- robotic foot soldiers used by Astronema
First Appearance: 601-FON1
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
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-   Astronema attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; she had brought along a team of Quantrons.
-   The Quantrons came in two color varieties beneath their standard silver armor: some had gray suits with black circuit patterns, and others had black suits with gray circuit patterns.
-   Quantrons were often shown holding long, curved, two-handled blades with jagged front sides; these silver blades would be called "Q-Blades" in 624-ZhnD.
-   To teleport away after Astronema had left, the Quantrons used their standard teleportation effect by which light would close in from their heads and toes, making them vanish before meeting in the middle; the possible colors of these lights included white, green, red, blue, yellow, pink, and purple; their materializations elsewhere would consist of the reverse of this effect, with the lights diverging from the center to make them appear.
-   Two Quantrons, the standard pilots for Velocifighters, were destroyed when Red Ranger blew up their Velocifighters after they'd been pursuing him.
-   Quantrons spoke in robot speak that was, for the most part, unintelligible.
-   Soon after the Megaship had crash-landed on a planet upon being shot down by a sphinx ship, DECA reported that Astronema's ship (presumably the sphinx ship) was landing, and Quantrons then disembarked via teleportation.
-   Andros knew from DECA's announcement of Astronema's forces disembarking that this meant Quantrons.

?   During the fight, a Quantron's helmet popped up to reveal a human mouth and nose; such helmet slippage would happen again in 603-SOSh and 610-Wasp; additionally, the slippage would occur in 629-DSR1 with two different Quantrons, but on those two occasions, their mouths would be covered by the same circuit material which covered the rest of their bodies.
-   Red Ranger eventually chased the Quantrons away after their fight, in which the four powerless teens had done poorly against them.

-   As the teens bought computer components for the Megaship in Angel Grove, Andros waited outside with an AmScanner, and when the teens came out with the purchased parts, he told them they were being followed; after they'd ducked behind a corner and put down their items, Quantrons appeared in front of them and fought them in the town shopping area.
-   Outside NASADA, Professor Phenomenus's alien detector went off, pointing him to a spot right where three Quantrons would appear a few moments later.
-   When teleporting with the Quantrons, Elgar would have a red version of their teleportation.

-   Having captured four of the teens after boarding the Megaship with Astronema, one Quantron laughed at them, telling them in its robotic voice that they were fools and that the villains now had the power; in the background, a gray and a black Quantron appeared to be playing rock-paper-scissors to pass the time.

?   While searching the hot planet Kalderon for a downed satellite, a Quantron wiped its forehead as though it were sweating.
?   When T.J. flipped a Quantron off a small cliff, its helmet nearly popped off, but the Quantron quickly shoved it back on.
-   During a later fight with the Rangers, a black Quantron shot a blue point of energy from the tip of its blade, and a gray Quantron shot a pink energy point from what was probably the tip of its blade as well.
-   When Astronema realized back on the Dark Fortress that Elgar had lost important data discs, she grabbed Elgar and told him it was time to play with Scrudley; Quantrons covered their eyes as a screaming Elgar was locked into a cell nearby with a monster with two glowing red eyes.

-   When their party was attacked by Waspicable, Quantrons, and Ecliptor, a screaming Sherry and her mom were cornered in the pavillion by Quantrons, one of whom took Sherry's balloons, which she really liked, and deliberately let them all go.
-   Storming through the Dark Fortress after Sting King's destruction, Astronema had an alarm sounded, making Quantrons scramble around.
-   Astronema told Ecliptor to prepare all the Quantrons, as she had a plan for the next time they met the Rangers.

-   The Quantrons were cautious but not antagonistic in response to Darkonda's uninvited arrival on the Dark Fortress.

-   On a street of the villains' Old West town on Onyx, three Quantrons drove in on Piranhatron bikes, past two other Quantrons and two Tengas; behind the four was a parked Velocifighter.
-   The three biker Quantrons pulled up to the Onyx Tavern; meanwhile, the other two Quantrons already there were having a conversation of some sort.
-   Outside after Andros had fled the saloon and morphed, then flown away on his Galaxy Glider, some Quantrons were sitting against the saloon when Darkonda rushed outside and ordered them to destroy Red Ranger; some took the Piranhatron bikes, and another got in the Velocifighter nearby.
-   Nearby, Piranhatrons and a bug monster were holding Q-Blades.
-   More Quantrons and Piranhatrons were elsewhere along the Old West streets on Onyx.
-   Further down a street, a Quantron and someone else held a rope across the street, but Andros flew sideways to turn, sending Punchabunch and Octophantom flying.
-   Flying after Andros, one of the pilot Quantrons shot after him, inadvertantly blasting both Piranhatrons and Quantrons in the streets below.

-   Young Justin did quite well at fighting numerous Quantrons while unmorphed.

-   As Ashley and Cassie were walking in the park, Quantrons grabbed Ashley, covering her mouth and taking her behind a group of bushes where Ecliptor and Astronema (disguised as Ashley) were, while Cassie kept walking and talking.
-   Astronema stepped out and joined Cassie; as Cassie went back to check on the noise she'd heard, Astronema snapped her fingers, summoning Quantrons, then positioned one to appear as though it was attacking her; meanwhile, Ecliptor and the Quantrons vanished with the real Ashley as Cassie fought the attacking Quantrons.
-   During the fight, Astronema unamusedly and totally unenthusiastically feigned some attacks on the Quantrons, which weren't doing much but sticking out their arms and legs.
-   One Quantron inadvertantly hit Astronema in the stomach while pretend-fighting, so she angrily shoved it, sending it flying back about fifty feet against a tree.
-   The Quantrons retreated from Cassie, and Astronema waved away the ones around her.

-   After Darkonda had been put in temporary command of the Dark Fortress, the Quantrons were under his command, even attacking Ecliptor and taking him to another room to be operated upon by Darkonda.

-   In the very large cargo bay of the Dark Fortress, Quantrons were moving cargo around, and one waved a landing Velocifighter in.
-   In a passageway, Andros and Zhane tackled two patrolling Quantrons and soon emerged wearing their complete suits; what exactly they had left behind is unknown.

-   Astronema had a plan to build up the numbers in her army by scanning people into data cards for her to use however she pleased; she may have intended to turn the people into Quantrons, but this was probably not the origin of the existing Quantrons, as she initially tested the apparently new Data Laser on some test subjects before beginning the mass scanning (which would be undone by the Rangers).

-   Having been ordered by Darkonda to find the Rangers and take no prisoners, the Quantrons attacked the teens on planet Forza; during the fight, some got together to make a springboard, and one Quantron leapt off them and jump-attacked Carlos, pounding him.
-   The teens were all violently grappled despite Darkonda's order to take no prisoners.
-   After Zhane had destroyed Darkonda with the Galactic Rover, the teens effortlessly knocked the Quantrons off them and rushed over to Zhane; the Quantrons would not be seen in the area again.

-   In the expansive hangar of the Dark Fortress, Astronema addressed a huge army of Quantrons, with intermittent cheering from the army as she spoke: "When we're finished, there will be no 'good' left in the universe. No 'love', no 'happiness!' Only chaos, anger, greed! (cheer) Fight strong, and destroy all the forces of goodness, especially the Power Rangers! (cheer) Go now, and spread the wrath of Dark Specter!! (cheer)"
-   Many Quantrons were used in Astronema's invasion force on Earth.
-   Later, after the Rangers had been defeated and gone into hiding, Quantrons led weary groups of captured people through the rubble of the city.

-   The Quantrons on Earth and in the Dark Fortress were all turned into sand by Zordon's energy wave.

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