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- magical sphere used by Gasket to turn back time repeatedly
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First Appearance: 444-BMOT
Last Appearance: 444-BMOT
See Also: Orb of Doom


  • Chronosapios, Gasket's latest creation, was a crystal orb on a small metallic base, on a podium in Angel Grove Park; it caused the same day to repeat on Earth while his battle fleet approached the planet.
  • Whenever Gasket's battle fleet was shown, gear ships and Quadrafighters were shown already in the atmosphere, approaching the city, rather than approaching the planet from space.
  • Due to his slightly altered brain chemistry from his recent exposure to Gasket's Brain Drain, Tommy was one of the few people on the planet who noticed the day repeating from the presence of Gasket's Chronosapios; while almost everyone else on the planet (including Zordon and Alpha) was unaware of the repetition, Tommy (as well as Prince Sprocket, who became trapped in the time loop when he went to Earth to set an ambush) had a sense of deja vu about the day's events.
  • When the Viewing Screen brought up an image of Chronosapios, only Tommy could see the crystal sphere; the odd-looking metallic base, however, was still visible, yet Adam said there was nothing there.
  • Momentarily piercing through the time loop, Alpha showed the crystal ball in Chronosapios and the gear ship with the Quadrafighters swarming out over the city.
  • Morphed Tommy shattered the crystal sphere of Chronosapios with a karate chop.

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