PRLR villains' items
- magical items used by Bansheera's forces
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  • Below a parking garage, Batlings were hammering quake stakes into the soil, causing a quake with each pound as Vypra planned to destroy Mariner Bay with an earthquake.
  • Each quake stake was an alien stake with a spinning blade.  Click for picture
  • On her second attack, Vypra went to pound another quake stake, but Carter blasted the hammer from her hand, making her attack him.
  • Rather than fight Vypra, Carter tossed a stake into the air and blasted it into embers, telling the others they had to destroy the spikes.
  • After the Rangers had collected the quake stakes into a large pile, their Rescue Blaster lasers blew up the stakes, making Vypra furious, and Loki would observe from afar that the Rangers had destroyed all of Vypra's quake stakes, suggesting there was a limited supply.


  • To spy on Trakeena's lab, Olympius watched in the viewing blob through the eyes of a "spy bat," a brown bat with eyes which lit up red.
  • To stop Trakeena, Olympius summoned from red energy a dagger with a wide hilt and, from purple energy, a vial with a cobra's head stopper, the sight of which startled Vypra.  Click for picture
  • Olympius said this poison was stronger than ten taipans (a very poisonous snake) and that even Trakeena stood no chance against it, pouring the glowing purple goo all over the dagger blade.
  • When the purple dagger stabbed into a hose in Trakeena's mutation apparatus as she was mutating in her lab, her collected life force liquid was tainted purple and disappeared as Trakeena flew out as a purple cloud which materialized in the city as an enormous monster with long tentacles.

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