Pyro Rescue 1
- Red Lightspeed Ranger's fire truck Lightspeed Rescuezord
Pyro Rescue 1
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First Appearance: 802-LsTm
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
Pictures: Pyro Rescue 1 (shown at right), ladder arms extending


  • Pyro Rescue 1, a giant futuristic ladder truck, was the Red Lightspeed Ranger's Lightspeed Rescuezord.
  • Near a burning skyscraper, Carter had Pyro Rescue 1 lock on its stabilizers, small leg pads from each corner of the truck, and after the three Rangers (Dana and Kelsey having joined him recently) had left the cockpit, the Zord's ladder arms unfolded, extending its black Megazord hands the long distance up to the top of the building, its right hand holding the Rangers.
  • As Carter called remotely for "ladder punch," Pyro Rescue 1 punched its left hand through the side of the building and then extended its right hand to the hole to place the Rangers inside.
  • After the Rangers had brought the rescued victims into the hands and been lowered to the ground, Carter ran up a ladder ramp on the left side of Pyro Rescue 1 and dropped into the cockpit.
  • When Carter's visor showed graphics of the Lightspeed Megazord assembling, Pyro Rescue One was named "Red Ladder 1."
  • Pyro Rescue 1 formed the arms and torso of the Lightspeed Megazord.


  • Pyro Rescue 1 used its ladder arms to lower the space shuttle off HazRescue Four following Kelsey's crazy rescue.
  • Pyro Rescue 1 could use its ladder arms to lift itself up to Aqua Rescue Two for the Megazord assembly without the aid of Aero Rescue Three.

    - Phrases used to extend ladder arms from truck mode
    802-LsTm Carter: "Lightspeed ladder arms, now!"

    - Phrases used to punch one hand forward while ladder arms are extended
    802-LsTm Carter: "Ladder punch, now!"

    - Phrases used to retract ladder arms
    802-LsTm Carter: "Ladder arms, retract!"

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