PRT weapons
- weapons used by Turbo Rangers
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Turbo Blades
- generic swords used by Turbo Rangers
Turbo Blade
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First Appearance: 512-Al&D
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed


  • When the Rangers landed after being thrown off the giant fire truck monster, Tommy was holding his Turbo Blade.
  • The Turbo Blades had the C emblem in their hilts.


  • Tommy used his Turbo Blade against Blue Senturion and his Synergizer sword.


  • T.J. had his Turbo Blade as he leapt down to confront Delisha, but she was soon enlarged.


  • Either morphed Cassie or morphed Ashley threw a Turbo Blade to cut the fuse of the rocket the guys were tied to; Cassie used it to cut the three Rangers free, but T.J. then held it.


  • T.J. had his Turbo Blade as Crosspatch chased him through the inside of the Turbo Megazord.
  • Fighting on the edge of the Megazord's waist, T.J. lost his Turbo Blade when it fell over the edge.


  • Evil Blue Senturion summoned a Turbo Blade and threw it at the Rangers, but T.J. caught it.


  • At one point, all five Rangers were wielding Turbo Blades against the Creeps.


  • To swordfight Elgar, morphed T.J. pulled out a Turbo Blade from behind his Auto Blaster holster.


  • Morphed Justin used his Turbo Blade during the fight with the Piranhatron in the Power Chamber. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

    Other Sources

  • The name "Turbo Blade" comes from the toy line.

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