- Gold Ranger's pyramid Zord
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First Appearance: 428-PwOG
Last Appearance: 449-HZeo
Pictures: Pyramidas (shown at right), cockpit
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  • Pyramidas, approaching the Earth from deep space through a black vortex with red wisps in it, caused a major power surge and interference for both the Machine Skybase and the Power Chamber.
  • Neither King Mondo nor Klank were familiar with the sight of Pyramidas.
  • When Pyramidas caused interference in the Power Chamber during its approach of Earth, Billy was excited by the readings.
  • Pyramidas entered the Earth's atmosphere and then vanished the Machine Empire's and the Power Chamber's scanners with a cloaking field.
  • Pyramidas was Gold Ranger's Zord.
  • The energy signatures of the Zeo Subcrystals and Pyramidas were an exact match; Pyramidas and the Zeo Rangers were using the same energy source.
  • When Gold Ranger summoned Pyramidas during the battle with giant Wolfbane, he held up his Golden Power Staff, and a golden beam shot upward from it; the sky grew dark, and Pyramidas flew down from the sky, in the form of a black pyramid speckled with hundreds of small gold square surfaces; a blue energy beam then connected the tip of Pyramidas with the sky as gold energy flames moved down Pyramidas, transforming it into its normal form.
  • Gold Ranger's teleportation streak flew into the small square indentation in the bottom of the top half of the front of Pyramidas, behind what was revealed in 429-SmPr to be the Zeo insignia.
  • Pyramidas's spacious black cockpit contained a transparent control panel in front of Gold Ranger's dark seat; in the front of the control panel were three horizontal neon tubes - yellow, green, and red or orange; in the back of the cockpit was a large glowing blue asterisk shape within a circle, perhaps an atom shape within a globe.
  • Sitting in the cockpit seat, Gold Ranger inserted an object resembling a wide Zeonizer Crystal, shaped like the Gold Ranger symbol, and from it beamed a gold or orange vertical energy column.
  • Pyramidas could roll across the ground.
  • For Pyramidas's lightning bolt finishing move, the circle in the cockpit indentation on Pyramidas's exterior glowed bluish-white, and a bluish-white energy beam shot up from the tip of the Zord; a series of gold energy bolts then struck the Earth closer and closer to the monster, sending explosions his way, finally destroying him.
  • Pyramidas's lightning bolt finishing move destroyed giant Wolfbane.


  • When Gold Ranger summoned Pyramidas this time, the Zord was initially in its proper form without having to transform from the black pyramid form; this would be the normal method of appearance unless otherwise noted.
  • A gold energy ray from the tip of Pyramidas dissolved giant Tarantabot's nets which had trapped the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord.
  • As a monitor in the Pyramidas cockpit showed schematics of the Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode and Zeo Ultrazord, Gold Ranger told the Rangers that he was transmitting data to them showing that he and they could join their Zords together to form one Zord, the Zeo Ultrazord; he said there was a designated space for each of the Rangers' Zords within his structure, and that joined together, he and they were ten times more powerful than any one of them alone.
  • Before Tommy called for the formation of the Zeo Ultrazord after Gold Ranger had described the configuration, a clear pyramid was shown, with gold energy streaks flowing up it.
  • To form the Zeo Ultrazord, Pyramidas transformed its legs and then stood up; the the tip of the pyramid folded down to form the Gold Ranger symbol-bearing belt buckle, then the head transformed, revealing a large Gold Ranger symbol-shaped crown piece.
  • Whenever Pyramidas's legs were transforming, the arms rotated up and around to the back, as though it were transforming into the Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode, but when the Zord stood up, the arms were by its sides again.
  • Whenever Pyramidas stood up for the Zeo Ultrazord, rocks fell off areas in which they hadn't been while Pyramidas had transformed its legs.


  • After the teens had mentioned that finding Pyramidas would lead them to Gold Ranger, Billy stepped out of the Power Chamber, and Pyramidas flew through a vortex and then hovered over an area outside Angel Grove, with four jets of steam shooting out from under it as it hovered; it then approached the ground, shaking the whole area, and finally landed.
  • When Gold Ranger said he'd better get out of sight fast, the clear pyramid was shown, but with the gold Gold Ranger symbol in front of it; as this pyramid was shown, a computer voice said, "Invisibility shield initiated," and Pyramidas then became transparent.
  • Gold Ranger climbed down a ladder in a narrow vertical passageway in Pyramidas, then walked off; in the passageway then appeared a Varox bounty hunter.
  • The lone Varox waited to attack until Gold Ranger had left the protective field of Pyramidas.
  • Pyramidas's landing had caused the same energy readings in the Power Chamber.
  • Gold Ranger soon walked out from behind the right rear corner of the transparent Pyramidas (this corner became the Zeo Ultrazord's left shoulder).
  • The Varox bounty hunter said that once outside of his pyramid, Gold Ranger was completely powerless against him.


  • Pyramidas had advanced flight capabilities, and it could fly between galaxies seemingly in a matter of moments.
  • Varox warships, after blasting at Pyramidas repeatedly, finally shot it down over the Nevian Sea on Aquitar, and it sank to the bottom.


  • Orange corner lights in the Super Zeo Megazord's cockpit resembled the corner lights in Pyramidas's cockpit.


  • Feeling that he had left the Gold Ranger at a disadvantage until Pyramidas was returned, Trey of Wisdom sent Warrior Wheel, the power of which perfectly complemented the strength of the Super Zeozords.


  • Transmitting from Triforia, Trey of Wisdom told Jason that the time had come for him to pilot the Zord of the Gold Ranger, Pyramidas; the Zord entered the Earth's atmosphere after traveling through its warp tunnel.
  • When Jason activated Pyramidas, it transformed from its black pyramid form into its normal Zord form; it would do so again in 439-RCGo and 449-HZeo.
  • Pyramidas's cockpit had some sort of seat restraint which held the Gold Ranger in the seat.


  • Pyramidas's lightning attack broke the external shell off the giant Midas Hound, revealing the robotic Midas Monster.
  • Pyramidas shot giant Midas Monster with a gold energy ray from its peak.


  • After the six teens had morphed, the five Rangers summoned their Super Zeozords immediately to fight giant Louie Kaboom, but there was a significant delay before Jason arrived in Pyramidas.
  • Pyramidas's lightning bolt finishing move didn't destroy giant Louie Kaboom.
  • The Super Zeo Megazord could slide into the open back of the Zeo Ultrazord, taking the Zeo Megazord's place to form the (Super) Zeo Ultrazord.


  • As the Super Zeozords arrived, Jason told the other Rangers that he'd catch up, and then there was a significant delay before he arrived in Pyramidas.


  • Pyramidas was immune to giant Mechaterpillar's energy waves which had controlled the Red Battlezord and Super Zeo Megazord.
  • Pyramidas's lightning attack destroyed giant Mechaterpillar.


  • Despite being able to absorb and redirect all other attacks used on her, giant Impursonator appeared not to be able to absorb Pyramidas's lightning bolt attack; it didn't destroy her, however.
  • The Zeozords and Red Battlezord could ride on the expanded Pyramidas as the Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode.

    - Phrases used to summon Pyramidas and transform it from black pyramid form into its normal pyramid form
    428-PwOG Trey: "I call upon the power of Pyramidas!"
    449-HZeo Jason: "I call upon the power of Pyramidas!"

    - Phrases used to summon Pyramidas
    Trey: "I call upon the power of Pyramidas!"

    - Phrases used once Gold Ranger is in Pyramidas
    428-PwOG Trey: "Pyramidas!"
    431-RBye Trey: "Let's do it!"

    - Phrases used to insert object shaped like Gold Ranger symbol into controls
    428-PwOG Trey: "Power up!"
    429-SmPr Trey: "Reactivate Zeozords, now!"
    - Pyramidas frees Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord from Tarantabot's nets

    - Phrases used to shoot energy beam from top of Pyramidas
    439-RCGo Jason: "Pyramidas, fire!"

    - Phrases used for lightning bolt finishing move
    440-TJOB Jason: "Pyramidas, fire!"

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