PRZ inventions/devices
- technology used by Zeo Rangers
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  • The teens and Billy used two triangulation devices, set up at two different locations outdoors, along with a laptop computer at each device, to attempt to triangulate the location of Pyramidas, which had come to Earth and vanished.


  • When Leaky Faucet vanished back into the water system, Tommy had the Rangers quickly activate the Tracking Volumeter; morphed Tanya and Adam hooked up two meter devices to the water system into which Leaky Faucet had escaped, and they were able to track his location to seal him off in the pipes.
  • Written on Tanya's Tracking Volumeter was "UAOH LM-01."
  • The five Rangers used ropes and safety clips to slide down and attack Leaky Faucet from above after luring him near freon pipes which would freeze him.


  • As a temporary solution to allow the Rangers to use the Super Zeozords without Tommy, Alpha devised a remote much like the old Falconzord remote, allowing Super Zeozord Five to fight giant Cruel Chrome with the other Super Zeozords.

    Power booster
    - device which boosts power of a Megazord
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    First Appearance: 435-MLSt
    Last Appearance: 435-MLSt


  • When the teens planned to use the Super Zeo Megazord for the first time, Billy said the Megazord still needed one more part to work at its maximum efficiency; the part was a power booster from "one of the old Zords," and Billy had mistakenly sent the booster to the Angel Grove junkyard for recycling after dismantling some of the old Zord pieces.

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