PRZ villains' spacecraft
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Machine Empire gear ships
- gear-shaped spacecraft used by Machine Empire during invasions
Machine Empire gear ship
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First Appearance: 401-AZB1
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
Pictures: gear ship (shown at right), gear ships in orbit


  • Dr. Kender, an astronomer at Angel Grove University, mentioned the rumors in the scientific community concerning an unusual disturbance in the Earth's atmosphere.
  • At the monitoring equipment with Dr. Kender, Dr. Jewel, a scientist from a government agency, said "it" had broken through the outer atmosphere.
  • When asked what was in his briefcase, Dr. Jewel replied that it was very distressing and showed her a top secret photgraph of a Machine Empire gear ship his agency's space telescope had taken that afternoon; he said they only had something to fear if there were more of them.
  • A fleet of gear ships was shown in Earth's orbit, with one gear ship hovering over an army of Cogs, perhaps on the moon, and releasing a number of Quadrafighters.
  • The next day, Bulk and Skull were asleep in a field as a gear ship hovered overhead and Mondo and Machina observed the two from the Machine Skybase; as the ship descended toward the mountains below, Bulk woke up and got Skull's attention, and then as they ran away, the gear ship quickly rose back up from the mountain.
  • Soon, hiding behind rocks, Bulk and Skull watched silver Cogs marching in different directions through the field; when Lt. Stone arrived and saw the Cogs as well, a Cog opened its face and shot three sets of energy pulses in their direction as they fled.
  • As a group of Quadrafighters flew over a city on a scouting mission and then returned to the Machine Empire's headquarters, a group of gear ships was shown in orbit, with the moon in the background.


  • Soon after the Machine Empire's assault on Rita and Zedd's moon palace, at least six gear ships were shown hovering near the Earth, with the moon a considerable distance away; this shot of the gear ships in orbit would be shown frequently until a final appearance in 440-TJOB.
  • The gear ships were never officially named; the name "gear ships" merely describes their shape.
  • A shot of gear ships flying over the Machine Skybase would be shown frequently until a final appearance in 447-RTW1.


  • A gear ship near the surface of what looked like the moon was shown beaming down a squadron of Cogs in a blue energy beam from its underside.
  • For the Quadrafighters to test the Earth's defenses, a gear ship entered the atmosphere, and Quadrafighters then flew out from the giant craft.


  • Dozens of Quadrafighters again emerged from a gear ship, now hovering over Angel Grove, as the Machine Empire mounted a full assault on the Earth.


  • A gear ship somewhere in the sky beamed Sprocket and Cogs down to Angel Grove's water treatment plant in a blue beam.


  • Chronosapios, Gasket's latest creation, was a crystal orb on a podium in Angel Grove Park; it caused the same day to repeat on Earth while his battle fleet approached the planet.
  • Whenever Gasket's battle fleet was shown, a gear ship and Quadrafighters were shown already in the atmosphere, approaching the city, rather than approaching the planet from space.
  • The battle fleet no longer had time to approach once Tommy had destroyed Chronosapios.


  • After creating the Mechaterpillar monster, Gasket unleashed a full assault on Angel Grove, and at least five gear ships hovered over Angel Grove, with Gasket, Archerina, and Klank in the control room of one of the ships.
  • Gasket's gear ship shot blue energy beams from the middle section of its underside, causing large portions of the city to explode.

    PRZ comic book

  • To fire Orbus to enlarge a monster outside the gear ship, Klank loaded Orbus into a launch tube in the gear ship's control room, firing him out one of the top cannon spires.

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