PRLG artifacts
- magical items associated with Galaxy Rangers
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Savage Sword
- power-siphoning sword formerly hidden on Rashon (until 731-PPnk); responsible for apparent death of Kendrix
Savage Sword (second form)
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First Appearance: 731-PPnk
Last Appearance: 731-PPnk
Pictures: Savage Sword in Galaxy Book, form 1, form 2 (shown at right), form 3


  • In the near-empty Science Division during the Space Rangers' stay on Terra Venture, Kendrix was flipping through the Galaxy Book when she came to a page bearing a drawing and information of the Savage Sword, the name of which she then exclaimed to herself right after a fellow scientist had left another workstation.
  • The sword was shown to have two rectangular gray formations in its hilt (each panel having three dots) with some spikey projections, and the blade was quite wide.
  • Beside the Savage Sword drawing was a red design of two concentric rings around a red circle with four radial lines; at the end of each line, interrupting the outer ring, was an additional red circle.
  • Below the red design was a solar system diagram, from which Kendrix discerned that the sword was on the planet Rashon, to which Terra Venture happened to be extremely close.
  • Upon reading Kendrix's mind, Psycho Pink was excited that Pink Ranger had discovered the Savage Sword, apparently having known of the sword.
  • Psycho Pink said she would be unstoppable with the Savage Sword; Kendrix told Cassie that the sword was more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined.
  • In a mountainous area on Rashon, Psycho Pink arrived, weakly recalling that the Galaxy Book had said the Savage Sword was somewhere in the area, and she soon spotted the sword sticking out of a rock, as the Quasar Sabers had been kept on Mirinoi.
  • The Savage Sword had a thin, slightly curved blade, and a simple hilt with spikes; this would be its first of three forms.
  • As Psycho Pink slowly pulled the sword from the rock, the portion of the blade that had been buried was shinier than the rest of the blackened blade.
  • Wielding the gleaming pink blade, Psycho Pink fought the Pink Rangers; she slashed Cassie three times, weakening Cassie, and the blade then transformed with a pink gleam into a second form, now having two larger black rectangular designs on its hilt and a thicker black blade.
  • The Savage Sword grew more powerful with each blow.
  • Knocking Kendrix back, Psycho Pink managed to slash Cassie once more; after more fighting, Psycho Pink eventually struck and held the blade against Cassie's shoulder, draining pink energy from her through the sword and into herself, at which point the damage in her armor were healed with pink energy.
  • Psycho Pink kicked Cassie back, and the sword gleamed into its third form, a hugely massive blade shown in the Galaxy Book.
  • Psycho Pink slashed Cassie across the stomach with the huge sword, then up across the chest, and Cassie rolled back, demorphing with a pink gleam, her Morpher rolling aside in the sand.
  • Psycho Pink said the Astro Morpher held much power, and that power would be hers; with the blade gleaming pink, she thrust the Savage Sword into the Morpher, impaling it, and a large red column of energy vapor whirled up around Psycho Pink with the implanted sword was its center.
  • The wind howled, and red clouds whipped through the sky; pink energy streaks flowed from the Savage Swird's hilt into Psycho Pink's chest, sending her rolling back away from the energy column, and she then morphed into her monster form with pink energy.
  • In space, Rashon was deep red, and blood-red cloud rings were spiraling out from it, endangering nearby Terra Venture with the energy disturbance.
  • As Psycho-monster Pink approached Cassie, planning to drain every last ounce of Cassie's strength and use her power, Kendrix blocked her path.
  • In the energy cyclone, the Savage Sword glowed pink, draining energy from the split Morpher, and Cassie groaned in pain and weakness; Psycho Pink then grew to giant size with pink energy.
  • As the Galaxy Megazord, and soon the Astro Megazord, fought giant Psycho Pink, Kendrix reassured Cassie that they'd get her powers back, but numerous energy drains crippled Cassie in agony, leading Kendrix to decide she had to do something.
  • Cassie screamed as Kendrix pressed against the energy wall but was knocked back by a blast; she continued pushing again, however, despite repeated bursts and Cassie's screams of protest.
  • After giant Psycho Pink's destruction, Kendrix continued pushing through the blasting energy barrier, and she eventually fell through the barrier, having made it inside, and she said it was the only way to save Cassie.
  • Although Psycho Pink had been destroyed, the energy storm was continuing to drain the life from Cassie and wreak havoc on Terra Venture, shaking buildings apart.
  • As Kendrix stood facing the Savage Sword, Cassie screamed for her to get out of there, but Kendrix said she had to destroy it forever.
  • Shouting that this had to work, Kendrix struck the hilt of the Savage Sword with her gleaming Quasar Saber, and a pink explosion engulfed her a second later.
  • The Savage Sword collapsed in two halves, in its original form, and the energy storm dissipated, leaving a small glowing white column of light which was apparently the spirit of the deceased Kendrix.
  • After the Quasar Saber had absorbed Kendrix's spirit and flown away, Cassie's mangled Astro Morpher reassembled with pink energy.

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