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  • Klank built a small gear-shaped device which clipped onto the backside of Puppetman, Captain Pete's robotic sidekick, to turn him evil.
  • Once Mondo had Klank activate the transmitter, its two tiny red lights flashed, and the transmitter turned Puppetman evil, transforming him into a meaner-looking form.


  • In the desert, Sprocket used a control panel bearing the Machine Empire symbol to create from blue energy a giant boxing ring made of chains; Sprocket had the ring electrocute the Red Battlezord whenever giant Punchabunch knocked it against the chains; the ring disintegrated when morphed Kat smashed the controls with her Power Pod sword.


  • On Earth, Sprocket showed Klank and Orbus his invention which was supposed to make monsters grow bigger than Orbus's, but it actually shrank things; Mondo came to Earth and was pleased with Sprocket's shrinker, planning to shrink the Rangers.
  • Sprocket's shrinker shrank Tommy's black Jeep, then morphed Tommy and Kat.
  • Billy explained that Tommy and Kat's shrunken size was a result of the tightening of the spaces between their molecules, but this wouldn't have altered their masses as Sprocket's size reduction did.
  • Billy used a molecular respacer to restore the size of the Jeep, then the helmetless Tommy and Kat.


  • Klank and Orbus drove away in an empty moving truck which they planned to use as a mobile power station for Somnibot; one the truck was shown parked elsewhere, its rear door bore the Machine Empire symbol, and inside the back of the truck was now all sorts of equipment, including a control panel and a large box bearing a Machine Empire symbol.
  • Klank operated the controls while Somnibot was hooked up to the equipment to amplify his sleeping spell.
  • Alpha sent a power surge through the city's power line which Klank's setup was tapping to power Somnibot; the surge shorted out Somnibot's sleep spell.


  • Finster had been working on a one-use transporter, even though he had little to work with; the transporter successfully teleported the four Rangers into the Machine Arena with blue energy bolts (seemingly teleporting the Rangers in pieces), burning itself out in the process.


  • Using what looked like a Viewing Globe sphere on a stand, Finster found the lost Impursonator monster and teleported her back to Earth, where she materialized in the Super Zeo Megazord's cockpit and kicked the Rangers out; Rita appeared impressed merely by the globe's ability to bring Impursonator back.
  • In the RV, Finster was able to intercept a command transmission from Mondo, ordering Cog Changer and a battalion of Cogs to attack the Angel Grove Coliseum.


  • Klank was able to detect a transmission bound for Triforia, and Mondo, having known the teens would try to call Trey, had Klank activate the laser alarm scanners to warm them of Trey's arrival.
  • In the desert, a small device on a tiny tripod, with the device bearing a gold gear decoration on the side, crackled with white energy after the teens and Trey had passed by it; Klank then told Mondo that the Rangers had tripped the alarm in the beta sector.

    Invisibility medallions
    - medallions used to generate invisibility field
    Invisibility medallion
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    First Appearance: 427-GHnr
    Last Appearance: 427-GHnr


  • While sparring with the teens in the forest, Adam found a small, golden, gear-shaped medallion, and the teens took it to Billy in the Power Chamber for analysis.
  • The medallions had been Klank's idea.
  • The medallions weren't made of any elements found on Earth.
  • The medallion Billy analyzed was producing high levels of radiant energy, generated by an outside force.
  • The medallions looked just like the medallions on Admiral Abominator's coat.
  • A different day, Billy explained that the medallion drew energy from an unknown source; he put the medallion into the Power Chamber console and pressed several buttons, causing him to become transparent briefly before turning completely invisible; he soon became visible again, but transparent first; such a transition between visibility and invisibility is quite similar to the transitions used by the future Phantom Ranger.
  • Shawn had found a medallion, and he planned on using it for a sure win in his upcoming kung fu tournament.
  • Using his medallion, Shawn was able to become transparent during a jump kick in his martial arts practice.
  • Billy and Alpha used the Power Chamber's disrupter ray to destroy the Machine Skybase's power source, destroying all of the active invisibility medallions and the Machine Empire's new fleet of ships in the process; the inactivate medallions, on the other hand, were harmless, according to Billy.

    Bias Blaster
    - device used to fill humans with intolerance
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    First Appearance: 426-ASTR
    Last Appearance: 426-ASTR


  • Apparently in elderly Tommy's story to his grandson, Klank invented a new weapon called the Bias Blaster, and Mondo sent Sprocket to Earth to use it on the teens.
  • The Bias Blaster's ray made the teens and Raymond only care about their own viewpoints.
  • Zordon commented that Sprocket's Bias Blaster had tapped into the most powerful evil known to mankind and that weapons were useless against this hatred; the only way to stop the spread of the evil was for each teen to find within his heart the kindness and understanding that was the key to every human soul.

    - special alloy used to coat Machine Empire monsters with nearly indestructible armor
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  • Mondo had a new robotic technology planned, and he said his new, improved army would be unstoppable.


  • Mondo decided that the time had come to initiate their new robotic fabrication process; he asked Klank whether all of the protective material been removed from the neo-plutonium mine, and nearly all of it had been removed.
  • Mondo planned to coat his army with an armored shield to make them invincible.
  • Mondo, Sprocket, and Machina watched from a large opening in what looked like an enormous facility as an assembly line of giant monsters (including Drill Master, a tentacle monster, Silo, Mechanizer, and the Hydro Contaminator) moved forward to receive their neo-plutonium armor.
  • Mondo ordered Klank to release his entire army of newly-reinforced soldiers; only three additional giant monsters (Drill Master, the tentacle monster, and Mechanizer) helped giant Silo fight the Super Zeozords.
  • The neo-plutonium armor didn't alter the monsters' appearance in any way.

    Brain Drain
    - device used to transfer Tommy's strength and skills into Altor
    Brain Drain
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    First Appearance: 441-ZR5?
    Last Appearance: 442-Kng1


  • After discovering the location of the abducted Tommy, Alpha observed a very strong reading of Tommy's brainwave activity, indicating that something was affecting Tommy's brainwaves, changing him.
  • Meanwhile, apparently in a room off the main area of the Machine Arena, morphed Tommy was restrained in a chair with Gasket's Brain Drain device on his head.


  • In his mind, Tommy was working on a console in the Power Chamber when the White Ranger in the gallery emerged from the glass with a green Tigerzord drawing effect and summoned Cogs to capture Tommy; Prince Gasket, apparently testing out the brain drain device, then appeared in the Power Chamber and told Tommy that no one could help him now.
  • In reality, standing beside Tommy, who was hooked up to the brain drain, Gasket was pleased that the device was finally working, saying he could go in and out of Tommy's thoughts and memories and bend them to his will, making Tommy think and believe whatever Gasket wanted.
  • After sitting in the seat connected to Tommy's seat, with a helmet on Altor's head connected to the brain drain helmet on Tommy's head, Altor absorbed Tommy's powers into himself; afterward, he said he felt the strength of a hundred warriors.


  • According to Trider, the brain drain device was what Gasket used to transfer powers from captured warriors into his machine monsters, a practice which Gasket had been doing for some time, yet in 442-Kng1, Gasket had been pleased that the brain drain was finally working.


  • Due to his slightly altered brain chemistry from his recent exposure to Gasket's brain drain, Tommy was one of the few people on the planet who noticed the day repeating from the presence of Gasket's Chronosapios; while almost everyone else on the planet (including Zordon and Alpha) was unaware of the repetition, Tommy (as well as Prince Sprocket, who became trapped in the time loop when he went to Earth to set an ambush) had a sense of deja vu about the day's events.

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