Putty Patrollers
- clay foot soldiers used by Rita Repulsa
Putty Patrollers
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 160-OySt
Pictures: Putty Patrollers (shown at right), close-up, sentai version, dark Putty Patroller


  • In the palace, Rita told Finster to start making Putty Patrollers.
  • The Viewing Globe showed a group of Putty Patrollers in a park.
  • After Rita had spotted the teens walking through the mountains, Finster was shown making Putty Patrollers from orange clay.
  • Finster explained that the beauty of the Putty Patrollers was that they could always make more if they didn't work on the teens.
  • Finster cooked a large squad of twenty Putties in the Monstermatic for ten seconds.
  • At least one of Finster's first batch of Putties had a ball hand.
  • Rita apparently teleported the Putties to the desert with a red energy blast from her wand.
  • The Putties had human eyes in the US footage but red eyes in the sentai footage.
  • The Putties made dull metallic clanking sounds when struck.
  • Confronting the Rangers on a rooftop, Goldar summoned a group of Putties.
  • Several of the Putties which fought the Rangers on the rooftop had blade hands.
  • Each Putty's belt buckle bore a flower-like pentagram within a circle, with a solid circle in the center of the star.


  • After Baboo's time device had opened a portal over Angel Grove, Putties were gathering outside of Angel Grove for an unknown reason.
  • From this point on, the teens would traditionally remain unmorphed when confronted with mere Putties.
  • A Putty leapt at Trini but ended up inadvertently flinging himself off a cliff; a dull metallic crashing soon came from below.
  • The Putties surrounded Jason, Kim, and Zack but didn't seem to make any effort to finish them off.


  • At least one of the Putties fighting morphed Kim and Trini had a ball hand; ball-hand Putties were also seen in 104-PrEn, 110-FPIS, 113-NClA, and 115-SwPl.


  • At the children's theater in the park, morphed Jason, Kim, and Zack fought two dark Putties, which seemed to have rocky, armored bodies; dark Putties were also seen in 108-PRPk (millennia ago), 110-FPIS, 113-NClA (two of them), and 117-GWE1.


  • Often when Putties would flip down to confront the teens, a ball-hand Putty was among the others but wasn't there during the ensuing fight.
  • The Putties vanished in an orange shimmer effect.


  • Someone apparently sent down the Putties to distract the teens while Baboo put the punk potion in their drinks.
  • The Putties continued to teleport with orange shimmers.
  • Rita had sent the Putties, including a dark Putty, to stop Zordon eons ago when he'd discovered the singing squash in the dimensional gap on Bromak 5.
  • The Putties appeared with yellow shimmers in the mist-filled dimensional gap where Alpha went to retrieve the singing squash.


  • The Putties simply surrounded Billy on a rock platform at the edge of the pond, but they didn't attack him until he tried to run past them, at which point one kicked him in the stomach, sending him falling back onto a large rock.
  • During the fight, a Putty kicked Jason in the stomach.
  • The Putties continued to teleport with yellow shimmers unless otherwise noted.


  • Monsters would often summon Putties to fight the Rangers for them.
  • Kim shot Putties with her Power Bow.


  • Putties were disguised as human clowns at Rita's fake carnival; they lost their disguises once the teens were the only people remaining in the carnival.
  • Pineapple the Clown accidentally turned a Putty into a cardboard cutout.


  • The teens morphed while aware only of the presence of Putties.


  • Scorpina summoned Putties to fight the Rangers.


  • The Putties teleported with orange shimmers.


  • Rita mined the super putty from beneath Angel Grove.
  • The Super Putties were a new form of Putty Patroller that was nearly indestructible, according to Zordon.


  • As he was making Super Putty molds from the mined super putty, Finster said that nothing in the Rangers' arsenal could beat the Super Putties, and that the Super Putties were completely invincible, but the Rangers' special weapons would later make them vanish.
  • Finster put twenty Super Putty molds into the Monstermatic.
  • Unlike normal Putties, the Super Putties always had red eyes.
  • At least two ball-handed Super Putties fought the teens.
  • The Super Putties overpowered the teens.
  • At least one ball-handed Super Putty and at least two blade-handed Super Putties fought the four Rangers.
  • Kim shattered a Super Putty with her Blade Blaster blade mode, but the Putty re-formed into two; Zack shattered one with his Power Axe, but it did the same.
  • The special weapons' energy beams caused the Super Putties to vanish.


  • Goldar referred to the Putties as the "Putty Patrol."
  • Throughout the rest of their use by Rita, the Putties (possibly still Super Putties) were no more difficult for the teens or Rangers to defeat than normal Putties, unless otherwise noted.
  • The Putties which fought Tommy appeared to be no stronger than normal Putties, but one Putty simply got lucky by grabbing Tommy's legs, allowing others to tie Tommy up.


  • The Mirror of Destruction could destroy Super Putties.


  • Zordon tracked Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Samurai Fan Man to the Putty Bowl Restaurant, where Putties in yellow vests served as waiters.


  • The Putties lured Tommy into a net trap in the forest after one Putty had obtained his communicator after flipping him.
  • After capturing Tommy in a net trap and obtaining his Morpher and communicator, the Putties were fidgeting with his two devices.


  • Two Putties were able to converse with their babbling sounds.
  • Twin Man transformed four Putties into exact duplicates of the teens who also could also assume the form of exact duplicates of the Rangers; Twin Man himself assumed the disguise of the duplicate Jason/Red Ranger.


  • A Putty disguised as an old woman (who could speak) had given the teens Norman the pig to give away for pet adoption day.


  • Several Putties were shown leaping up a distance of approximately fifteen feet.


  • Goldar summoned the "Super Putties," which appeared in yellow shimmers.
  • The Rangers fought at least one dark Putty, and several ball and blade Putties, all of which had appeared when Goldar had called for the Super Putties.


  • Trini and Jellyfish referred to the Putties Jellyfish had summoned as "Super Putties." (Source: Corrected by "Josh G.")


  • After Trini jumped over a crowd of Putties Mantis had summoned, they were no longer there.


  • Putties oddly jumped up from the ground when the Rangers looked down; this was a common method of appearance for the Putties in Zyuranger, but this was the only time it was shown on Power Rangers.


  • A Putty drove an abandoned sedan around the rock quarry with morphed Jason hanging onto the roof.


  • Some of the pumpkins in Pumpkin Rapper's rotten pumpkin patch sprouted Putty bodies which dissolved once the Putties were defeated; there were several Ball and Blade varieties of the pumpkin Putties.


  • Putties in football jerseys (with the numbers 10, 50, 30, 20, as well as a blank one) joined Rhinoblaster in a face-off with the Rangers.
  • Each of the five football Putties summoned a blade arm it had not previously had.
  • There was at least one Ball-handed football Putty.


  • Goldar trained Putties on Earth by a beach to be Mutant Rangers.
  • Goldar referred to the six Putties by number.
  • One Putty, number six, was apparently defective.
  • Goldar told the defective Putty that it would be a clay pot on Rita's coffee table if he didn't shape up.
  • Goldar returned Putty number six to the clay jar on Finster's workbench, using flames from his sword.


  • A Putty whose human disguise looked like Monty of Trick or Treat and Mr. Anderson from Stone Canyon, knowing about Zack's needing of pearl earrings, sold Zack the Pearls of Stillness from a coat full of jewelry; Zack first asked to make sure they weren't stolen, but the man told him his late wife Edna had fallen in love with him when he'd given them to her.

    Pilot Episode

  • The Putties seemed to be practically invulnerable to the teens' attacks.
  • The Putties merely stood around after the teens had been knocked down and made no effort to stop the teens as they were preparing to use their Morphers.
  • After the Rangers were morphed, two Putties looked at each other and one scratched its head, as had been shown in Kim's flashback in 110-FPIS of the time they'd first morphed.

    MMPR fan club video

  • Asked to describe the feel of the Putties, Zack said they were a bit like putty, both soft and hard at the same time - not squishy, but claylike, able to take in attacks.

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