Prince Gasket
- elder robot son of King Mondo
Prince Gasket
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First Appearance: 440-TJOB
Last Appearance: 449-HZeo
Pictures: Prince Gasket (shown at right), Gasket and Archerina


  • When Sprocket asked Machina whether she knew that one of the Ranger teens had a brother, Machina chuckled and told him, "That's not so strange, dear. Humans do that sort of thing."; she acted as though the concept of siblings were foreign to Sprocket, but, as later revealed in 440-TJOB, Sprocket had an older brother, Prince Gasket.


  • Machina said that Sprocket was their first-built son, but this too did not agree with the existence of Prince Gasket.


  • Standing somewhere on the moon with Sprocket, Machina didn't know what was happening when red energy crackled beside them; neither she nor Sprocket seemed to know in advance that Gasket and Archerina would appear.
  • Machina was apparently delighted that Gasket, her other son, had returned; Sprocket was less than excited by the appearance of his brother and sister-in-law.
  • Word had reached Gasket and Archerina that Mondo was away, and they were there to ensure that Machina and Sprocket were protected, and to battle the Power Rangers; Machina told them of Louie Kaboom, and Gasket, as heir to the Machine Empire, swore to throw him out.
  • Gasket regularly held a sword.
  • According to the Power Chamber's sensors, Gasket and/or Archerina were extremely powerful.
  • Several centuries ago, Gasket had fallen in love with Archerina, the daughter of King Mondo's mortal enemy King Aradon; the two had eloped, knowing that their fathers never would have accepted the marriage, but now that Mondo was gone, the couple had returned to rule the Machine Empire.
  • In an area which looked like the surface of the moon with a dark blue sky overhead (perhaps a part of Gasket's palace or an area outside the Machine Skybase), Louie Kaboom wondered what a sound was, and Archerina then attacked him and shot him with love arrows as Gasket watched.
  • Louie wasn't familiar with Gasket and Archerina.
  • Archerina had Louie go to Earth and destroy the Rangers for her.
  • Gasket and Archerina watched from a rooftop in Angel Grove as giant Louie fought the Rangers.
  • Gasket told Archerina that between her celestial love arrow and his brilliant mind, they would be ruling the Earth in no time.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Louie Kaboom, Archerina, in what looked like the Machine Skybase's balcony room with Gasket (with the Earth in the background), was upset that her love arrow had failed Gasket, but he pointed out that they'd gotten rid of Louie.
  • Gasket planned to destroy the Rangers next.


  • Gasket, with a map, scouted out an area beside Angel Grove Lake with Sprocket; Gasket thought that the area would make an excellent location for their Machine Kingdom, and when Sprocket pointed out that they already had a headquarters on the moon, Gasket said that once he took over as king, changes would be made.
  • To show up Sprocket, Gasket shot a blue energy bolt from his fingertip, making Tommy vanish from his waverunner on the lake.
  • Gasket used a small hand telescope to look out at the lake.
  • Gasket anticipated that the Rangers would crumble with their leader gone, and when Machina witnessed his achievement, she would want him to rule the entire Machine Empire forever.
  • Gasket, looking at Detective Stone's broken waverunner in his telescope, thought it was a perfect choice (for a monster); after Bulk and Skull eventually parked the waverunner back onshore and got off it, Gasket caused the waverunner to turn into Cruel Chrome with red energy.
  • When the Rangers were beating Cruel Chrome, Gasket commanded Klank and Orbus to make the monster grow.
  • Gasket sobbed when the Rangers destroyed Cruel Chrome; he was distraught because he'd almost beaten the Rangers and he felt he should be king.
  • Sprocket tried to encourage Gasket and make him feel better.
  • Gasket sobbed when the Rangers destroyed Cruel Chrome; he was distraught because he'd almost beaten the Rangers and he felt he should be king; Sprocket tried to encourage Gasket and make him feel better.


  • In his mind, Tommy was working on a console in the Power Chamber when the White Ranger in the gallery emerged from the glass with a green Tigerzord drawing effect and summoned Cogs to capture Tommy; Gasket, apparently testing out the Brain Drain device, then appeared in the Power Chamber and told Tommy that no one could help him now.
  • In reality, standing beside Tommy, who was hooked up to the Brain Drain, Gasket was pleased that the device was finally working, saying he could go in and out of Tommy's thoughts and memories and bend them to his will, making Tommy think and believe whatever Gasket wanted.
  • Gasket planned to prove that only he, not Sprocket, had the power to take over his father's empire.
  • Gasket called in Altor, a robot monster with the Gold Ranger symbol on his face and arms, to have him infused with Tommy's powers to make the monster invincible.
  • After Tommy's powers had been transferred into Altor, phase two of Gasket's plan was to trick Tommy into being loyal to the Machine Empire; when Tommy awoke in an amnesic state in a chair on the balcony overlooking the Machine Arena, Gasket, pretending to be Tommy's concerned chief advisor, told Tommy that he was the king of the Machine Empire.
  • Gasket told Tommy that Tommy had lost his memory in an attack by the Power Rangers, the supreme evil in all of the universe; he said that Tommy had been fighting them for years and that the Machine Empire Tommy ruled was the only thing standing between the Rangers and their plans to dominate the universe; Tommy thought he remembered a little, and Gasket continued that Tommy was the last line of defense for all the good beings they protected, and that Tommy had to return to the fight immediately, or all would be lost to the Power Rangers.
  • At the lake was a transport area where, when the holographic entryway was activated, a translucent image of Zeo Ranger Five lured people (the Rangers, Gasket intended) into a warp to the Machine Arena.
  • The holographic entryway sucked in morphed Jason and, soon afterward, Bulk and Skull; while Jason appeared in the middle of the arena, Gasket had Archerina deposit the two stowaways into a holding cell, where he'd deal with them later.
  • When Tommy wondered how he could trust anyone, even Gasket, Gasket summoned a projection from a blue energy bolt from his sword, showing Tommy images of the four Zeo Rangers and Gold Ranger destroying buildings with their Zeo Laser Pistols and Golden Power Staff; Tommy then vowed to destroy the Rangers.
  • Gasket used Video Vulture to broadcast the fight between Zeo Ranger Five and Gold Ranger in the Machine Empire; his intended audience is uncertain, but Rita and Zedd on the moon and the teens in the Power Chamber received the broadcast.


  • Trider, a lizardman alien in Bulk and Skull's holding cell, told Bulk and Skull that after Gasket had conquered his home planet of Horath, Gasket had vowed that Earth would be his next conquest.
  • Trider said that he was taken to compete in the arena and that Gasket took the best warriors from each planet he conquered and put their powers in his machine monsters.
  • Trider would have been the next opponent after Gold Ranger had been defeated, had Trider, Bulk, and Skull not freed themselves from their cell.
  • Gasket used Cogs as guards in the Machine Arena facility.
  • After Tommy had turned against Gasket and the teens had escaped the arena after Trider, Bulk, and Skull had destroyed the arena's control room, Gasket and Archerina were in the balcony room of the Machine Skybase as Gasket told her Gasket that nothing would stand in the way of his becoming the next Machine King.


  • With his latest plan, Gasket intended to conquer the Earth and take his rightful place as king.
  • Chronosapios, Gasket's latest creation, was a crystal orb on a podium in Angel Grove Park; it caused the same day to repeat on Earth while his battle fleet approached the planet.
  • Whenever Gasket's battle fleet was shown, gear ships and Quadrafighters were shown already in the atmosphere, approaching the city, rather than approaching the planet from space.
  • When the Rangers eventually discovered Chronosapios, Gasket sent Protectron to guard it.
  • After Sprocket had sent the Cogs to finish the Rangers before Protectron, Gasket and Archerina personally went to Earth to fight the Rangers.


  • Gasket and Archerina spied on the teens from a secret chamber in the mansion which Detective Stone was using for a whodunit party.
  • Watching the teens, Archerina remarked that Katherine gave pink a bad name and that she wanted to "knock her down a peg or two"; Gasket suspected that she was jealous of Kat, but Archerina replied that she was not.
  • As part of Gasket's and Archerina's plan to isolate Kat, one doorway in the west wing of the mansion was a glowing yellow gateway which led to a dungeon.
  • After beating Kat in a duel, Archerina, wanting Kat destroyed, had Gasket summon Nuklifier; he did so with green energy from his sword.
  • As an attack, Gasket shot a beam of green energy from his sword.
  • Gasket and Archerina were flying at Kat in the form of a green and pink flaming energy streak with a heart in it when the Zeo Rangers huddled together and generated a forcefield which deflected the two villains, making them resolidify and crash to the ground nearby.


  • Spying on Detective Stone, Bulk, and Skull in a Viewing Screen just like the one in the Machine Skybase's balcony room, Gasket and Archerina were standing in a rocky lunar area with a dark blue sky overhead, much like the area in which they'd attacked Louie Kaboom in 440-TJOB.
  • Having heard Detective Stone talk about his secret (fishing) weapon, Gasket and Archerina planned to wait for Stone to reveal the weapon, at which point Gasket would use it to ensure his rightful place on the throne.
  • In their dark blue-skied outdoor room, Archerina told Gasket that they had to steal the secret weapon to destroy the Rangers in order to prove who would rule this galaxy; Gasket told Archerina to activate the secret weapon immediately, and a blue energy gear fired from the base of the Machine Skybase's main tower, turning Detective Stone's Mechaterpillar fishing lure into the Mechaterpillar monster.
  • After creating the Mechaterpillar, Gasket led a full assault on Angel Grove, riding with Archerina and Klank in a gear ship among a fleet of at least five gear ships; their gear ship shot a blue ray from its underside, causing large sections of the abandoned warehouse district to explode.
  • As part of the assault, a gear ship hovered over the Zord Holding Bay in the mountains and released a squadron of Quadrafighters which began blasting the holding bay.
  • A blue ray from a gear ship beamed Gasket and Archerina onto a rooftop downtown.
  • Gasket seemed to try to spring a surprise attack with giant Mechaterpillar after using the Quadrafighters to lure the Rangers and their Zords into action, but the Rangers already knew about giant Mechaterpillar.
  • After giant Mechaterpillar had caused the Zords to eject the Rangers, Gasket and Archerina personally fought the Rangers on the streets below.
  • Gasket and Archerina simultaneously shot green and pink (respectively) energy beams from their swords.


  • In an industrial area with trees and sky in the background, Gasket and Archerina used two sets of headphones and a small dish device to listen to the conversation between Sprocket and the newly-returned King Mondo in the Machine Skybase.
  • After Sprocket told Mondo that Gasket had tried to take over his empire while he was away, Mondo, not surprised, planned to teach Gasket a thing or two when he got his hands on Gasket.
  • Gasket and Archerina retreated to their own planet for now, and Gasket said he would come up with a new plan, saying if Mondo caught him, he was toast.


  • When Gold Ranger grew weak as the Rangers battled Cogs in the desert, Gasket and Archerina stood over him as Gasket told Jason to surrender his powers to him or be destroyed.
  • Sprocket and Klank teleported in, and Sprocket told Gasket Mondo was looking for him; Gasket angrily asked Sprocket what he'd told Mondo, forgetting about Jason.
  • When Gasket said his plans were ruined with Mondo back, Sprocket said he had a plan he wanted to tell Gasket.
  • Sprocket suggested that Gasket have Orbus enlarge him to giant size; Gasket liked the idea, thinking it would please Mondo, but not knowing that Sprocket's intention was for Gasket to be destroyed in battle so that Sprocket could earn Mondo's favor.
  • Gasket sent Cogs to the beach club's luau to get the teens alone.
  • After Klank had thrown Orbus, Gasket and Archerina grew to giant size with red energy streaks rather than Orbus's traditional green polygon growth effect.
  • Giant Gasket claimed the Earth in the name of the Royal House of Gadgetry.
  • Following Archerina's suggestion, she and Gasket, still giant, crossed their swords and temporarily became a fiery streak of green and pink energy, with a heart in it.
  • Gasket declared that he was the most powerful and most supreme leader the Machine Empire had ever known.
  • Gasket and Archerina again combined into a single blast of energy (this time by holding their hands together), but the Zeo Megazord Saber (not powered up) sliced the blast in two, making Archerina and Gasket solidify and fall to the ground.
  • After being blasted by the Zeo Ultrazord's energy blasts, giant Gasket and Archerina, feeling their size wearing off, fell over and exploded, and they soon materialized at the lake near Sprocket, who gleefully thought they'd been destroyed.
  • Gasket, still intending to be the king of the Machine Empire, said he planned to use them all (presumably just Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus) as spare parts once he was king.
  • Mondo and Machina teleported to the lake, where Mondo said he wanted to discuss Gasket's plans to be king; Gasket nervously said that he'd love to stay and catch up Mondo, but that he just remembered that he and Archerina had to be somewhere else, forever, at which point they teleported into the sky as red energy bolts.

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