- Machine Empire attack ships flown by Cogs
First Appearance: 401-AZB1
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
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-   One evening after Machine Empire craft had first entered the Earth's atmosphere, a fleet of gear ships was shown in Earth's orbit, with one gear ship hovering over an army of Cogs, perhaps on the moon, and releasing a number of Quadrafighters.
-   Zedd soon gazed at Earth and saw a Quadrafighter flying down through the atmosphere; a custodian at the Angel Grove University observatory also saw an incoming Quadrafighter, perhaps the same one.
-   As a group of Quadrafighters flew over a city on a scouting mission and then returned to the Machine Empire's headquarters, a group of gear ships was shown in orbit, with the moon in the background.

-   Just after Finster had discovered the Machine Empire's presence, Quadrafighters began blasting Rita and Zedd's palace.
-   The Quadrafighters were always piloted by silver Cogs.
-   The Quadrafighters could shoot from their front ends bursts of several tightly-gathered bluish-white energy rings.
-   To hover near the ground, Quadrafighters could turn their long, frontal extensions to point toward the ground like tentacles dangling below.

-   For the Quadrafighters to test the Earth's defenses, a gear ship entered the atmosphere, and Quadrafighters then flew out from the giant craft.

-   Dozens of Quadrafighters again emerged from a gear ship, now hovering over Angel Grove, as the Machine Empire mounted a full assault on the Earth.

-   The Rangers appeared unharmed after being hit by Quadrafighter blasts.
-   There was an explosion around the Quadrafighter which was shot by all five Rangers' advanced Zeo Laser Pistols, but it's unknown whether it was destroyed.

-   Quadrafighters blasted the Zeo Megazord as it fought giant Mace Face.
?   A Quadrafighter was shown transforming into hover mode, even though the Quadrafighters would then all be shown in flight mode; the transformation was as follows: the legs went down, a red light flashed, its vents opened, and its machine gun turret extended.

-   Following Mondo's order to send out Quadrafighters to search the forest for the stone which would activate the magical arrowhead, a Quadrafighter in hover mode crashed through the forest, with Cogs searching the area.

-   In Adam's dream, a hovering Quadrafighter's gatling gun shot pulses of blue energy.

-   Quadrafighters blasted at the five Rangers as they fought Wolfbane.

-   Quadrafighters blasted at the teens and Treys on the beach.

-   Quadrafighters blasted at Tommy and Jason in the desert.

-   Quadrafighters blasted the Rangers off the Zeo Jet Cycles when they approached the area in which Mondo was unearthing the Damocles Sword.

-   Many Quadrafighters took part in the full-scale assault on Angel Grove, most (if not all) being released from gear ships hovering over the city.

-   Quadrafighters blasted at the teens and Treys as they journeyed through the desert to transfer the Golden powers.

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