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Damocles Sword
- dangerous magical sword used by King Mondo
Damocles Sword
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First Appearance: 435-MLSt
Last Appearance: 435-MLSt
Pictures: Damocles Sword (shown at right), giant King Mondo with sword


  • Mondo, with Sprocket and Machina joining him, went to the desert outside Angel Grove to retrieve the buried Damocles Sword.
  • Machina reminded Mondo about the last time he'd used the Damocles Sword, and Sprocket said Machina had said it was so terrible that he'd hidden the sword so he wouldn't be tempted to use it.
  • Mondo told Machina and Sprocket to be silenced; he said that had been a thousand years ago, and he knew exactly what he was doing this time.
  • Mondo shot a blue energy bolt from his fingertip into the ground, unearthing the Damocles Sword, a large glowing gold sword.
  • Mondo said the Damocles Sword was the one thing sure to destroy the Power Rangers.
  • Discarding his staff and grabbing the hovering sword, Mondo declared that the power of the Damocles Sword was once again all his.
  • Zordon explained that the Damocles Sword was an extremely powerful but unstable weapon; if used incorrectly, it could cause as much harm to Mondo as it did to those who fought him.
  • As the sword later began to glow again, Mondo commanded the sword to unleash its power, and he then grew to giant size (modifying his back gear in the process); after Mondo had grown, the sword (now also giant) stopped glowing, returning to its normal silver color.
  • Giant Mondo shot red energy beams from the Damocles Sword.
  • Zordon said that with each passing minute, Mondo grew stronger.
  • The Super Zeo Megazord Sabers destroyed the Damocles Sword.

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