PRTF villains' inventions/devices
- technology used by Ransik's forces
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Frax's time device
- time warping device used by Frax in Cryogenic Detainment Tower
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 940-EOT3


  • Ransik took a small time device and placed it inside a slot atop a control station next to the metal arch in the warehouse.
  • The time device was a silver mechanical sphere, smaller than a basketball, with a partially transparent tower sticking out of the top of it, something red inside of that, yellow lines on the edges of this tower, a tri-pronged cover to the tower, and multiple odds and ends protruding from the base of the sphere.
  • Ransik, after placing the device, turned a knob on the control station, then faced the arch. The machine hummed to life, as the arch prepared to become activated.
  • Later, the Red Ranger, holding the time device in his hand, led the captured Ransik out of the building.
  • Alex handed it over to Captain Logan, stating that it was the heart of a time-warping device, and with it Ransik could have traveled to any time period he wanted.
  • Captain Logan took it with him when he walked off.
  • About two days later, Frax had in his possession an identical time device to the one Ransik had used earlier, meaning the one Captain Logan gained possession of must have been a decoy.
  • Frax placed the time device atop the center console platform in the Cryogenic Detainment Tower of Funaro Maximum Security Prison, where it would remain for the rest of the series.
  • Readying the time device, Frax leaned down and excitedly watched as it first lit up.
  • Frax announced, "Beginning time warp!", before Ransik halted him from pressing the activation button in order to deal with Alex.
  • Once prompted to do so, Frax proclaimed, "Time warp initiating!", and pressed a button on the console.
  • The time device shone to life, warping the room, along with the entire Cryogenic Detainment Tower and everyone in it, out of the space/time continuum through a time hole, rippling in a multicolored shimmer, leaving no trace behind.

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