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- evil spirits released after 5,000 years of captivity, and their allies
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  • Finding temple ruins which were identical to the design of Bansheera's ancient palace, nomads in an apparently Egyptian desert accidentally opened a crevice into the Tomb of Forever below.
  • Having removed the sarcophagus lid after breaking the magical seal, the nomads peered in at the white light within, at which point a blue streak of light shot out with a small shockwave, and they recoiled from mist and an explosion, knocking them against the wall as the spirits of the demons flew out.
  • The demons were in the form of colored energy wisps with horned demonic heads.
  • One of the demonic wisps, reddish-yellow in color (perhaps Ghouligan), flew toward the greedy leader nomad, apparently into his mouth, as he screamed; behind him cowered his cloaked comrade, but the third, reluctant nomad wasn't seen as they presumably perished at the hands of the unleashed demons.
  • The demon-spirits (including the nomads' attacker) then flew out from the crevice into the desert, and they soon flew through downtown Mariner Bay, blowing over signs and people.
  • Later, in a blazing apartment fire, the fiery demon Ghouligan stalked firefighter Carter in the flames, blowing a wall of fire at him and his rescued victim; this would be the first of numerous early monster attacks based on natural forces and disasters.
  • Still on the rampage, the other howling demon-spirits flew over the city, vanishing into gray clouds in the sky which took them to the Skull Cavern, and they then flew into the skull castle.
  • The demons materialized in the castle's main lair; accompanying them was a large demon maw which would be a permanent fixture of the lair, used in monster summoning.
  • Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't there; he then told the perturbed Vypra that they must care for her son Impus.
  • Asked by Diabolico who had done this, Loki explained humans had built their cities right on top of their palace; to further illustrate the point to the curious Diabolico, Loki projected an image onto the floor with an orange beam from his finger, showing Bansheera's palace as it had been in the past, then showing modern-day Mariner Bay in its place.
  • Loki lamented that the humans had built their ugly city (Mariner Bay) on their sacred ground, leaving them with no palace, no queen, and no ultimate power; no mention was made of the warlock.
  • Diabolico swore that they would have their palace back after they destroyed the miserable city brick by brick.
  • Mitchell explained that 5,000 years ago, this part of the Earth had been inhabited by evil spirits, or "demons," whose only purpose was to destroy and conquer.
  • Luckily, there had been a warlock who had been strong enough to conquer them, and the demons were finally captured and entombed; a flashback showed the warlock in the Tomb of Forever in front of the sarcophagus as the demon wisps flew in and the hovering lid sealed after he slammed his fist onto his palm.
  • Despite their capture, Mitchell added, "we always feared that one day they would escape and would return to Mariner Bay"; their fears had come true hours ago when nomad travelers crossing through the desert had discovered the tomb and released the demons back into their world.
  • Arriving in downtown Mariner Bay with Batlings, Ghouligan told the Batlings they'd waited a long time for this, ordering them to destroy the people before them.
  • When the teens morphed into Lightspeed Rangers, Ghouligan exclaimed, "Power Rangers?!", one of several instances pointing to the demons' familiarity with Rangers.


  • Jinxer was now present.
  • Loki had discovered that the Rangers' base was underwater, reminding Diabolico that he knew what water did to them.


  • In the starry sky above the skull castle, purple wisps like those seen during monster summonings coalesced into a blue flaming streak, forming a faint blue image of a face as Bansheera spoke Diabolico's name.
  • Diabolico was seemingly pleased to see Bansheera, saying they'd been preparing for her arrival.
  • Bansheera approved but asked where her magnificent palace was; Diabolico said they were nearly there, but they had a small problem, and Loki blurted out that there was a city on top of it, and it was protected by Power Rangers whose base was underwater, and she knew how they felt about water.


  • Miss Fairweather detected something "alive" in the volcano with her, the presence actually being the resurrected giant Magmavore.


  • When Ryan had been perhaps five or six, Diabolico had appeared to Bill Mitchell in spectral form, rescuing but taking away young Ryan; whether the other demons had been able to exert this kind of influence before their release is unknown.


  • Jinxer, Vypra, Loki, and Batlings were present as Olympius's giant cocoon flew over the city after Impus had inherited Diabolico's Star Power.
  • When Olympius planned to infiltrate the Aquabase, Loki sarcastically told the "genius" great idea, as the Aquabase was underwater, asking, "Ever see a monster get into water? Of course not! We lose our power!"
  • In the Aquabase, Olympius was tackled into the pool by Carter, making bright white energy flashes as they were lost from view.
  • On a beach, Olympius and Carter crawled weakly to shore, soaking wet, and Olympius seemed to be steaming slightly; the Rangers were then released from Olympius's star in his weakness.
  • Rushing to help the staggering Olympius, Jinxer said the water had weakened his powers.


  • As Vypra and Loki came to the desert ruins, Vypra said she'd been there before; looking around, she led Loki one way and found the small crevice which she then realized led into "the tomb," but Loki remained sarcastic and clueless throughout.
  • In the Tomb of Forever, Vypra spoke an incantation as a rope dangled into the flaming pit within the open sarcophagus (presumably the Shadow World), and the formerly destroyed Diabolico climbed out, where Vypra would welcome him "back to the land of the living."


  • Neither Jinxer nor Batlings suffered any obvious ill effects from wading knee-deep in a small artificial pond of water.
  • Bird Bane announced he was king of all winged demon creatures; on his head was a gold crown, and on his chest were the gold V-bolts commonly associated with the Troika monsters.
  • Batlings swam submerged in the harbor's water; weakness, if any occurred at all, may have been in the form of increased susceptibility to Rescue Blaster fire.


  • During Diabolico's plan to steal King Neptune's trident, Loki reminded Diabolico they, the demons, couldn't go in the water, so Diabolico planned to summon the one demon who could go underwater, Aquafiend.
  • Aquafiend was summoned from a lagoon, perhaps never having been captured along with the others.


  • The demons didn't appear familiar with Arachnor, and her demon-like "wings" were actually spider legs from her back strung together with webbing.


  • At one point during their duel, Olympius told Diabolico to take a deep breath, as it would be his last.

    - ghoulish foot soldiers used by Triskull
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    First Appearance: 821-TrR1
    Last Appearance: 822-TrR2


  • Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, it was pouring and storming one night on Mirinoi as Leo retrieved his Quasar Saber from the jungle.
  • In a city on Mirinoi, at least three Ghouls with glowing yellowish eyes under their black cloaks were walking through a street perhaps after crossing a bridge; they were apparently joined by a few more, for a total of at least seven.
  • Each Ghoul had a sword.
  • The Red Galaxy Ranger ran through the city and confronted the Ghouls with his Quasar Saber, startling them.
  • The Ghouls charged, and Red Ranger did as well, fighting and slashing them with sparks.
  • A Ghoul and Leo struck each other at the same time, both sparking, but the Ghoul would appear okay, while Leo fell to the ground, stunned briefly.
  • Lightning briefly illuminated the regrouped Ghouls, who had white monstrous faces with tall black eye sockets containing beady red eyes; their hands were white as well, with red nails, and each wore an identical Y-shaped gold pendant around its neck over its black cloak.
  • The Ghouls shrank into two gleaming balls of blue light and flew up into the sky, followed by their master Triskull.
  • Flying away from Mirinoi, the three lights suddenly passed through the purple/white/blue tunnel of light shown in 701-QsQ1 and 742-EsLG (see "Portals"), emerging near Earth and flying down to Mariner Bay, California.
  • On the thirteenth floor of a glass skyscraper, the mother of a girl named Heather knocked on her husband's office door but was suddenly attacked by Ghouls from surrounding offices, and they carried the screaming woman inside what had previously been her husband's office but was now a mysterious laboratory.
  • Heather's mom struggled from the numerous Ghouls, and she ran in various directions, blocked each time by Ghouls, until she was backed against shelves containing 29 bottles containing miniaturized office workers.
  • After miniaturizing the woman into the last bottle, Triskull had the Ghouls begin taking her life energy at once, and a Ghoul worked a control panel.
  • A Ghoul soon made a ghoulish grunt to Triskull, telling him of the escape of young Heather, who had been a witness.
  • Six Ghouls tried to capture Heather in an elevator to which human Triskull had led her, but she escaped by throwing a ball at the head of the Ghoul grappling her; they then stumbled over each other in the elevator as she ran away.
  • With a pained abdomen as he spoke with the Lightspeed teens, Leo told them the Ghouls (with whom the teens were unfamiliar) had tried to stop him from finding them (the teens).
  • Just then, three Ghouls arrived from balls of blue light and charged, wielding swords.
  • Running, the Ghouls touched their briefly glimmering red eyes and shot blue (orange-ringed) energy pulses from their hands.
  • The four Lightspeed Rangers had difficulty fighting the three Ghouls.
  • Unmorphed Leo charged his Quasar Saber and blew up the three Ghouls with an energy wave from the saber.
  • Following human Triskull through an alley, Carter and Heather were suddenly attacked by five Ghouls, whom Carter attempted to fight unmorphed.
  • Struggling against Ghouls who were trying to grapple her, Heather repeatedly bashed one in the head with her ball, but a Ghoul grappled her, and the ball-beaten one prepared its sword to strike her as she screamed.
  • Eventually defeated by Carter and morphed Kai and Maya, the prone Ghouls were enveloped with blue energy wisps and then dissolved upward into white fragments.
  • In the mountains as Triskull confronted the teens, he snapped his fingers to summon the Ghouls, and seventeen of them rose up from the ground with spectral blue wisps.
  • As Dana said they needed more power as the Lightspeed Rangers were surrounded by Ghouls, Leo charged his Quasar Saber, saying they had just the thing.
  • Morphed Leo's fiery charged slash to roughly six Ghouls made them dissolve downward, cloaks falling to the ground, with green fragments.
  • Morphed Kai and Maya delivered their own charged slashes to roughly five Ghouls with a double crisscross combined, making theirs fall with green energy and vanish, leaving only their smoking cloaks; that was the last of the horde.
  • As morphed Carter and Leo examined the shrunken people after kicking in the lab door, they were attacked by at least six Ghouls.
  • Morphed Damon and Kendrix suddenly leapt in, slashing Ghouls with their sabers.
  • Leo fought and slashed one as well, and his fell into an empty cloak, a sword, and a necklace.

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