PRLR villains' inventions/devices
- technology used by Bansheera's forces
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  • At night, Vypra was dressed as a cat burglar along with two Batlings; they rappelled down to the window of a highly secured lab.
  • Vypra put on goggles which allowed her to see the infrared lasers all over; cutting a circle into the glass, she and her assistants swung in and used suction cups to crawl along the ceiling, putting a device on a security camera to make it show an empty room.
  • Vypra then hung down and used a device with a keypad to crack a security code on a containment device for the yellow Starlight Crystal, which was kept in blue light on cottony white material.
  • After taking the crystal, Vypra and the assistants went to a warehouse where Batlings and Moleman were working on a laser cannon.  Click for picture
  • Receiving their fourth Starlight Crystal, Moleman needed one more to complete his evil creation to destroy all of Mariner Bay and the Rangers as well.
  • As the five crystals were inserted into their ports on the laser's controls, the crystals began to glow, initially flickering, and multicolored sparkles flowed through clear tubes as a humming sound grew, and the large ray barrel charged up with blue electricity.
  • After the laser cart, pushed closer to the open warehouse door, had been smashed by a forklift, a female computer voice announced laser temperature critical, and it soon exploded, apparently destroying the Starlight Crystals with it.

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