- bazooka/staff weapons used by Galaxy Rangers
First Appearance: 707-DblD
Last Appearance: 745-End3
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?   At one point during their fight against Wisewizard, the Rangers inexplicably held new Quasar Launchers of unknown origin.
-   The Quasar Launchers were white and gold bazookas with Ranger-colored zigzags on them.
-   To fire the Quasar Launchers this first time, the Rangers charged up glowing with Ranger-colored energy flames, then crouched with the flames only around the Launchers.
-   The Launchers fired a Ranger-colored energy fireball each, making a huge explosion and defeating Wisewizard, but he immediately grew.

-   Before preparing to fire, Leo was holding his Quasar Launcher in an elongated staff mode before the ends compacted to transform into bazooka mode.
-   When Samuron held the stone supposedly containing the Lights of Orion in front of himself to take the Quasar Launchers' blasts, the energy fireballs bounced off the stone and exploded around the Rangers.
-   While the Quasar Launchers' blasts had failed to damage the stone, Magna Defender's lightning slash attack would successfully slice it in half.

-   Fishface deflected the Quasar Launchers' energy blasts with his sword.

-   The Rangers' Quasar Launcher blasts briefly stunned Destruxo at best, and he kept coming, saying he was invincible.

-   The energy blasts of the Quasar Launchers merely dissipated on impact with Orion-powered Destruxo; the Rangers then charged their Launchers with flaming energy from themselves and fired, making Destruxo take a small stumble back, but they then collapsed from weakness.

-   Before Kai departed to retrieve the Galaxy Book, the Guardian of the book removed from his pocket five diamond-like gems, each perhaps the diameter of a quarter, and placed them in Kai's hands, saying they would protect him when he needed them.
-   Later remembering the gems, Kai handed them to the Rangers, and they threw them to the ground and invoked their power; gold beams of light projected upward from the impact points on the ground, forming the Galaxy Quasar Launchers with Ranger-colored light.
-   The Galaxy Quasar Launchers simply appeared to be the Quasar Launchers with added gold fins, much like they had been Orionized.
-   The Galaxy Quasar Launchers fired at once, and a single gleaming gold point of bright light (also reminiscent of the Orion powers) raced toward Deviot, creating a huge explosion, but Deviot then grew.

-   The Rangers could still use their normal Quasar Launchers, fighting and blasting Swabbies with them.
-   Back to back, Kai and Karone held their Launchers at waist level, repeatedly blasting the surrounding Swabbies with Ranger-colored energy beams.
-   Surrounded as well, Maya blasted Swabbies all around with yellow beams from both ends of her waist-level Launcher, though not from both ends at once, then switched into a shoulder grip to fire another shot.

-   Confronting Grunchor, the Rangers held their crystals and threw them down after Leo had called for the "Quasar Launchers," arming them with the Galaxy Quasar Launchers.
-   The Galaxy Quasar Launchers fired Ranger-colored flaming energy comets, making Grunchor retreat underground.
-   During a Swabbie fight, Karone blasted some with pink energy fireballs from her Galaxy Quasar Launcher, and Kai pounded others with his in extended staff mode.

?   The Rangers threw down their crystals, but the Ranger-colored beams of light gave the Rangers their normal Quasar Launchers rather than the Galaxy Quasar Launchers.
-   Inside one end of Leo's Quasar Launcher was a gold Lion emblem.
-   Fighting the resurrected Teksa with his Quasar Launcher in staff mode, Leo's green helmet eyes glowed briefly, and he charged up his buzzing energized staff, initially just glowing red, but then with increasing flaming energy as flames rose up around him as well; he then rammed the end of the Quasar Launcher into the monster, dissolving him.
-   The combined blasts of Leo and Maya's Galaxy Quasar Launchers, Damon's Transblaster, Karone's Beta Bow, and Mike's Magna Blaster destroyed the resurrected Hardtochoke.
-   The two Galaxy Quasar Launchers fired Ranger-colored energy fireballs.

-   Simultaneous blasts from Damon's Transblaster and Kai's Galaxy Quasar Launcher detonated a large group of bomb-rigged Stingwingers.

-   The Galaxy Quasar Launchers' combined blast flew toward green Trakeena as a ball of gold light, but she caught it and threw it back as a sphere of green electricity.

- Phrases used to summon Quasar Launchers
712-ORis Maya: "Quasar Launchers!"

- Phrases used to summon Quasar Launchers from gems
740-HGrv Leo: "Quasar Launchers!"

- Phrases used to transform Quasar Launchers from staff mode to bazooka mode
709-MagD Leo: "Quasar Launchers, lock on!"

- Phrases used to aim Quasar Launchers
707-DblD 710-Sunf 713-ORet 713-ORet Leo: "Quasar Launchers, lock on!"

- Phrases used to fire Quasar Launchers
707-DblD 709-MagD 710-Sunf 713-ORet Leo: "Energy launch!"
712-ORis Kendrix: "Energy launch!"
736-BMut Kai/Karone: "Quasar Launchers, fire!"

- Phrases used to fire supercharged Quasar Launchers
713-ORet Leo: "Fire!"

- Phrases used to activate gems and summon Galaxy Quasar Launchers
735-EnLG Rangers: "Crystals, power up!"
737-GOTL Leo: "Quasar Launchers!"
745-End3 Leo: "Quasar Launchers, activate!"

- Phrases used to aim Galaxy Quasar Launcher
737-GOTL Karone: "Quasar Launcher!"

- Phrases used to fire Galaxy Quasar Launchers
735-EnLG Kai: "Galaxy Quasar Launchers, fire!"
737-GOTL 745-End3 Leo: "Fire!"

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