Psycho Rangers
- evil Rangers/monsters used by Astronema (631-RGPs through 639-Ghst) and Deviot (730-TenP through 731-PPnk)
Psycho Rangers
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First Appearance: (Psycho-monster Yellow) 616-FDrk, (Psycho Rangers) 631-RGPs
Last Appearance: (Red, Black, Yellow) 730-TenP, (Psycho Pink) 731-PPnk, (Psycho-monster Blue) 840-FLs2
Pictures: close-up, medium shot (shown at right), long shot, Psycho Silver, Psycho Red human form, Psycho Yellow human form, Psycho Black human form, three Psycho Monsters, Psycho-monster Red, Psycho-monster Black, Psycho-monster Blue, Psycho-monster Yellow, Psycho-monster Pink
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  • In the Onyx Tavern, a "Gray" alien walked over to Psycho Yellow's monster form and began talking animatedly with her.
  • Psycho Yellow, along with an ant monster and Marvo the Meanie, was among the closest observers of the fight between a cloaked Andros (his face eventually revealed) and Darkonda.


  • As a TV reporter stood ready to interview a witness after a building in the Warehouse District had been attacked by an unknown force, the Psycho Rangers walked up, looking identical to the Space Rangers, but with dark purple squares on their chests in place of the standard Ranger-colored squares.
  • When the reporter asked the Rangers if they could tell them what had happened, Red Ranger silently looked her up and down once, then slowly reached for his Astro Blaster.
  • In the metallic-sounding voice which was normal for the Psycho Rangers, Red ordered, "Fire!" and they began blasting blue lasers all around the fleeing reporter, witness, and crew.
  • Despite the Space Rangers' shock as they confronted their duplicates, the Psycho Rangers said that they were indeed Rangers, and their sole reason for being there was to destroy the Space Rangers.
  • The Psycho Rangers fought their counterparts, performing slightly better than them; upon summoning their own set of weapons, the Psychos then proceeded to pummel the Rangers.
  • On the Psycho Weapons were gold insignias later shown on the belts of the Psychos' normal suits: the insignias featured an N within an oval. (see "Recurring letters")
  • With his battleaxe, Psycho Blue performed a "Psycho Spin" whereby he spun around with the axe just like T.J.'s Astro Axe spin attack, but with flames shooting up and enveloping him from his feet, perhaps from friction; T.J. was slashed repeatedly.
  • Psycho Pink stood completely unfazed by the pink energy rings from the Satellite Stunner while she held her archer's bow; she then eerily turned toward Cassie and shimmered out of existence.
  • Suddenly, blue energy arrows blasted Cassie from tiny shimmers in several directions, first one direction, then another; Psycho Pink then shimmered in, sliding forward while still shooting from the second location.
  • Psycho Yellow, meanwhile, dodged Ashley's Star Slinger blasts and returned fire with her own sling weapon.
  • Red Ranger called Black Ranger "Carlos" as the Rangers regrouped.
  • Psycho Red told the Rangers that they weren't actually Power Rangers, at which point the Psychos held out their arms and crackled with blue electricity, then transformed into their normal Psycho Ranger forms.
  • The Psychos had black and Ranger-colored alien-looking suits, with white gloves (but black hands) and white boots (but black feet); on their belts were gold N insignias.
  • The Psychos' helmets had black areas in their foreheads that could've displayed helmet symbols like the Space Rangers', but no such symbols were ever shown; the sides of the helmets had side flares similar to those possessed by Divatox or the Piranhatron warriors in 500-TPRM.
  • The Psycho Rangers explained:
    Psycho Red: "We're the Psycho Rangers."
    Psycho Black: "We're faster than you..."
    Psycho Blue: "Smarter than you..."
    Psycho Yellow: "Stronger than you..."
    Psycho Pink: "But we're evil!"
  • The order in which the Psycho Rangers posed before battle was the same as the Space Rangers' order: red, black, blue, yellow, pink.
  • The Psychos pounded their respective Rangers, then grabbed the Rangers' foreheads and drained knowledge from them in the form of golden waves of light; Psycho Red told Red Ranger now he'd know everything about his powers.
  • When Silver Ranger crashed in on the Silver Cycle, the Psychos vanished after being blasted by the cycle's headlights.
  • Once the Psychos had arrived on the Dark Fortress, Astronema was pleased that the Power Rangers had met her Psycho Rangers; they reported that they had indeed gotten the Rangers' energies and that each one of them had tapped into a Power Ranger.
  • Astronema said soon they would know the Rangers inside and out, knowing their thoughts and predicting their next moves.
  • Astronema told the Psychos to find the Rangers and not to come back until they were destroyed.
  • Soon, Psycho Red appeared from red lightning bolts, hovering above and beside a highway downtown; after planning to get the Red Ranger, he declared, "Begin scan."
  • Back-to-back on a rooftop elsewhere downtown, Psycho Pink and Psycho Yellow scanned, and on two different rooftops near each other, Psycho Blue and Psycho Black scanned as well.
  • On a bench in a park area downtown, Andros and Ashley sat worried, knowing that the Psychos were learning about them by having read their minds.
  • After the two teens had left, a guy near their previous location turned on a Copernicus 2000; Psycho Black heard the communicator-like warble, and he and Psycho Blue accosted the device's owner.
  • Pinning the guy against a wall, Psycho Black told him, "You're mine, Black Ranger," but then drained purple energy from his head into his hand and found he was no Power Ranger, tossing him aside and allowing him to run away.
  • Elsewhere, Psycho Yellow heard the warble as well, and she and Psycho Pink landed behind a blue sedan, the tire of which Psycho Yellow blasted with her sling weapon.
  • Once the car had stopped, Psycho Pink ripped the driver's door off, and Psycho Yellow aimed her weapon at an old couple inside, declaring, "I've got you, Ranger!"
  • As the male driver held his hands up and the female passenger screamed while holding her Copernicus 2000, Psycho Pink was upset that Psycho Yellow had incorrectly thought she'd heard the Pink Ranger.
  • Psycho Pink tossed the car door aside, and Psycho Yellow, equally disgusted, had them run off.
  • Immediately after Zhane, at the market in civilian clothes, had received a call on his Digimorpher, making the same warble sound, Psycho Blue and Psycho Black attacked him.
  • While Psycho Blue pinned Zhane to the ground, Psycho Black touched his right ear and appeared to speak into his left wrist to tell Psycho Red of their capture of a Ranger; before he'd begun speaking, there was an alien chirp sound as though he were using a communicator of some sort; in all other future instances, however, the Psycho Rangers would appear to simply talk to each other from afar with no apparent communicator use.
  • Zhane later regained consciousness tied to a chair in a cobweb-filled room of the old library, a mansion-like building.
  • The five teens ran toward the library but slammed into an invisible wall on the edge of the property.
  • The teens had to morph to get through, but first, since the Psychos would hear them, Andros thought to distract them first.
  • Downtown, Psycho Red heard a warble and told the others he heard them, having known the Rangers would make a mistake.
  • From various points in the city, the Psychos hopped rapidly from point to point over many buildings as Ranger-colored bouncing streaks.
  • Stopping on a rooftop, Psycho Red concentrated and saw an image of the Megatank driving down the road.
  • The Psychos dropped down and ran after the Megatank at superspeed, then leapt in front of it and blasted at it with green energy bolts from their hands, making it crash.
  • Psycho Red opened the door and found, rather than Rangers, a computer box making the warble sound on a loop.
  • After the teens had morphed outside the library, Psycho Pink heard a warble and had them get going, but the Morphers had never been heard making such a sound during morphing.
  • The Spiral Saber drilled through the invisible wall, shattering it with blue energy shards.
  • As the Rangers ran up to the building, the Psychos energy-bounced past them and solidified in front of them.
  • When Andros was surprised by the Psychos' presence, Psycho Red asked, "Were you expecting Santa Claus maybe?"
  • After completely pounding the Rangers, the Psychos shot green energy bolts from their hands, making a major explosion around the Rangers; they fired again, this time with continuous blasting which fried the Rangers, but suddenly the Psychos all clutched their heads in agony and shimmered away.
  • Still sparking in agony, the Rangers collapsed, all of their suits having several black, burnt holes in them that went a layer or more deep.
  • On the Dark Fortress, the Psychos stormed in to confront Astronema, with Psycho Red shoving a Quantron aside; they wanted to know why she'd stopped them from destroying the Rangers, and she replied that they would finish them when she decided.
  • When Psycho Blue asked impudently when that would be, she turned and shocked Blue, Red, and Yellow (the front three Psychos) with a purple energy bolt.
  • Astronema told the Psychos to remember their place, as she would tell them as much as she decided; she then ordered them to leave, and as the growling, stunned Psychos left, Psycho Red replied, "As you wish... for now!"
  • Astronema explained to Ecliptor that the Psychos' magnificent power was coming from Dark Specter himself, and she planned for their power usage to drain Dark Specter away to nothing.


  • The teens were apparently free to use their communicators and morph on Earth during this episode, but fortunately for them, the Psychos were not on Earth at the time; whether the teens knew this is unknown.
  • Datascammer had been sent to Earth by Astronema; he scanned the five Rangers in a flash before retreating.
  • With the Psychos standing near her on the Dark Fortress, Astronema noted that the information Datascammer had collected would be useful.
  • Psycho Red and Psycho Black argued over who should go, with Psycho Red thinking he could handle them without the information database, but Astronema told them they underestimated the Rangers' strength; Psycho Yellow retorted that Astronema underestimated theirs.
  • The next day, after Datascammer's destruction, the Psycho Rangers had left without Astronema's permission.
  • After the Winged Mega Voyager had landed upon destroying Datascammer, Silvy happily waved in thanks, but she was suddenly grappled from behind by Psycho Red, who told the Rangers it was them he wanted, not her.
  • When the Rangers leapt down, Psycho Red tossed Silvy aside.
  • Psycho Red wielded his sword, and the Rangers, their own weapons.
  • Silvy watched the fight from behind a tree as the Rangers did poorly against just the lone Psycho Red.
  • When Psycho Red knocked Red Ranger down and pinned both his Spiral Saber and Astro Blaster, his final blow was stopped by a blast of mist from Psycho Black, who refused to let him take all the glory for himself.
  • Psycho Black said he must have been crazy to put up with Psycho Red for so long, and they clashed, but Psycho Black grappled Psycho Red, and they soon bounced away as Ranger-colored streaks.
  • The two argued on the Dark Fortress until Astronema shouted at them to be quiet.
  • From now on, Astronema planned to take on only one Ranger at a time, and the first would be Pink.
  • Astronema wondered whether the Psycho Rangers were as ready to fight as they thought.


  • Going to speak with Astronema alone, Psycho Yellow had a plan to catch the Rangers, but Astronema told her what she failed to realize was that she already had a plan; then interrupting Psycho Yellow, Astronema ordered her not to think and had her leave.
  • In a corridor outside somewhere, Psycho Pink practiced archery with five humanoid shooting targets featuring the Rangers' helmet images, with bullseyes over their hearts; with her bow, Psycho Pink shot all five quickly through the hearts.
  • Psycho Pink said the Rangers didn't stand a chance against her perfect aim, but Psycho Yellow walked up and mentioned Astronema's plans which apparently didn't include them, having far less faith in Astronema than Pink.
  • Psycho Yellow said Astronema wanted all the glory for herself, but she had a plan to get the Rangers' full powers for themselves; Pink was worried of Astronema finding out, but Yellow planned for them to work together to steal the Rangers' powers before Astronema ever found out, and Pink loved the idea.
  • Shortly, Psycho Pink was on Earth, then confronted the Rangers near the harbor, having Quantrons attack, planning to capture a Ranger.
  • During the fight, Psycho Pink tackled Pink Ranger and fought her; nearby, Psycho Yellow watched, pleased, saying Psycho Pink would wear them down and she would have easy pickings.
  • Psycho Pink blasted Blue Ranger, then Pink Ranger, with a blue energy bolt from her hand.
  • While Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger were pounded by Psycho Pink, an approaching old woman in yellow and black clothes feebily asked what was happening, and Psycho Pink blasted at her.
  • Yellow Ranger freed herself and rushed to help the woman, but with yellow energy, the woman streaked into an upright position nearby, laughing.
  • The woman ensnared Yellow Ranger with a blue energy strand from her fingertip, putting futuristic cuffs on her hands; the woman then turned into Psycho Yellow with yellow energy and then streaked over to grapple Yellow Ranger.
  • Psycho Pink was upset that Psycho Yellow had promised they'd capture Pink instead, but Psycho Yellow slowly sank into a ripple warp in the ground with Yellow Ranger, laughing that she'd lied.
  • Red Ranger's Battlizer chop and punch knocked Psycho Pink back smoking, and she then vanished, vowing to return for Pink Ranger.
  • Elsewhere on Earth, Psycho Yellow tossed Yellow Ranger down in a cell in a rock cavern with a hole in the wall.
  • Psycho Yellow planned to take the rest of Yellow Ranger's powers and beat her easily as Yellow attempted to fight back while shackled.
  • Ashley's shackles had two flashing white sections.
  • Not wanting her time wasted, Psycho Yellow grabbed Yellow Ranger's forehead to finish the brain drain, but a blue energy arrow from the other side of the bars stopped her.
  • Psycho Pink walked up to the bars, quickly vanished, and quickly reappeared on the other side of the bars, telling Psycho Yellow to hold it.
  • Psycho Pink was angry, as the plan had been for the both of them to steal the Rangers' powers.
  • As Psycho Yellow was amusedly defensive, Psycho Pink told her she would doublecross her own mother, if she had one; Psycho Yellow told her there was no need to get personal, just because she had the brains to pull off their plan.
  • The two fought briefly, then Psycho Pink grappled Yellow Ranger and threatened to destroy the hostage; Psycho Yellow refused to renegociate, so Psycho Pink planned to take Yellow Ranger to Astronema, making Psycho Yellow blast them both.
  • Writhing on the ground, Psycho Pink had a cracked left eyepiece and said her energy shield had been compromised.
  • During the distraction, Yellow Ranger quickly leapt out the hole in the wall and plunged down a fjord into mist below, then attempted to hide in a large, abandoned industrial facility nearby.
  • Psycho Yellow, finding Yellow Ranger in a building, told her to quit her running, as it would all be over soon, then vanished from a railing above and reappeared approaching her below.
  • Psycho Yellow said this would go easier if she'd stop fighting.
  • Psycho Pink burst in as a pink streak which swirled around Psycho Yellow in a pink energy cyclone.
  • While the two fought, Ashley looked for some way to get free, and she spotted explosive bins which she ducked behind, then shouted at the Psychos that she'd never give in.
  • Psycho Pink blasted at Ashley, igniting the bins and making the entire area explode; looking at the explosion after being knocked back along with Psycho Pink, Psycho Yellow concluded there was no way she could've survived and said goodbye to Yellow Ranger, but meanwhile, morphed Ashley staggered out of a flaming doorway.
  • As Ashley looked at her cuffs, which were no longer flashing, Psycho Pink attacked her and threw her into a field, where her continued attack was stopped by a sonic blast from the Satellite Stunner as Pink Ranger swooped in on her Galaxy Glider and flew Yellow Ranger out of there.
  • Nearby, Blue Ranger chopped Yellow free from her shackles with his Astro Axe, then the five Rangers fought Psycho Pink.
  • After the Satellite Stunner Booster Mode had blasted Psycho Pink in the cracked eyepiece, Yellow Ranger used her Battle Blade attack to chop across Psycho Pink's injured face with a glowing blue slice with her right arm; Psycho Pink, the whole left eye area blackened and cracked seriously, got back up, sparking and crackling with blue energy bolts as she laughed, then her suit burst off in shreds as giant Psycho Pink's monster form grew.
  • Watching, Astronema declined to stop Psycho Pink, figuring she would be using large amounts of Dark Specter's energy.
  • Giant Psycho-monster Pink, with flower bulbs on her shoulders and dual vine-like tentacles on each wrist, blasted at the Rangers below with flaming red energy from her mouth.
  • Psycho Pink struck Mega Winger with thorny vine tentacles from her shoulders, then blew Mega Voyager back with mist from her mouth.
  • Pink's vines grabbed the Wing Blaster from Mega Winger, and she blasted the Zord with its own weapon.
  • After the Mega Voyager's systems had locked up temporarily, red energy bolts from Mega V-4 charged up the Mega V-3 Missile Mode, making it glow red; it fired and destroyed Psycho Pink, with pink energy wisps drifting up from the explosion.
  • On the Dark Fortress, Astronema angrily told the four Psychos that they could see how much good Psycho Pink's own plan had done her.
  • Psycho Red was sure they would've won if they'd fought together, but Astronema told him they'd win in time.
  • Astronema told the Psychos the next time one of them attacked without her permission, she'd destroy them herself.


  • Probably the next day, the four Psychos were walking through the plaza downtown when the Rangers arrived; since the Psychos had read the Rangers' minds and learned how they fought, the Rangers fought mixed up, not against their counterparts, and did fairly well, but Psycho Blue soon attacked T.J., and the Psychos regrouped against their counterparts, regaining the advantage.
  • Psycho Yellow fought both the Pink and Yellow Rangers.
  • Psycho Blue launched a spinning blue energy blade from his axe, and it sliced Blue Ranger as it flew around him, delivering a particularly strong blow to his back, making him collapse in pain; afterward, he would have a smoking black tear in his suit on his back.
  • Proud of outsmarting Blue Ranger, Psycho Blue attacked Blue Ranger again, slashing him across the chest after quickly dealing with Silver Ranger.
  • Suddenly, a warped wave passed over the area, making the Psychos vanish, as Astronema had instructed Ecliptor to do.
  • Alone in the control room of the Dark Fortress, the Psychos, especially Psycho Blue, were all quite angry at Astronema for stopping them from destroying Blue Ranger.
  • Later, the four Psychos were walking through an industrial area littered with flaming rubble.
  • Blue Ranger emerged, pleasing them, but four more identical Blue Rangers then leapt out as well.
  • The four disguised Rangers' voices apparently sounded like their own rather than T.J.'s, leaving the viewer to wonder why the Psychos didn't identify the real Blue Ranger by his voice; furthermore, only the real Blue Ranger used the Astro Axe, but the Psychos still didn't catch on.
  • As Psycho Blue attacked, Red and Black attacked as well, sure their respective Rangers were among the impostors; Psycho Yellow, meanwhile, watched from above, planning to find Yellow Ranger when they were all done, and she then warped away.
  • Upset as Psycho Red and Black pounded on two Blue Rangers, Psycho Blue was frustrated that the Blue Ranger could be any one of them.
  • Morphed T.J. shot the confused Psycho Blue with his Astro Blaster, then the other two as well; disguised Red Ranger and Black Ranger then congratulated T.J., calling him by name.
  • Suddenly, blue lightning bolts rained down from above, confusing and weakening the Rangers; the three Psychos, meanwhile, appeared dazed.
  • After posing, Psycho Silver said, "I'm the Silver Psycho Ranger, and I'm here to destroy the Power Rangers once and for all!" but Psycho Black told him to dream on, as the Rangers were theirs.
  • Psycho Silver pulled out a sleek, evil version of the Super Silverizer bearing the Psychos' N insignia and told the Psychos while approaching the Rangers that they had no idea who they were dealing with, boldly insisting that the Rangers were his.
  • Psycho Silver leapt in and slashed all of the Rangers, appearing to cause them actual harm.
  • As Psycho Silver defeated the Rangers, the Psychos were angered rather than intimidated, but as Psycho Red and Psycho Black approached the stranger, Psycho Blue blasted them both and told them he'd handle Psycho Silver alone; they warped away with disgust.
  • Psycho Blue held out his hand, making painful mist blow up around Psycho Silver; he then prepared to attack the one Blue Ranger left standing, but the real Blue Ranger, from elsewhere, leapt off Psycho Silver's shoulders and slashed Psycho Blue's left eye with the Astro Axe, cracking it.
  • As Psycho Silver stood with the Rangers, the four impostor blue suits shattered away, revealing their real Ranger suits.
  • When Zhane removed his helmet, Psycho Blue was surprised that he wasn't a Psycho Ranger.
  • Psycho Blue shot two blue energy spheres from his hand at the Rangers.
  • T.J. and Zhane ran forward, blasting at Psycho Blue with their Astro Blaster and Super Silverizer ; up close, T.J. spun through the air and slashed with the Astro Axe, and Zhane followed with a glowing slash from the Silverizer, causing Psycho Blue to fall and explode, but the Satellasers would enlarge him in monster form.
  • Psycho Blue's monster form was covered in icicle-like protrustions.
  • Giant Psycho Blue blew snow from himself, then attacked Mega Voyager and Mega Winger with the icicle claws on his left arm.
  • Psycho Blue blew more snow at the Mega Voyager, covering its legs and head with ice; Mega Voyager soon raised its temperature to melt the ice, then blasted Psycho Blue with its chest lasers, tapping its excess heat.
  • The Winged Mega Voyager destroyed Psycho Blue with the Mega V-3 missile mode, after which blue energy wisps drifted up from the explosion.
  • Entering the control room, the Psychos were upset; when Psycho Yellow began to issue an ultimatum for Astronema to give them a plan, the villainess threatened to vaporize her, making the Psychos cower as she pointed at them.
  • Planning to destroy the Rangers, Astronema began to tell the Psychos of her next plan.


  • On the Dark Fortress probably the next day, the three Psychos listened to clips of their three Rangers' voices.
  • After listening to the clip of Ashley's voice, Psycho Yellow said, "Voice recognition complete," and after the clip of Carlos's, Psycho Black said, "Voice data memorized."
  • Psycho Black's view was a blue-tinted view, with a color-changing icon of a running Ranger in the lower right.
  • Psycho Red's view was red-tinted; in the corner as Andros's clip spoke, a selector went through the Ranger color names and selected "Red" and the voicegraph beside it.
  • Psycho Yellow's view had a purple gem-shaped display in the corner which rotated through images of people while it scanned.
  • After they'd all listened to their voice clips, Psycho Red said the Rangers could disguise their colors but not their voices, allowing them to find them as soon as they spoke; Astronema added that they couldn't even morph without the Psychos knowing.
  • Astronema told the Psychos to bring the Rangers to her, but she ordered for them not to be destroyed.
  • The Psychos teleported to the plaza downtown with Ranger-colored energy streaks, then held a hand over their faces and "morphed" (as Ashley would later call it) into human forms, dressed in leather jackets and Ranger-colored shirts, with more Ranger-colored energy.
  • The three Psycho teens heard Yellow Ranger from a distance as she used a phone booth, and as they rushed to a balcony, Psycho Yellow pinpointed her location in the booth below.
  • Psycho Red told her to wait and do this together, as they didn't know if Yellow Ranger was alone, but Psycho Yellow angrily pulled from his grasp, ordering them to keep up with her, as she wasn't waiting.
  • Below, Psycho Yellow streaked up in human form and ran toward the booth, then kicked it open and pulled out a woman with very similar hair and clothes who'd gotten in the booth after Ashley; when the woman screamed as Psycho Yellow prepared to punch her, she hesitated.
  • After running up with Psycho Black, Psycho Red grabbed the woman's face and studied it, then concluded that it wasn't Yellow Ranger after all.
  • After shoving the woman away, Psycho Yellow and the other two ran off, figuring Yellow Ranger couldn't have gone far.
  • After receiving a warning page from the other teens, Cassie walked right by the Psycho teens looking for a phone, with neither Cassie nor the Psychos recognizing each other.
  • Over the phone, Andros and Ashley explained the situation to Cassie and that she couldn't make any noise or the Psychos would find her; furthermore, they said, she couldn't use her communicator or Morpher, as they already knew those sounds.
  • In the plaza, Cassie soon screamed, "Look out!!" to warn people of an imperiled baby, and the Psychos quickly met up after Cassie had fled the scene; they had heard Pink Ranger's voice but hadn't actually seen Cassie.
  • The Psychos had only been shown analyzing the voices of their three respective Rangers, but they were able to recognize all five Rangers' voices; whether they had analyzed Silver Ranger's voice is unknown.
  • In a covered area alone, the fleeing Cassie was surrounded by the three Psycho teens who commented on her rush, but she wouldn't speak to confirm their suspicions.
  • Zhane suddenly interrupted in a clown suit with balloons; after he'd pranced away around a corner, the three refusing his offers of candy and such, Psycho Red called Cassie "Pink Ranger," but Zhane's and Cassie's voices, around the corner, talked about fooling the Psycho Rangers.
  • Hearing Pink Ranger, the Psycho teens rounded the corner to find Zhane's discarded clown items; from elsewhere, Zhane called out for them to catch them if they could, and as the Psychos pursued him, soon in Psycho Ranger form again, Silver Ranger was racing away on the Silver Cycle with a boombox strapped to his back.
  • Rounding a corner, the Psychos were confronted by the six Rangers; during the ensuing fight, Red Ranger actually managed to land a hit on Psycho Red with the Spiral Saber, and Silver Ranger managed to sweep Psycho Yellow, surprising since the Psychos had usually fought like clockwork against the Rangers.
  • After the three Psychos were blasted by the Astro Axe, Star Slinger, and Satellite Stunner, Psycho Black was struck by the Spiral Saber's spinning attack, Psycho Yellow was struck by the Lunar Lance's slash attack, and Psycho Red was struck by the Super Silverizer 's slash attack; sparking and writhing in defeat, the Psychos collapsed, but they then rose and morphed with blue energy into their monster forms.
  • Psycho-monster Red had flamelike projections all over his body, Psycho-monster Yellow had hornet-like patterns, and Psycho-monster Black was a rocky being; Psycho Yellow called these their true forms.
  • The Psychos made themselves grow.
  • After the Mega Winger had blasted Psycho Red and the Delta Megazord had blasted Psycho Yellow, the Mega V-3 missile mode appeared to destroy the monsters, but Psycho Black emerged from the flames and wrapped a rocky black tentacle around Mega Voyager.
  • Psycho Red grappled Mega Winger and Psycho Yellow grappled the Delta Megazord while Psycho Black pulled the Mega Voyager in close.
  • A swirling vortex appeared downtown behind Psycho Black, and he began to back toward it.
  • Psycho Red and Psycho Yellow threw down their opponents, and the three eventually vanished with the Mega Voyager once the Rangers had ejected.
  • Soon, on the Dark Fortress back in their normal forms, Psycho Black said the Rangers would be looking for the Mega Voyager, and Ecliptor told Astronema that it had been hidden as she'd requested.
  • Psycho Yellow felt the supposed hiding of the Mega Voyager was ineffective, and Psycho Red wanted to destroy the Rangers with their own Zord before they found it, but Astronema, planning to ambush the Rangers, brought the three in close to tell them her plan.


  • Some time later in space, Carlos got a scan on the vortex to allow them to follow it, and Andros had them change course in the Megaship to find out where it went.
  • Dark Specter had been weakened quite a bit more since his last conversation with Astronema hours prior, but the Psycho Rangers didn't appear to do anything in that time.
  • Currently, the Psychos stood looking at the Mega Voyager as it lay in a large, black, abstract enclosed area, perhaps aboard the Dark Fortress.
  • As Psycho Black remarked that the Rangers were undoubtedly searching for the Mega Voyager, Psycho Red said it would lead the Rangers straight into their trap, and he would finally have his chance to destroy the Red Ranger.
  • Psycho Yellow reminded Red of Astronema's orders not to attack without her command, and Black told him his obsession with the Red Ranger could get them all vaporized.
  • Despite the others' objections, Psycho Red planned to destroy Red Ranger no matter what, not caring about Astronema's orders.
  • Later, the V-Zords led the Rangers to a planet in the M91 galaxy, where the Zords were strewn about the tree-covered landscape, with Mega V-3 embedded head-first into the planet.
  • Some distance away, the three Psychos walked near a waterfall stream and watched, pleased, as the Mega Winger and Delta Megazord flew down from the sky; Psycho Red remarked that the Rangers were so predictable, and, according to plan, Psycho Yellow left while the other two went into action.
  • Upon growing into monster form along with Psycho Black, Psycho Red told Zhane that he'd he'd walked right into their trap.
  • When the Megatank secretly emerged from the ground near the V-Zords and the Rangers boarded their Zords, Psycho Yellow watched from nearby, telling them to step into their trap, then vanished with a yellow fade effect.
  • After the Rangers had recovered the Zords and formed Mega Voyager, the systems suddenly went haywire, and the controls locked up.
  • Psycho Yellow spoke through their speakers that she was now a virus that has infected their Megazord: she had complete control of the Mega Voyager and could control every system just by willing it to move.
  • Mega Voyager attacked the Mega Winger and Delta Megazord, then Psycho Black then used blue eyebeams to create shackles on the two pinning them to a rock wall behind them.
  • Peering into the Mega Voyager's head, giant Psycho Red told Red Ranger he was his at last, but he suddenly swirled away and appeared confused in the black grid area in normal form, where Ecliptor confronted him, telling him he'd brought him there, and asking what he thought he was doing.
  • Psycho Red replied he'd been about to destroy Red Ranger, then wielded his sword and slashed Ecliptor across the chest; unfazed, Ecliptor said he'd regret that and pulled out his sword.
  • Psycho Red could shoot red eyebeams.
  • Ecliptor fought Psycho Red, appearing to be fairly evenly matched; Psycho Red was sick of being bossed around, but Ecliptor ordered that he was to listen to orders until Astronema gave the word.
  • During the fight, saying he was nobody's puppet, Psycho Red streaked away, and Ecliptor remarked that he would pay dearly.
  • Returning to the planet in a red streak, Psycho Red landed with a thud by the stream below giant Psycho Black, who asked what had happened to him.
  • Psycho Red was furious that everyone kept interfering with his plans to destroy the Red Ranger, but Black told him he had to get ahold of himself.
  • Through wasting time, Psycho Red generated a red energy strand from his hand which pulled Red Ranger right out of the Mega Voyager cockpit as red energy.
  • Psycho Red fought Red Ranger, pounding him, then pounding some more with his sword.
  • After being sent flying into the stream nearby, Andros swept his hand over his Spiral Saber to charge it, then shot a red energy beam from its tip, but Psycho Red threw it back as a red energy sphere.
  • Psycho Red, disgusted, called Red Ranger a sorry excuse for a Ranger.
  • Psycho Red stabbed his sword into the ground, generating an explosion through the ground which blasted Andros.
  • As Psycho Red held his sword near Andros's throat, he suddenly looked up as the Astro Megazord flew down, giving Andros a chance to shoot him with a steady beam from his Astro Blaster.
  • Once Andros had gotten in the Astro Megazord, Psycho Red grew in monster form and fought it.
  • To attempt to force Psycho Yellow out of the Mega Voyager, Andros had the Astro Megazord supercharge its saber, then electrocute the Mega Voyager and the Rangers inside by holding the saber to it; in a monitor, Psycho Yellow was in agony as her face was turning to static.
  • Insisting he, not the others, would destroy Red Ranger, as it was his destiny, giant Psycho Red blasted the Astro Megazord back and attacked Mega Voyager with a giant version of his sword, ultimately forcing Psycho Yellow to fly out from the Megazord as a yellow streak.
  • After Psycho Red and Psycho Black had been blasted by the Megazords, Psycho Yellow asked from below, "See what you've done?"; angrily, Psycho Red then said he'd had enough of both of them and shot from his hand a small burst of purple energy into giant Psycho Black's head, then the same to Psycho Yellow below, making her head crackle painfully, and she grew, saying she'd get him for that.
  • After the Mega Winger and Delta Megazord had been freed, Psycho Red planned to destroy the Rangers all at once, but Psycho Black said he'd destroy them first, as did Psycho Yellow.
  • When Zhane told the Psychos they lacked teamwork, Psycho Red soon asked, "How's this for teamwork?"; blue/red energy bolts flowed between the three Psycho Monsters, with Psycho Red in center, and Red then sent the Megazords flying back with flaming red energy breath.
  • Ashley said her calculations said that the Psychos' combined energy was a lot more than theirs.
  • As the three Megazords stood in contact with one another, Psycho Red called out, "Psycho Monsters, full power blast!"
  • As they received a steady blast from the Psycho Monsters, Andros told them to hang tough, as they had to absorb as much energy as they possibly could.
  • Once the Psychos had blasted for quite a while but then stopped for some reason, perhaps out of energy or resting momentarily, red energy bolts from all three Megazords charged up Mega V-3 as Mega Voyager wielded it.
  • The glowing V-3 missile mode fired, and the resulting red energy explosion from the impact sequentially blew Psycho Red, Psycho Black, and Psycho Yellow into bits, and as a blue shockwave cleared, the Rangers realized the Psychos were gone and that they'd won.


  • Near a warehouse on Earth one night, the Psycho Rangers' translucent ghosts, in their normal costumed appearances, formed from Ranger-colored energy flames.
  • On the Megaship, the teens detected a faint energy reading at the Warehouse District, and morphed Andros, Cassie, and T.J. investigated.
  • Psycho Pink's ghost flew up behind Cassie and passed right through her with a glow of pink energy, making Cassie shiver like a cold wind had blown through her, but they otherwise didn't notice the ghosts.
  • The five ghosts surrounded the three Rangers, but Psycho Blue's kick and Psycho Red's punch passed through their respective Rangers unnoticed.
  • Psycho Red realized the Rangers couldn't see them and that they were ghosts, but he vowed to destroy the Red Ranger someday; they then flew off laughing.


  • As the Rangers infiltrated Secret City's new underwater location, the Psychos were infuriated that they couldn't do anything to the Rangers.
  • After watching the Rangers being scanned into data cards by Astronema's Data Laser, the Psychos wanted the Rangers back so they could get their revenge.
  • Psycho Yellow got an idea and told the others to follow her lead, and the flaming ghosts flew around the machine, making it go haywire, then flew into its data card port and materialized in the test room from a blue beam.
  • After the Psychos had smashed their way into the control room, Psycho Red planned for them to take over and make changes.
  • Ordering them out, Ecliptor shot his eyebeams, but Psycho Red blocked and reflected them with his hands, knocking Ecliptor over and making him drop the Rangers' data cards.
  • After Psycho Red had picked up the data cards, the Psychos fought Ecliptor; during the fight, each of the Psychos vanished suddenly while fighting Ecliptor, then they reappeared surrounding him, laughing at his confusion.
  • The Psychos simultaneously blasted Ecliptor with their blue energy bolts, knocking him out.
  • Psycho Pink prepared the machine, and Psycho Red loaded the cards; the Rangers re-formed from a blue ray, and the Psychos then confronted them.
  • As Carlos was startled, saying they'd destroyed the Psychos, Psycho Black replied that it had only been a temporary setback.
  • Ecliptor eyeblasted the Psychos from behind, and while the Psychos again pounded him into submission, the Rangers escaped but were confronted again outside.
  • The Rangers and Psycho Rangers fought with their weapons.
  • The Spiral Saber Booster Mode and Quadroblaster blasts hit the Psychos, but they emerged from the smoke in their monster forms.
  • Psycho Red shot red energy beams from his eyes, making a large explosion.
  • A bit later, Psycho Red had a long thorny tentacle wrapped around Red Ranger.
  • The Rangers lured the Psychos back into the Data Laser room, and Zhane attempted to maneuver the laser over the Psychos during the fight.
  • Zhane told Andros to get them all to the center, and after much struggling, the Rangers finally pushed them all together into the center, at which point Zhane scanned them.
  • As the Psychos were being scanned, Psycho Red wrapped his tentacle around Red Ranger with his tentacle, shocking him with blue electricity.
  • As the Rangers held onto Andros, T.J. chopped off the tentacle with his Astro Axe, and the Psychos were dissolved.
  • Zhane collected the five Psychos' cards, and Andros threw down the severed tentacle, which had remained behind.
  • Suddenly, the ground rumbled, and T.J. assumed the Psychos had overloaded the system; as the controls went haywire and the five Rangers ran out, an explosion knocked the Psychos' data cards from Zhane's hand.
  • White beams began spraying out from the Data Laser, and the tower then exploded, taking Secret City with it; there was a large explosion of water in the ocean, and the unmorphed teens collapsed onto the sand at a rocky beach.
  • The teens called out for Zhane, and he came up to them, having been unsuccessful at getting back the data cards.
  • Holding the Psychos' data cards on the Dark Fortress, Astronema said tomorrow was another day.


  • Psycho-monster Red was among the Machine Empire's army on the Phantom Ranger's home planet.
  • Psycho-monster Blue was among Rita and Zedd's army on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.
  • Psycho-monster Blue was also among Divatox's army on the planet Gratha. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • The Psycho Monsters used in the invading armies, or at least Psycho Blue (the only one shown at the time), were among the victims of Zordon's energy wave.


  • On an orange planet (Rashon) upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, an alien (described as an "evil messenger" on the Fox Kids website) landed a craft, meeting up with Deviot on the surface.
  • Presenting a black case with a chain for a handle, the alien asked a question in an alien language, and Deviot presented the key in response, telling him to give him the box.
  • The alien allowed Deviot to unlock the box, and he removed the five Psycho Ranger data cards, wrapped in an embroidered black silklike cloth, but how the alien had gotten them is unknown.
  • Approving, Deviot spoke to the data cards, "Good to see you again, my friends," and said it would finally bring an end to the Power Rangers.
  • In a Scorpion Stinger room, Deviot approached a control panel for a large digital reanimator apparatus as Trakeena, Villamax, and Kegler watched.
  • Deviot explained that he'd simply reprogrammed them (the Psychos) for greater strength; Kegler had thought they'd been destroyed, but Deviot angrily explained they hadn't been destroyed, but rather digitized.
  • Inserting the cards into a slot, Deviot activated the reanimator to bring the Psychos "back to their full evil power."
  • Five circular lights above the area beamed down orange energy ring beams, and as the room lights flickered, the Psycho Rangers were slowly beamed down and formed from Ranger-colored energy.
  • Each of the Psychos now had an armband device on his left bicep; their voices now no longer had the echoing digital effects which would have otherwise made them sound very much like Deviot.
  • Trakeena had the Psychos listen up, having heard they could be a rough bunch, which was fine, as long as they did what she said; they told them that their first targets were the Green and Yellow Rangers.
  • Psycho Yellow and Psycho Black agreed, but Psycho Blue refused, and on Trakeena's instruction, Deviot activated a remote, making the Psychos crackle painfully with green electricity, and Psycho Red agreed to cooperate.
  • Maya and Damon were walking with grocery bags in the plaza on Terra Venture when Psycho Yellow emerged from a ripple portal in the sidewalk and pulled her in, both vanishing; Psycho Black then pulled Damon into a wall behind him, vanishing as well.
  • Elsewhere in an industrial alley, Kai and Kendrix were struggling with their respective Psychos; after being thrown into some boxes, the two teens attempted to activate their Morphers, but the Psychos instantly teleported over to them and grabbed their hands, then grabbed their faces, capturing them.
  • In the woods, Leo was practicing martial arts when he heard a boy crying nearby; approaching the red-jumpsuited boy, Leo was grappled, and the boy morphed with red energy into Psycho Red, who outfought the startled Leo.
  • Psycho Red drew his sword, prompting Leo to morph, but he was pounded thoroughly until he demorphed involuntarily.
  • One of Psycho Red's attacks included shooting a red energy beam from his hand after he'd touched it to his eyes.
  • Laughing when Leo didn't know who he was, Psycho Red rotated his head one full revolution and then approached before being kicked aside and blasted by a cloaked Andros.
  • Having lost the two, Psycho Red was angry, not having known who the cloaked stranger had been.
  • Andros described Psycho Red as everything Leo was, but exactly the opposite, and twice as powerful.
  • In a warehouse in the Industrial Dome, Trakeena stood with the Psychos, Villamax, and Deviot as they waited for Leo, the four captured teens surrounded by stone pillars around which was an invisible energy barrier.
  • Trakeena commended Deviot, saying the Psycho Rangers were everything he'd promised; Deviot began to marvel at their improved powers and his brains.
  • After a massive explosion blew a large hole into the wall, the Red Galaxy Ranger walked in, but he was then joined by the Red Space Ranger, shocking Trakeena and the teens and infuriating Psycho Red.
  • Suddenly confronted by five Space Rangers outside, five Galaxy Rangers, and a Magna Defender, Trakeena growled for the Psycho Rangers to take no prisoners.
  • During the ensuing fight, the Psycho Rangers were outmatched by their doubleteaming opponents on an individual basis.
  • The weak Psychos regrouped outside, and the eleven confronted them; when the Psychos refused to quit, the Quadroblaster and Spiral Saber Booster Mode blasts, followed by the Orion fireball, caused the Psychos to fall, merging with orange energy into a single central point and then exploding.
  • Soon, at the battle site, flaming robotic rubble was strewn about in the spot where the Psychos had been destroyed; from the dirt, a barely conscious Psycho Pink weakly struggled, with a cracked left eyepiece and gouges in her chest.
  • Speaking her name, Deviot walked up as Psycho Pink lost consciousness, and he kicked her onto her back saying she'd disappointed him, but he then hoisted her away over his shoulder to give her one more chance.


  • In the Scorpion Stinger, Psycho Pink was unconscious against a pillar as Deviot planned to rejuvenate her capabilities to maximum strength, making her stronger than ever, as soon as she came to.
  • Trakeena wanted Psycho Pink to destroy all ten Rangers, but, regaining consciousness, she protested that she only wanted the Pink Ranger.
  • When Deviot used his remote to electrocute her bicep, she tore off the electric cuff and crumbled it to dust, saying she wasn't his little pink toy anymore, but rather, she was a Psycho Ranger.
  • Trakeena ordered Psycho Pink to listen to her, but Pink summoned her Psycho Arrow with pink energy, an arrow aimed at Trakeena, telling her no one told her what to do.
  • Psycho Pink released her glowing pink arrow, but Villamax deflected it, so Pink ran out.
  • In a plaza at an interface kiosk (later revealed to be in the Industrial Dome), a girl who'd signed up for underwater navigation classes was reminded that all computers on Terra Venture were linked, in case she needed assistance; once she'd left, Psycho Pink, having been listening from around the corner, put her hand into the monitor and vanished as a pink streak.
  • Psycho Pink's transportation had apparently utilized Terra Venture's power grid rather than computer network, reinforced by her entry into Kendrix's computer through its power cable.
  • Watching Kendrix from within the ethereal data plane within her monitor, Psycho Pink remarked, "There she is," apparently having targeted Kendrix as the Pink Ranger she sought, although she would later fight only Cassie.
  • Once Kendrix had brought up a solar system display of the Savage Sword's location on nearby Rashon, Psycho Pink partially emerged from the monitor, grasping Kendrix's forehead and draining pink energy waves, reading her mind, then shoved Kendrix back and vanished into the monitor.
  • Emerging from the original kiosk monitor, Psycho Pink was excited that Pink Ranger had discovered the Savage Sword, apparently having known of the sword.
  • Confronted by Cassie and Kendrix, Psycho Pink said she would be unstoppable with the Savage Sword; she then blasted pink energy from her hands, making an explosion in the ground which gave her the second of distraction to teleport away.
  • In a mountainous area on Rashon, Psycho Pink arrived with a pink energy shockwave, weakly recalling that the Galaxy Book had said the Savage Sword was somewhere in the area.
  • Finding the sword, Psycho Pink exclaimed that finally a Psycho Ranger would rule invincible.
  • Wielding the gleaming pink blade, Psycho Pink fought the Pink Rangers; she slashed Cassie three times, weakening Cassie, and the blade then transformed with a pink gleam into a second form, now having two larger black rectangular designs on its hilt and a thicker black blade.
  • Knocking Kendrix back as she continued to target Cassie alone, Psycho Pink managed to slash Cassie once more; after more fighting, Psycho Pink eventually struck and held the blade against Cassie's shoulder, draining pink energy from her through the sword and into herself, at which point the damage in her armor were healed with pink energy.
  • Psycho Pink kicked Cassie back, and the sword gleamed into its third form, a hugely massive blade shown in the Galaxy Book.
  • Psycho Pink slashed Cassie across the stomach with the huge sword, then up across the chest, and Cassie rolled back, demorphing with a pink gleam, her Morpher rolling aside in the sand.
  • Approaching to finish Cassie off, Psycho Pink suddenly saw the Morpher and told Cassie she'd get her later; morphed Kendrix and demorphed Cassie were too weak to get up as Psycho Pink stood over the Morpher.
  • Psycho Pink said the Astro Morpher held much power, and that power would be hers; with the blade gleaming pink, she thrust the Savage Sword into the Morpher, impaling it, and a large red column of energy vapor whirled up around Psycho Pink with the implanted sword was its center.
  • The wind howled, and red clouds whipped through the sky; pink energy streaks flowed from the Savage Sword's hilt into Psycho Pink's chest, sending her rolling back away from the energy column, and she then morphed into her monster form with pink energy.
  • In space, Rashon was deep red, and blood-red cloud rings were spiraling out from it, endangering nearby Terra Venture with the energy disturbance.
  • As Psycho-monster Pink approached Cassie, planning to drain every last ounce of Cassie's strength and use her power, Kendrix blocked her path.
  • In the energy cyclone, the Savage Sword glowed pink, draining energy from the split Morpher, and Cassie groaned in pain and weakness; Psycho Pink then grew to giant size with pink energy.
  • As giant Psycho-monster Pink pounded the Galaxy Megazord, the Savage Sword drained more energy, agonizing Cassie; when faced with the Astro Megazord as well, Psycho Pink claimed to have enough power to handle both of them, and another drain continued to cripple Cassie.
  • Two successive energized slashes from the Astro Megazord Saber and Galaxy Megazord Saber destroyed giant Psycho Pink, but the Savage Sword's energy flow would continue until its destruction by Kendrix.


  • Ghouligan, a monster apparently released along with Bansheera's demons, strongly resembled Psycho-monster Red but with slight alterations and some black coloring.


  • Psycho-monster Blue was among the assorted monsters in the Shadow World's underground tomb.

    - Phrases used as Psycho Rangers pose before battle
    631-RGPs Psycho Red: "Psycho Red!"
    Psycho Black: "Psycho Black!"
    Psycho Blue: "Psycho Blue!"
    Psycho Yellow: "Psycho Yellow!"
    Psycho Pink: "Psycho Pink!"
    633-Rift - Space Rangers pose
    Psycho Pink: "Psycho Ranger!"
    639-Ghst Psycho Rangers: "Psycho Rangers!"

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