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  • With Cassie lying unconscious on a table in the Cirrus Dimension, General Havoc told the other teens that a pinch of Narvanian dust would turn Cassie to stone forever.


  • To try to steal Lightning Cruiser, Elgar threw a net at the space cars which, when it missed and landed on the table nearby, teleported in blue energy itself and all the booster fuel bottles on the table into Elgar's bag.

    Wishing coins
    - three wish-granting coins created by Wicked Wisher
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    First Appearance: 531-BTTW
    Last Appearance: 532-GOEv


  • On the subcraft, Wicked Wisher waved his hand over the three stolen coins, making them briefly glow blue, turning them into wishing coins.
  • Divatox demanded more wishes, but Wicked Wisher said he wasn't a young monster anymore and didn't think he could make more than three coins.
  • While Divatox was considering what to wish for with her three wishing coins, Elgar used a coin wishing for a full head of hair, giving him long brown locks.
  • Divatox wished for Blue Senturion to be evil, and when he turned evil, most of the lights on his body turned black.
  • Dimitria knew of Wicked Wisher and his power of creating wishing coins; Alpha told the teens that while on Earth, the three wishes were only a myth, Wicked Wisher wasn't from Earth.
  • Wicked Wisher returned to the fountain and tried wishing with coins in it for a lizard, then a snake, but he couldn't make any more wishing coins.
  • Just as Divatox was wishing with the third coin (Justin's) that the "Power Rangers be for all eternity...", Elgar, blow-drying his hair, accidentally knocked the coin from her hands and sent it falling to Earth; it and Elgar (subsequently thrown from the Space Base) both landed at a house where Bulk and Skull had been doing plumbing work.
  • Bulk and Skull, later in the Juice Bar, spent the coin in a pinball machine.


  • After getting the coin back from the broken machine, Bulk and Skull took it with them to a plant nursery, from which they were chased by Diva Drones until they could give it to Blue Ranger.
  • Justin used the wishing coin to wish for Blue Senturion to be good again, and the wish came true.

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