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- power-enhancing cocoon created for Trakeena by Scorpius
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First Appearance: 717-StlB
Last Appearance: 745-End3


  • While Trakeena was out gallivanting on Terra Venture in a beautiful human form, Scorpius was busy in his lair, projecting a stream of silk-like strand from a tentacle, making a human-sized cocoon; he said the cocoon would soon be ready, and his lovely Trakeena's final metamorphosis would be at hand.
  • Later, Scorpius called for Trakeena, and she was confused to see the cocoon in his lair; it was now complete and glowing blue from within.
  • Scorpius told Trakeena that the time had come for her to enter the cocoon so that she could shed her mortal beauty and become an insect with magnificent powers, like him; it was her destiny, he would tell her.
  • Trakeena, imagining herself trapped and screaming inside the cocoon, thanked her father but replied that she liked her mortal beauty and didn't want to become a bug.


  • After flying his small spacecraft to the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot said he wanted to step inside the cocoon and become invincible, but Scorpius angrily fired an energy bolt between him and the cocoon, saying it was only for Trakeena.


  • As Scorpius was dying, Deviot asked who could possibly match his wisdom in ruling the universe, and Scorpius told him it was he who must enter the cocoon and transform; Deviot would carry on his legacy with his new powers.
  • After asking if it was his final decision, Deviot dropped the tentacle and approached the cocoon, but Trakeena suddenly entered and received an enhanced staff from Scorpius.


  • In a storage area in the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot found Kegler and Stingwingers pushing the chained-up cocoon into the corner.
  • Trakeena said she was powerful enough without the cocoon but planned to keep it around just in case.


  • Fleeing from his executioner Villamax, Deviot stumbled into the cargo room and found the chained-up cocoon, "the source of unparalleled power."
  • Deviot approached weakly to finally take its magnificent energy, and he blasted off the chains, but as he approached to show Trakeena no mercy, Villamax grabbed him and continued pummeling him.
  • During the attack, Deviot suddenly grabbed Trakeena and ran hurtling toward the cocoon, past Villamax.
  • Inside the cocoon amidst white flashes, Deviot and Trakeena were merged as Trakeena shouted and screamed.
  • Trakeena rolled out of the cocoon, and she startled Villamax with a demonic grin, yellowish-green irisis with red borders, and black lines streaking down from her eyes; she also had long black pseudo-hair tendrils, and Deviot's blaster on her right hand.
  • Now speaking with Deviot's voice reverb, Trakeena said she was okay, but Deviot was finished.


  • As the ruins of the Scorpion Stinger lay on the moon, Trakeena, gasping and scorched, stumbled down a wrecked and flaming hall and approached the cocoon, which was still intact.


  • Trakeena was sucked into the cocoon as green energy particles, where she grunted and writhed as she transformed.
  • In a superpowered green form, Trakeena plunged her hands out of the cocoon and emerged dripping with green slime.
  • The used cocoon would presumably remain in the ruins of the Scorpion Stinger on Mirinoi's moon.
  • The green Trakeena had no traits of Deviot and appeared more sane.

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