PRLR villains' vehicles
- vehicles used by Bansheera's forces
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- buggy driven by Vypra
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First Appearance: 806-WODe
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs
See Also: Galactic Rover


  • After the gold-beaked monster had been destroyed, apparently having been sent merely to lure out the Rangers, Vypra drove up in her new Vyprari.
  • The Vyprari looked like a modified version of the Galactic Rover, with the addition of rear wing fins, some black sections, and top weapons including a double-barreled laser and a six-holed turret; on the side panels were scale designs.
  • Vypra pressed a button on a strip panel above her steering wheel, and her lasers fired: the turret shot blue lasers (from the center), and the dual barrels shot yellow lasers.
  • The Rescue Blaster lasers bounced off a briefly-visible rippled purple energy dome around the Vyprari, and Vypra laughed.
  • The Vyprari had three pedals, the center of which was the brake.
  • Vypra observed that it was just as she'd thought - in her Vyprari, she was invincible.
  • As the pursuing Rescue Rover rounded a corner, the Rangers didn't see Vypra anywhere, but she swung around behind them and buffeted the Rover with lasers before driving away.
  • Nearby, the Rangers found only lingering purple flame trails left by the Vyprari's tires as it had vanished.
  • In the skull castle, Diabolico demanded to know why she hadn't destroyed the Rangers; Vypra bitterly planned to do so after the Vyprari was recharged.
  • Later, the repaired Rover drove up to an area of injured people and burning wreckage, and as the teens aided the victims, they wondered what could have done this.
  • Nearby, Vypra revved watching them, and she raced off.
  • As Carter chased in the Rover, Vypra pressed an orange button on her right, and the Vyprari flashed away with purple gleams and purple fire trails which instantly faded.
  • During her third attack, a strong dual red laser from a Lightspeed Cycle struck the Vyprari from in front, making Vypra swerve and stop although her shield had held, and another dual blast followed as she swerved.
  • Outmaneuvered, Vypra swerved around and raced backwards, firing but missing, and return fire from the cycles caused her to stop as her shield was crackling during the shots.
  • Vypra raced for the approaching Carter, flipped a "Lasers" switch, and pressed a side orange button; their lasers bounced off each other at their point of intersection, and Carter added Rescue Blaster fire to the mix, shooting out her turret, and the shield dissolved amidst crackling.
  • Crackling, Vypra slammed into boxes and growled they hadn't seen the last of her or her Vyprari, and she raced away.


  • Vypra had her Vyprari nearby as she trained Brian, but she would drive away in retreat after he had betrayed her.


  • To stop Carter as he rode his new Trans-Armor Cycle, Vypra took the Vyprari.
  • After a protracted road battle, Carter raced for Vypra and fired an energy beam from the Trans-Armor Cycle's turret.
  • The Vyprari crackling, Vypra skidded out of control into an already blown-up car, and a huge explosion sent black chunks bouncing down the street.
  • Charred near the wreckage of the car and Vyprari, Vypra weakly held out her hand but then seemed to pass out.

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