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  • On Mirinoi, Furio attempted unsuccessfully to pull the Quasar Sabers.


  • Before watching the teens morph, Furio appeared to have no familiarity with the sabers' ability to morph the teens into Galaxy Rangers, or even the concept of Rangers in general.
  • The Scorpion Stinger had been waiting nearby, probably in Mirinoi orbit.
  • A short while after the Megaship had flown through a portal near Mirinoi to return to the Milky Way, the Scorpion Stinger was flying through regular space; Scorpius asked for their status, and Furio replied that they'd passed through the portal.


  • On a red planet, Stingwingers led by the robot warrior Brunt were anchoring massive chains from five giant metal cages to large stone weights below; inside the cages were the five Galactabeasts, apparently recently captured as part of Brunt's desire to prove himself as a general to Scorpius.
  • When Brunt reported in to Scorpius on the Scorpion Stinger after the Galactabeasts had been freed, Scorpius told him that failing him once was one time too many, and he blasted him in the chest, making him fall and scramble away; this was the last time he was seen.
  • As the Rangers confronted Radster on Terra Venture, Leo told the monster he didn't belong in this galaxy.
  • After Leo and the Lion had destroyed Radster, and Furio and Scorpius had then briefly discussed obtaining the Quasar Sabers and destroying the Rangers, Trakeena told Scorpius it looked as though he might have finally found a worthy general, but Scorpius replied that time would tell.


  • After Furio's initial failure to obtain the Lights of Orion, Scorpius furiously called him a miserable excuse for a general and prepared to destroy him, but Trakeena had him give Furio one more chance.


  • After Furio's self-destruction and the return of the Magna Defender, Magna Defender's old rival Treacheron now served as Scorpius's new general.


  • During Scorpius's ravaging of Magna Defender's planet 3,000 years ago, monsters of Scorpius, including a blue beetle monster, Impostra, Motor Mantis, and Radster, had looted jewels from treasure chests in the flaming rubble before Magna Defender had confronted them.
  • Captain Mutiny was apparently there as well during the looting and the ultimate killing of Magna Defender's son Zika.


  • If Treacheron had obtained the Lights of Orion for Scorpius, Scorpius would have allowed him to rule the universe with him.


  • Following Treacheron's destruction, Trakeena wanted to find someone to mold her into a mighty general worthy of ruling the universe, and she begged Scorpius about needing a new general, but he merely replied he would take it under consideration.


  • In disguise on Terra Venture, Trakeena saw Mike and knew that he was the Magna Defender.
  • Trying to convince Trakeena to enter the cocoon he'd created to turn her into a powerful insect form, Scorpius told her it was what they had all had to do; looking at the buzzing, drooling Stingwingers nearby, Trakeena refused and ran away.


  • The new arrival Deviot, apparently arriving weeks or months after Trakeena's departure (see "Missing time"), wanted to become second in command, having heard that Trakeena hadn't wanted the position and was now long gone.


  • When asked if Scorpius could count on him, Deviot replied that he would serve as his new general with absolute loyalty.


  • Villamax, a patron of the Onyx Tavern, bore the same wing pin as numerous monsters used by Furio, and he took a great interest in Trakeena despite her apparent unfamiliarity with him.
  • When Trakeena heard the news of Scorpius being near death, Villamax offered to escort her back; Kegler worriedly didn't want to stay after escorting her, but Villamax calmly assured him everything would be all right.


  • In Trakeena's lair, Villamax had apparently introduced the subject of Loyax; Deviot called him a washed-up old warrior, but Villamax regarded him as an honorable legend.
  • Loyax had won battles in every corner of the universe, according to Villamax; for centuries, he said, the name Loyax had inspired fear.
  • Having been brought in to meet Trakeena, Loyax bowed to his "lovely queen Trakeena," and she soon accepted his wish for one final battle, offering him a battle with the Power Rangers, which he concluded would be a glorious ending indeed.
  • Loyax bore the symbol of Barbarax on his stomach.


  • After Deviot had obtained the Psycho Rangers' data cards, Kegler had thought the Psychos had been destroyed, but Deviot angrily explained they'd merely been digitized.


  • In the Lost Galaxy, Deviot allied with Captain Mutiny, causing Mutiny to fear Trakeena's wrath, even though Trakeena had not and would not enter the Lost Galaxy.
  • Behind Mutiny, at the main rear wall of the central room in his castle, were five vertical banners, the center black banner bearing Mutiny's emblem, and the other four white banners bearing four generals' symbols, from left to right: Villamax, Treacheron, Hexuba, and Barbarax.


  • Trakeena was ready to destroy Mutiny's castle the moment it and Terra Venture emerged from the Lost Galaxy portal; how she had been there immediately is unknown, but it apparently had nothing to do with Terra Venture, as suggested in 743-End1.
  • Trakeena spoke, "There's only one ruler in this universe, and that's me."


  • Why Trakeena had been in the area is unknown, although she may have been there because of Mirinoi, which had apparently exited the Lost Galaxy at some point.

    Other Sources

  • According to exposition found on some later PRLG toys, the Rangers had to protect Terra Venture when Scorpius was "unleashed upon the galaxy." (Source: Deluxe Stratoforce Megazord toy package)

    - robot warrior, captured Galactabeasts;would-be general to Scorpius
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    First Appearance: 703-RTTR
    Last Appearance: 703-RTTR


  • On a red planet, Stingwingers were anchoring massive chains from five giant metal cages to large stone weights below; inside the cages were the five Galactabeasts, apparently recently captured.
  • Through small windows in the cages at Stingwinger level, the insect soldiers were pulling on large ropes apparently attached to the Galactabeasts inside, and later blasting at the giant animals with red lasers.
  • On one cage corner beside the enormous door was a lock panel with a red and a green light.
  • Near this lock panel, Brunt told the Stingwingers to check the chains and double-check the locks, and they examined the chains and the lock panel.
  • Brunt was a robot general with mostly blue parts, but some gold, and a bit silver; on his head was a a robotic silver crown-like structure, and he held a sword with a blue and gold hilt.
  • On each of Brunt's wrists was a dual-barreled cannon like Deviot's wrist cannon; furthermore, his mouth was quite similar to Deviot's monster form.
  • Brunt said once Scorpius saw what a great general was, he was sure to give him the promotion he [deserved?]; he was interrupted when unmorphed Maya called out from a tree branch.
  • Seeing her, Brunt was pleased, calling her another trophy, and he and the Stingwingers chased her through the forest.
  • After the Rangers had freed the Galactabeasts and Radster had retreated, Brunt was in Scorpius's lair on the Scorpion Stinger.
  • Scorpius told Brunt that failing him once was one time too many, and he blasted him in the chest, making Brunt fall and scramble away screaming that it hadn't been his fault.

    Other Sources

  • Brunt's name comes from the closed captioning of 703-RTTR, as well as the Fox Kids website.

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