PRT monsters
- various mutant villains summoned or created by Divatox
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  • On another planet (perhaps Liaria), Divatox stood on a ledge at a beach, with Elgar, Rygog, Porto, and a number of monsters.


  • Entering the subcraft's bridge from its lift, Amphibitor complained, "Oh, it's about time! Oh, I'd been waiting on that stupid planet for you guys to call me forever!"


  • Divatox asked Porto if they had any spare monsters, and he replied that in fact they did have one, Terrortooth.


  • In a plains area near Angel Grove Forest, Divatox and her henchmen tested Piranhatron and monsters in a training setting.
  • Among the monsters at the training area were a monster with a large brown head looking like it had something with tentacles clamped over its face, an armored monster with goat horns, Torch Tiger, a dog or wolf monster, a silver monster in a coat that could shoot green energy from its torso, and a fish monster.
  • Elgar said he hated these cattle calls.
  • Elgar told Divatox this was the last batch of monsters coming up.
  • Porto didn't think the villains were motivating the monsters properly.
  • Rygog's "Monster List" on his clipboard had Lord Litter, Maniac Mechanic, Torch Tiger, Wild Weeder, Wicked Wisher, Voltmeister, Metal Mangler, Metalsaurus, Mad Mike, Dreadfeather, Flamite, and Shrinkasect on it, each with a "yes" or "no" beside its name, with the first three having "no" circled; these were not the monsters present at the training area (with the exception of Torch Tiger), but rather the past and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW, though "Metalsaurus" (Metallasaurus) was Havoc's evil Zord, not a monster; missing from this list were Delisha Ennivel, Translucitor, Clockster, Crosspatch, and Flash Head.
  • Rygog asked about the Masked Muncher, and Divatox said absolutely not.
  • Divatox told Rygog to shape up the monsters or ship them out.

    Other Sources

  • Hammeron toy One monster in the PRT toy line was Hammeron, a monster in an armored blue and black vest/helmet and red cape, with wrenches hanging from his belt and wielding a large sledgehammer with flame designs on it.

    - amphibian monster used by Divatox
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    First Appearance: 501-SIT1
    Last Appearance: 503-SIT3


  • Amphibitor attended Divatox's gathering of villains as she plotted her revenge on the Power Rangers.


  • After Porto had completed his wormhole-closing device, Amphibitor, the monster he assigned to place the device, entered from the subcraft's elevator; he complained, "Oh, it's about time! Oh, I'd been waiting on that stupid planet for you guys to call me forever!"
  • Amphibitor wielded an oversized knife and fork against the Rangers when they arrived.
  • Amphibitor shot a purple energy bolt from his knife, knocking down and apparently stunning morphed Justin.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Amphibitor.
  • The wormhole closer shut off after giant Amphibitor had been destroyed, and Zordon and Alpha's gold streaks then finished passing through the wormhole.

    Other Sources

  • The spelling of Amphibitor's name comes from the Amphibitor action figure.

    Demon Racer
    - super-quick monster used by Divatox
    Demon Racer (#1)
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    First Appearance: 507-BFSp
    Last Appearance: 507-BFSp
    Pictures: Demon Racer #1 (shown at right), Demon Racer #2


  • When Elgar suggested somebody fast to deliver Porto's latest detonator, Porto recommended Demon Racer, a choice which Divatox heartily approved; as soon as Divatox had mentioned the monster's name, he frantically ran around the subcraft's bridge at superspeed.
  • Outside the Youth Center, Demon Racer excitedly watched as Tony and Rob agreed to have a drag race at Angels' Bluff.
  • Demon Racer hid the detonator in fuzzy green dice in Rob's car.
  • Demon Racer drove a customized Jeep.
  • The steering wheel of Demon Racer's Jeep was on the wrong side.
  • Demon Racer wanted to race Adam, who was in his Turbo Cart, and Adam agreed on the condition Demon Racer would tell him where the detonator was if Adam won.
  • When Adam raced in front of him, Demon Racer fired a series of blue energy triangles from his forehead.
  • Adam zig-zagged between two barricades in the road, and Demon Racer smashed his Jeep into it, destroying the vehicle; Demon Racer then staggered away from the destroyed Jeep and shortly fell over and exploded.
  • Demon Racer had had a demon tail and had "Speedking" written down his front.
  • After Demon Racer was destroyed, Porto revealed that he'd made a spare Demon Racer just in case.
  • The second Demon Racer (referred to as "Demon Racer II" in this guide), in a different customized Jeep (with the steering wheel again on the wrong side), tried to run people over in the Japanese district.
  • The second Jeep shot bluish-white energy bolts from its front; it was never shown being destroyed.
  • Giant Demon Racer II shot a purple energy bolt from his forehead.
  • A missile fired from Adam's Turbo Cart knocked giant Demon Racer II over.
  • When the Turbo Megazord stomped on his left foot, giant Demon Racer II called it his pedal foot, indicating that not only was the steering wheel of his Jeep on the wrong side, but the pedals were probably reversed as well.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Demon Racer II.

    Big Burpa
    - bicycling monster used by Divatox
    Big Burpa
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    First Appearance: 508-BBFB
    Last Appearance: 508-BBFB


  • Big Burpa watched from nearby as Justin found the new bicycle Divatox had left for him as bait.
  • Big Burpa rode a bicycle of her own after Justin had taken the bait.
  • Porto said one burp was all it would take for a spell to be cast on the bike; he then said she/it (either Big Burpa or the detonator in the bike, presumably Big Burpa) was his greatest creation yet.
  • The front of Big Burpa's bicycle had Japanese writing on it.
  • Belching while talking, Big Burpa cast greenish-blue energy from her hands at Justin, making him unable to stop pedaling or remove himself from the bike.
  • Big Burpa later terrorized a thin Japanese shop road on her bike, knocking over displays and swerving through people.
  • Big Burpa had a large Japanese symbol on one side of her jacket.
  • After realizing that his bike was a detonator, Justin tried to dump the bike in the lake, but its tires continued driving right over the surface of the water.
  • Bluish-green energy crackles prevented Justin from removing his feet from the pedals.
  • Big Burpa wielded a rod against morphed Justin after he'd been rescued from his bike.
  • A red dragon flashed in front of Big Burpa for an instant before she blasted red energy from her visor.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Big Burpa.

    - bicycling monster used by Divatox
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    First Appearance: 509-WLie
    Last Appearance: 509-WLie


  • Porto shot a blue beam from his stomach porthole, and Mouthpiece appeared.
  • Mouthpiece's deception blaster, a tiny gun attached to Mouthpiece with a cable, shot a blue energy beam at Justin, putting him under a spell which made him lie uncontrollably.
  • When Kat came to check on Justin, thinking she'd heard Porto, Justin told he was fine, then when asked about Porto replied, "Port-who?" and said there was nobody there but him; this caused two Piranhatron to appear.
  • Porto had added something special to Mouthpiece's deception blaster, causing a Piranhatron to appear every time a Ranger uttered a lie.
  • Working on the car wash again, Justin denied Kat's remark about Lt. Stone getting soaked; Justin said he was feeling fine, and when Kat suggested he go inside for juice, he agreed, then said he didn't like juice; a total of three Piranhatron appeared.
  • Justin told Kat and Tanya he couldn't think of anything unusual that had happened that day, making another Piranhatron appear outside, and it hid with the others.
  • When Kat looked at some homework papers from Justin's bookbag, she asked if he'd turned in his homework assignment today, and he replied, "No, I haven't turned my homework in all year."; when Kat asked him if he was sure he hadn't done his homework (a different question than originally asked), he shook his head; outside appeared to be only one additional Piranhatron after this interrogation.
  • Grappled by a Piranhatron in the fight outside, Justin answered Adam that he didn't need help, and another Piranhatron appeared; the same happened when Kat asked if he needed help.
  • After the girls had told him several times not to say anything, Justin, in the Power Chamber, said he was fine, and another Piranhatron showed up at the car wash.
  • Mouthpiece's body looked like the Blue Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger's suit.
  • Morphed Kat got shot with the deception blaster, then told Tommy she felt fine, making a Piranhatron appear at the site of the battle.
  • When told by Tommy not to say a word after they'd been blasted, Adam said he wasn't talking right now, and Tanya said she couldn't hear Adam, making two Piranhatron appear.
  • Morphed Tommy was soon blasted as well.
  • When Dimitria suggested that he tell a lie that was also the truth, Justin broke the spell by saying that everything he said was a lie and that he couldn't tell the truth, but since this was the truth at the time he said it, the spell should have prevented him from saying it.
  • When Justin asked the four other Rangers if they would tell him the truth if he asked them a question, they replied, "Never!", breaking the spell, but since this was also the truth at the time they said it, the spell should have prevented them from saying it.
  • The Piranhatrons around the Rangers all melted once the lying spell had been broken from all of the Rangers.
  • The Turbo RAM Cannon Mode failed to destroy Mouthpiece.
  • Giant Mouthpiece shot a stream of red energy diamonds from his face.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Mouthpiece.

    - number-altering monster used by Divatox
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    First Appearance: 511-Wt&S
    Last Appearance: 511-Wt&S


  • At the beach, Numbor was adding weight to Angel Grove to make it sink into the ocean.
  • Numbor held a staff.
  • Numbor could adjust anything that was measured.
  • Numbor threw a red "2" which exploded into two Piranhatron, but more Piranhatron were soon shown to be surrounding Adam and Justin.
  • Angel Grove was sinking at a rate of two feet per hour, and Numbor said that if it continued, the people of Angel Grove would be swimming by nightfall.
  • Divatox had Numbor plant a detonator and keep the Rangers busy; she also told Numbor to help Kat lose some weight, having heard of Kat's insecurities about her weight.
  • Confronting Kat on a sidewalk, Numbor pressed "-" and "0" on his chest, then fired a blue beam from his staff, making Kat weightless.
  • After planting a detonator, Numbor threw an exploding red "4" at the four Rangers.
  • Numbor changed the four Rangers' weights as well, making Adam, Tommy, and Tanya extremely heavy (1,000 pounds each, according to Numbor, pinning them to the ground), then levitating Justin.
  • Kat dropped to the floor after realizing that it wasn't how she looked that mattered, but rather what was in her heart.
  • Numbor prepared to throw a red "9" at the Rangers, referring to cats having nine lives, before Kat arrived.
  • The red "9" exploded when it hit the ground after being knocked out of Numbor's hands by Kat's kick.
  • After Kat had first knocked Numbor down, the other Rangers appeared to be free of his spell.
  • Morphed Kat fought Numbor alone and gave him quite a beating despite his throwing an exploding "6" at her.
  • Giant Numbor held a red "1", then held a "missile silo" which looked more like a smokestack, and fired an explosive projectile from it.
  • As in "two turtle doves," giant Numbor turned a red "2" into a giant duck which quacked yellow duck-shaped sonic blasts.
  • Giant Numbor turned a red "3" into a small rubber ear as part of a rhyme but then threw it down for its uselessness.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Numbor.

    - fire truck turned monster by a detonator
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    First Appearance: 512-Al&D
    Last Appearance: 512-Al&D


  • When the timer of the detonator attached to a fire truck hit zero, the firefighters inside the truck experienced a bright flash of light, and the fire truck transformed into a giant monster fire truck which had a growling laugh.
  • The fire truck monster, now flying through the city, shot red energy bolts at random buildings.
  • The fire truck monster used its spiked extendible ladder as a battering ram.
  • The Auto Blasters in Turbo Mode shot gold lasers which made the fire truck monster crash and explode; the firefighters were then alone on the street without a truck.


  • The fire truck monster was named Blazinator. (Source: PRT VCD collection, submitted by Derik Smith)

    - spiked monster used by Divatox
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    First Appearance: 501-SIT1
    Last Appearance: 513-MiMe


  • Terrortooth attended Divatox's gathering of villains as she plotted her revenge on the Power Rangers. (Source: Submitted by SirSTACK)


  • Divatox asked Porto if they had any spare monsters, and he replied that in fact they did have one, Terrortooth.
  • Porto said Terrortooth would eat anything.
  • Terrortooth was already in the sub, chewing on pieces of scrap, including sparking wires.
  • Unlike most monsters, Terrortooth demonstrated no language abilities.
  • Divatox wanted spikes on the monster, and several around his head immediately popped out.
  • Terrortooth wandered around after being shot by Kat's Wind Fire bow.
  • Terrortooth didn't have his shades on anymore once the torpedoes had struck him.
  • Giant Terrortooth picked Blue Senturion up but dropped him during the fight with the Turbo Megazord.
  • The Turbo Megazord's chest ray caused giant Terrortooth to return to normal size; this was the only time the chest ray would have this effect on a monster.
  • Divatox flipped a lever on the console of the subcraft's bridge, making Terrortooth crackle with red energy as Piranhatrons approached him.
  • Terrortooth was wearing his shades again.
  • After being blasted by the Auto Blasters and Blue Senturion's Synergizer, Terrortooth retreated and was soon giant again nearby, still with shades.
  • The Turbo RAM Cannon Mode was ineffective against giant Terrortooth.
  • Giant Terrortooth shot red energy bolts from his shades.
  • Giant Terrortooth wielded a sword.
  • Giant Terrortooth shot blue energy bolts from his spikes.
  • Robo Racer's cannon destroyed giant Terrortooth.

    - electrical monster used by Divatox
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    First Appearance: 514-ADTW
    Last Appearance: 514-ADTW


  • Porto presented Electrovolt, who entered from the subcraft's lift.
  • Electrovolt held two clamps which crackled with blue electricity.
  • Porto said that Electrovolt harnessed the power of elecricity to fry everything in his path.
  • From yellow energy from his hand in a quarry the next day, Electrovolt summoned a red dirtbike, bearing a positive sign, and a yellow dirtbike for Elgar, bearing a negative sign.
  • Elgar and Electrovolt rode around the Rangers, blasting inward at the Rangers with blue electricity.
  • Elgar and Electrovolt jumped through the air on their bikes and as they crossed paths shot a larger bolt of blue electricity at the Rangers.
  • Both bikes shot blue energy bolts from their fronts as they went through the air toward the Rangers and Blue Senturion.
  • Morphed Adam grabbed Electrovolt and his bike in midair and threw both down.
  • Electrovolt absorbed the red and yellow bikes as red and yellow energy into his fingertips, causing him to grow with orange energy.
  • Giant Electrovolt shocked the Turbo Megazord as it was racing toward him for the Spinout; a second Spinout attempt, followed by blasts from Robo Racer's cannon, destroyed the monster.

    - musical monster used by Divatox
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    Full Name: Wolfgang Amadeus Griller (515-Cars)
    First Appearance: 515-Cars
    Last Appearance: 642-CTD1


  • Griller arrived on Divatox's subcraft unannounced.
  • Once Elgar had opened the lift doors to let Griller in, he told Elgar "good morrow."
  • Holding a yellow card, Griller introduced himself as, "Wolfgang Amadeus Griller - conductor, musician, and monster extraordinaire; he expected Divatox and crew to have heard of him.
  • Griller said he'd conducted symphonies all over the world and that his music could make virtually anything come to life; he told the villains that perhaps they had a need for his services.
  • Divatox recruited Griller, liking his power of animating objects.
  • On the back of Griller's jacket was a large skull patch with the words "Fan Boy" across the bottom.
  • With a conductor's wand, Griller had empty cars from downtown Angel Grove come to life and fly into the sky; the Viewing Screen also showed a ring of cars (much too large for scale) in orbit around the Earth.
  • After the Rangers had arrived, several cars flew down from the sky and caused explosions, with two of them flying down to try to crush the Rangers.
  • After Griller had fallen over from the Turbo RAM Cannon Mode's energy blast, the ring of cars around the Earth dissolved; the monster was soon back up, however, fighting the Rangers.
  • Griller threw blue energy blasts from his hands.
  • Lasers from Blue Senturion's Synergizer and Red Ranger's Auto Blaster destroyed Griller with a very large explosion.


  • Griller was among Divatox's army on the planet Gratha.

    - fly monster used by Divatox; could shrink things
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    First Appearance: 501-SIT1
    Last Appearance: 642-CTD1


  • Shrinkasect attended Divatox's gathering of villains as she plotted her revenge on the Power Rangers. (Source: Submitted by SirSTACK)


  • After Divatox had watched a fly's buzzing greatly bother Blue Senturion's receptors, she asked Porto if Shrinkasect was ready, at which point Porto promptly introduced Shrinkasect from the lift.
  • Shrinkasect flew in in the form of a tiny fly, then transformed into monster form.
  • Shrinkasect held a net.
  • Divatox gave Shrinkasect a detonator shaped like a soda can for him to hide without letting the Rangers see him.
  • Outside the Youth Center, which was being used as a recycling center for Angel Grove Cleanup Week, the chimps inadvertantly made Shrinkasect drop his can-shaped detonator, and they took it with them.
  • With his detonator gone, Shrinkasect was forced to use a different plan, and he buzzed inside Blue Senturion's head, short-circuiting his brain.
  • Tommy eventually opened a panel in the back of Blue Senturion's head, letting out the fly which transformed into the monster-sized Shrinkasect.
  • Shrinkasect shot blue energy bolts from his hands which shrunk a trash can and then Blue Senturion, who would never have insect wings on his back (see below).
  • Shrinkasect shrank a park bench and a van as well.
  • Shrinkasect shrank all of the Rangers but Justin; when Elgar soon brought the Rangers into the subcraft in a box, they then had insect wings on their backs which in 517-Shr2 wouldn't be used even in situations which would have made flight quite helpful.


  • As they walked through a tunnel in the subcraft some time later, the shrunken Rangers had antennae coming from their helmets.
  • Later walking down the same tunnel, the Rangers had now developed bug claw hands.
  • The Rangers rode the subcraft's torpedoes to the beach, where they returned Blue Senturion and the Rangers to normal.
  • After Divatox had called him into the subcraft, Shrinkasect was shown giant on Earth without torpedoes having been shown striking him.
  • Giant Shrinkasect threw a net onto the Turbo Megazord.
  • Giant Shrinkasect shot a series of energy eyeballs from his eyes.
  • Robo Racer's cannon destroyed giant Shrinkasect.


  • Shrinkasect was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.


  • Shrinkasect was among the Machine Empire's army on the Phantom Ranger's home planet.

    - flame monster used by Divatox
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    First Appearance: 518-PTT1
    Last Appearance: 732-PQsS


  • The Flamite monster emerged from the lift just after Divatox thought to use him.
  • Flamite blew a stream of fire from his mouth at unmorphed Justin, who managed to leap aside.
  • When Justin pulled out his key to morph, Flamite knocked it from his hand before he could use it.
  • Flamite pinned Justin to a tree but wasn't trying to finish him off.
  • Flamite kicked the keys from Tanya's and Adam's hands when they tried to morph as well.


  • Flamite deflected the Turbo Weapons' energy with an orange energy barrier, with the explanation that the Rangers couldn't "fight fire with fire."
  • Adam dumped water on Flamite, causing him to retreat before Adam could blast him with the Turbo Thunder Cannon.
  • Flamite was later giant in Angel Grove.
  • When the Turbo Megazord finally arrived, giant Flamite outstretched his arms, revealing hanging cloths bearing the symbol that had been on his waist (a curved bowl or boat shape, with three lightning bolts coming up from its bottom area), and each of the three symbols released a red energy version of itself which planted itself into the ground and blew smoke up at the Megazord from all sides.
  • Giant Flamite threw two objects at the Megazord, looking like squat pots or wooden round containers.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Flamite.


  • Flamite was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.


  • Flamite was at an auction on Onyx which featured the lost pink Quasar Saber.

    Delisha Ennivel
    - fashion designer monster used by Divatox
    Delisha Ennivel
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    First Appearance: 520-StWi
    Last Appearance: 520-StWi
    Pictures: Delisha (shown at right), human form


  • Delisha, in human form, got out of a black limo and told Ashley she'd never seen anything quite like her jacket.
  • Delisha called herself "Delisha Ennivel, fashion diva."
  • Delisha gave Ashley her card and told Ashley to call her for a break in the fashion business, but when she got back into the limo in which Divatox was waiting, Divatox told her to begin making the jackets; the purpose of the meeting between Delisha and Ashley is uncertain.
  • Delisha transformed back into monster form after getting back into the limo.
  • In some sort of factory as Delisha watched, Piranhatrons used equipment to make jacket after jacket; Divatox had them coat all the jackets with an anger potion, and she threw in Elgar's chocolate bar to make the jackets irresistable.
  • Another day, Delisha had a display of the jackets at an outdoor merchant area near the beach, and people were fighting to get the jackets.
  • All of the teens but Ashley were put under the anger spell when they put on jackets.
  • When a cart of coats was speeding toward Delisha (in human form), Blue Senturion told her to stay there (in the path of the cart), then he stopped it.
  • In thanks, Delisha had Blue Senturion try on a yellow coat, made for his large shoulders, with a Blue Senturion badge pinned to it already.
  • Blue Senturion was put under the anger spell as well.
  • The spell was removed from the four teens when they removed their jackets.
  • Delisha, in monster form, was watching from nearby as the Rangers fought Blue Senturion and the Turbo Megazord soon fought Robo Racer.
  • T.J. had his Turbo Blade as he leapt down to confront Delisha, but she was soon enlarged.
  • Giant Delisha shot pink and black energy patches from her eyes.
  • Giant Delisha wrapped pale blue cloth from her arms around the Turbo Megazord and sent pink elecricity into the Megazord, draining its power.
  • Giant Delisha wrapped green, yellow, and blue cloths around Robo Racer and sent Ranger-colored electricity into it.
  • Robo Racer's cannon didn't destroy giant Delisha.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Delisha.


  • Delisha was absent from Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.

    - bird monster used by Divatox
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    First Appearance: 521-TWOF
    Last Appearance: 521-TWOF


  • Divatox had Porto bring her Dreadfeather to obtain the Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, a map to which she'd found in the sea.
  • Dreadfeather flew through space as a blue streak, then was shown flying.
  • Dreadfeather had a pickaxe.
  • Dreadfeather used digital binoculars to search for the asteroid containing the space cars.
  • Dreadfeather sat on some sort of box on an asteroid to rest, and the asteroid split spart, revealing blue and red streaks which flew to Earth.
  • On Earth with Elgar and Piranhatrons, Dreadfeather made a net drop from the sky onto Justin and Storm Blaster, making both vanish in orange energy.
  • The villains teleported away after only capturing one of the two space cars; they took their captives to a tire warehouse in the warehouse district, where the captives were shielded from the Power Chamber's (but not Lightning Cruiser's) sensors.
  • Divatox blasted Dreadfeather with red eyebeams for making a snide remark about the car she'd brought for Elgar.
  • After riding with Elgar in pursuit of the space cars, Dreadfeather tried to board Lightning Cruiser but was foiled by morphed T.J.
  • Flying with his jetpack, Dreadfeather shot a blue energy beam from somewhere on his head.
  • As Storm Blaster grappled the flying Dreadfeather by the leg with its magnet claw, Lightning Cruiser destroyed him with a barrage of red lasers.


  • Dreadfeather was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.

    Mad Mike
    - pizza cook monster created by Porto
    Mad Mike
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 522-TBTS
    Last Appearance: 522-TBTS


  • Porto touched a pizza box from Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor, and a blue energy bolt from his finger created a monster from the Mad Mike drawing.
  • In Angel Grove, Mad Mike threw exploding pizzas at some Japanese workers unloading a van.
  • Mad Mike's exploding pizzas could fly on their own accord.
  • Mad Mike threw pizzas onto the space cars' steering wheels and hubcaps, turning their headlights green and the cars evil.
  • When the Rangers were trapped in a building with the evil space cars, Divatox told Porto to make her a colossal cooker, and the cars then knocked the Rangers into a giant pizza cooker; Mad Mike proceeded to make a Ranger pizza of them.
  • The giant cooker had Japanese buttons, except in the close-up of the Stop and Start buttons.
  • The Turbine Laser didn't destroy Mad Mike.
  • Robo Racer's cannon didn't destroy giant Mad Mike.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Mad Mike.


  • Mad Mike was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.

    - monster used by Divatox; turned things invisible
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 524-VAct
    Last Appearance: 524-VAct


  • Translucitor generated white energy pulses from his wand to make people vanish in poofs of white smoke; first, he made everyone and everything around the male Ranger teens at a basketball court disappear, and then he moved on to the Youth Center.
  • Dimitria noted that Translucitor was capturing Angel Grove bit-by-bit and shifting it into an alternate dimension of invisibility; the invisible people could see everything and everyone in the normal dimension, but they were invisible, inaudible, and intangible to the people in the normal dimension.
  • Translucitor made the Youth Center and all the people inside but Cassie and Ashley vanish.
  • Just as Alpha called the teens, Translucitor made the Power Chamber, Alpha, and Dimitria vanish as well.
  • Buildings then began to vanish from the Angel Grove skyline.
  • Either Porto or Translucitor (presumably Translucitor) had made the Piranhatron invisble on Divatox's request.
  • Dimitria soon said that Translucitor had shifted everything in Angel Grove into the alternate dimension, but many smaller buildings still remained.
  • The invisible Piranhatron made footprints in the sand and were solid to fight the Rangers while invisible; the Turbo Navigator was able to track the Piranhatron.
  • Invisi-warped Phantom Ranger could see the otherwise invisible Piranhatron fighting the Rangers while he watched from nearby.
  • The reflection of Angel Grove and the retreating Piranhatron could be seen in the water of the lake.
  • Divatox, her three henchmen, and Translucitor walked through Angel Grove as Divatox blasted randomly with red eyebeams.
  • Later, morphed Justin led the other Rangers after an energy source through Angel Grove with the Turbo Navigator, but they passed right by the street Translucitor and the villains were on.
  • Translucitor lured the Rangers into chasing him, and when they summoned the space cars to pursue him, his image appeared in different places in front of them, confusing them into crashing their cars.
  • Translucitor fought the Red, Green, and Blue Rangers while invisible.
  • A burst of mist knocked the three Rangers onto some sort of plate which created a cage around them.
  • Translucitor threw a sheet over the cage and then he and the cage vanished.
  • Ashley reminded Cassie that everything Translucitor had done was just an illusion, and that they just had to find where the guys were.
  • The three captured Rangers were chained to a rocket in the forest, with the rocket bearing the same design seen on Porto's transformation sprayer and the subcraft's kitchen wall in 505-TrIm.
  • Pulses of white energy from Translucitor's wand lit the fuse on the rocket.
  • Ashley gave Cassie directions as to Translucitor's location, allowing Cassie to punch and shoot him while he was invisible, making him visible; he then left in frustration, but the Rangers tracked him down with the Turbo Navigator's Defender Mode.
  • The Auto Blast Defender (see Auto Blasters and Turbo Navigators) shot a red stream of flaming energy which knocked Translucitor down and caused everything which he'd turned invisible to return.
  • Giant invisible Translucitor briefly became translucent to shoot a red energy bolt from his wand.
  • Robo Racer's cannon destroyed giant Translucitor's wand after the Turbo Megazord had knocked him visible.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Translucitor.


  • Translucitor was absent from Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.

    - clock monster used by Divatox; could alter the flow of time
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 525-WTFO
    Last Appearance: 525-WTFO


  • After the freeze key had been destroyed, Elgar's begging for one more chance gave Divatox an idea, and Clockster would soon be on the bridge.
  • On Clockster's chest was pinned a piece of paper or white material with writing arranged vertically: there was Japanese writing below two T's.
  • Clockster's mission was to reverse time to restore the freeze key.
  • When asked, Clockster said he couldn't swim, so Divatox told him not to mess up.
  • In downtown Angel Grove, Clockster purposely made time speed up to double-speed, then faster.
  • Divatox was immune to Clockster's temporal changes, but everyone else on the subcraft was vulnerable to it.
  • After Divatox bellowed angrily, Clockster then reversed time until it was just before the time the Rangers had burst in on the villains in the forest prior to the rocket launch.
  • The Power Chamber and everyone inside was invulnerable to Clockster's reversal (and later freezing) of time.
  • After Phantom Ranger's vanishing from the cave had caused the freeze key to vanish and time to resume, Clockster left, and Divatox sent Elgar after him.
  • In the city, Elgar told Clockster to turn back time again until the freeze key unexploded, but the freeze key had merely vanished from the cave.
  • Knocked down during a fight in which he, Elgar, and Piranhatron fought the Rangers, Clockster sped up time and then reversed it to just before the fight had begun.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed giant Clockster.


  • Clockster was absent from Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.

    Metal Mangler
    - metal monster pulled to Earth from Space Base
    Metal Mangler
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 529-ClMz
    Last Appearance: 529-ClMz


  • When the Space Base was trapped in a beam from the Rangers' super-magnet on Earth, Divatox told Porto to get her a monster to destroy the magnetic beam, and Porto introduced Metal Mangler, who was immediately pulled toward Earth and never seen again.


  • Metal Mangler was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW, though Crosspatch, the monster summoned as Metal Mangler's replacement, was not on the list.

    - pirate monster used by Divatox
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 529-ClMz
    Last Appearance: 529-ClMz


  • After Metal Mangler had been pulled off the Space Base's balcony by the Ranger's super-magnet on Earth, Porto introduced Crosspatch, who had less metal, and he was sent to disable the magnet.
  • While the Rangers fought Piranhatron which had accompanied him to Earth, Crosspatch headbutted the super-magnet's control switch, disabling the magnetic beam.
  • Piloting the evil Turbo Megazord once it had been sent to Earth were Crosspatch in Red Ranger's seat and blue, red, green, and gray Chromites in the Blue, Pink, Green, and Yellow Rangers' seats, respectively.
  • Crosspatch wielded a sword against morphed T.J. when T.J. entered the Turbo Megazord cockpit and had the monster pursue him down through the Megazord's inner workings, emerging on the level of the battery pack powering the Megazord.
  • Pinned on the edge of the battery pack after losing his sword, T.J. shot Crosspatch in the face or chest with his Auto Blaster, then kicked the monster off the edge.
  • Crosspatch survived the very long drop off the battery pack onto the streets far below.
  • After removing the Power Ruby, T.J. cut the battery pack off the Megazord with his Auto Blaster, crushing Crosspatch below and causing a large explosion as the pack was destroyed by the fall.
  • The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Crosspatch.


  • Crosspatch was absent from Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW, though Metal Mangler was on the list.

    - film monster used by Divatox
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 530-Robo
    Last Appearance: 530-Robo


  • Seeing that Bulk and Skull were filming Cassie and Ashley (secretly robot teens) at a tennis lesson, Divatox had Porto bring her Flash Head, who walked in from the balcony after the subcraft's doors had been closed.
  • Flash Head could wrap his victims in glowing blue energy film from the light bulb on his head and turn them into a reel of film.
  • Flash Head turned a Piranhatron into a reel.
  • Flash Head accidentally transformed a Piranhatron that got between him and the teens.
  • The bulb on Flash Head's head flashed, making an explosion around the Rangers.
  • Flash Head wrapped the Rangers together with film, initially blue energy film, from his hands.
  • Flash Head accidentally turned three more Piranhatron into film as the Rangers broke free just in time.
  • Giant Flash Head could instantly teleport to dodge the Rescue Megazord's swings.
  • Giant Flash Head flashed his bulb at the Rescue Megazord, only making explosions around it.
  • The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Flash Head.


  • Flash Head was absent from Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.

    - electrical monster used by Divatox
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 501-SIT1
    Last Appearance: 530-Robo


  • Voltmeister attended Divatox's gathering of villains as she plotted her revenge on the Power Rangers.


  • After Flash Head had been destroyed, Divatox demanded another monster, and Porto presented Voltmeister, who walked in from the balcony after the subcraft's doors had been closed.
  • Voltmeister had an electro-whip, which he said could short out any Ranger; when he used it on a Piranhatron, it flashed briefly and vanished with a ground splash effect.
  • When Voltmeister used his whip on the Rangers, they rolled down a slope and at the bottom demorphed with Ranger-colored light.
  • Giant Voltmeister launched from a wand a metal cuff on a chain, then sent blue electricity through the chain into Siren Blaster.
  • The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Voltmeister.


  • Voltmeister was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.

    Wicked Wisher
    - monster used by Divatox; could create wishing coins
    Wicked Wisher
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 531-BTTW
    Last Appearance: 531-BTTW


  • After the teens had made wishes at the fountain in the park, Wicked Wisher and Rygog came to the fountain, and Wicked Wisher stole Justin's special coin from the fountain.
  • While the teens fought Piranhatron, Wicked Wisher stole two more coins.
  • On the subcraft, Wicked Wisher waved his hand over the three coins, making them briefly glow blue, turning them into wishing coins.
  • Divatox demanded more wishes, but Wicked Wisher said he wasn't a young monster anymore and didn't think he could make more than three coins.
  • Dimitria knew of Wicked Wisher and his power of creating wishing coins; Alpha told the teens that while on Earth, the three wishes were only a myth, Wicked Wisher wasn't from Earth.
  • Wicked Wisher returned to the fountain and tried wishing with coins in it for a lizard, then a snake, but he couldn't make any more wishing coins.
  • Wicked Wisher threw two oversized exploding coins at morphed T.J.
  • T.J. shot Wicked Wisher in the face with lasers from his Auto Blaster, causing the monster to run away.
  • Shortly afterward, T.J. and Wicked Wisher were fighting in the city near an ugly modified Jeep which probably belonged to the monster.
  • Wicked Wisher brought Divatox a sack of coins that weren't magical; Porto explained that he was only a three-wish monster.
  • After Elgar had accidentally knocked the last wishing coin to Earth, Wicked Wisher, Blue Senturion, and Piranhatron were getting coins from people in the park, looking for the coin.
  • Eventually after Blue Senturion had told Wicked Wisher to leave the fighting to him, the monster joined in anyway.
  • Wicked Wisher threw exploding regular-sized coins at the Rangers.
  • The Turbine Laser temporarily defeated Wicked Wisher.
  • When the Rescue Megazord aimed the artillery cannons at giant Wicked Wisher, he told them to hold on and that maybe he'd been a bit hasty, but the Rangers fired anyway, destroying him.


  • Wicked Wisher was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.

    Wild Weeder
    - gardener monster used by Divatox
    Wild Weeder
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 531-BTTW
    Last Appearance: 642-CTD1


  • Immediately after Wicked Wisher had been destroyed, Porto presented Wild Weeder from the subcraft's balcony doors to make the humans search for her missing wishing coin.


  • Seeds from Wild Weeder's bag of seeds wrapped people in vines and turned them into bee-like Diva Drones hypnotized into searching the wishing coin.
  • After Wild Weeder had confronted Bulk and Skull at a plant nursery with Diva Drones and evil Blue Senturion but the Rangers had arrived and Bulk and Skull had run away, Wild Weeder left with an idea; the next he was seen, he was merrily watering flowers downtown.
  • When the Rangers drove up, Wild Weeder's seeds made vines wrap around the space cars, after which four mutant bees hovered around the cars, seeming to be after the flowers on the vines.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed three of the four bees, Wild Weeder shot blue energy streaks from what looked like a light bulb on the end of his vine.
  • After Blue Senturion had arrived to fight the Rangers, Wild Weeder sat down, as he was "all tuckered out."
  • After Blue Senturion had been turned good again, the two torpedoes simultaneously enlarged both Wild Weeder and his remaining mutant bee.
  • Giant Wild Weeder wrapped a vine around Robo Racer and shocked it with blue electricity.
  • The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Wild Weeder.
  • The Diva Drones returned to normal once Wild Weeder was destroyed.


  • Wild Weeder was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.


  • Wild Weeder was among Rita and Zedd's army on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.

    Mutant bees
    - mutant bees summoned by Wild Weeder
    Mutant bee
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 532-GOEv
    Last Appearance: 532-GOEv


  • After Wild Weeder had caused vines to wrap around the space cars, four mutant bees (unnamed) the size of squirrels hovered around the cars, seeming to be after the flowers on the vines.
  • The bees didn't speak.
  • The bees shot a series of yellow energy arrows at the Rangers.
  • Ashley's and Cassie's Turbo Navigators in Defender Mode blasted three of the four bees.
  • The two torpedoes simultaneously enlarged both Wild Weeder and his remaining mutant bee.
  • The giant bee shot yellow energy arrows from its eyes.
  • Robo Racer destroyed the giant bee with its arm blade.

    Torch Tiger
    - flame monster used by Divatox
    Torch Tiger
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 501-SIT1
    Last Appearance: 533-FIYT


  • Torch Tiger attended Divatox's gathering of villains as she plotted her revenge on the Power Rangers.


  • Torch Tiger was present at Divatox's monster training area near Angel Grove Forest.
  • Torch Tiger was the only monster listed on Rygog's odd listing of past and future monsters who was actually present.
  • Overhearing Divatox's plan to get Lightning Cruiser, Torch Tiger tried to demonstrate his ability to breathe fire but only coughed up smoke.
  • Confronting the three teens in the forest, Torch Tiger only coughed up smoke, amusing the teens, but he then stole several bottles of their booster fuel formulas.
  • Torch Tiger rode a dirtbike.
  • Torch Tiger poured a bottle of booster fuel into his bike's gas tank, and it then drove very fast, leaving a trail of flames behind it for a short while.
  • Torch Tiger poured another bottle of fuel into a gas tank opening in his right side which wasn't shown again before or after the pouring shot.
  • Torch Tiger ran around superfast in a flaming blur, catching the forest ablaze.
  • Back at the training area, Torch Tiger demonstrated for Divatox that he could now blow a stream of fire from his mouth, and she sent him to fight the Rangers.
  • Torch Tiger briefly created a large flaming barrier around himself which reflected the Auto Blasters' lasers back at the Rangers.
  • Lightning Cruiser's laser barrage did little, if anything, to Torch Tiger.
  • The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Torch Tiger.

    Maniac Mechanic
    - mechanic monster used by Divatox
    Maniac Mechanic
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 534-TOWW
    Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
    Pictures: Maniac Mechanic (shown at right), Manny (human form)


  • Maniac Mechanic was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.


  • When the periscope was broken, Elgar pulled out a page from the "Mechanic" section in a yellow pages an ad for the Maniac Mechanic, with the drawing of the monster saying, "I fix and build anything!" and his number being MON-ZTER, with an infinity symbol for what looked to be the area code.
  • The ad said that Maniac Mechanic had helped overthrow three galaxies.
  • As soon as Elgar showed Divatox the ad, Maniac Mechanic teleported in.
  • Maniac Mechanic had a large wrench of an odd design.
  • Maniac Mechanic very quickly fixed the periscope, apparently with just his wrench; he said he'd installed a new lens and mirror.
  • Divatox had Maniac Mechanic build a battle wagon; all he needed was parts.
  • Pleased with Maniac Mechanic, Divatox told him, "You may touch me," (referring to her rule by which Elgar wasn't allowed to touch her), and after he'd touched her hand with an index finger, she coyly led him away with a beckoning finger.
  • Elgar and Piranhatrons stole parts from Ashley's car for the battle wagon.
  • The next day, Maniac Mechanic still needed a frame and a place to work, and Divatox chose the auto shop garage at Angel Grove High, where Ashley and Carlos took a shop class and where Bulk and Skull had just dropped off a frame for the class.
  • Maniac Mechanic, needing a disguise outside the shop class, turned into a human (albeit whacky) form, claiming to be a new student for the class.
  • When the teacher introduced him to the class, the human Maniac Mechanic said everyone knew him and started to say his monster name, but then caught himself and gave his name as Manny.
  • Manny was captivated by Ashley's "lucky wrench."
  • Manny secretly bent a large wrench in his bare hands after he'd been heard giggling about some tools.
  • Maniac Mechanic, in monster form, was working on the battle wagon in the garage shortly after school had let out, and Divatox sent the Piranhatron to stop Ashley and Carlos from approaching the garage.
  • Porto didn't trust Maniac Mechanic and didn't have faith in his abilities.
  • Maniac Mechanic was Manny when Ashley and Carlos eventually entered.
  • Manny had Ashley's wrench as he was making the veiled wagon.
  • Manny reverted to monster form after threatening the two teens.
  • After revealing the battle wagon, Maniac Mechanic sped away in the vehicle, which was being driven by a blue Chromite on the wrong side of the vehicle.
  • As Ashley chased him in her Turbo Cart, Maniac Mechanic turned Ashley's wrench into his new wretched wrench, which looked just like his original one.
  • When Maniac Mechanic touched the wrench to the front right wheel of Ashley's Turbo Cart, the wheel fell off, and Ashley crashed.
  • Maniac Mechanic turned a bolt on the wagon with his wrench, forming a large exhaust pipe behind the wagon, then with another turn made two cannons which shot red energy blasts, then with another made a weapon which shot blue energy buzzsaws, some of which struck Storm Blaster and damaged its front.
  • Maniac Mechanic also gave the wagon a missile launcher which hit the underside of Lightning Cruiser with a missile as it flew, forcing it to land.
  • Either Maniac Mechanic's wrench or the front of the battle wagon shot red spheres of energy.
  • Ashley shot a gold energy beam from an Auto Blast Defender (see "Turbo Navigators" and "Auto Blasters") into the turbine of the wagon, destroying it with a massive explosion which apparently took the Chromite and Maniac Mechanic with it, though the torpedoes soon resurrected Maniac Mechanic into giant size.
  • Before the torpedoes had arrived after the explosion, Ashley's wrench returned to normal in her hand with white energy.
  • Giant Maniac Mechanic briefly wielded two wrenches like Ashley's.
  • The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Maniac Mechanic.
  • Soon after Maniac Mechanic had been destroyed, the periscope fell apart the second his guarantee expired.


  • Maniac Mechanic was among Divatox's army on the planet Gratha. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

    Lord Litter
    - litter monster used by Divatox
    Lord Litter
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 535-SpOW
    Last Appearance: 535-SpOW


  • Lord Litter was on Rygog's odd listing of present and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW.


  • When Divatox first saw that T.J., on the first day of a new jogging routine, was alone one morning, Lord Litter was already on the bridge, and Porto already knew about the plan to use the monster against T.J.
  • Lord Litter was a new monster.
  • Lord Litter briefly followed T.J. in the form of a wad of litter before expanding to monster form once T.J. tried to rush at the strange wad.
  • Lord Litter blew winds of newspaper litter.
  • Lord Litter blew newspaper litter at morphed T.J., covering him with it.
  • Erutan rushed out and commanded Lord Litter to go away, then held out his hand, generating a wind that blew the monster away.
  • Later that day, Elgar, Lord Litter, and Piranhatron rounded a corner at the lake after Erutan had left after talking to T.J.; Elgar wanted to fight T.J., but Lord Litter made them leave.
  • The next morning, Elgar, Lord Litter, and Piranhatron trapped Erutan in a net when T.J. went looking for him on his morning jog.
  • Lord Litter sent trash cans clamping around the Rangers' bodies.
  • Erutan caused a lightning bolt from the sky to strike Lord Litter, making him collapse and twitch uncontrollably.
  • The Rangers threw off their trash cans after Lord Litter had been stunned but had gotten back up.
  • The energy sphere from the Turbine Laser only seemed to bowl Lord Litter over.
  • The artillery cannons, held by the four Rescuezords, destroyed giant Lord Litter.

    Crash and the Creeps
    - Ranger-like musical monsters used by Divatox
    Crash and the Creeps (monster forms)
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 536-Conf
    Last Appearance: 536-Conf
    Pictures: Crash, human form, Creep monsters (shown at right)
    Subcategories: "Confusion" song


  • After seeing that Cassie was holding music auditions, Divatox took her red alien-looking electric guitar from Porto (which he'd apparently been holding even before her observation on Cassie) to write "the most memorable hit" the teens had ever heard.
  • Divatox began playing the introductory guitar solo from what would be Crash and the Creeps' addictive "Confusion" song.
  • After Cassie and Vicki had endured a day of disappointing auditions another day, Crash and the Creeps, in the form of five humans in Ranger-colored clothes, auditioned at the last minute with their "Confusion" song. (Click here to listen)
  • The pink Creep played guitar, the green Creep played bass, the yellow Creep played the drums, the blue Creep played the keyboard, and Crash, the red member of the band, played Divatox's alien guitar and sang.
  • The lyrics to "Confusion" were as follows:

    I'm changing over into another
    Face to confuse you.
    I'm gonna trick you, tease and taunt you,
    You might understand real soon.

    Confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion

    My world is full of chaos and clutter,
    Your own thoughts will deceive you.
    My mind is crazy, messed-up and hazy,
    You never know what I'll do.

    Confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion

  • Cassie and Vicki loved Crash and the Creeps and wished they could accept them all, but Crash made the girls accept the whole band or none of them.
  • Vicki played bass, but she stepped out and said she'd write the songs and maybe play now and then; Crash agreed to Vicki's writing the songs and their playing them.
  • Another day, "Cassie with Crash and the Creeps"' first performance, with Cassie singing with Crash, was at the Youth Center, and everyone loved "Confusion."
  • Crash had rejected Vicki's new song.
  • Everyone who heard "Confusion" at their performance at the Youth Center loved the song.
  • Carlos and Justin, taking microphones outside to help out after the concert, went outside and found Piranhatron loading the equipment into a white van with a "Creeps" license plate.
  • During the fight with the Piranhatron, Carlos sang "Confusion," making Justin and even the Piranhatron tap their feet, and some dance, along with it.
  • Carlos and Justin didn't know whether they loved the song or hated it.
  • Another day, T.J. got scolded by a teacher for singing "Confusion" to himself in the resource center.
  • "Confusion" was driving the teens crazy, but Cassie just thought it was a big hit.
  • During or after school, Alpha told the teens, "Divatox's monsters are about to attack Angel Grove," suggesting the Rangers might have encountered the Creeps in monster form earlier.
  • Each monster Creep was a different Ranger color, with Blue resembling a black or brown creature in a police officer's uniform, Pink resembling a cow in a pink suit, Red being an armored warrior, Yellow being some sort of brown bird in a yellow suit, and Green being a frog in a green suit.
  • Each of the monsters had a pentagonal Z insignia badge on his suit (see "Recurring letters"); each of the four Creeps other than Red wore a square belt buckle bearing Japanese writing.
  • When the Rangers rushed in with their Turbo Blades, the Creeps wielded weapons of their own: Blue wielded a butcher's axe and hook connected by a chain, Pink wielded a rake, Red wielded a sword, Yellow wielded a baton rod, and Green wielded a hatchet.
  • Blue made an explosion knock Justin back, seemingly just by looking at him hard.
  • Even Divatox was singing "Confusion" to herself as she watched the fight from the subcraft.
  • After they were blasted by the Rangers' Auto Blasters, Red nodded to the other Creeps, and they ran away.
  • Sending Rygog to stop the monsters, Divatox remarked that one just couldn't find good monsters when one needed them.
  • In some sort of underground compound, Rygog commanded the Creeps to continue to fight; Elgar and Porto were in the compound as well.
  • Red replied that they were artists, and then added that the Rangers had really big weapons as well.
  • Porto presented the Creeps with a red cannon which Elgar called a Ranger Scrambler, powered by a red gem that appeared to be part of a necklace.
  • Yet another day, Cassie was sick of the song and saw everyone at school groaning the lyrics as though hypnotized.
  • Crash, in human form, was handing out flyers at the resource center in Angel Grove High for Crash and the Creeps' upcoming broadcast from Angel Grove Lake on Friday, a broadcast apparently set up by KAGV Radio.
  • Crash told Cassie that Vicki was out.
  • Crash planned to rock Angel Grove and then the world.
  • On the day of the performance, Crash was shown talking to Divatox on the Space Base, saying they'd be world famous; Divatox had heard it before.
  • Meanwhile, the four Creeps were loading up Divatox's flying car, docked just beyond the balcony, with their equipment, and Divatox hurried them.
  • Divatox ordered Crash not to run away from a fight again, or else he'd better run fast and she'd be using him for target practice.
  • In the park near Angel Grove Lake, Elgar, Rygog, and Porto helped Crash and the Creeps set up for their broadcast, with the flying car parked nearby; there was no crowd in sight.
  • After the Rangers had arrived and morphed Cassie had tried to warn Crash about the villains around him, Crash's human disguise burst away, revealing the red monster.
  • The teens were shocked to discover that Crash's band was really Divatox's band (presumably referring to the team of monsters the Rangers had fought previously).
  • Red and the human Creeps began playing with no crowd present except the Rangers and Piranhatron.
  • T.J. destroyed Red's guitar with a laser from his Auto Blaster, Ashley destroyed Green's guitar, Justin destroyed Blue's keyboard, Carlos destroyed Yellow's drums, and Cassie destroyed Pink's guitar.
  • With their instruments destroyed, Red and the Creeps teleported away to the beach, where the Rangers found them all in monster form.
  • At the beach, Red had his sword, and the other Creeps now wielded weapons modeled after the Turbo Weapons: Blue shot blue energy blasts from blue hand blasters, Green shot a green energy blast from a green cannon, Yellow wielded weapons like the Turbo Star Charges, and Pink shot a pink energy arrow from an archer's bow.
  • Red shot a red laser from some sort of black laser pistol which had been in a holster on his right hip.
  • The Creeps nearly defeated the Rangers with the Ranger Scrambler, but the Turbo RAM Cannon Mode's blast overpowered the Ranger Scrambler's blast, knocking four of the Creeps into the ocean nearby.
  • When the torpedoes arrived, only Red grew; apparently he was the only Creep that had survived.
  • The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroyed the giant Red Creep.
  • Another day after Crash and apparently the other Creeps had been destroyed by the Rangers, no one could remember how "Confusion" went.

    Mr. Goorific
    - monster used by Divatox; could change people into animals
    Mr. Goorific
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 538-CBFr
    Last Appearance: 538-CBFr


  • As Elgar was repairing Terrorzord, Porto presented Mr. Goorific ("Goo" for short, as the monster added), whom Porto had already described to Divatox.
  • Goo had a large white tube (similar to an oversized toothpaste tube) with Terrorzord's symbol on it.
  • Whatever was touched by Goo's goo, squirted from his tube, turned into other creatures.
  • The goo from Goo's tube, first blue energy, then white goo, turned a Piranhatron into a white rat.
  • Divatox wasn't particularly enthusiastic about Goo, but she sent him anyway, telling him not to fail her.
  • Goo's goo caused explosions when it hit the ground around the teens.
  • Goo had very effeminate gestures, an exposed stomach under his short vest, purple tassels on his suit, and a pink teleportation effect.
  • Goo accidentally turned a Piranhatron into a turtle while trying to goo Cassie.
  • Goo retreated, then reappeared later when Cassie was alone.
  • When Goo confronted Cassie at the lake, Cassie's dog Jetson tried to attack the monster, but his leash got stuck on a sprinkler; once he got free, he lunged at the monster, sending them both tumbling down a hillside.
  • Goo ran away, planning to get Cassie and her dog next time.
  • Goo's goo, in the fall, had transformed Jetson into an unclothed male teenager with long blond hair.
  • Goo later attacked Justin and T.J. in the park during their search for Jetson.
  • Hours after being transformed, Jetson began to revert to dog form; first his hands turned into dog paws, and he was soon completely back in dog form again.
  • Jetson knocked Goo over in the park just as he was about to goo morphed Cassie.
  • As the Rescue Megazord fought giant Goo and Robo Racer fought Terrorzord, the Megazord grabbed Goo's goo tube and squirted it at Terrorzord, transforming it into a camel on which Elgar sat.
  • The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Goo.

    - baseball monster used by Divatox
    You are here: Who / Evil / Monsters
    First Appearance: 501-SIT1
    Last Appearance: 539-CrvB


  • Strikeout attended Divatox's gathering of villains as she plotted her revenge on the Power Rangers. (Source: Submitted by SirSTACK)


  • When Divatox saw T.J. frustrated by being struck out, she called Porto in, and he entered from the balcony with Strikeout.
  • Strikeout had the number 16 on his sports uniform, as well as "Bol Zock," similar to the "Bowzock" as seen in the phrase, "Bowzock search mode," on the Turbo Navigators.
  • Strikeout pitched glowing white curveballs with balls wearing shades.
  • Morphed Justin tried to bat the pitch with his Turbo Blade, but it curved down, bounced off the ground, and blasted him.
  • Strikeout threw four successive pitches, simultaneously blasting all four remaining Rangers as they tried to swing their Turbo Blades.
  • T.J. hit the curveball back at Strikeout the next pitch he threw.
  • Strikeout then began throwing flaming energy curveballs, charging up with red energy before each throw.
  • Strikeout retreated after running out of baseballs; he'd thrown eleven balls.
  • Another day, after learning how to hit Heath's curveball, morphed T.J., with his shiny red bat, did a powerful swing charged with red energy, sending Strikeout's flaming pitch into space, where it exploded.
  • Strikeout cried after T.J. had hit his fireball.
  • Giant Strikeout threw a cluster of glowing white baseballs which the Turbo Megazord batted back with its Spinout; the same Spinout then destroyed the giant monster.

    Count Nocturn
    - vampire bat monster created by Divatox
    Count Nocturn
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    First Appearance: 540-C&TC
    Last Appearance: 540-C&TC


  • Using Elgar's casual suggestion that the humans try to deal with lunar bats, Divatox wrapped her long tongue around a lunar bat flying around the balcony, turning it into Count Nocturn.
  • In the park at dusk, Count Nocturn bit Carlos's neck, turning him into a vampire.
  • The next day, Count Nocturn and Piranhatron attacked T.J., Cassie, and Justin in the park so that Nocturn could turn the others into vampires as well, according to Divatox's plan; he nearly bit Justin but retreated when the other two teens came running.
  • After being sprayed with the antidote gas Alpha had made from the enzymes of a lunar bat, Carlos was temporarily cured of his vampiric symptoms, but as long as Count Nocturn existed, Dimitria said, he would remain under the monster's spell.
  • Fighting the Rangers, Count Nocturn told Carlos it was time for Carlos to join him, but Carlos replied that he wasn't under the monster's spell yet.
  • Count Nocturn projected a stream of fire from his hand.
  • The Turbo RAM Cannon Mode didn't destroy Count Nocturn.
  • Giant Count Nocturn blew flame from his mouth, making a giant cross (bearing the Terrorzord symbol) rise from from the ground, and chains pinned the Rescue Megazord to it.
  • Count Nocturn tried to regain control of Carlos's mind, but Carlos fought it.
  • Giant Count Nocturn hit the chained-up Rescue Megazord in the chest with his sledgehammer, causing the Rangers to evacuate to the Turbozords.
  • Giant Count Nocturn hit the Turbo Megazord in the chest with his sledgehammer and soon knocked the Megazord down.
  • Giant Count Nocturn used his sledgehammer to smash the reclined Turbo Megazord's right leg (Desert Thunder) and then its left (Dune Star).
  • Giant Count Nocturn used the drill on the other end of his sledgehammer to damage the Turbo Megazord's hands (Wind Chaser) and begin drilling into its chestplate (Mountain Blaster).
  • The Rescue Turbo Megazord used the Turbo Megazord Saber to slice apart Count Nocturn's sledgehammer weapon.
  • The Rescue Turbo Megazord's chest ray, combined with the artillery cannons, destroyed giant Count Nocturn.

    - immensely powerful monster; destroyed Turbo and Rescue Megazords
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    First Appearance: 544-CIS1
    Last Appearance: 544-CIS1
    Pictures: close-up, long shot (shown at right), with robe


  • After he and Rygog had been blasted by Lightning Cruiser's laser cannon, Elgar told the Rangers, "You're gonna need [Lightning Cruiser] when Divatox sends down her big--" but Rygog interrupted him, telling him to be quiet; Elgar may have said "ol'" or possibly "gold" before being interrupted, or this may have been merely a grunt.


  • In her flying car, Divatox drove up on the surface of the moon, where Porto, Elgar, and Piranhatron were, to look at Goldgoyle, who stood on the moon; Goldgoyle was always shown in giant form.
  • Goldgoyle laughed wickedly; Divatox was impressed with him, but the Piranhatron cowered.
  • When Porto said Goldgoyle was the most destructive monster in the galaxy, Goldgoyle corrected him: in the universe; Divatox happily told him he could prove it by destroying the Power Rangers.
  • Later, after Porto told Divatox that Goldgoyle was ready to go, Goldgoyle said he'd eat the Rescue Megazord for lunch; Divatox remained skeptical, though still excited.
  • Goldgoyle flew away from the moon.
  • Alpha's readings on Goldgoyle indicated that he was more massive than a normal monster.
  • Goldgoyle was in a robed form briefly after appearing from red energy bolts; he then reverted to his normal form.
  • Goldgoyle was extremely cocky about his own power.
  • Goldgoyle shot a powerful red energy bolt from his mouth at the Rangers below.
  • The Rescue Megazord shot its hand blasters at Goldgoyle, but he soon wrapped red tentacles around the hand blasters and sent red electricity through them, breaking the blasters to pieces.
  • Goldgoyle caught the artillery blasts, fired from the artillery cannons held by the Rescue Megazord, in his hands, swirled it together into orange energy, and blasted it back at the Megazord.
  • When Goldgoyle was blasting the Rescue Megazord with orange energy repeatedly, the Megazord was missing the artillery cannons in some shots but had them in others; after it had fallen, the cannons would never appear again.
  • Goldgoyle continued to blast the Rescue Megazord with red mouth bolts once it had gotten back up.
  • The Rescue Megazord grappled Goldgoyle and self-destructed with a huge explosion, but he was unaffected.
  • When Goldgoyle fired his mouth bolts at the Turbo Megazord as it was approaching while performing its Spinout, the Megazord flew into the air and spun head-forward, saber pointing straight out; glowing with yellow energy, the Megazord drilled straight through Goldgoyle's midsection.
  • Goldgoyle was unharmed by the Turbo Megazord's drill attack.
  • Goldgoyle gathered up all the energy in the area as red energy streaks and shot it as a tremendously powerful orange rippling energy blast, knocking the Turbo Megazord over and mangling its whole front side.
  • Goldgoyle laughed that he'd been told the Power Rangers were tough.
  • T.J. flew in Lightning Cruiser toward Goldgoyle with the Turbo RAM, set to detonate upon impact, mounted to the top of the car; as he approached, he sent the Turbo RAM flying straight into Goldgoyle's mouth, and an enormous explosion from inside Goldgoyle's body obliterated the monster.

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