Prince Sprocket
- younger robot son of King Mondo
Prince Sprocket
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First Appearance: 402-AZB2
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
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  • When Rita, Zedd, and crew made it to Serpentera during a lull in the Quadrafighters' attack, Mondo smashed his staff against the balcony railing, causing Klank and young Prince Sprocket to cower; Sprocket blamed Klank for the blunder.
  • Prince Sprocket was Mondo's son, an eager student of his father.
  • Sprocket was heir apparent (meaning, under existing circumstances, future king after Mondo) to the throne of the Machine Empire.
  • Sprocket ordered a Cog flying in a Quadrafighter to destroy Rita and Zedd before lunchtime.
  • Sprocket told Mondo that the Quadrafighters reported that the Earth was defenseless and that Rita and Zedd (who had fled in Serpentera) were out of the picture.
  • After getting a bit of praise from Mondo, Sprocket proclaimed that he was the brightest and that he should be king of everything; Mondo told him not to push it, saying Sprocket's mouth was beginning to overload his gears.
  • Sprocket wanted to give the order to begin Mondo's ground attack.


  • When Mondo thought to increase the volume of baby Joey's crying, Sprocket didn't realize that the soundwaves could be used for destructive purposes.
  • Sprocket later tried to claim the plan as his own, but after Orbus and Sprocket were done insulting each other, Mondo and Machina agreed that the plan was Mondo's.
  • After Boohoo's defeat, Sprocket and Orbus again exchanged insults without interference from Mondo.


  • When Machina told the others to come up with a plan, Klank pointed out that he had come up with quite a few plans but they were all ignored; Mondo offered Sprocket the chance to come up with a plan.
  • Sprocket planned to send down a special pitching machine (People Pitcher) which, when a pitch was hit, would trap the batter inside; Sprocket planned to use Rocky, Adam, and Shawn as bait to catch the other Rangers, which would leave Mondo free to rule the world.
  • Later, Sprocket and Klank were arguing, but Orbus broke it up to point out that Bulk and Skull were close to ruining the pitching machine plan.
  • On Earth, Sprocket was fearful of the Zeo Rangers when Tommy demanded to know where Rocky's Zeonizer was, and he blamed it on Klank, who then said the Cogs had it.


  • Klank had found a hidden pocket of lava underground just outside Angel Grove; Sprocket planned to pump out the lava and use it to destroy the Rangers, but Klank and Orbus were upset because it was their idea.
  • Klank and Orbus went to Digster's cave with Sprocket to observe the dig.
  • When Sprocket, in the cave, heard Kat calling out for Smokey, he sent Digster and the Cogs after her, despite Mondo's earlier having called off the pursuit of Kat.
  • Once Digster had been destroyed, Machina was upset, asking whose idea it had been to destroy Angel Grove with lava; when Sprocket said it was Klank's idea, Mondo was furious, and Machina reminded Mondo of his oil pressure.


  • Sprocket wanted to plant the transmitter Klank had built to control Puppetman, but Mondo told him maybe next time and had Klank send the Cogs instead.
  • Machina said the Rangers were in the area; Sprocket verified this, saying the reports said so.


  • Rocky, Tanya, and Kat were extras in the new Biff Starr movie Invasion of Blueface; Sprocket, watching from nearby with Klank and Orbus, wanted the monster costumes from the movie set to be in his own movie.
  • Sprocket planned to have Video Vulture capture the Rangers to make them the stars of his new movie, Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers.
  • After the Rangers had been captured in Sprocket's movie dimension, Sprocket had silver Cogs working the sound equipment in his control room.
  • Leaky Faucet fought Tommy and Tanya for a bit, but he was then gone, and the Rangers saw on a TV on the set a speeding bus out of control; the Rangers traveled to that portion of the movie and saved the people in the bus before the bus and its malfunctioning robot driver went off a cliff.
  • After the people from the bus had vanished and the Rangers had apparently returned to reality, Sprocket was disappointed, as he'd wanted the bus to go off the cliff with the Rangers in it.
  • Sprocket, Klank and Orbus, and the Cogs were in "Buldont Studio."
  • Klank made up an alternate storyboard (with Japanese writing) showing their new monsters fighting the Rangers; the four monsters (only two of which had been stolen from the Invasion of Blueface set) then attacked the Rangers.


  • A gear ship beamed Sprocket and Cogs down to the water treatment plant where the Hydro Contaminator was looking for water.
  • Sprocket told the Hydro Contaminator to get rid of the Power Rangers, and then Sprocket would take him to all the water he could ever want.
  • Watching the Hydro Contaminator fight the Rangers, Sprocket was impressed, and he said that after this, maybe Mondo would let him rule Detroit.


  • Mondo sent Sprocket to Earth so they could use Rocky's metal-eating mutant plant to their advantage.
  • Sprocket watched as Cogs stole Rocky's plant, as well as Skull's, which was a flower off Rocky's, from the greenhouse.


  • Sprocket reminded Mondo that it was Machina's birthday and told him that he should get her a musician of her very own, and when Mondo planned send the Cogs after Angel Grove High's mystery pianist (actually Skull), Sprocket revealed that he'd already sent the Cogs.


  • After the Royal House of Gadgetry had watched the teens's scrambling over a computer virus, Sprocket thought to send down their own computer virus since everything in Angel Grove seemed to be run by computers, interrupting Klank before he could suggest the same plan.
  • When Sprocket told Mondo that the failed computer virus scheme had been Klank's idea, Mondo furiously swung his staff at Klank, hitting him once.


  • Sprocket aimed the Machine Skybase's photon blaster and successfully shot Billy's spacecraft, disabling its communications and engines.


  • After Tommy had been crushed by Kim's breakup letter, Mondo wanted to exploit the humans' emotional weaknesses, and Klank pointed out that they had a monster, Robocupid who had a love ray.
  • Sprocket again got credit for Klank's idea.
  • When Sprocket whined that he wanted to go to test Robocupid, Mondo said to was too dangerous and that he'd have his fun once they were sure Robocupid was fully functional.


  • Mondo again gave Klank an assignment despite Sprocket's whining.


  • Wanting to try boxing after watching Lt. Stone's lessons, Sprocket was in a Machine Empire boxing ring, boxing four Cogs.
  • Sprocket told Mondo and Machina that he had a monster that would send the Rangers reeling.
  • While Adam was walking home, Sprocket lured him into an industrial area and had Punchabunch fight him.
  • After giant Punchabunch had smashed his own glove while pounding the Red Battlezord, Sprocket demanded a rematch, summoning a trophy, with the miniaturized Zeo Ranger Four on it, with green energy flames from his fingertip; if Tommy won, Adam would return to normal, but if Punchabunch won, all of the Rangers would all become his trophies.
  • Sprocket said Punchabunch was his favorite creation.
  • After Tommy in the Red Battlezord had defeated giant Punchabunch in their rematch, Rocky told Sprocket they'd won and told him to give Adam back; Sprocket did as promised, telling them just to stay away from him; after he'd retreated, morphed Adam vanished from his trophy form and reappeared normal again.
  • When Mondo asked Sprocket what he had to say for himself after the Rangers had won and Sprocket had let Adam get away, Sprocket replied, "Uh, like father, like son?"; Machina told Sprocket not to sass his father.


  • Almost immediately after Punchabunch's defeat and Mondo's disappointment, Sprocket went to Earth and overheard Tommy and David's conversation about their being adopted and given halves of the arrowhead which contained very strong and old powers that they couldn't let fall into evil hands.
  • Apparently a different day, when Sprocket asked Machina whether she knew that one of the Ranger teens had a brother, Machina chuckled and told him, "That's not so strange, dear. Humans do that sort of thing."; she acted as though the concept of siblings were foreign to Sprocket, but, as later revealed in 440-TJOB, Sprocket had an older brother, Prince Gasket.


  • When Sprocket wanted a new toy after hearing about the Toy-A-Thon dance at the Youth Center, Mondo complained that Sprocket had already broken half of the Cogs in the army.
  • Machina recalled that when they'd given Sprocket a lovely nuclear reactor, he'd only played with the box.
  • Mondo said he would get Sprocket a new toy if Sprocket promised to be very bad for the rest of the millennium.
  • Mondo sent Sprocket and his Toy robot to Earth, most likely so they wouldn't wreck the Machine Skybase.
  • The chromium magnet attached to Billy's remote-controlled toy truck dragged Sprocket and the Toy robot along as it had done to the Cogs, but Sprocket and the Toy robot didn't appear to suffer any damage from the magnet.
  • When the Rangers summoned the Zeo Cannon to use on the Toy robot, Sprocket was excited that the Rangers had a new toy too.
  • After the Toy robot was destroyed, Sprocket wanted another new toy; Mondo agreed to give him another one, but only if Sprocket agreed to take care of it; Machina told him to "keep it away from those teenagers."


  • On Sprocket's birthday, Mondo said it was hard to believe that the day had finally arrived when Sprocket would become a man; according to Machine tradition, Machina said, Sprocket had to prove himself worthy of adulthood.
  • Sprocket's surprise present was Wrecking Ball, a giant robot in the Machine Skybase's holding bay.
  • Sprocket supposedly used a remote to control giant Wrecking Ball, but whenever Sprocket's hands were shown, they were empty.
  • Sprocket had difficulty controlling giant Wrecking Ball; Mondo said Sprocket would be a man once he practiced and then proved himself in battle against the Power Rangers; wowed with the idea of destroying the Rangers, Sprocket said this was the best birthday he'd ever had.
  • After Wrecking Ball was destroyed, Sprocket apologized for failing, but Machina said they were still proud of him, and Mondo told Sprocket he'd become a man and taken his first step on his path to destroying the Rangers, and that this called for a celebration.


  • Apparently in elderly Tommy's story to his grandson, Klank invented a new weapon called the Bias Blaster, and Mondo sent Sprocket to Earth to use it on the teens.
  • Sprocket said they could take over the Earth now that the Bias Blaster had broken up the Rangers.
  • After Mondo had caused the presents and decorations in the Youth Center to vanish, Sprocket was shown outside on Earth standing on the pile of stolen items.


  • The Machine Empire was constructing a fleet of battleships in Angel Grove Forest, and Sprocket reminded Mondo to tell Admiral Abominator that Sprocket got to steer.
  • Machina said that Sprocket was their first-built son, but, as later revealed in 440-TJOB, Sprocket had an older brother, Prince Gasket, who was actually their first-built son.


  • Holding his staff in front of Sprocket's face, Mondo was outraged by the possibility that the Rangers were responsible for the pyramid (perhaps knowing that the energy signature matched the Zeo Rangers' energy); he told Sprocket to send Wolfbane back to occupy the Rangers, then to find the pyramid and have it destroyed.


  • On Earth, Sprocket showed Klank and Orbus his invention which was supposed to make monsters grow bigger than Orbus's, but it actually shrank things.
  • Mondo was pleased with Sprocket's shrinker, planning to shrink the Rangers.
  • Mondo, Sprocket, and Cogs confronted Tommy and Kat in the desert; after Sprocket had shrunk the two Rangers and tossed them into their own terrarium, Mondo left Sprocket to his bug collecting, telling Sprocket to remember the last time when Sprocket had forgotten to give them water.
  • Sprocket dropped a tarantula (which he called Harry/Hairy) into the terrarium with Tommy and Kat.
  • After scaring Bulk and Skull in Murphy's Mine, Sprocket, back outside, caught Gold Ranger removing the tiny Tommy and Kat from the terrarium, and he angrily confronted the Gold Ranger, summoning the Cogs to fight him.
  • Sprocket teleported away with a bowtie effect when confronted by the three remaining Zeo Rangers.
  • Mondo had Klank present Sprocket with a surprise, his very own Tarantabot.


  • Sprocket thought to turn all of the Earth's water into machine sludge; Machina and Mondo said that not only would it eliminate the humans, but it would establish the perfect environment for their machine army.


  • Although Klank thought the workmanship on the Varox bounty hunter was disgusting, Mondo liked him and wanted to know where he'd come from; Sprocket guessed he was from some second-rate evil empire.
  • Mondo took Sprocket with him to Earth to learn about the Varox bounty hunter.


  • When monsters were being coated with neo-plutonium armor, Sprocket chose giant Silo to test the armor, saying Silo was his favorite.


  • Mondo, with Sprocket and Machina joining him, went to the desert outside Angel Grove to retrieve the buried Damocles Sword.
  • Machina reminded Mondo about the last time he'd used the Damocles Sword, and Sprocket said Machina had said it was so terrible that he'd hidden the sword so he wouldn't be tempted to use it.
  • Mondo told Machina and Sprocket to be silenced; he said that had been a thousand years ago, and he knew exactly what he was doing this time.
  • Sprocket was apparently less than a thousand years old.
  • Machina and Sprocket watched giant Mondo fight the Super Zeo Megazord from the rubble of a building in Angel Grove.
  • When giant King Mondo was destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord, Machina said she'd known this would happen again; when Sprocket was surprised to hear that it had happened before, Machina reassured her son that Mondo would be back, and stronger than ever.
  • Louie invited Machina and Sprocket to come down to personally watch the fight between the Rangers and giant Tough Tusks, and they came; Sprocket thanked Louie for inviting them, saying he loved a good fight.


  • In a warehouse, Sprocket watched as Louie failed to force Auric to destroy the Earth; after swatting the tiki away angrily, Louie let Sprocket have it and the key.
  • Sprocket took the tiki to a location which appeared to be just outside a structure of the Machine Skybase on the moon; around them was a brown, cratered rocky terrain with the Earth in the sky.
  • Upon making Auric grow with the key, Sprocket told Auric that he was "Sprocket, the small and meek," and that he needed Auric's help.
  • Sprocket told Auric that the Power Rangers were a team of supervillains that planned to destroy the Earth; Sprocket cried with the help of a hose connecting him with a pump (bearing the Machine Empire symbol) which Klank operated from a crevice in the rock wall nearby; Machina stood beside Klank, noting that Sprocket was such a wonderful actor.
  • After realizing on Earth that the Rangers fought evil for Zordon, giant Auric, not liking to be deceived, grabbed the fleeing Sprocket and blew him from his hand, sending Sprocket crashing into a tree.


  • As Machina and Sprocket were being held as prisoners by Cogs, Louie had Klank read his decree in the balcony room; written in gear symbols on a sheet of copper-colored metal, it read, "From this moment forward, let it be known that the leader in supreme command of the Machine Empire is Louie Kaboom! Each and every machine shall hearby owe allegiance to him, forever!"; Louie then had the Cogs take Machina and Sprocket away to be thrown in the dungeon.


  • Standing somewhere on the moon with Sprocket, Machina didn't know what was happening when red energy crackled beside them; neither she nor Sprocket seemed to know in advance that Gasket and Archerina would appear.
  • Machina was apparently delighted that Gasket, her other son, had returned; Sprocket was less than excited by the appearance of his brother and sister-in-law.
  • Word had reached Gasket and Archerina that Mondo was away, and they were there to ensure that Machina and Sprocket were protected, and to battle the Power Rangers; Machina told them of Louie Kaboom, and Gasket, as heir to the Machine Empire, swore to throw him out.
  • According to Zordon, Sprocket was Mondo's second-built son.


  • Gasket, with a map, scouted out an area beside Angel Grove Lake with Sprocket; Gasket thought that the area would make an excellent location for their Machine Kingdom, and when Sprocket pointed out that they already had a headquarters on the moon, Gasket said that once he took over as king, changes would be made.
  • Sprocket wanted to be king.
  • After making Tommy vanish, Gasket anticipated that the Rangers would crumble with their leader gone, and when Machina witnessed his achievement, she would want him to rule the entire Machine Empire forever.
  • Gasket sobbed when the Rangers destroyed Cruel Chrome; he was distraught because he'd almost beaten the Rangers and he felt he should be king; Sprocket tried to encourage Gasket and make him feel better.


  • Machina, in the Machine Skybase balcony room, was excited to learn about Gasket's surprise; she called Gasket her number-one son, and when Sprocket protested that he'd thought he was her number-one son, she told him not to be silly, as he was the baby.


  • Sprocket took Klank and Cogs to the park to ambush the Rangers to impress Machina and earn the crown; Sprocket wasn't concerned that Gasket also had a big plan in the works.
  • Due to his slightly altered brain chemistry from his recent exposure to Gasket's Brain Drain, Tommy was one of the few people on the planet who noticed the day repeating from the presence of Gasket's Chronosapios; while almost everyone else on the planet (including Zordon and Alpha) was unaware of the repetition, Tommy (as well as Prince Sprocket, who became trapped in the time loop when he went to Earth to set an ambush) had a sense of deja vu about the day's events.
  • When Gasket sent Protectron to fight the Rangers, Sprocket sent the Cogs to finish the Rangers first.


  • Sprocket asked Machina what humans saw in the noise they called music, and Machina didn't know.
  • When Gasket launched a full-scale assault on Angel Grove, Sprocket whined that Gasket was at it again: he'd made his own monster and was attacking Angel Grove without Sprocket and Machina.
  • After Machina lamented that they didn't seem to be able to make monsters like Mondo's, Mondo returned, delighting Sprocket.


  • In an industrial area with trees and sky in the background, Gasket and Archerina used two sets of headphones and a small dish device to listen to the conversation between Sprocket and the newly-returned King Mondo in the Machine Skybase.
  • After Sprocket told Mondo that Gasket had tried to take over his empire while he was away, Mondo, not surprised, planned to teach Gasket a thing or two when he got his hands on Gasket.


  • Sprocket throught for giant Cog Changer and Impursonator to combine into a single monster, and when Mondo ordered the monsters to unite, giant Impursonator latched onto the top of giant Cog Changer's head.


  • When Gold Ranger grew weak as the Rangers battled Cogs in the desert, Gasket and Archerina stood over him as Gasket told Jason to surrender his powers to him or be destroyed.
  • Sprocket and Klank teleported in, and Sprocket told Gasket Mondo was looking for him; Gasket angrily asked Sprocket what he'd told Mondo, forgetting about Jason.
  • When Gasket said his plans were ruined with Mondo back, Sprocket said he had a plan he wanted to tell Gasket.
  • Sprocket suggested that Gasket have Orbus enlarge him to giant size; Gasket liked the idea, thinking it would please Mondo, but not knowing that Sprocket's intention was for Gasket to be destroyed in battle so that Sprocket could earn Mondo's favor.
  • After seeing the Zeo Ultrazord destroy giant Gasket and Archerina, Sprocket, at the lake with Klank, was delighted that his brother was finally gone, but Gasket and Archerina then materialized, normal size again, near him.


  • As Zedd and Rita drove away in their RV after giving Sprocket a present as a peace offering, Sprocket and Klank waved happily, and Mondo realized that Zedd wasn't so bad after all (said in a complimentary manner).
  • The present from Rita and Zedd was actually a bomb which blew the Royal House of Gadgetry into pieces on the surface of the moon; amidst the debris were Sprocket's disembodied torso, as well as his head and a forearm.


  • Despite being present earlier in the Machine Skybase, Sprocket wasn't on Phantom Ranger's home planet when Zordon's energy wave hit, so his fate is uncertain.

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