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  • After Andros had retrieved the Delta Mega, he had it help the Astro Megazord against the two Crocovile monsters.


  • While the Rangers fought five monsters, Andros called the Delta Megazord to fight giant Destructipede, but it was soon turned evil, and the Rangers had to fight it with the Astro Megazord before regaining control.
  • The Rangers then used the Astro Delta Megazord against the six giant monsters, following Andros's instructions that joining was the only way to tell whether the Delta Mega was back on their side.


  • When giant Termitus's termites covered the Astro Megazord, Andros summoned the Delta Megazord and had it blast off the termites; Ashley then had the Astro Delta Megazord formed to finish off Termitus.


  • The Rangers used the Astro Megazord against the giant Barillian Bug monster.


  • Confronted with a giant Darkliptor, Andros had T.J. call the Astro Megazord while he called the Delta Mega to form the Astro Delta Megazord.


  • The Rangers called the Astro Megazord, and Andros immediately had the Astro Delta Megazord formed, to fight the giant, mutated Darkonda.


  • Losing to Darkonda and his spawn monster, the Rangers flew off in the Delta Megaship on Andros's instruction, leaving Alpha to fight the villains with the Astro Megazord until the Rangers returned with the Mega Voyager.


  • Oddly, when confronted by giant Lionizer downtown one night, the five Rangers summoned Mega V-1; as soon as it had been blasted, Andros had them form the Mega Voyager.


  • The Rangers summoned the Mega Voyager to fight giant Body Switcher.


  • When confronted by giant Lunatick, the Rangers used the Astro Megazord despite the recent malfunctions which had plagued the Megaship.
  • When the Astro Megazord was trapped in a sinkhole, Andros called the Delta Megazord, and once it had helped the Astro Megazord out, Andros had them form the Astro Delta Megazord.
  • Two years ago, Andros and Zhane had somehow fought giant monsters apparently without having a Megazord at their disposal.


  • To fight the giant blue Crocotox, Carlos summoned the Astro Megazord, Andros summoned the Delta Megazord, and the Rangers then formed the Astro Delta Megazord.


  • Andros summoned Mega Voyager to fight giant Praying Mantis, a particularly tough monster.


  • The Rangers summoned the Astro Megazord to fight giant Horror Bull, but as soon as they'd been blasted and needed more power, Andros had them form the Astro Delta Megazord.


  • The Rangers summoned the Astro Megazord to fight giant Coralizer, but as soon as the monster had shocked them with his tentacles, Andros summoned the Delta Megazord and soon had them form the Astro Delta Megazord.


  • The Rangers summoned the Astro Megazord to fight giant Lizwizard.


  • The Rangers summoned the Astro Megazord to fight giant Batarax.


  • Andros summoned the Mega Voyager to fight the giant needle monster on KO-35.


  • When Andros told Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie to take care of three Velocifighters overhead while they planted detonators on Dark Specter's asteroid, Carlos said they needed the "Mega-V's," and the three teleported into their respective Mega Vehicles in the moonbase before flying them to the asteroid.
  • After all else had failed, the Rangers formed the Astro Megazord to push on the asteroid, then Andros called for all Zords to report to the asteroid, at which point the Delta Megazord joined in, and the Rangers flew the Mega Vehicles from Ganymede and formed Mega Voyager to help as well.


  • When Frightwing was enlarged in the desert, Andros summoned the Mega Voyager, and Zhane soon arrived to help in Mega Winger; to help the Rangers against the flying monster, Zhane would then transfer Mega Winger's wings to form the Winged Mega Voyager.


  • T.J. summoned the Astro Megazord for the Rangers to fight the giant owl monster.


  • When Psycho Pink grew in monster form, Cassie called for the Mega Voyager, and Mega Winger would arrive later to help.


  • When Psycho Blue grew in monster form, T.J. called for the Mega Voyager, and Zhane, Mega Winger.
  • On the Megaship later, Andros told Zhane in a corridor that since the Mega Voyager's circuits had been overloaded, he wanted to make sure the Megaship was ready if they wanted to form the Astro Megazord.


  • After the six Rangers had defeated the Psychos but caused them to grow to giant size in their monster forms, Andros summoned Mega Voyager.
  • While Psycho Black pounded the grappled Mega Voyager, Zhane flew down in Mega Winger blasting Psycho Black, and the Delta Megazord also flew down to help, with Zhane having brought it in with the Battlizer on his wrist.


  • To distract the Psychos while the others recovered the Mega Voyager, Zhane piloted Mega Winger and controlled the Delta Megazord with the Battlizer.
  • A short while after Psycho Yellow had infected the Mega Voyager and giant Psycho Black had shackled the Mega Winger and Delta Megazord, Psycho Red was pummeling Andros below when Alpha flew the Astro Megazord down to help.
  • According to Ashley, the combined energy of giant Psycho Red, Yellow, and Black was a lot more than the combined energy of the Mega Voyager, Mega Winger, Astro Megazord, and Delta Megazord.
  • Ashley thought to absorb their energy and turn it back against them; T.J. didn't know whether the Megazords, with their power levels low, could take that kind of abuse, but Carlos and Andros agreed it was worth a chance.
  • Mega Voyager stood in front, and Mega Winger and the Astro Delta Megazord put a hand on its shoulders, making white flashes of power as they made contact.
  • As they received a steady blast from the Psycho Monsters, Andros told them to hang tough, as they had to absorb as much energy as they possibly could.
  • The alarm blared, and Cassie said the energy capacitors were maxing out; Ashley warned they would blow the engines, and T.J. said all systems were in the red and rising; Carlos said all generators were at critical overload, and the cockpits began to spark.
  • Once the Psychos had stopped for some reason, perhaps out of energy or resting momentarily, red energy bolts from all three Megazords charged up Mega V-3 as Mega Voyager wielded it.
  • The glowing V-3 missile mode fired, and the resulting red energy explosion from the impact sequentially blew Psycho Red, Psycho Black, and Psycho Yellow into bits, and as a blue shockwave cleared, the Rangers realized the Psychos were gone and that they'd won.


  • Andros summoned the Astro Megazord to use against giant Jakarak.


  • Andros summoned the Mega Voyager to use against giant Vacsacker.


  • While the teens were powerless, Zhane used Mega Winger to attempt to protect the Ganymede moonbase from giant red Ecliptor, but he was beaten badly.
  • After the Megaship had been freed from the Dark Fortress's energy web, the Rangers took the Astro and Delta Megazords to help fight Ecliptor, but the Delta Megazord would be quickly destroyed, and Mega Winger seriously damaged.


  • The Rangers used the Mega Voyager against Tankenstein's powerful giant robot form, but it was blown to pieces when Tankenstein self-destructed while grappling it.
  • Having survived the explosion along with the other teens, Ashley said all they had left now was the Astro Megaship.


  • As the Megaship was under fire and going down, Zhane summoned the Mega Winger, but it was quickly defeated by Velocifighters.


  • Probably another day on KO-35, Zhane said the "Megazord," referring to the Mega Winger, was in the shop and asked for a ride to Earth.


  • To fight giant Psycho-monster Pink on planet Rashon, the four Galaxy Rangers took the Galaxy Megazord and were soon joined by the four Space Rangers (lacking Cassie) in the Astro Megazord (although it was uncertain when the Megashuttle had arrived, as it had never been shown inside the Megaship).

    Docking station
    - space station which linked Astro and Delta Megaships during rest periods
    Docking station
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    First Appearance: 611-DDsc
    Last Appearance: 621-Envy


  • On his Galaxy Glider on a quest for Phantom Ranger's Delta Megaship, Andros flew through a dense region of asteroids, beyond which he suddenly screeched to a stop upon seeing the Delta Megaship, in its docking station, before him.
  • The docking station consisted of a framework shell around the Delta Megaship.
  • Upon inserting a security disc into the Delta Megaship and summoning the Battlizer, Andros called for the Delta Megaship to go online, at which point the docking station flew away in three pieces: the two side casings and the top ring platform.


  • The Astro and Delta Megaships were docked with the docking station in Earth orbit, with the Delta Megaship inside, and the Astro Megaship on the top ring platform.
  • While the Rangers fought five monsters, Andros called the Delta Megazord to fight giant Destructipede, and the Astro Megaship and docking station flew from the Delta Megaship, allowing it to fly to Earth and transform.


  • To go down to Earth as Andros took the keycards Darkonda wanted, the five teens took the Megalift from the bridge, rather than using the jump tubes in the next room, and their teleportation streaks flew from the left side of the docking station rather than the Megaship, which was docked on top; when the morphed Rangers appeared downtown, the keycards weren't with them.

    - Phrases used for docking station to fly away from Delta Megaship
    611-DDsc Andros (with Battlizer): "Delta Megaship, online!"
    612-GrEv Andros (summoning Battlizer): "Delta Megazord, now!"

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