PRiS villains' inventions/devices
- technologies used by Dark Specter's forces
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Data Laser
- device used to scan people onto data cards for Astronema's future use
Data Laser
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First Appearance: 639-Ghst
Last Appearance: 639-Ghst, (Psycho Rangers' cards) 730-TenP
Pictures: Data Laser (shown at right), data cards


  • Somewhere within Secret City's main tower was a room for the Data Laser, a machine which turned people into data cards, and connected to that room via a one-way blue viewing window was a control room.
  • In the control room, Astronema had Quantrons bring in the guinea pigs, and they brought in Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull.
  • Astronema fed in three data cards and activated the Data Laser, a beam apparatus which lowered and then dissolved them with a red ray which scanned them onto the data cards.
  • Astronema said they were data cards now, for her to use however she wished.
  • When Andros and Cassie later entered the Data Laser room and looked around, Astronema lowered the laser; seeing it, Cassie pushed Andros aside and was caught in its beam.
  • Andros tried to help Cassie but was shocked by red electricity when he approached.
  • When Andros prepared to shoot the Data Laser, Astronema explained that she was being scanned into a data card like the others and that if he destroyed the Data Laser, he destroyed the Pink Ranger too.
  • Once Cassie was gone, Astronema then scanned up the other four Rangers as well.
  • As a ghost along with the other Psycho Rangers, Psycho Yellow got an idea and told the others to follow her lead, and the flaming ghosts flew around the machine, making it go haywire, then flew into its data card port and materialized in the test room from a blue beam.
  • The Psycho Rangers then smashed into the control room through the door connecting the two rooms.
  • Once Psycho Pink had prepared the machine and Red had loaded the Rangers' five data cards, the Rangers re-formed from a blue ray.
  • Later in the control room, Zhane opened a file cabinet drawer which contained hundreds of data cards all lined up; quickly figuring out the computer, he proceeded to restore everyone after his first three test subjects, which turned out to be Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus.
  • After the last group had been restored and teleported home, Zhane typed into the keyboard and made some adjustments, making the blue lights on the laser turn red again.
  • The Rangers led the Psychos into the room, and Zhane attempted to maneuver the laser over the Psychos during the fight in the test room while watching the blue and red dots (Psychos blue, Rangers red) dance around the monitoring screen on the controls.
  • Zhane told Andros to get them all to the center, and after much struggling, the Rangers finally pushed them all together into the center, at which point Zhane scanned them up.
  • Suddenly, the ground rumbled, and T.J. assumed the Psychos had overloaded the system; as the controls went haywire and the five Rangers ran out, an explosion knocked the Psychos' data cards from Zhane's hand.
  • White beams began spraying out from the Data Laser, and the tower then exploded, taking Secret City with it; there was a large explosion of water in the ocean, and the unmorphed teens collapsed onto the sand at a rocky beach.
  • The teens called out for Zhane, and he came up to them, having been unsuccessful at getting back the data cards.
  • Holding the Psychos' data cards on the Dark Fortress, Astronema said tomorrow was another day.


  • Perhaps months later, two Psycho Monsters were seen during the invasion of the universe.


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, an alien presented Deviot with a case to which only Deviot had the key; within were the five Psycho Ranger data cards, wrapped in an embroidered black silklike cloth, but how the alien had gotten them is unknown.
  • Deviot used a large digital reanimator apparatus on the Scorpion Stinger to recreate the Psycho Rangers, having reprogrammed them for greater strength.
  • Five circular lights above the area beamed down orange energy ring beams, and as the room lights flickered, the Psycho Rangers were slowly beamed down and formed from Ranger-colored energy.


  • Rashon, home of the Savage Sword, and planet to which Terra Venture happened to be passing quite close, was an orange planet which could easily have been the planet where Deviot had obtained the Psycho Rangers' data cards.

    Energy web controller
    - device which allowed Ecliptor to ensnare the Astro Megaship and then tap its energies
    Energy web
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    First Appearance: 640-IWeb
    Last Appearance: 640-IWeb


  • After Darkonda had lured the Rangers to the planet Forza, while the Megaship orbited the planet, the Dark Fortress appeared behind it, and Astronema had Ecliptor activate "the web."
  • The Dark Fortress stopped rotating, and from one spoke, a green energy web shot toward the Megaship and completely surrounded the ship.
  • Although communication was still possible, the Rangers involuntarily demorphed on the planet below while the Megaship was trapped in the electronic web, as Alpha called it.
  • The Megalasers on full power merely created brief red bulges in the web.
  • Astronema asked Ecliptor if he was sure the Rangers couldn't penetrate the web, and Ecliptor said not without the controller he was holding.
  • Although the five Rangers had demorphed involuntarily when the Megaship was surrounded by the web, Zhane eventually arrived driving the Galactic Rover in morphed form, experiencing no power loss from the web.
  • On the Megaship after accessing the computer's database and finding the location of the Mega Voyager, Ecliptor ripped out a cable from the engine core and prepared to touch it to his remote device, saying this should be enough power.
  • As the engine died out, Ecliptor touched the cable to the device, and he streaked into the control kiosk as green energy.
  • At a computer terminal in the Ganymede moonbase, Ecliptor passed through a cable with red energy, then materialized from the inactive screen from red streaks.
  • Ecliptor's body, except for most of his cyborg parts, was now solid red as he was supercharged.
  • After Zhane had left, Andros suddenly remembered his Red Battlized Ranger powers and was able to morph into his armored form while the web was still up.
  • Flying by the web in space, Andros grabbed the energy web with his magnetic claw gauntlet, but it only stretched out as he pulled it.
  • Guessing he needed something stronger, Andros fired his four Battlizer Missiles, which fired, curved, and struck the stretched web, dissolving it with a chain reaction of flaming red energy.
  • In the process of defeating the Astro Megazord, giant red Ecliptor suddenly began to spew steam from his joints, wondering what was happening to him, and he shrank to normal size, his extra power having been depleted, though he was still red.

    - missile capable of destroying a planet with one shot; used to destroy Dark Specter
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    First Appearance: 642-CTD1
    Last Appearance: 642-CTD1


  • After the Rangers had been defeated and had gone into hiding during Astronema's invasion of Earth, Ecliptor and Elgar walked with Astronema into the Dark Fortress hangar, where Ecliptor told her the super-torpedo would be ready momentarily.
  • Astronema was pleased, saying all of Earth would be history in one shot.
  • Below, a Quantron was mounting a launcher and drill-tipped missile beside a Velocifighter cockpit.
  • Flying the Velocifighter, Darkonda shot the super-torpedo into giant Dark Specter's back.
  • In agony, Dark Specter glowed with orange rays of light as explosions erupted from his body, and he eventually sank down groaning.
  • As Darkonda flew toward the Dark Fortress and fired a second super-torpedo, the glowing and exploding Dark Specter suddenly rose up and took the missile in the forehead with a minor explosion.
  • Dark Specter swallowed Darkonda's Velocifighter and bit down in an explosion, and his entire body then blew apart into pieces in a world-shaking fireball beside the Dark Fortress.

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