PRiS vehicles
- vehicles used by Space Rangers
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- tank used by Space Rangers
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First Appearance: 608-WPCS
Last Appearance: 639-Ghst
Pictures: Megatank (shown at right), cockpit


  • Andros showed Carlos and T.J. on the Megaship some images of the new Megatank, parked on a sidewalk somewhere with trees in the background.
  • Explaining why they needed a new vehicle, Andros said the planet where Zordon was being held could be a planet with rough terrain, and they had to be ready for anything; this was shortly after the teens' uncomfortable mission to the volcanic planet Kalderon in 606-SatS.
  • When the Rangers learned that Cassie and Lenny were trapped at the top of a building which Elephantitan was trying to topple, Andros said the only way to get up there in time was the (untested) Megatank, though why they couldn't have used the Galaxy Gliders instead is unknown.
  • When Andros, on the ground, called for the Megatank, the Megaship flew through the clouds, and bay doors somewhere opened to allow the Megatank to drive out.
  • The Megatank had gold rectangle emblems all over it.
  • As the Megatank fell toward the ground, four jets of air allowed it to land on its six wheels.
  • The Megatank stopped near the Rangers and slid open a door on its left side to let them get in.
  • Red Ranger drove himself and Yellow Ranger up through the building's interior.
  • On the left side of the Megatank (from the perspective of a passenger) was an extendable claw arm with large yellow pincers.
  • Andros used the claw arm to delicately remove the plutonium canister from the top of Professor Phenomenus's reactor chamber, then he had Ashley, at a side control seat, release the neutralizer, at which point a black liquid poured from the claw over the canister, making its contents stop glowing.


  • After morphed Andros, Cassie, and Carlos had left the others at the beach to get Patrick from his apartment, and Carlos had then split up from them, Andros and Cassie were chased into the woods and hopelessly outnumbered by Craterites; meanwhile, the other three Rangers were racing down a road in the Megatank to help (with Black Ranger driving), and they would soon arrive to help, with the Megatank not shown.


  • Inside the lid of T.J.'s Astro Morpher (and presumably the others as well) was a silver instruction panel listing the Morpher codes: beside 335 was a Space Ranger helmet, 761 was the Megatank, and so on.


  • To distract the Psycho Rangers while the teens morphed elsewhere, the Megatank was sent driving down a road unpiloted while a device inside looped the warble sound of the communicators, which the Psycho Rangers had been homing in on.
  • After the Psychos' blasts had made the Megatank crash, Psycho Red opened the door and found the decoy device.
  • Behind two seats in the Megatank was the name "Cobra."


  • As the Rangers got into the Megatank aboard the Megaship to fly down to secretly recover the Mega Vehicles, Andros had them run engines on silent; the large bay doors then slid open, and the Megatank drove out and descended through the atmosphere of the planet below.


  • After using the Megatank to tunnel inside Secret City through the ocean floor, the Rangers left the tank on a cliff overlooking the city; when the city was eventually blown up, the Megatank may have been destroyed in the process.

    - Phrases used to deploy Megatank from Megaship
    608-WPCS Andros (into communicator): "Megatank, deploy now!"

    - Phrases used as Red Ranger drives
    608-WPCS Andros: "Megatank (shifts gear) in high gear!"

    Silver Cycle
    - motorcycle/Galaxy Glider used by Silver Ranger
    Silver Cycle
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    First Appearance: 621-Envy
    Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
    Pictures: Silver Cycle (shown at right), glider mode


  • As helmetless but morphed Zhane told Alpha a story from at least two years ago about a giant monster grabbing him and lifting him up, he slipped his Digimorpher out of his belt and clicked it open, describing having grabbed the Digimorpher and called his Silver Cycle.


  • Although there was no silver jump tube, Zhane was with the five teens in the workbay before the six Rangers were shown streaking to Earth from the Megaship as Ranger-colored energy.
  • On Dekata 5 later, morphed Zhane was pinned by Ecliptor when he called for the Silver Cycle, causing it to fly down from the sky.
  • The Silver Cycle was a reflective silver Galaxy Glider with two black wheels folded up underneath.
  • The Silver Cycle, referred to in this guide as the "silver glider" when in glider form, struck Ecliptor, sending him flying off a cliff.
  • Zhane leapt into the air and was then shown flying through a blue cyber-tunnel on the silver glider.
  • As Zhane flew into Darkonda's facility out of the cyber-tunnel, a Crocotox generated green energy lines which had trapped the other five Rangers but allowed their Galaxy Gliders to fly through.
  • Just as the Silver Cycle materialized from the cyber-tunnel with Zhane riding it in bike form, he just managed to race past the energy barrier before it formed behind him.
  • Approaching a wall which his reading indicated had to be Darkonda's lab, Zhane ducked and said, "Coming through!" at which point a gold beam from the front of the bike quickly cut out a hole in the wall perfectly shaped for Zhane and the cycle to smash through.
  • After screeching to a stop inside the lab, Zhane pressed one of several buttons on the bottom of the cycle's display, and the cycle's headlights shot alternating gold energy blasts at the lab, causing explosions all over.


  • Zhane went to the workbay before he would drive up to the others' location on the Silver Cycle.
  • As Zhane was beginning to demorph involuntarily from the time limit in his powers, the Silver Cycle remained parked on its kickstand, unaffected; it would remain parked there even after Zhane had completely demorphed.


  • Soon after Zhane had been knocked off the Silver Cycle in battle, he incorrectly called into his wrist for the "Super Silverizer," and the silver glider flew up.
  • Later, Zhane demorphed purposely, but the Silver Cycle remained unaffected nearby.


  • To go to Earth with the other teens, Zhane ran with them to the workbay.
  • As Bulk climbed onto the hovering silver glider, it wobbled a bit, but it did the same when Zhane then climbed on.


  • Arriving to help the Rangers against the Psycho Rangers, Zhane landed on his cycle within the cyber-tunnel, then crashed into the warehouse where the fight was taking place and blasted the Psychos with the cycle's headlights; despite the travel distance implied by the cyber-tunnel, Zhane hadn't been especially far away, according to Andros.


  • When the silver glider was blasted by a Velocifighter in space, Zhane nearly fell off but managed to grab the side, as though under the effects of gravity; while holding the board, however, he was then drifting along beside it.

    - Phrases used to summon silver glider
    621-Envy Zhane: "Silver Cycle!"
    623-Date Zhane (into communicator): "Super Silverizer!"

    - Phrases used for Galaxy Gliders and silver glider to fly off with Rangers
    630-DSR2 Andros: "Galaxy Gliders..."
    Zhane: "Hang ten!"

    - Phrases used to shoot cycle's energy blasts
    621-Envy Zhane: "Silver Cycle, fire!"

    Galactic Rover
    - dune buggy driven by Silver Ranger
    Galactic Rover
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    First Appearance: 640-IWeb
    Last Appearance: 641-LITS
    See Also: Vyprari


  • As the powerless teens were captured by Quantrons on the desert planet Forza, morphed Zhane raced in driving the new silver go-cart-like vehicle, the Galactic Rover.
  • The front headlight area of the Rover shot alternating blue energy blasts as Zhane drove by the Quantrons.
  • Darkonda charged at Zhane, and he raced at Darkonda; after giving him one last chance, Zhane drove right through Darkonda with the front of the Rover glowing gold, destroying Darkonda in a large explosion.
  • Zhane introduced the teens to the Galactic Rover.
  • Sent to stop Ecliptor on Ganymede, Zhane first hopped into the Rover before being shown flying his silver glider.


  • Zhane used the Galactic Rover against the seemingly indestructible Tankenstein.
  • As Tankenstein and Zhane raced toward each other, Zhane held out his Super Silverizer and slashed Tankenstein along the driver's side while racing past the vehicle.
  • White energy blasts from the front of the Rover hit the rear of Tankenstein; when the Rover got in front of Tankenstein, the Humvee swerved, and Zhane then came around and raced toward Tankenstein's passenger side.
  • As the Rover raced by, its energy blasts made Tankenstein explode in a huge fireball.


  • The Vyprari looked like a modified version of the Galactic Rover.

    - Phrases used to fire lasers
    641-LITS Zhane: "Galactic Rover, fire!"
    641-LITS Zhane: "Fire!"

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