PRiS villains' spacecraft
- spacecraft used by Dark Specter's forces
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  • Zordon and his lava setup were on the planet Hercuron, guarded by Piranhatrons until Divatox walked up with Rygog and proudly had them take Zordon away to be flown elsewhere.
  • Dark Specter's spaceship Taking Zordon away as ordered by Divatox and Astronema, Piranhatrons and Quantrons got within a certain range of a massive, hovering, T-shaped spacecraft, at which point they teleported into it, and it flew away once Divatox and Rygog had gone as well.
  • Soon, when asked about a vapor trail on Dark Specter's spacecraft, Alpha replied that he'd had one, but not anymore.


  • For a moment before being destroyed, the teens' interstellar scanner on the planet Brokaya, searching for Zordon, eventually showed an image of Dark Specter's spacecraft somewhere in space, presumably still piloted by Divatox's forces.

    Sphinx ship
    - sphinx-shaped fighter ship sent by Astronema (601-FON1)
    Sphinx ship
    You are here: What / Technology/Equipment / Vehicles / Spacecraft / Villains' spacecraft / PRiS villains' spacecraft
    First Appearance: 601-FON1
    Last Appearance: 602-FON2


  • Shortly after Velocifighters had failed to prevent Andros from returning to the Megaship after he'd overheard Dark Specter's plans on the Cimmerian Planet, a large sphinx-shaped spacecraft neared the Megaship and began blasting it with red energy blasts from its top cannon.
  • When the Megaship began to fall into the atmosphere of a planet nearby due to the shutdown of its engines, Astronema, in the Dark Fortress, had whoever was in control of the sphinx ship, perhaps Ecliptor, hold his fire, amusedly remarking that that had been too easy.
  • Soon after the Megaship had crash-landed, DECA reported that Astronema's ship (presumably the sphinx ship) was landing, and Quantrons then disembarked via teleportation.


  • Later, after the five Rangers had defeated a second team of Quantrons, the Rangers retreated into the Megaship to escape from Velocifighter laser fire, at which point the sphinx ship flew away from the Dark Fortress to attack again.
  • After the sphinx ship had been blasting the Megaship for a short while, it transformed into the Astro Megazord; flying by, the Megazord slashed through the sphinx ship with its saber, and it soon exploded in a massive fireball accompanied by a very large blue shockwave.

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