PRZ Zords
- Zords used by Zeo Rangers
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  • Since the Zeozords weren't strong enough, the Rangers used the Super Zeozords to fight the four monsters which Mondo had coated with neo-plutonium armor.


  • The Rangers used the Super Zeo Megazord against giant King Mondo.


  • The Rangers used the Super Zeo Megazord against giant Tough Tusks.


  • Zordon told the Rangers to take the Super Zeo Megazord to confront giant Auric, but Jason instead took Pyramidas, alone.


  • When Jason was turned into gold by the giant Midas Hound, shorthanding the team, Zordon had Adam remain behind to ready the Zeozords, while the other Rangers used the Super Zeozords.
  • Pyramidas helped the four golderized Super Zeozords, and Tommy soon called the Red Battlezord as well; the five Rangers switched into the Zeozords when giant Midas Monster ensnared the other Zords in electrocuting chains.


  • Zordon had the Rangers use the Super Zeozords against giant Louie Kaboom.


  • The Rangers used the Super Zeozords against giant Cruel Chrome after Alpha had devised a remote to control Super Zeozord Five.


  • The Rangers used the Super Zeozords against giant Protectron after Jason had told them to do so while he fought Gasket.


  • Tommy summoned the Super Zeozords for the Rangers to use the Super Zeo Megazord against giant Nuklifier.


  • When Gasket launched a full-scale assault on Angel Grove, Adam volunteered to pilot the Red Battlezord (which Tommy was temporarily unable to do while under a spell) while the others used the Super Zeozords against Mechaterpillar.
  • All of the Rangers' Zords (and Warrior Wheel), with the exception of Pyramidas, were regularly stored in the Zord Holding Bay.
  • When Gasket told Klank it was time to finish the Rangers off, Klank thought to have Mechaterpillar make the Zords dance their way to oblivion, and after some frantic dancing, the Zords sparked and fell over, ejecting the Rangers.
  • As a gear ship lifted the prone Super Zeo Megazord with a bluish-white energy ray, Klank, in the ship's control room with Orbus, realized the incredible opportunity for them to download into their computers all the information stored in the Megazord's memory so they would know the weaknesses of the other Zords.
  • The gear ships presumably left after Pyramidas had destroyed giant Mechaterpillar; soon after Mechaterpillar's destruction, Klank and Orbus joined Sprocket and Machina in the Machine Skybase as they discovered that Mondo was back.


  • Tommy summoned the Zeozords and then the Red Battlezord for the Rangers to use against giant Impursonator; he then called for Jason's help in Pyramidas.


  • After Billy had been teleported from the Zeo Megazord, Cog Changer was shown in the Megazord's main cockpit.
  • Tommy thought that the Super Zeo Megazord might have enough power to stop the hijacked Zeo Megazord, and the Rangers used the Super Zeo Megazord.
  • Using what looked like a Viewing Globe sphere on a stand, Finster found the lost Impursonator monster and teleported her back to Earth, where she materialized in the Super Zeo Megazord's cockpit and kicked the Rangers out; Rita appeared impressed merely by the globe's ability to bring Impursonator back.
  • The Rangers later summoned the Super Zeozords to fight Cog Changer and Impursonator, both giant; Tommy brought in the Zeozords and Red Battlezord, then finally Warrior Wheel, when the monsters' combined form was too powerful.


  • The Rangers summoned the Zeozords to fight giant Gasket and Archerina, but when the Zeo Megazord was quickly overpowered, Alpha thought to pilot the Red Battlezord and Super Zeozords by remote.


  • When King Mondo became giant-sized, Trey said there was no time to call the Zords, and he used the Golden Power Staff to make himself and the other Rangers grow; why there was any less Zord-summoning time before this battle than all other battles is unknown.


  • Zordon said that if Divatox joined forces with Maligore, not even the Zords would be able to stop them; this would be the last time anything Zeo-powered would be mentioned or seen, with the exception of the Gold Ranger's reappearance in 642-CTD2 and 643-CTD3.

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