- reptilian monsters used by Divatox
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 601-FON1
Pictures: pod form, Putrapod (shown at right)


  • To stop the teens from following her to the Nemesis Triangle, Divatox pushed a button labeled "Pods" on the main control panel, and four Putrapods, in pod form, floated up to the surface from the underside of the subcraft.
  • That night, three pulsating pods were stuck to the side of the Ghost Galleon; some time later, one pod was lying on the upper deck in plain sight, and two more were lying on crates nearby; how the pods had gotten onto the ship is unknown.
  • When Kat came up the stairs from the galleon's lower level, she should have seen the pulsating pod which was lying just beside the stairs; when she headed back downstairs a few minutes later, she most certainly should have seen the pod, now much larger and continuing to grow, as it lay directly in front of her; both times, however, she failed to react to the pod in any way.
  • The growing pods soon opened up to hatch; once they were full-grown in monster form, the pods appeared to be the monsters' chests.
  • The Putrapods had slime on them, slime which Adam got all over his hands by punching one of the monsters repeatedly in the head.
  • Kat and Tanya kicked a Putrapod overboard, Tommy kicked another overboard, and Adam seemed to punch a third overboard; Tommy then showed off his martial arts moves to the final Putrapod, then said "Boo!", scaring it near the edge, then finally shoved the monster overboard.


  • The teens now knew the names of the Putrapods, though the names hadn't been mentioned previously.


  • To distract the other Rangers as the Piranhatron attacked Tommy, Divatox flipped a lever which made two Putrapod pods float up from the sub.
  • One Putrapod pod appeared from yellow energy in the woods near Tanya, Adam, and Justin, then hatched in time to confront Adam and Tanya in monster form before they could come to Justin's aid against Flamite.
  • The other Putrapod hatched near Tommy's burning truck and dragged Tommy away to a cave, leaving a bright blue trail of slime on the ground.
  • Tanya had the Putrapod blocking their path run into a hammock and knock itself over.


  • Attending Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet, Divatox had brought along Elgar, Rygog, Porto, Piranhatrons, and a Putrapod.
  • While the rest of the villains later seated at the banquet table were major villains or at least major henchmen, the Putrapod had a seat as well.
  • Toasting to Dark Specter, the Putrapod drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains.

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