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  • Demon Racer drove a customized Jeep.
  • The steering wheel of Demon Racer's Jeep was on the wrong side.
  • Adam zig-zagged between two barricades in the road, and Demon Racer smashed his Jeep into it, destroying the vehicle.
  • Demon Racer II, in a different customized Jeep (with the steering wheel again on the wrong side), tried to run people over in the Japanese district.


  • Big Burpa rode a bicycle.


  • From yellow energy from his hand, Electrovolt summoned a red dirtbike, bearing a positive sign, and a yellow dirtbike for Elgar, bearing a negative sign.
  • Elgar and Electrovolt rode around the Rangers, blasting inward at the Rangers with blue electricity.
  • Elgar and Electrovolt jumped through the air on their bikes and as they crossed paths shot a larger bolt of blue electricity at the Rangers.
  • Both bikes shot blue energy bolts from their fronts as they went through the air toward the Rangers and Blue Senturion.
  • After morphed Adam had grabbed both the bikes from midair and thrown them onto the ground, Electrovolt absorbed the red and yellow bikes as red and yellow energy into his fingertips, causing him to grow with orange energy.


  • Delisha Ennivel and Divatox rode in a black limo for Delisha, in human form, to introduce herself to Ashley.


  • As Wicked Wisher and T.J. fought in the city, they were near an ugly modified Jeep which probably belonged to the monster.


  • Torch Tiger rode a dirtbike.
  • Torch Tiger poured a bottle of booster fuel into his bike's gas tank, and it then drove very fast, leaving a trail of flames behind it for a short while.

    Piranhatron bikes
    - dirtbikes driven by Piranhatrons
    Piranhatron bikes
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    First Appearance: 518-PTT1
    Last Appearance: 642-CTD1


  • Divatox sent the Piranhatron to the shore to wait for her orders; they would shortly begin chasing after Tommy's pickup truck on copper-colored dirtbikes bearing fins and Divatox's caricatured face.
  • Orange pulses of energy shot out from the mouths of the faces in the fronts of the bikes.


  • The Piranhatron used their bikes to chase after Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster.


  • A number of Piranhatron in the massive army of Piranhatron used to attack the Power Chamber rode bikes.


  • On a street of the villains' Old West town on Onyx, three Quantrons drove up to the Onyx Tavern on Piranhatron bikes.
  • Later, Quantrons, presumably the same ones, would use the bikes to chase after Andros.
  • Elsewhere, Punchabunch was sitting on a Piranhatron bike near an attempt to stop Andros with a rope across the street.


  • Some Piranhatrons with the captured space cars on a desert planet rode on bikes.
  • When Storm Blaster escaped, Piranhatrons on bikes raced after Storm Blaster, shooting orange lasers from the fronts of the bikes, but it flew away.


  • Many Piranhatrons on Yotoba, where Zordon was held, had bikes.


  • Many Piranhatrons, some with bikes, were used in Astronema's invasion force on Earth.

    Elgar's car
    - car driven by Elgar (521-TWOF)
    Elgar's car
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    First Appearance: 521-TWOF
    Last Appearance: 521-TWOF


  • After Lightning Cruiser had freed Storm Blaster and Justin from the warehouse to which Elgar and Dreadfeather had taken them, Divatox teleported to the warehouse; when Dreadfeather said they needed something as powerful as the space cars, Divatox said that was exactly why she'd brought them this, summoning an ugly brown modified car for Elgar.
  • The evil car had Piranhatron-like fins, a periscope like the subcraft's, and chomping front jaws.
  • Elgar drove Dreadfeather around in pursuit of the space cars.
  • The car's wheels said "Divatox" and the front license plate (seeming to be an Angel Grove plate) read "Divatox."
  • Just as Elgar leapt away, the lasers from Carlos's Auto Blaster caused multiple explosions all over Elgar's car, presumably destroying it.

    Divatox's flying car
    - flying car driven by Divatox
    Divatox's flying car
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    First Appearance: 533-FIYT
    Last Appearance: 544-CIS1


  • When he, Elgar, and Rygog appeared near a watchtower in the forest after failing to capture Lightning Cruiser, Porto asked why they had stopped there; when Elgar was disappointed about only getting booster fuel rather than Lightning Cruiser, Porto planned to make Divatox her own flying car instead.
  • Using the booster fuel to make it fly, Porto, Rygog, and Elgar presented Divatox with a brown convertible sedan with jagged teeth in front and a throne in the back seat.
  • After buzzing Lightning Cruiser in midair, Divatox circled around and prepared to ram the space car, but her flying car ran out of fuel and crashed into the training area below.
  • When Divatox later found out that Elgar had personally mixed Porto's new evil fuel formula, she had Elgar test the car; he promptly crashed, apparently ruining the car.
  • Porto said that next time he'd mix the fuel himself.


  • On the Space Base, Crash and the Creeps loaded equipment for their upcoming concert into Divatox's flying car, which was docked just beyond the balcony.
  • As the Creeps set up for their performance at Angel Grove Park near the lake, the flying car was parked nearby.


  • In her flying car, Divatox drove up on the surface of the moon, where Porto, Elgar, and Piranhatron were, to look at Goldgoyle, who stood in giant form on the moon.

    Battle wagon
    - battle vehicle created by Maniac Mechanic
    Battle wagon
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    First Appearance: 534-TOWW
    Last Appearance: 534-TOWW


  • Divatox had Maniac Mechanic build a battle wagon; all he needed was parts.
  • Elgar and Piranhatrons stole parts from Ashley's car for the battle wagon.
  • The next day, Maniac Mechanic used a car frame donated to Mr. Decker's shop class in the construction of the battle wagon inside the shop class's garage.
  • Maniac Mechanic used Ashley's lucky wrench to construct the veiled battle wagon.
  • After revealing the battle wagon, Maniac Mechanic sped away in the vehicle, which was being driven by a blue Chromite on the wrong side of the vehicle.
  • Maniac Mechanic turned a bolt on the wagon with his magic wrench, forming a large exhaust pipe behind the wagon, then with another turn made two cannons which shot red energy blasts, then with another made a weapon which shot blue energy buzzsaws, some of which struck Storm Blaster and damaged its front.
  • Maniac Mechanic also gave the wagon a missile launcher which hit the underside of Lightning Cruiser with a missile as it flew, forcing it to land.
  • Either Maniac Mechanic's wrench or the front of the battle wagon shot red spheres of energy.
  • Lightning Cruiser was blasted, presumably by the battle wagon, causing damage to its exterior, particularly its hood.
  • The wagon's front turbine shot bluish-white energy blasts.
  • Ashley shot a gold energy beam from an Auto Blast Defender (see "Turbo Navigators" and "Auto Blasters") into the turbine of the wagon, destroying it with a massive explosion which apparently took the Chromite and Maniac Mechanic with it, though the torpedoes soon resurrected Maniac Mechanic into giant size.

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