PRTF villains
- various foes who clashed with the Time Force Rangers
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  • According to narration, peace and justice reign a thousand years in the future. Thanks to the brave legion of the Time Force Police, the streets have been cleared of every criminal, except for Ransik.
  • Nadira's identity was public knowledge, though she wasn't initially considered a criminal, possibly because of a previous lack of involvement with her father's gang.
  • Frax, apparently due to a percieved lack of free will in robots, was also not considered a criminal initially.
  • Ransik proclaimed, seemingly to himself, that if he couldn't rule the present (the year 3000), he'd just rule the past.
  • After aiding Nadira in freeing Ransik from the Time Force prison transport convoy, Frax made a comment that Ransik's plan was working just as suspected, which means he intentionally was captured and put on trial, just to gain access to the prison.
  • After Nadira saved Gluto from Chrono-Freezing, he happily pledged his eternal loyalty to her.
  • Gluto (now lacking the chain-cuffs) remained standing in the misty chamber, as Nadira greeted her father upon his and Frax's entrance to the room.
  • Ransik mentioned to his excited daughter, "The future, will be all ours... or should I say, the past?"
  • Ransik, Nadira, and Frax watched on the Holoscreen as the Red Ranger made his way to the landing pad, leading to Ransik leaving briefly to take him on.
  • Following Frax's activation of the time device, the Cryogenic Detainment Tower of Funaro Maximum Security Prison was warped out of the year 3000 through a time hole, taking himself, Ransik, Gluto, Nadira and all the captured mutants with it.

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