PRT villains
- various foes of Turbo Rangers
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  • After capturing Lerigot and traveling to the lost island of Muiranthias to release Maligore, Divatox and crew walked across a grassy area away from a cape on the island (with no subcraft in sight); Elgar was leading the chained-up Jason, four standard warriors were carrying Lerigot in a bamboo cage, and two superior warriors and two more standard warriors were carrying Yara and Bethel in another cage.


  • Some time later, Divatox and her army were on a planet that looked identical to Liaria, except that in the view of the planet from space, the planet was reddish-brown without a bright green glow.
  • Divatox stood on a ledge at a beach, overlooking an army of Piranhatron, which had now taken on their traditional appearance; behind her were Elgar, Rygog, Porto, and a number of monsters.
  • Divatox told Rygog to select an elite batallion of soldiers to bring with them.


  • For at least thirty seconds, the subcraft's elevator was in the process of taking Divatox, Elgar, Rygog, and Porto somewhere other than the bridge of the subcraft after the Chromite and the Shadow Rangers had been destroyed.


  • After Demon Racer II and the detonator of the day had been destroyed, Porto, Elgar, and Rygog were in a sauna in the subcraft; when Divatox banged on the doors to tell them about their defeat, the three henchmen remained quiet so she wouldn't know they were in there.


  • When chimp-Skull caused chaos on the subcraft by trying to use its tiny periscope in the Juice Bar as a straw, Porto said it was those two human monkeys again, indicating that the villains were familiar with them.
  • When Divatox wondered whose brilliant idea it had been to turn those two into monkeys, Elgar suggested they could change them back, but Divatox said they had bigger fish to fry.
  • After Numbor and the detonator had been destroyed, Divatox declared, "From now on, no more stupid monsters!"; she said she needed a new crew around her and that maybe she should hire a temp agency.


  • On what she called a perfect beach day, Divatox was being carried in a covered throne by Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons on Angel Grove Beach while Porto and more Piranhatron walked with them.


  • Excitedly watching the big soccer game on a big-screen TV in the south end of the subcraft's bridge, Divatox was sitting in a seat of some sort, eating as she watched, Rygog was wearing a rainbow Afro wig, Piranhatron were waving giant foam hands and Angel Grove flags, and Porto was holding what looked like cotton candy, saying this was so much fun.


  • In the middle of their search for the missing Divatox, the three henchmen were hungry, and Elgar suggested pizza; Porto lost a game of paper-rock-scissors and had to go pick up the pizza.
  • At the counter of Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor in a large dress and hat, Porto told Mike he'd called ahead for five pizzas cooked to a crisp with raw fish heads on it (of which the place was out); the address he'd given was in Angel Grove Lake.
  • The four villains got five pizzas.


  • Divatox, her three henchmen, and Translucitor walked through Angel Grove as Divatox blasted randomly with red eyebeams.


  • In a plains area near Angel Grove Forest, Divatox and her henchmen tested Piranhatron and monsters in a training setting.
  • Elgar, Rygog, and Porto tried to sneak up on Lightning Cruiser to steal it for Divatox, but Elgar's magic net captured the Rangers's experimental booster fuel bottles instead; the villains then retreated once the Rangers had arrived.
  • When the trio appeared near a watchtower in the forest, Porto asked why they had stopped there; when Elgar was disappointed about only getting booster fuel rather than Lightning Cruiser, Porto planned to make Divatox her own flying car instead.


  • In some sort of underground compound, Rygog commanded the Creeps to continue to fight after they'd retreated from the Rangers; Elgar and Porto were in the compound as well.
  • Another day, the three henchmen helped Crash and the Creeps set up for their broadcast at Angel Grove Lake.
  • The villains left as the Rangers fought Piranhatron, and Crash and the Creeps began to play "Confusion."


  • In her flying car, Divatox drove up on the surface of the moon, where Porto, Elgar, and Piranhatron were, to look at Goldgoyle, who stood in giant form on the moon.


  • After Divatox had blown up the Power Chamber with the Rangers and Piranhatron inside, Divatox's forces scoured the wreckage for the Rangers, and Piranhatron also carried injured Piranhatron out of the rubble.
  • When told by a messenger from Dark Specter that Zordon had been captured and she was to come to the Cimmerian planet immediately, Divatox eeked and, with fake cheeriness, agreed to come immediately.
  • Divatox yelled to the unseen Rangers that she'd be back, then she teleported herself and all of her villains away.

    Terrorzord symbol
    - symbol found on some of Divatox's later equipment
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  • Terrorzord, an evil Zord built by Porto, had red symbols on its shoulders resembling the helmets of the Piranhatron-like warriors in 500-TPRM; these symbols would reappear on various items used by the villains after this point.
  • The symbol was also in the back of Terrorzord's cockpit.


  • Mr. Goorific, introduced as Elgar was repairing Terrorzord, had a large white tube (similar to an oversized toothpaste tube) with Terrorzord's symbol on it.


  • Giant Count Nocturn blew flame from his mouth, making a giant cross (bearing the Terrorzord symbol) rise from from the ground, and chains pinned the Rescue Megazord to it.


  • All three evil Zords (the Divazord, Sharkzord, and Catzord) each bore a Terrorzord symbol.

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