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  • When the Rangers infused the stone Galactabeasts with energy from the stars through their Transdaggers, the beasts were transformed into the Galactazords.


  • The Defender Torozord was able to destroy giant Fishface after the Galaxy Megazord's great difficulty against the monster.


  • Defender Torozord destroyed giant Chillyfish on its own, but Leo had had the Lion Galactabeast ready to help.


  • When the Orion-armored Rangers formed the Galaxy Megazord to fight the giant Shark Brothers, they were startled as the Megazord was armored up for the first time.


  • After the Galaxy Megazord had been formed to fight giant Freaky Tiki, Leo summoned its Orion armor.


  • Defender Torozord rescued the Galaxy Megazord by destroying giant Skelekron.


  • After the Galaxy Megazord had been damaged by giant Crumummy and Defender Torozord's attack had failed, Leo summoned the Orion armor, which healed the Megazord and won the battle.


  • Leo summoned the Galaxy Megazord's Orion armor for the Rangers and Defender Torozord to fight Deviot's evil Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords, but the good Zords refused to fight their old friends.


  • Later, the Galactabeasts struggled with the evil Zords on Maya's urging; when Hardtochoke grew, Leo called for the Galaxy Megazord, and it and Defender Torozord fought the monster and evil Zords.
  • After Stratoforce, Centaurus, and Zenith Carrierzord had allied with the Rangers, Leo called for the Orion armor, and the Zords ganged up on giant Hardtochoke.


  • For the Rangers to fight giant Kubak on an alien planet, Leo called for the Galaxy Megazord.


  • To fight giant Rykon, Maya summoned the Galactazords, and the Galaxy Megazord was then suited up in the Orion armor.
  • As the Megazord was knocked down during combat, Maya said they were losing energy, and as the downed Megazord was slashed repeatedly, she summoned the Stratoforce Megazord, but both it and Centaurus arrived.
  • After Stratoforce had worn down the monster with its superior speed, the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber destroyed Rykon.


  • Leo called for the Galaxy Megazord's Orion armor against giant Cannonbrawl, and when the Megazord was blasted despite blocking with its saber, he summoned the Stratoforce Megazord for help.
  • Mike and the Torozord weren't present during the Zord fight, despite Mike's presence in the previous fight.


  • When the Galaxy Megazord's head and feet were frozen during the battle alongside Defender Torozord against giant Icy Angel, Leo summoned its Orion armor, which caused the ice to vanish.


  • When Motor Mantis grew, the Galaxy Megazord fought and destroyed the monster without the use of the Orion armor.


  • When Loyax, controlled by Deviot, grew and threatened the Rangers, Maya had them form the Galaxy Megazord and soon called for Centaurus after the Megazord had fallen.


  • To fight giant Maronda, Leo called for the Orion Galaxy Megazord; after they'd been temporarily warped to another dimension, Leo called Centaurus for help, giving the Galaxy Megazord a momentary distraction to strike.


  • To battle the particularly tough, power-duplicating giant Chameliac, Leo called for the Galaxy Megazord but then summoned Stratoforce when the warrior wielded a duplicate Galaxy Megazord Saber.
  • Chameliac was baffled when Stratoforce blasted him with Centaurus's cannon rather than wielding its boomerang sword, allowing the Galaxy Megazord to equip its Orion armor and destroy the warrior.


  • To fight giant Psycho-monster Pink on planet Rashon, the four Rangers (lacking Kendrix) took the Galaxy Megazord; they would have been unable to use the Orion armor without Kendrix.
  • The Galaxy Megazord was soon joined by the four Space Rangers in the Astro Megazord (although it was uncertain when the Megashuttle had arrived, as it had never been shown inside the Megaship).


  • When Ironite grew downtown, Damon had new Pink Ranger Karone summon the Galactabeasts and call for the (Orion) Galaxy Megazord; when it was rammed by the monster, Kai called for Centaurus, which gave the Galaxy Megazord the opportunity to destroy Ironite.


  • To fight giant monster-Deviot, Kai had the Rangers use the Orion Galaxy Megazord; as it was quickly overpowered, Zenith Carrierzord blasted from above and launched Stratoforce and Centaurus; the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber was victorious following a dual energy cyclone by the other two Megazords.


  • To fight giant Rocketron on Captain Mutiny's planet after Terra Venture had been sent to the Lost Galaxy, Leo summoned the Galactabeasts to the planet and formed the Galaxy Megazord.
  • When Rocketron grappled the Megazord and prepared to self-destruct, Leo called Stratoforce for help.


  • To fight the giant and extremely menacing Grunchor, Leo had them use the Orion Galaxy Megazord (after they'd apparently summoned their own armor off-screen below), and Mike helped in Defender Torozord.
  • After the flaming Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber, tapping Red Ranger's energies, had been ineffective, Leo called for Stratoforce and Centaurus.
  • After a long struggle in which Torozord was defeated, the Galaxy Megazord was blasted again, and Leo fell to the floor of his cockpit and struggled to get back up; suddenly, the other four Rangers' hands joined him as they stood around him, the black zigzag design in the wall now shimmering with all colors.
  • Centaurus and Stratoforce held their hands against the Orion Galaxy Megazord's shoulders as the Rangers prepared to fight as a team.
  • Leo told them to give it everything they had, and flaming blue and red energy from Stratoforce and Centaurus, respectively, charged the Megazord with gold energy.
  • With Leo's call of, "Galaxy fire power!" the Orion Galaxy Megazord channeled the flaming gold energy into its fists and held them out, projecting a large stream of fire at Grunchor; the monster was roasted and dissolved into particles.


  • In a dream world, after Hexuba's crystal ball had been shattered in the real world, the Rangers summoned their Orion armor and soon fought giant Nightmare with the Orion Galaxy Megazord before Zenith flew out from its waterfall on Damon's call and launched Stratoforce and Centaurus to quickly soften up the monster.


  • To fight giant conglomerate Hexuba, Leo called the Orion Galaxy Megazord for the Rangers, and Mike used Defender Torozord; as usual, Leo soon called for backup from Centaurus and Stratoforce.


  • To stop giant Titanisaur from getting to the city dome from the Ocean Dome, Leo summoned the Galactabeasts, and the Orion Galaxy Megazord, joined by Centaurus and Stratoforce on their own initiative, confronted the monster.
  • After the "disarming" of Centaurus and Stratoforce and the defeat of the Galaxy Megazord, Titanisaur had to retreat to cool down.
  • Later in the city dome after Leo's summoning, the Galactabeasts confronted Titanisaur, with the Rangers on their heads, but they now had no plan with the castle now absent from the monster's back.
  • The Galactabeasts and Defender Torozord individually struggled against Titanisaur but were ineffective until the Lion briefly stunned the monster with two fire blasts.
  • The Rangers formed the Orion Galaxy Megazord, at which point Zenith flew in on its own and launched Centaurus and Stratoforce, which were now repaired somehow.
  • Eventually, the Torozord's charged axe strike, Centaurus's and Stratoforce's energy cyclone, and finally two supercharged slashes from the Orion Galaxy Megazord destroyed Titanisaur.


  • On a hill near the crashed city dome on Mirinoi's moon, Stratoforce and Centaurus stood with their weapons as a Stingwinger swarm approached; they would eventually be destroyed by the exploding insects.


  • The Galaxy Megazord, on its own initiative, held the careening city dome in an attempt to slow its descent, and the Galactabeasts would survive the explosion from the crash.


  • As the Lightspeed Rangers were being beaten in the Omega Megazord by giant monster-Trakeena in Mariner Bay on Earth, the Galaxy Rangers wanted to help, but Leo said the Galactabeasts were on Mirinoi; suddenly, the five Galactabeasts gathered in the city, startling the Rangers.
  • After summoning their Orion armor, the Rangers came to the rescue in the Orion Galaxy Megazord, but it was soon defeated.

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