- ancient magical sabers stored on Mirinoi; key to Galaxy Ranger powers
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
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-   In the jungle of Mirinoi, the five Quasar Sabers were embedded in a multi-tiered slab of stone.
-   Along the white handles of the Quasar Sabers were black zigzag designs related to the Galaxy Rangers.
-   Each saber's hilt possessed gold hand guards with red hinges.
-   Within each saber's hilt was a gold emblem of the Galactabeast animal of its respective Galaxy Ranger.
-   Intricate designs were carved perhaps a third of the way down the blade from the hilt of each saber.
-   A sage named Jera explained to a Mirinoite audience: "3,000 years ago, these five Quasar Sabers were placed here. And here they shall remain until those of you who can prove yourselves worthy release them, and harness their mighty powers! Transforming them into mighty champions, guaranteeing peace and the triumph of good!"
-   Jera then had a long line of people proceed, one by one, to pull on a Quasar Saber (the Wildcat saber), but none could make it budge from the rock, disappointing the Mirinoites each time.
-   On the back of each saber in place of the animal insignia was a black V in a gold triangle within the circle; other such V's could be found on the Galaxy Rangers' belts and the Rangers' future Zords. (see "Recurring letters")
-   After walking up to the Quasar Sabers' stone during the chaos of a Stingwinger invasion, Furio declared, "Finally, the Quasar Sabers will be mine!" and attempted to pull out the rightmost saber, but it wouldn't budge.
-   Furio then slashed the sabers' stone with his sword in outrage, to no avail, and he couldn't believe a little piece of rock was keeping him from "the ultimate power in the universe."

-   Some time later, Stingwingers held captives near the Quasar Sabers' stone, with Jera closest, and Furio ordered him to tell him how to release the sabers.
-   Jera told Furio he would never release them, as he wasn't chosen.
-   As Furio prepared to strike as the five teens from Earth fought the villains, Mike, in one quick move, pulled out the center (Lion) saber and struck Furio's blow; with a spark explosion from his sword, Furio flew back.
-   The saber had come out of the rock with a flicker of red/white energy, as well as one flash of a black background with red, blue, green, pink, white, and orange lines, identical to the effect later shown in 716-DFrG when the Magna Defender Morphers would appear on Mike's wrists.
-   Mike was shocked, and Jera stood speechless.
-   Maya and the others, except Leo, joined Mike by the sabers; getting up, Furio wanted Mike's sword, but the four teens instead attempted to pull the remaining sabers.
-   At once, the four pulled out their sabers with a brief blade glow of Ranger-colored energy, astonishing the crowd and Jera.
-   Maya pulled the Yellow Ranger's Wolf saber, Damon pulled the Green Ranger's Condor saber, Kai pulled the Blue Ranger's Gorilla saber, and Kendrix pulled the Pink Ranger's Wildcat saber.
-   Maya was awed that they'd been chosen.
-   Elsewhere later, Mike was unable to reach Leo's hand or hold on much longer while clinging to the edge of a crevice, so he had Leo take his saber despite Leo's shouts otherwise.
-   Before falling, Mike reassuringly told Leo it was okay, as he could carry on for him.
-   Once Mike had fallen into the crevice, Leo angrily confronted the laughing Furio, and the other teens joined him.
-   As Leo held it close, his saber crackled with red energy and the blade began to glow red; the others were then glowing with Ranger-colored light.
-   Startled, Furio exclaimed that the Quasar Sabers were more powerful than he'd thought.
-   Leo looked at the others, then nodded, and the five held up their glowing sabers; white energy bolts from the sky struck the sabers, and the teens morphed into the Galaxy Rangers.
-   The Rangers had gold clips on their left hips to hold their collapsed Quasar Sabers; in this form the sabers' extendable blades were retracted within the handles, and the gold handguards were clamped down over the remaining blade, leaving only the gold tip at the end of the blade exposed.
?   After the morph, the Rangers were standing in the same position as before the morph, with the sabers held in the air; apparently the morph sequence shown did not reflect their actual morphing actions on this occasion.
-   Furio had been shielding his eyes from a bright light until the morph was over.
-   Furio appeared to have no familiarity with the sabers' ability to morph the teens into Galaxy Rangers, or even the concept of Rangers in general.
-   As the Rangers examined their sabers, Leo said he'd never felt such power.
-   During the fight with Furio, Leo had his Quasar Saber energize for a slash attack which he would use often in the future: the red hinge gems and the Lion insignia's eyes on the saber pulsed with red energy, and Leo then readied the saber in a black background with flames rising up around him.
-   Red streaks flew into the hilt insignia, and red energy then spread upward to power up the whole blade; Leo then struck with a red-streaked energy slash, and Furio fell amidst explosions.
-   Immediately after the Megaship had crossed through the portal home, Maya, having been holding her left hand on the handle of her compact Quasar Saber, now had a Transmorpher on her morphed wrist, though none of the other Rangers did.
?   The compact saber on Maya's belt incorrectly had its handguards open.
-   Maya explained in awe that the Quasar Sabers had been put in the rock 3,000 years ago, and a flashback showed a broad blue beam from above the jungle causing the sabers to materialize in the stone with yellow electricity; at the time, there had been a tribal mask decoration in the background of the jungle.
?   Maya said that every warrior in the galaxy had tried and failed to free the sabers, yet the only people shown in the flashback appeared to be Mirinoites.

-   To draw the Quasar Sabers from their belts, the Rangers used their right hands to click open the sabers' gold hand guards by squeezing the bottom portions, then angled the handles down pointing outward, and finally drew them out in extended form; this was done in a quick and synchronized motion.
-   The sabers were later put back onto the Rangers' belts in a reversal of the previous motion.
-   Later, morphed Leo unsheathed his saber to fight Radster, swinging it around while it glowed with gold energy while humming like a lightsaber, and the energy then burst away with red fiery energy, revealing the extended saber.
-   A charged slash on Radster defeated the monster, but he immediately got up and grew with a growth potion.

-   In a dark room somewhere after evading Scorpius, Furio told the monster known as Horn that many before him had tried to get the Quasar Sabers, but all had failed.
-   Horn showed Furio the stolen Transdaggers, saying he could get the sabers just as he'd gotten the Transdaggers.
-   Fighting the Rangers, Horn blasted them and took their sabers using a long extending arm.
-   When Leo refused to let go of his saber, he was pulled into Horn's coat and vanished with the saber.
-   At a pool of hot liquid slag in an industrial area, Horn was having Stingwingers melt down stolen GSA laser rifles to make room for his latest prizes when Furio walked in with the five Quasar Sabers wrapped in a black bundle.
-   Furio said he wanted the sabers melted into tin cans as Scorpius commanded, shocking Horn.
-   As they struggled for the sabers, they dropped the bundle and Horn stumbled back with one, but he swung it around wildly, unable to control it.
-   Furio blasted a red energy bolt from his hand at Horn, but the saber blocked it, deflecting it at Leo and breaking his chains.
-   Thanking the saber, Leo leapt down and escaped with the five sabers.
-   The Rangers would soon meet up and swap identical bundles of sabers, with Leo taking a set of fakes of unknown origin.
-   At the slag pool, Horn presented Furio with the sabers he'd taken from Leo, telling him to get rid of them once and for all.
-   Excited over the end of the Quasar Sabers at last, Furio plopped them in.
?   Confronted by the Transdagger-wielding Rangers, Furio told them they were nothing without their Quasar Sabers, but Leo revealed that those had been fakes used to trick the villains into showing them the location of the Transdaggers; how they had learned of the Transdaggers is unknown, although they may have obtained information and fake sabers from Alpha during their search for Leo.
-   Leo performed a charged slash on Horn.

-   A black V was in the hilt of the Galaxy Megazord Saber, just like those in the hilts of the Quasar Sabers.

-   Leo was able to wield his Quasar Saber while unmorphed.
-   Morphed Leo later summoned "Quasar Saber fire power" and performed his charged slash attack while roughly twenty feet away from Furio, but the slash was just as effective as it normally was up close.

-   To charge his saber, morphed Kai pointed the end down, and blue energy streaks charged the blade with blue energy as Kai was in front of a black background with blue steam jets.
-   Kai's energy slash defeated Quakemaker, but the monster grew.

-   His saber glowing red and and humming like a lightsaber after he'd charged it with red streaks, Leo swordfought Chillyfish, whose sword was glowing blue.

-   To attack Destruxo, Maya and Kendrix both charged their sabers with Ranger-colored energy and performed their respective energy slash attacks.
-   Maya slashed with yellow and black storm clouds and yellow lightning bolts behind her.
-   Kendrix slashed with a storm of pink specks behind her.
-   Destruxo caught both of the glowing sabers in his hands, and their glows faded.
-   Later, in front of blowing yellow mist like Kai's attack, Maya's Quasar Saber was charged with yellow streaks, and she delivered her energy slash to Destruxo's forcefield generator, dissolving it.

-   Flipping through the air, Leo charged both his Magna Talon and his Quasar Saber, with the Quasar Saber having its normal red slash; the unusually strong Destruxo, however, blocked the attack.
-   When the Rangers would power up their Orion armor, they would have a larger mutated gold Quasar Saber hilt covering, with some gems in it and a gold zigzag ring around the Galactabeast emblem in the saber.

-   Orion-armored Leo slashed his advanced Quasar Saber in midair, and a spinning red energy sphere flew off it and blasted the Shark Brothers.
-   As Leo charged up his Quasar Saber as normal, but with the Orion armor, the flames rose up around him, and he and Treacheron proceeded to fight within Leo's flaming background.
-   From the hilt, Leo soon charged up his advanced Quasar Saber with flaming gold energy, then with his claw glowing gold as well, slashed with an X strike, his saber having a red/gold/blue energy slash; Treacheron stumbled back smoking and coughing in the real world, extremely weak.

-   Attacked by a Skelekron Warrior, unmorphed Leo reflected the energy blast back with his Quasar Saber which he was instantly wielding, knocking the warrior down but also knocking the saber from his hands.
-   When Mike went to hand it back, Leo told him he'd pulled it from the stone and had been chosen to be the Red Ranger, not Leo; Mike told Leo he'd earned it, having seen the way he fought.
-   Mike told Leo the Quasar Saber shared Leo's heart and soul, not his; Leo argued that it had been Mike's destiny, unchangeable, but Mike suggested that his destiny had been to pull the saber from the stone to give it to Leo, saying he had a feeling that it had been meant for Leo all along.
-   Just then, the Skelekron Warrior got back up and charged; Mike threw Leo the Quasar Saber, and the second he'd caught it, it glowed red, humming like a lightsaber.
-   Leo spun and slashed the incoming Skelekron Warrior in the midsection, destroying it; pleased, Mike told him, "You see, destiny doesn't make mistakes. There is no other Red Ranger."
-   Leo nodded, and they ran off toward another side of the warehouse.
-   Inside the warehouse, unmorphed Leo fought the Skelekron Warriors with his Quasar Saber while Mike fought Stingwingers; Leo soon destroyed both Skelekron Warriors with a slash across their midsections.
-   As Leo and Mike fought Skelekron, unmorphed Leo's saber began charging for Red Ranger's powered slash.
-   Unmorphed Leo charged his saber for Red Ranger's energy slash, but without the red streaks going into it; as he swung the glowing sword, two red energy fireballs were slung off, blasting Skelekron and Stingwingers straight out of the warehouse and breaking Skelekron's mirror, freeing the teens.

-   As morphed Damon and Kai were forced to fight each other by Deviot's electronic cuffs, Damon managed to take Kai's Quasar Saber and was preparing to stab him with both sabers as Kai was on the ground.
-   As Damon swung, apologizing, the saber flew from his hand, impaling the control apparatus, and the setup exploded, shorting out the Rangers' cuffs.
-   As the Rangers tore off their cuffs, Damon caught his saber as it flew out of the flames.

-   Behind Scorpius, Orion-armored Leo charged his advanced Quasar Saber in flaming gold energy like he'd used on Treacheron; the arm claw was charged gold as well, but it was unused on this occasion.
-   Leo struck Scorpius from behind, delivering a fatal blow to the overlord and creating a huge explosion which flung the Rangers back; the mortally wounded Scorpius then teleported away.

-   Reunited with Maya, Shondra from Mirinoi (actually Rykon in disguise) recalled the time they'd to pull the Quasar Sabers, and Maya laughed with her.
-   Sitting beside a small campfire beside the sabers' stone, the sage Jera spoke to young Maya and young Shondra; he told them the five Quasar Sabers had been placed there over three thousand years ago, and someday they would find the men who would find the courage to extricate them.
-   Later, alone, the two girls had been trying to pull the sabers; Maya had tried to pull the Pink Ranger's saber, and Shondra the Blue Ranger's.
-   Young Maya had thought her saber had budged; in the present, Maya laughed that they'd pulled until they had blisters.

-   During a fight, Cannonbrawl blasted at the Rangers repeatedly; at one point, he blasted twice in succession, with Kai able to deflect only the first blast with his Quasar Saber, being struck by the second.
-   Fighting Cannonbrawl, morphed Damon drew his saber, and Leo gave him his saber as well, allowing Damon to leap over Cannonbrawl and slash him in the back with both sabers before returning Leo's.

-   In her reluctant battle with Loyax, Maya called out, "Thunder Saber!" (see also: "Thunder Saber, Thunder Megazord's") and, with a purplish cloud background, slashed with her Quasar Saber glowing bright yellow, full of yellow electricity; the slash chopped Loyax's sword in two, and he groaned and collapsed backward, stunned and smoking.

-   In Trakeena's video archive, morphed Damon was shown catching his Quasar Saber and Magna Talon in midair, delivering a diving double green energy slash.
-   The power-duplicating Chameliac was able to wield a duplicate Quasar Saber in normal and Orion modes and perform their energy attacks.
-   After morphing a second time to battle Chameliac, the Rangers were suddenly able to use the animal attacks and weapons of a different Ranger, although they retained the same Quasar Sabers: Kendrix delivered a dual red energy slash with her Quasar Saber and a red Magna Talon, not particularly harming the warrior.

-   Psycho Pink said she would be unstoppable with the Savage Sword, which Kendrix had learned about from the Galaxy Book; Kendrix told Cassie that the sword was more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined.
-   Having forced her way into the energy cyclone around the Savage Sword as it drained the energy and life from Cassie, morphed Kendrix struck the hilt of the Savage Sword with her gleaming Quasar Saber, and a pink explosion engulfed her a second later.
-   The Savage Sword collapsed in two halves, in its original form, and the energy storm dissipated, leaving a small glowing white column of light.
-   The limp, glowing white, translucent morphed form of Kendrix, holding her Quasar Saber, hovered in front of the teens, and it demorphed with a gleam into Kendrix, initially appearing unconscious.
-   Opening her eyes, Kendrix looked around and then smiled, and told them, apparently with a bit of disbelief herself, that she was okay, and she reassured the teens that she would always be there.
-   Kendrix's ghost was absorbed by the floating Quasar Saber as pink energy, and as the glow vanished, the saber turned upward and streaked into the sky with a sparkling trail.
?   Andros referred to the loss of Kendrix's "powers," while it had certainly appeared that she'd lost her life in the battle.

-   Some time later, the pink Quasar Saber flew down to the planet Gwinnet and was found by a short humanoid named Runtus who'd been working in the field.
-   Runtus couldn't believe it, and he wielded the Quasar Saber victoriously.
-   In a dark dream forest, Kendrix's spirit told Maya she had to find her Quasar Saber, as it had fallen into the wrong hands on Gwinnet.
-   Maya asked about Kendrix, she replied that she was in a wonderful place, but she stressed that Maya had to protect her saber, at which point Maya woke.
-   Some time later, Runtus had sent or taken the saber to an auction on Onyx, of which it was considered the crown jewel, and the crowd clamored to bid on it.
-   Startling everyone with her presence, Astronema (actually Karone in disguise) took the Quasar Saber and told the auctioneer to continue, casually spinning the saber in her hand and in turn making his trousers drop.
-   When Karone actually swung back at the attacking Villamax with the Quasar Saber, Villamax was sent falling into a chair, and she was surprised by the strength of her blow.
-   On the planet Kirassa, the Rangers were being beaten by Deviot when the pink Quasar Saber flipped through the air and struck his hand, then returned to Karone, who helped the Rangers flee.
-   As Karone teetered on the edge of a cliff, Trakeena grabbed the Quasar Saber and kicked her off the cliff, but she would be rescued by the spirit of Kendrix, who gave her a Transmorpher and selected her as her replacement.
-   As Trakeena prepared to stab Leo with the pink Quasar Saber, Karone confidently grabbed her arm, forcing it down slyly; she then threw Trakeena's arm back and kicked the saber into the air, and caught it after kicking Trakeena back into Villamax's arms.
-   Holding the Quasar Saber above her head, Karone was morphed into the Pink Ranger with a pink gleam.

-   Scattered near a cave guarded by an otherworldly key warrior years ago were two gray boulders, each having a metal sword stuck into it, like the Quasar Sabers; an illusion of Astronema would pull one of the swords during her challenge to Karone.

-   Damon recalled the rush of pulling the Quasar Sabers, like they'd been struck by lightning.

-   Before Hexuba's crystal ball was destroyed and her spell broken, Leo's Quasar Saber slashes were useless against Nightmare in Hexuba's nightmare world.

-   Red Ranger's Quasar Saber fire slash destroyed the resurrected Freaky Tiki, accompanied by a fleeting orange energy cyclone.
-   Slashes from Maya and Karone, followed by Leo, destroyed the resurrected Destruxo.
-   Restrained by an energy bolt from Hexuba's crystal ball, Kai drew his Quasar Saber, hooked it on the energy bolt, and yanked Hexuba forward by it.
-   Kai kicked the ball from the downed Hexuba's hands, then leapt and slashed through it with his Quasar Saber, and it dropped into the cauldron, horrifying Hexuba, causing the entire mansion structure to self-destruct.
-   A charged slash from Kai's Quasar Saber made the purple-charged Quakemaker fall and explode.

-   Slashes from the Rangers' Quasar Sabers were able to cause the bomb-rigged Stingwingers to explode.

-   After realizing the people of Terra Venture had actually landed on Mirinoi, Maya observed that all the legends had been right; they had been chosen, and with the Quasar Sabers, they'd defeated the forces of evil, referring to Trakeena and perhaps Scorpius or even others.
-   The legend had said that only the chosen five could remove the Quasar Sabers, and when Furio had turned the people of Mirinoi to stone, Maya said, it had become the teens' destiny to set things right.
-   Wishing they could have saved Mirinoi, Maya uncovered the sabers' stone and drew her Quasar Saber, telling it, "Our quest is complete. Maybe someday the next chosen warriors will free you."; until that time, she thrust the saber into its spot in the stone, and the other four did the same.
-   The red hinge gems on the Quasar Sabers glowed, and a winding trail of gold sparkles emerged from each saber's handle.
-   As the sabers gleamed with bright white light, the Rangers' suits flashed with Ranger-colored energy and vanished with flashes of five Ranger-colored energy lines which appeared to be connecting something above, such as the Galactabeasts, to invisible points behind each of the sabers.
-   The sabers continued to shine, and the now bluish-white streaks continued to fly around the stone people.
-   When a streak of sparkles flew into the stone pond, it generated an expanding radius of real water.
-   A streak flew past a stone boy, flinging off a few vines on him and bringing him back to life, as well as the stone hut behind him.
-   Another streak flew by Jera, restoring him and the hut behind him, and everyone and everything were soon back to normal.
-   Leo suddenly called their attention to an area of blue light streaks, from which Kendrix's ghosly image walked smiling, and she became solid as the light faded.
-   Kendrix beamed happily, "I knew you'd make it here."; shocked, Maya ran and hugged Kendrix, saying she didn't know how many times she'd wished she would come back.

-   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, it was pouring and storming one night on Mirinoi as Leo walked through the jungle and effortlessly pulled his Quasar Saber from the stone.
-   Leo held the Quasar Saber high with a shout of "Go galactic!" and a lightning bolt was shown flashing down from the night sky, presumably striking the saber, and he was then morphed.
-   Leo fought the Ghouls somewhat ineffectively with his saber.
-   Wielding his Quasar Saber on Earth, unmorphed Leo swirled his arms, just like charging for his energized slash but without the arriving red wisps, and he charged the blade with red energy, then struck in the air, instantly blowing up three Ghouls with the saber's fiery energy wave.
-   Elsewhere, morphed Kai and Maya would arrive in Mariner Bay to help Carter, having pulled their Quasar Sabers.
-   As Dana said they needed more power as the Lightspeed Rangers were surrounded by Ghouls, Leo charged his Quasar Saber, saying they had just the thing.
-   Morphed Leo's fiery charged slash to roughly six Ghouls made them dissolve.
-   Morphed Kai and Maya delivered their own charged slashes to roughly five Ghouls with a double crisscross combined, making theirs fall with green energy and vanish.

-   On Mirinoi, Damon and Kendrix simultaneously pulled the two remaining Quasar Sabers.
-   Morphed Damon and Kendrix arrived in Trakeena's lab to help Leo and Carter, slashing Ghouls with their sabers.
-   Leo fought and slashed one as well, apparently the last one, and his Ghoul fell into an empty cloak.

- Phrases used to draw Quasar Sabers
703-RTTR 705-Hmsk 740-HGrv Leo: "Quasar Sabers!"
712-ORis Kendrix/Maya: "Quasar Sabers!"

- Phrases used to draw Quasar Saber
703-RTTR 706-LOrn 715-RDay Leo: "Quasar Saber!"
724-GrCr Damon: "Quasar Saber!"

- Phrases used to charge Quasar Saber for energized swordfight
711-SiSl Leo: "Quasar Saber!"

- Phrases used for Red Ranger to perform charged saber slash
706-LOrn Leo (roughly 20 feet away): "Quasar Saber fire power!"
740-HGrv Leo: "Quasar Saber, full power!"

- Phrases used for Yellow Ranger to perform charged saber slash
727-LxLB Maya: "Thunder Saber!"

- Phrases used for Red, Yellow, and Blue Rangers to perform charged saber slashes
821-TrR1 Leo: "Quasar Sabers, power up!"

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