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  • In the pool room off the Weapons Lab, a testing person emerged from the water wearing a futuristic green and blue pack which would never be used by the Rangers, although it was seen being tested again in 806-WODe.
  • Seeing Miss Fairweather, Mitchell introduced her as "the genius behind everything," from the Rescue Morphers to their newest weapons.
  • The Rangers apparently had some device they could use to quickly glide up cables which were either pre-existing or supplied by the device itself; whatever was used, it was held unseen beside the Rangers' hips.


  • In the basement of a parking garage, morphed Kelsey performed kicks holding onto two white ropes from the ceiling.


  • In an outdoor storage facility, morphed Joel fought Batlings while flipping on a horizontal steel cable.
  • Nearby, morphed Kelsey slid quickly up a steel cable with an audibly motorized attachment probably on her hip.


  • While the Rangers and Dr. Hanson ran a decoy mission, Dana and Mitchell's old friend Earl successfully brought a top-secret fuel cell to the Aquabase, but its function was unknown.
  • The Rangers used their auto-lift cables to quickly shoot up the side of a building.
  • Inside as Fireor fought them, the Rangers leapt up and then swung down on white ropes to attack the monster.


  • In the lab, Dana was setting up a scientific kit which impressed the arriving Miss Fairweather; it would hopefully measure volcanic activity, and Dana intended to try to get a reading at Mt. Jasmine.
  • Dana took her kit in a black bag, and she would use it to observe that something seemed to be causing the recent volcanic activity, finding Trifire inside.


  • The Rangers slid down cables to get to the fallen Megazord in a ravine.


  • When asked who had designed everything in the labs, Mitchell replied the Lightspeed Megazord, Rescue Morphers, Rescue Blasters, Rescue Bird, and Rescue Rover had all been designed by Miss Fairweather's team.


  • Carter and Joel threw red and green ropes respectively around Thunderon's hands, but he slung them around by the cables.
  • Kelsey slid down a cable to spray Falkar in ambush outside a shack.


  • At the beach on the teens' day off, Chad and Kelsey surfed in wetsuits with Ranger-colored surfboards bearing their Ranger crests.


  • Fighting Loki, Chad and Kelsey caught his hands with their Ranger-colored ropes to restrain him while blasting with their Rescue Blasters.


  • Both morphed Leo and Carter threw red rope, wrapping them around Triskull's wrists, but he yanked the two Rangers around by the ropes.
  • Fighting Batlings, both morphed Kai and Chad swung on some sort of cable/handle device.
  • In a green waist cable harness from above, Joel ran sideways along a wall to slash Batlings as he ran by.


  • Carter used some sort of gague device which chirped like a Turbo Navigator to check the power circuits in the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle.


  • As the teens drove in the Rescue Rover tracking a disturbance, a chirping noise similar to a Turbo Navigator was emanating from near Dana.


  • In disguise, unmorphed Carter threw a red rope from his briefcase to trip Bird Bane.


  • Kelsey and Chad wrapped their Ranger-colored ropes around Jinxer's wrists and hurled him in battle.


  • Carter swung on a white rope during the fight with Aquafiend.

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