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Forcefield generators
- various devices used to generate forcefields
Destruxo's forcefield generator
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  • With Destruxo somewhere downtown, Stingwingers set up a forcefield generator made of transparent panels.
  • Destruxo said no one would think to look there for the source of his forcefield, and he couldn't be stopped from finding the Lights for Scorpius.
  • The device charged up with blue energy lines and generated a gold beam into the sky which created a gold energy dome over part of the city, and it then faded away into an invisible forcefield.
  • Destruxo told the Stingwingers to be quick before the forcefield used up all the air in the dome.
  • Minutes later, the air inside the forcefield was growing thin, making it difficult to breathe.
  • The forcefield extended into the tunnels beneath the city.
  • As Magna Defender had Torozord charge, Leo urged that he couldn't just break the forcefield open like an egg, as there was too much energy, but Magna Defender proceeded to form the Defender Torozord and strike the briefly visible forcefield with his lance, shaking up the area.
  • Eventually, Maya's charged Quasar Saber slash dissolved both the generator and the forcefield.


  • After Leo had been captured on Terra Venture, the Scorpion Stinger soon lay in a mountainous desert below a purple alien sky as Stingwingers returned to the ship, perhaps having set up the forcefield devices Trakeena would later use, although this would come after she'd expected him to fall into a vortex.
  • Soon after escaping the Scorpion Stinger, Leo wound up in an area surrounded by generator boxes which created an invisible forcefield once he was inside.
  • Entering the area, Trakeena activated a remote, saying she'd been planning for this day, and orange energy arcs came up from the nine-generator circle, forming a blue forcefield dome which then became invisible; she told him he wouldn't escape this time.


  • After being captured by the Psycho Rangers for Trakeena, the four teens were held within stone columns in a warehouse in the Industrial Dome, with a blue-speckled forcefield around the pillars.
  • Magna Defender blasted the alien control panel, dissolving the forcefield.

    Destruxo's locator
    - device used by Destruxo tofind Lights of Orion
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    First Appearance: 712-ORis
    Last Appearance: 712-ORis


  • After surrounding one area of the city dome with a forcefield, Destruxo followed a black octagonal instrument with a circular white face in his search for the Lights of Orion.
  • The face had four distinct zones, divided by a Japanese symbol at what would have been 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock.
  • The top two sections had blue curves, and the bottom, red; the coloring of the curves faded out nearest 3 and 9 o'clock and were boldest at 12 and 6 o'clock.
  • In the center of the face were two versions of Treacheron's symbol, one on the left with the normal yellow sun in the red sky, and one on the right with a yellow crescent moon instead.
  • Given such markings, 12 o'clock would have been all blue and neutral sun/moon, 3 o'clock would have been all moon and neutral color, 6 o'clock would have been all red and neutral sun/moon, and 9 o'clock would have been all sun and neutral color.
  • The instrument's pointer needle, with red on the left half and blue on its right half, wavered near 12 o'clock, indicating to Destruxo that the Lights were right beneath him; this would turn out to be correct.

    Deviot's remotes
    - remote devices used by Deviot
    Deviot's Zord remote
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  • After towing the Zenith Carrierzord to a planet, Deviot sought audience with Scorpius, showing him a remote which controlled his three evil Zords.
  • The remote had five tiny red lights above a yellow hemisphere; sticking out of the top were four antenna-like projections.
  • Waking on Deviot's planet, morphed Kai and Damon found electronic cuffs on their wrists and necks.
  • From a throne connected to a large apparatus nearby, Deviot told the two Rangers they were his prisoners, under his control now.
  • Deviot had a Stingwinger insert the remote, and the Stingwinger slid it into a slot on the large control apparatus; the slot seemed like it could have fit a variety of remote shapes and sizes.
  • When the apparatus was turned on, the Rangers' collar devices activated, making them draw their sabers and slash each other; Deviot explained that the energy they expended fighting would power his Zords.
  • When a knob from zero to ten was turned up from 2 to 5, the Rangers began fighting; although they remained in control of their own minds and voices, they were kiyahing along with the attacks they were forced to do on each other.
  • The long indicator meter on the apparatus slowly moved forward click by click during the fight; Deviot was pleased, saying they had more energy than he'd expected and his evil Zords would soon be brought to life, but when the two began to slow from exhaustion, the meter began to drop again.
  • Deviot allowed the Rangers to rest momentarily to regain their strength.
  • As Damon and Kai continued fighting later, the meter rose up to the yellow section; as it neared the red section, Damon managed to take Kai's Quasar Saber and was preparing to stab him with both sabers as Kai was on the ground.
  • Deviot shouted for Damon to destroy him, saying Kai's destruction would mean Deviot's domination, turning up the dial beyond 10.
  • As Damon swung, the saber flew from his hand, impaling the control apparatus, and the setup exploded, shorting out the Rangers' cuffs.
  • As the Rangers tore off their cuffs and ran, Deviot took his remote from the wreckage before pursuing them.
  • Soon on Terra Venture, the Rangers would summon their Orion armor and perform their energy attack after Magna Defender had performed his lightning slash attack, but Deviot laughed as the golden energy crackling around him flowed from into the remote's yellow hemisphere as the red lights flashed.
  • Deviot told the Rangers they had given him the energy he needed, and he promptly summoned the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords by calling into his remote.


  • Hardtochoke, given the remote by Deviot, was able to control the Zords by speaking into the remote as well.
  • Later, Deviot was again using the remote, turning its yellow hemisphere like a dial as he gave the Zords orders.
  • Some time after their defeat 3,000 years ago, Deviot had captured the Rhino, Phoenix, and Shark Galactabeasts and rebuilt them into the Centaurus Megazord, Stratoforce Megazord, and Zenith Carrierzord; now, Deviot said, the only spirit his Zords would ever know was transmitted to them from his remote controller.
  • During a fight, Leo grabbed the remote from Hardtochoke, but the monster then blasted it to pieces in Leo's hand, saying now nothing could control the Zords; the Zords would, however, ally with the Rangers some time later that night.


  • On Terra Venture after Trakeena had accepted his plea for a final battle, Loyax said he felt strong and ready to fight; he had a device of some sort on the inside of his left forearm and the symbol of Barbarax on his stomach.
  • When it seemed that Loyax had decided to ally with Maya and fight for good as he once had, a large electronic dart stuck into his back, and he pulled it out, knowing it had been Deviot, who stood nearby.
  • Loyax grew, and he soon stomped near the Rangers, replying to Maya that he couldn't stop it; below, Deviot was working a remote control, controlling Loyax through his wrist device.
  • As the Galaxy Megazord and giant Loyax struggled, Loyax told them to remove the remote device from him, and the Megazord shot a multicolored energy beam from its hand, shorting out the device.
  • Deviot was confused when giant Loyax swung his mace at him, saying no one could make him be evil ever again.
  • Having lost control, Deviot said Loyax had chosen the wrong side, pressing a button which caused spark explosions all over Loyax, and Deviot then discarded the remote and left as Loyax fell and exploded.


  • Having reprogrammed the Psycho Rangers for greater strength, Deviot resurrected the Psychos, and they now wore armband devices on their left biceps, with which Deviot could administer painful green electrical shocks with a remote to keep them under control.


  • When sole Psycho survivor Psycho Pink refused to cooperate, Deviot used his remote to electrocute her bicep, but she tore off the electric cuff and crumbled it to dust.


  • After Grunchor had been unleashed on Terra Venture in the Lost Galaxy, Deviot, allying with Mutiny, promised success by feeding Grunchor a strength serum, in exchange for 100 Swabbies.
  • At a construction facility on Terra Venture, five Swabbies were dragging along heavy silver rods bearing the Barbarax symbol on each; Deviot ordered them not to drag them, saying Grunchor would be there any time now and would be hungry.
  • Holding a remote scanner device and telling them to put the containers in place, Deviot reassured the Swabbies he was in complete control.
  • During the ensuing Swabbie fight, Deviot watched on the remote scanner panel as a green blip approached; Deviot remarked to himself that it was time for Grunchor's feeding.
  • Grunchor's trail approached, and as the Rangers cleared out, Maya yanked Deviot off his higher platform, making him lose his scanner, making him panic as it was deactivated.
  • Grunchor's trail stopped, and Deviot urged him to come back.
  • Leo grabbed the device, telling Deviot he couldn't control Grunchor anymore.
  • After Deviot had fled without telling them how to use the remote, Leo used it to follow Grunchor.
  • Elsewhere, a Swabbie attempted to use another scanner panel but ended up smacking it to the ground, and Barbarax shoved him back angrily.


  • In his castle in the Lost Galaxy, Captain Mutiny (who had previously allied with Deviot) told Hexuba she was all talk, and he wanted action; as he said this, he was holding the remote Deviot had given to Hardtochoke to control the three evil Galactazords in 720-LGb2.

    Laser dish
    - large dish designed by Kegler to destroy Galactabeasts (729-Cham)
    Laser dish
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    First Appearance: 729-Cham
    Last Appearance: 729-Cham


  • Mike was jogging in the Forest Dome when he heard something; investigating, he saw Villamax and Kegler instructing Stingwingers as they were moving massive parts somewhere.
  • Tripping, Kegler left behind a miniature disc which Mike retrieved before being confronted by Chameliac, but the disc was charred in the ensuing battle.
  • Two Stingwingers carried some tubing and supplies over a swampy pond; nearby, Kegler was supervising the Stingwinger construction of a massive laser dish, holding a manual.
  • On the Megaship bridge, Mike inserted the damaged minidisc into a black reader device; DECA announced reconstruction of sectors 07-2459, and on the monitor formed schematics of the laser dish, which was the only retrievable data.
  • When the Galactabeasts were summoned to fight giant Chameliac, Mike saw a diagram showing the laser shooting the Galactabeasts, and he realized the laser could destroy the Galactabeasts, so he ran out.
  • Meanwhile, at the dish site, Villamax put the laser online and used a keypad to lock on target with a monitor showing the Galactabeasts, and the dish charged up with yellow energy rings.
  • Arriving, Magna Defender Mike blasted the base of the laser with his Magna Blaster, causing the entire structure to explode into fragments, throwing Stingwingers and debris all across the forest.

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