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Super Silverizer
- blaster/blade weapon used by Silver Ranger
Super Silverizer (blaster mode)
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First Appearance: 620-SvSv
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
Pictures: blade mode, blaster mode (shown at right), Psycho Silverizer


  • Morphed Zhane had wielded the Super Silverizer two years ago against Dark Specter's forces on KO-35.
  • In present day, the summoned Super Silverizer formed on morphed Zhane's right forearm with a gold energy outline.
  • Zhane slashed Lunatick twice with the weapon's translucent blue blade, then did some kick attacks, then did a final stomach slash which made the monster fall over and explode before growing to giant size.


  • The blade of the Silverizer could be folded up into the weapon to transform the weapon into a blaster.
  • While aiming the Silverizer in blaster mode after summoning it, Zhane involuntarily demorphed from his time limit with rippling gold energy which also dissolved the Silverizer.
  • During Zhane's morph later, the Super Silverizer was shown in the special weapon display box.
  • Morphed Zhane shot gold energy pulses from his Silverizer in blaster mode, but Ecliptor deflected them with his palm.
  • Later still, Zhane blasted the red Crocotox with the blaster mode and then charged to fight the monster.
  • Zhane slashed the red Crocotox repeatedly without destroying or defeating it.
  • Far away from the monster, Zhane called for full power, at which point a whirring noise grew louder as four alternating red lights flashed in the black circle on the side of the Silverizer where the pivot for the extendable blade would be located.
  • Running toward the Crocotox, Zhane released a rapid shower of powerful gold energy pulses, then as he got closer, touched a switch on the top of the weapon, flipping out the blade for him to deliver a glowing blue-streaked slash which would destroy the monster.
  • Zhane suddenly demorphed, the Silverizer vanishing as well, with rippling gold energy as he posed with his back to the monster prior to its explosion.


  • As Zhane did a final slash with his Silverizer after blasting Praying Mantis, he was apparently slashed back, stunning him.
  • Later, Andros's drill attack, Cassie's Satellite Stunner attack, and Zhane's glowing blue-streaked Super Silverizer slash attack, in sequence, apparently destroyed Praying Mantis, but the Satellasers revived and enlarged him.


  • When Zhane performed a glowing slash on Horror Bull, the attack shattered the monster's energy barrier which had reflected all of the other Rangers' attacks; the effectiveness of his attack came mostly due to his weapon not having been scanned like the others.
  • To retract the Silverizer's blade for blaster mode, Zhane hit the switch on the top of the weapon, making the blade pop back in, and he then proceeded to take a few shots with the blaster.
  • The Silverizer blade chopped off Horror Bull's horns and then defeated the monster with a glowing slash, but he instantly grew, with his horns back.


  • A regular slash to the chest with the Super Silverizer caused Darkonda to revert to his normal form, having been disguised as the general Yatru.
  • Zhane slashed Darkonda in the stomach with the Silverizer; reeling, Darkonda raised his arm triumphantly and exploded in his second of numerous deaths.


  • Disguised as Psycho Silver, Zhane pulled out a sleek, evil version of the Super Silverizer bearing the Psycho Rangers' N insignia.
  • Psycho Silver leapt in and slashed all of the Rangers, appearing to cause them actual harm.
  • After morphing into normal Silver Ranger form, Zhane soon wielded the Silverizer in its normal form.
  • T.J. and Zhane ran forward, blasting at Psycho Blue with their Astro Blaster and Super Silverizer; up close, T.J. spun through the air and slashed with the Astro Axe, and Zhane followed with a glowing slash from the Silverizer, causing Psycho Blue to fall and explode, but the Satellasers would enlarge him in monster form.


  • After the three Psychos were blasted by the Astro Axe, Star Slinger, and Satellite Stunner, Psycho Red was struck by the Super Silverizer's glowing slash attack; sparking and writhing in defeat, he collapsed, but then rose and morphed into his monster form.


  • Zhane's rushing blast attack, followed by two non-glowing slashes from the blade, made the already weakened Ecliptor collapse.


  • After Ecliptor had become red and supercharged from the Mega Accelerators, he was impervious to the Silverizer's slashes and laser blasts.


  • As Tankenstein and Zhane raced toward each other, Zhane held out his Super Silverizer and slashed Tankenstein along the driver's side while racing past the vehicle in the Galactic Rover.


  • After numerous misses, a well-aimed shot from Zhane's Super Silverizer destroyed a Velocifighter.

    - Phrases used to summon Super Silverizer
    Zhane: "Super Silverizer!"

    - Phrases used to transform Super Silverizer into blaster mode
    623-Date Zhane: "Super Silverizer!"

    - Phrases used to fire Super Silverizer blaster mode
    621-Envy Zhane: "Super Silverizer!"
    623-Date Zhane: "Laser blast!"
    641-IWeb Zhane: "Super Silverizer laser blast!"

    - Phrases used to fire rushing energy barrage before final slash attack
    621-Envy Zhane: "Super Silverizer, full power!"
    622-SvSc Zhane: "Super Silverizer!"

    - Phrases used to perform glowing slash attack
    635-SiGo Zhane: "Super Silverizer!"

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